Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 108

Chapter 81: Gu Qingqing’s Change

“Get on!” Bai Qiyu made the final decision neatly, and the two big men just got on a bamboo raft.

Although neither of them are fat, their height is not average, making the weight of both of them higher. As they got on the bamboo raft , it obviously sank a lot that even the soles of their shoes almost touched the water.

They almost felt a little scared due to the shaking of the raft.

The boatman adjusted his position, stood on the lighter side of Fu Heng, propped up the bamboo pole, and yelled, “Sit down, gentlemen, and then we sail.”

The bamboo raft completely entered the water, and swayed violently but then gradually leveled off.

As expected by the two of them, the bamboo raft was really as smooth as the flat ground, and Fu Heng even noticed that even the pedestrians on the shore walked faster than them.

He thought this was a normal speed, but then he heard the boatman behind him say bluntly, “The guest is a bit heavy, and the struts are more strenuous than others.”

Fu Heng, “……”

Bai Qiyu, “……”

If it weren’t for their image, the two really wanted to cover their faces.

It’s so embarrassing.

At this time, let’s find some topics to talk about, although Fu Heng doesn’t think he has anything to talk about with his rival.

“About Qingqing…”


The two spoke at the same time and shut their mouths at the same time. In the end, Bai Qiyu spoke again, “After Qingqing has become smaller, it must have been very surprising to you.”

He didn’t know how Fu Heng felt then, so he just wanted to talk about it.

“Hmm.“ Fu Heng didn’t deny it, “She’s not the same as I used to know.”

“Why is it different?”

“In the past, Qingqing was very cold and rarely smiled. When she laughed occasionally, she couldn’t laugh true to her heart. It was like a mask floating on the surface. She seemed to be very close. In fact, she’s separated by a very long distance. The two children probably have the same perception of her as me.”

“The image of a noble and glamorous wealthy lady, right?”

Bai Qiyu’s summary was in place in one step, and Fu Heng didn’t speak, which was regarded as acquiescence.

In fact, there are a lot of such beings in their circle, but most of those are at odds with their husbands and have a dead heart for their family and marriage⁠— they only want to hold on to their status in the main room.

What kind of wives they act as is actually more like a kind of position.

Sitting in this position, of course, you only need to show the professionalism that matches the position. Other luxuries such as love are not something they can have.

Of course, there are many people who will look for lovers in private to express condolences to themselves.

Anyway, the husband has a second wife and three concubines.

After raising enough, I just went out to play by myself. It’s nothing. Most couples have acquiesced to playing on their own, and their lives are just like this.

But Fu Heng always thought that he and Qingqing were different.

They are each other’s first love to the present. Even if their marriage has a bit of a business marriage factor, after all, if Fu Heng really doesn’t like Gu Qingqing, then no one can influence his thoughts.

Not to mention being able to give birth to two children one after another with his wife after marriage.

“I don’t know why Qingqing became what she is like when she grew up.”

Maybe time will really change a person, but he only met her after Qingqing changed.

“You are wrong.” Bai Qiyu said coldly, “Qingqing has never changed.”

“In my memory, she is a sunny girl. She is very loyal. Her friends rely on her when they’re in need. She gives the greatest support without saying a word. She also has a sense of justice. She has helped many people in need. At the same time, she is also very kind and caring. She likes small furry animals, but she prefers mighty dinosaurs, but many times Qingqing is also a twisted child.”

Speaking of this, Bai Qiyu couldn’t help but chuckle, as if recalling something very beautiful.

“Because of her family, she lacks love very much, so she always has a kind of careful ingratiation with those who care about her, because she is afraid of losing, but she doesn’t know how to please people. She is always so-so and easily self-defeating, but she has a good face. If she is misunderstood, she will only hold her neck hard and refuse to soften even if she is killed, or explain herself even one more sentence.”

“She seems to be as strong as a hedgehog, but she actually has a very soft and extremely sensitive heart.”

Turning his head, he looked directly at Fu Heng, “Such a Qingqing, once someone can see through her appearance and give her even a little tenderness, she can plunge into the flames that can kill her like a moth to a fire.”

Fu Heng’s face tightened and he didn’t speak.

He suddenly remembered his wife in his memory, as if to remove the solid mask that had become more and more cold over the years. In fact, she had been lively in front of him a long, long time ago.

She is afraid of the cold when she sleeps, and always likes to curl up her hands and feet and sleep in a ball.

Fu Heng didn’t know where he saw it, but there’s a saying that it was an extremely insecure sleeping position.

But later, after they got married, her defensive sleeping position became curled up in his arms to sleep, because his body temperature was high, which was like a heater to her.

Qingqing also has very severe uterus coldness and anemia. Every time her monthly menstrual comes, she has a case.

The cramps were so painful that she turned over and over, and several times even fainted directly.

At this time, her temper would become very irritable, and she would scold whoever she saw, and occasionally she would get fierce and even scold the air.

But she is also very easy to coax, because Qingqing likes sweets very much. When she loses her temper, he buys her a cup of sweetened milk tea. It will definitely coax her well. If it’s not good, then have another cup.

But drinking too much milk tea is not good for your health, so Fu Heng doesn’t like giving them to Qingqing very much.

It seems that she rarely drank milk tea again afterwards. At least in the past few years, Fu Heng hadn’t seen her touch it again, and she even ate less sweets.

Because the men in the family don’t like sweet things very much.

Qingqing said that it was too much trouble to let the kitchen cater to her alone, so she simply stopped eating them.

What else is there?

Oh, Qingqing has a petite skeleton and seems to be very thin. In fact, her body is a bit fleshy. When she was an adult, she was 1.66 meters, but her weight broke one hundred, but then she seemed to fall to about ninety, or even less than ninety?

When did these changes start?

Fu Heng actually couldn’t remember it anymore. The two had been together for too long, and he couldn’t notice the subtle changes.

Because he works every day except for work, it is good to be able to go home for half a month at the end of a month.

For half a month, excluding exceptions, he mostly left early and returned late. It was also too late in the night when he comes back from work so Qingqing was already asleep, and then he goes to work early in the morning when Qingqing hadn’t woken up yet. So there’s no big difference between returning and not returning, because neither of them could see each other.

In the past, Qingqing would stay up late to wait for him, but then she couldn’t wait for anyone in futility anymore, so she simply went to bed by herself.

Fu Heng didn’t say anything about this. After all, his work and rest were out of sync with his wife, so he couldn’t blame anyone.

But in retrospect, it seems that he should be blamed.

“It was me who turned Qingqing into what she was like later.”

He lowered his head and looked at his palm with clear lines, as if he saw dripping blood in a daze.

It turned out to be him, strangling the lively and lovely Qingqing.

“I actually regret it.“ Bai Qiyu didn’t care about Fu Heng’s remorse, “If I hadn’t left her back then, maybe the ending would be different now.”

“It’s a pity that there is no if, Qingqing is now my wife.”

As soon as he heard Bai Qiyu’s words, which could be called a positive provocation, Fu Heng reflexively put up his guard and fought back.

“I know.” With a wry smile, Bai Qiyu stared at the reflection in the water unconsciously, feeling as if he was assisting his rival.

“I told you a long time ago that I know Qingqing better than you, because of those wonderful parents, Qingqing actually has a fear of marriage that no one else can understand, but she chose to marry you without hesitation…”

Bai Qiyu couldn’t say the unfinished words, but Fu Heng had already understood them.

Because Gu Qingqing loved him, she stepped into a marriage that was like hell in her eyes without hesitation.

She thought that Fu Heng was different from her parents. He was the one who could give her happiness, but in the end, he turned out to be another version of her parents.

No, it’s different.

At least Gu’s parents really love each other, even if they don’t treat their children well there is no doubt about this relationship, but Gu Qingqing can’t feel the slightest love from Fu Heng.

She was working very hard to support her home, and finally found in despair that her home was full of desolation, and no one in the family really regarded her as a wife, mother, or even sister.

Those who have been working hard, tired and disappointed, naturally want to leave.

If she abandons all this and is left alone, will it be easier for her to live?

Anyway, the sons are adults, the husband has a job, the younger brother has a cold relationship with her, and the adopted daughter has also studied abroad. No one needs Gu Qingqing. Her existence in this family is meaningless.

“Chirp chirp…” The crisp birdsong that was no longer as crisp as before was a bit depressed, and the petite bird fell on the handrail of the bamboo raft in Qingqing, looking wilted.

“Are you sad?”

Qingqing caressed the bird’s head slightly with her little hand, and the child’s soft fingers fell in the fluffy feathers, drawing a soft touch.

“Chirp…” The little bird stretched out her head and rubbed Qingqing’s fingers, as if she desperately wanted her comfort.

Qingqing stopped looking at the little bird, stretched out her hands to hold her up, and put her in her arms. Thinking it was not enough, she opened her coat and put the little bird in to keep it warm.

The teacher said that birds in winter are afraid of the cold, and the birds are so sad because they feel very cold, right?

The boatman was supporting the boat with all his heart. Fu Sijin had just returned a message from someone else with his mobile phone, and didn’t pay attention to Qingqing’s movements.

When he turned his head and saw Qingqing with her coat open and in a posture that seemed to be holding something in her arms, he couldn’t help but wonder, “Qingqing, is there anything in your clothes?”

“It’s a bird!”

Qingqing happily showed Fu Sijin her clothes.

“What bird?” Fu Sijin couldn’t see anything.

“Right here.” Qingqing lowered her head and looked stupidly at her empty arms, “The bird is gone?”

She rummaged all over her body, “Strange, the bird was still there just now.”

“Maybe it flew away.” Fu Sijin didn’t see any birds at all, so he could only tell Qingqing that.

“Qingqing didn’t even say goodbye to the bird.” Qingqing was a little disappointed.

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    I guess the adult qingqing was too tired to deal with everything now thus making the child qingqing appear where she once was immature n happy . I guess she’s too tired to deal with ppl where her family weren’t like a family at all , n day by day she’s just bcome like a soulless puppet , no one realized that too tho , no one cares until she actually bcome a child

    • Drayal has spoken 10 months ago

      Yeah and that’s a little sad. There is a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that seem to be the case. If Gu qingqing had never turned into a child…sigh😟🤧


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