Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 107 part 2

Chapter 80: How Old is Qingqing? (part 2)

After deciding on the itinerary, Bai Qiyu immediately sent the address to the group, and then the car turned around and went to Fu’s house first.

Even if it is a temporarily decided itinerary, the necessary luggage still has to be brought.

Of course, these luggage refers specifically to Qingqing’s essential items, and the rest can just make do with a few clicks.

If there is something missing, it’s not a big deal to go there and buy it again.

Bai Qiyu’s friend’s farmhouse is beautifully run, on the edge of a beautiful field.

At a glance, you can not only see the antique and exquisite courtyards, but also large tracts of emerald fields, mixed with many greenhouses, which are overgrown with sweet and sour fruits.

In addition to the fields, there is also a big mountain behind the courtyard. Many fruit trees are planted at the foot of the mountain. Some are fruitful, but some have lost all their leaves.

The car drove all the way over and saw this large area of bare woods, Bai Qiyu explained with some regret.

“The season we are here is actually not too good. If it is summer or autumn, not only are the fields here full of flowers, but even the trees are full of fruits. No matter how bad it is, there will be more leaves, and it will not be as bare as it is now.”

“It happened suddenly, and it would be nice to see a lot of winter crops.”

Fu Heng had been mentally prepared before he came, so he was not very disappointed to see this.

“Wow! Ah-Jin, look, there are cows!”

The naive and excited little guy pointed to the big yellow cow grazing leisurely outside the car window with a look of surprise, and exclaimed, “Wow, there are sheep!”

Cattle, sheep and other animal husbandry are relatively rare in the city. Maybe the only time Qingqing sees them is at the dining table, but facing the plate of meat, she may not know what its family looks like.

“I saw it.” Fu Sijin was so helpless by Qingqing that he could only respond to her.

The little guy who got the response was even more excited. She also pointed to the big yellow cow and said expectantly, “Can Qingqing go to milk the cow later?”

In the cognition of children, milk is produced from cows. To produce milk, cows need to be squeezed, and they can be drunk when squeezed out. It’s a perfect logical chain.

“No way.“ It’s a pity that sane adults never give her the opportunity to fantasize, “Those are not cows, they can’t produce milk, and the milk that has just been squeezed out can’t be drunk directly.”

“Isn’t a cow just a cow? How can there be a distinction between those with milk and those without milk?” This question is too big for Qingqing, she can’t understand it.

Fu Sijin didn’t know how to explain to her, so he simply said directly, “Only black and white cows can produce milk. This big yellow cow has no milk.”

In fact, there are, but they are not specifically for people to drink.

Qingqing seemed to understand, but she was quickly attracted by a group of quacking ducks.

“Wow, duckling duckling!” She feels very novel in everything she looks at now.

An Rán followed Qingqing’s gaze and saw a mother duck floating on the lake with a group of young yellow ducklings, swimming in a row.

This picture is really warm and cute, no wonder children like it.

Qingqing stared at the duck, watching and suddenly burst out with a sentence, “Qingqing wants to eat salted duck eggs.”

An Rán, “…” I was wrong, I shouldn’t have too much expectation for a small foodie.

Not only that, Qingqing later saw other small animals reacted like this.

“Wow, chicken stew with mushrooms!” “Wow, this vegetable fish!” “Wow, braised rabbit meat!” “Wow, roast suckling pig!”…..

Not only was An Rán silent now, but the others in the car also fell into a strange silence.

Stop ‘wow’, didn’t you see that the little animals outside felt the danger and were all trembling?

It turns out that Qingqing just didn’t see it. Not only that, she also quickly designated the menu for tonight, “Uncle, isn’t it good for us to have a barbecue at night?”

She hadn’t eaten a barbecue, she just saw it on TV.

Generally, when people come to a place like this, they should set up a burning bonfire, and then a group of people dance around the bonfire, sing, and eat barbecues and drinks

This is how it is broadcast on TV. Children who are very curious about novel things have seen it and want to try it.

“Yes.” Since he brought Qingqing out to play, then everything is about her

Fu Heng will naturally try his best to meet her requirements.

Although children who eat too much hot food are easily exposed to internal heat, it doesn’t matter. Fu Heng has prepared a few packs of herbal tea as expected. Since she wants to let go of her belly to eat, she has to bear the impact of herbal tea comparable to traditional Chinese medicine after a full meal.

Qingqing still didn’t know that she had been inadvertently cheated by Fu heng, and was still looking forward to the bonfire party that appeared on TV next.

But this is an evening project, and it’s just noon now, so it’s still too early to think about it.

The place where Bai Qiyu’s friend opened the farmhouse was actually in the midst of the ancient town. The buildings inside were antique. Walking into it, it seemed that they had traveled through dynasties and came to ancient times.

The farmhouse is on the edge of the ancient town. It is a beautifully built courtyard. It looks like a big inn surrounded from a distance. There are two strings of red lanterns hanging in front of the door, which is extremely festive.

There is a large open space in front of the courtyard, which is dedicated to parking for guests.

Gu Lan drove the car to find a parking space to stop, and then greeted everyone to get out of the car and get things together.

They were going to come by themselves, but when they went to Fu’s house to get things for Qingqing, they happened to run into Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen. In that case, then everyone would travel together, and they would bring more luggage.

Even Bai Qiyu took advantage of the period when they were cleaning up, and called the assistant to send him two sets of clothes and some daily necessities.

Gu Lan doesn’t have to be so troublesome. The Fu family has his exclusive guest room, which has several sets of changing clothes all year round. Just take it away.

Although this customer service is rarely used by Gu Lan, Gu Qingqing has always kept it for him.

He said that his younger brother is welcome to come over at any time.

Of course, Gu Qingqing must have never said such a thing. This is what Gu Lan now makes up for in his own mind based on his own understanding.

After his sister grew up, she was awkward.

Someone doesn’t want to think about it, in fact, he is also a tsundere, half a catty to eight taels, no one can say who.

The owner of the farmhouse is Chen Feng and is Bai Qiyu’s comrade-in-arms.

After he retired from the army, he went back to his hometown to get married and have children. He opened this farmhouse with his wife. He didn’t have enough money to start a business so he borrowed money from Bai Qiyu. Now he sees him bringing friends over, and the little couple are very enthusiastic to entertain them.

“Brother Bai, it’s been a long time since I saw you.” As soon as Chen Feng came up, he gave Bai Qiyu a bear hug.

He was tall and strong. The 1.9-meter-tall man hugged Bai Qiyu, who was 1.88 meters tall. From the height gap, Bai Qiyu was a little shorter, but the aura between the two could not be reversed by height alone.

From Qingqing’s perspective, she feels like it’s like a bear hugging a leopard. The bear is silly and stupid. The leopard is strong and sharp. If you don’t pay attention to the bear, you have to be bitten to death by the leopard.

However, since the bear dared to hug the leopard, he actually expected that the leopard would not bite him to death.

Bai Qiyu pushed Chen Feng away in disgust, “Get out of here, what does the big man look like when he hugs and hugs.”

“Hehe… isn’t it too long since I haven’t seen Brother Bai, how can I not get too excited?” Chen Feng scratched the back of his head, showing a silly smile.

“By the way, I haven’t introduced her yet. This is my lover, Zhang Li. Ah-Li, this is my best comrade-in-arms when I was a soldier, Bai Qiyu, just call him Brother Bai.”

Standing next to Chen Feng is an ordinary-looking woman. She is dressed simply, but she feels very virtuous and has the temperament of a good wife and a good mother. This is the kind of person who can accompany you and comfort you.

“Younger brothers and sisters.” Bai Qiyu greeted Zhang Li politely, and Zhang Li also called out to him in a formal manner, “Brother Bai.”

It was the first time she had met Bai Qiyu, a person whose aura was so powerful that it was almost suffocating, and the first time she had seen so many magnificent people, even the only child was so cute that she was out of place with them.

Zhang Li was a little at a loss, and after Standing for too long, she left under the pretext of going to the kitchen to prepare meals.

“I’ll be the host at noon, please have a good meal.”

Chen Feng was forthright and authentic, but he was stopped by Bai Qiyu, “No, you can calculate how much it is. Your family is open for business, so if you won’t charge money just because of not meeting for too long, it would be messy on your accounts.”

Chen Feng wanted to persuade him again, but he was still rejected by Bai Qiyu.

Helpless, he could only go to the kitchen and tell his wife to give Bai Qiyu and the others a full set of materials, and he must not treat the guests badly.

The farmhouse opened by Chen Feng has two front and rear buildings, both of which are modeled on ancient inns.

The smaller building in front is a restaurant. The lobby on the first floor offers a buffet of farm specialties and cold dishes. On the second and third floors are small compartments for those who don’t like to eat in the lobby. Of course, the price will be more expensive.

The larger building in the back is an inn-style hotel dedicated to guests. It has a total of five floors. The rooms are large and small, and they are all arranged in an antique style.

Even the bed is a kind of carved step-by-step bed, but the mattresses that make the bed are all modern products, so they will not sleep uncomfortably and give people a good sense of atmosphere.

Connecting the two buildings is a vegetable garden, which, in addition to growing vegetables, is also carefully placed with some ornamental flowers and plants.

There is a long corridor with an ancient roof against the wall, and a stone barbecue grill is distributed at intervals in the corridor, surrounded by stone chairs.

This is specially for guests to use for outdoor barbecues. If they are missing any vegetables, they can pick them directly from the vegetable garden. Anyway, the cost is already included in the hotel’s money, and the experience is full.

They have to say that this farmhouse is very well built, with good scenery, fresh air, and many attractions.

If you don’t know what to play when you come here, the hotel front desk will recommend the best tourist route for you.

Because it was a temporary intention, Fu Heng and the others did not make any preparations in advance, so they simply listened to other people’s suggestions and played along.

The first project is of course bamboo rafting.

Kayak rafting is too dangerous, and it is not recommended for children as young as Qingqing to play.

For now, bamboo rafting is relatively safe because it is in the relatively gentle water section of the lower reaches of the river and the river is not very deep.

Fu Heng and the others took Qingqing over, but they encountered a serious problem.

Who will play with whom?

A bamboo raft can only seat two people at most. Fu Sishen and An Rán are a pair, this is fixed. Only one of the remaining four big men can get together with Qingqing. The others……

I don’t want to play with each other.

“Well, I’ll play with Qingqing, Sishen will take An Rán, Sijin will accompany your dad, Bai Qiyu, do you feel free to find a partner?”

Thinking of it beautifully, Bai Qiyu blackened his face, “I’m playing with Qingqing, you find someone to partner with, or you’ll sit alone. ”

“Why, I’m her own brother, so we can only match up when we play with our siblings.”

“I’m her husband, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for a husband-and-wife party?” Fu Heng was not to be outdone in joining the competition.

The three elders quarreled so much that the juniors looked at each other.

Fu Sijin decisively took advantage of everyone’s inattention, picked up Qingqing and bought a ticket on the bamboo raft. Seeing this safely, An Rán quickly pulled Fu Sishen to follow closely.

“What are you doing in such a hurry?”

Fu Sishen was still in a bad condition, and was slapped on the arm by An Rán, “You are stupid, Qingqing has been abducted by your brother. Are we still staying in place waiting to be set on fire by the elders?”

“That’s right, hurry up and run.”

Fu Sishen, who reacted, accelerated his speed, and in turn pulled An Rán onto a bamboo raft. The little couple sat together, covering their mouths and laughing, just like the two cats who had stolen fish together.

As An Rán expected, the faces of the three elders who reacted that Qingqing was gone were all ugly.

They wanted to chase, but the bamboo raft where Qingqing was located had already taken the lead and rowed out far away, and they couldn’t catch up at all. Seeing that Gu Lan’ face immediately blackened.

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