Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 107 part 1

Chapter 80: How Old is Qingqing?

“She’s at the age of three and eleven months, Qingqing’s birthday will be next month.”

His sister was born in December, just at the end of the year, so Gu Lan remembers it very clearly.

“Three years and eleven months old, are you sure?” Meng Zhe’s face looked like Gu Lan was telling a joke.

“Sure, how could I remember such a simple thing wrong.” Gu Lan frowned slightly, his intuition telling him that something was wrong.

It’s not that something is wrong with what he said, but it’s with Meng Zhe’s expression.

Seeing this, everyone became solemn.

“Ah-Zhe, is there something wrong with Qingqing’s body?” Fu Heng and Gu Lan didn’t dare to ask, so Bai Qiyu could only speak.

“I can’t be sure if it’s a problem.” Meng Zhe gave an ambiguous answer, and then called up Qingqing’s full-body X-rays.

The little Qingqing looked even more petite in the black and white skeleton film. As a layman, Fu Heng and others couldn’t understand what information was shown on it, so they could only wait for Meng Zhe to explain.

“Look at this film. It shows that Gu Qingqing’s bone age is between three years and five months old and three years and seven months old, and the bone age has remained the same in the past six months, and has not fluctuate much. No, it should be said that there is no fluctuation, which is extremely abnormal for a child who is in a period of rapid growth and development.”

Meng Zhe took out another X-ray from a stack of materials. This one looked a bit old and seemed to have been taken for a certain period of time.

In fact, this one happened to be the medical record file left by Qingqing after she was kidnapped and returned from a full-body examination in the hospital half a year ago.

The two films overlap, and they are not bad at all, which is obviously abnormal.

Because under normal circumstances, a child over three years old, after half a year of growth, will definitely be different from who they were half a year ago.

Under normal circumstances, it is normal to grow one or two centimeters tall, and children who develop quickly may even exceed three or four centimeters.

But Qingqing didn’t even have a one-millimeter change!

The problem has been clearly presented before everyone’s eyes and it is very difficult for Fu Heng and others to ignore it.

As they expected at the beginning, the worst happened.

——Qingqing doesn’t grow up much!

He understands the parents’ worries, but Meng Zhe still has to continue to explain the situation to them.

“Gu Qingqing’s condition should be a relatively rare form of dwarfism. This is a symptom caused by insufficient growth hormone. This will cause her body to freeze at her current age forever, but it does not affect her psychological maturity and development. I have seen one or two similar medical records before, but it is a pity that I am not an expert specializing in this area. If you need it, I can help you introduce someone who has made great achievements in this area…”

Hearing Meng Zhe’s serious words, Gu Lan’s mouth twitched , just wanting to laugh at himself.

What to recommend?

Who can know the specific situation of Qingqing better than them?

This is not a question of whether growth hormone is insufficient or notl, but involves a field of metaphysics that no one understands.

Gu Lan even wondered, if Qingqing couldn’t change back, except that she would never grow up physically, would her mind stay at the age of three forever?

What should he do then?

It’s not that Gu Lan and the others are unwilling to take care of Qingqing for the rest of their lives. He believes that in addition to him, Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu, including his two nephews, are willing to take care of Qingqing until they get old.

The question is, what if they can’t take care of Qingqing for the rest of their lives?

He is now so much older than Qingqing. If one day, he dies one day earlier than Qingqing, who will take care of her then?

Fu Sijin? Fu Sishen?

Then, what if they can’t take care of Qingqing one day?

The fact that Qingqing suddenly became smaller overnight had already shattered Gu Lan’s three views. He really couldn’t be sure whether Qingqing would remain in this state forever.

After all, there are some things in the world that have long been unable to be explained by common sense and science.

Obviously, in addition to Gu Lan, who can think of this, there are also two other people.

Although this is probably just their over-imagination, it is really hard for them not to plan for the worst when everything involves Qingqing.

Because only in this way can they better protect her.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Meng Zhe didn’t understand how these three big men suddenly looked gloomy, as if the world had collapsed.

“Even if there is insufficient growth hormone, it can actually be improved by medical means the day after tomorrow. This is not a terminal illness, there is still a glimmer of hope.”

Looking at the face of his friend, it is rare for him to comfort people. As a result, not only did this comfort not work, but it seemed to be even more shocking.

Meng Zhe, “???”

The psychological quality of the patient’s family members may be a bit fragile this time.

He hesitated whether to recommend a psychiatrist to them while they were there.

Obviously this is not needed.

After all, Fu Heng and the three of them were people who had experienced strong winds and waves, and they calmed down extremely quickly.

Because they still have a glimmer of hope.

Qingqing can change back!

The change in her previous high fever became a lifeline for the three of them.

Maybe, as long as they find the right way, they can unravel the secret of Qingqing becoming smaller.

Then the secret to let her change back.

“Uncle, don’t be sad, Qingqing will take medicine when she is sick and will get better.”

In fact, she didn’t understand what the adults were talking about. Qingqing stretched out her little hand and flattened the mountains and rivers[1]scrunched up eyebrows that unconsciously bulged between Fu Heng’s eyebrows, comforting him with a milky voice.

She looked ignorant and naive, she didn’t know what an incredible thing had happened to her, but after perceiving the heavy atmosphere of the adults, she took the initiative to comfort them.

Such a well-behaved, cute and sensible Qingqing, how could Fu Heng and the others be willing that she would never grow up?

Even if she is no longer his own wife or the mother of two children in the future, she will start to grow up and live in a new identity again.

Fu Heng hopes that she can grow up normally, rather than becoming an alien existence in this world.

After a long time, this is not a good thing for Qingqing.

When they left the hospital, the atmosphere in several rooms was very dull, and even Qingqing felt something was wrong.

She didn’t dare to speak, so she could only quietly nest in Fu Heng’s arms, fiddling with his big hand one after another.

Feeling the touch on his hand, Fu Heng lowered his head and saw Qingqing carefully placing her small hand and the palm of his big hand palm-to-palm together.

Then the five fingers opened and staggered with each other, forming the appearance of ten fingers clasped.

The little guy didn’t have much strength, so she could only hold his big hand in vain. Fu Heng immediately held Qingqing’s little hand firmly, truly clasping their fingers.

She was taken aback by Fu Heng’s sudden movements, and then reacted and seemed to find it very interesting. Qingqing opened her five fingers like a shell, and finally kept the appearance of clasping Fu Heng’s palm.

“What should I do about Qingqing?”

There was a long silence in the car, and Qingqing and Fu Heng, who were interacting in the back seat, could not be seen at all. Gu Lan’s tone was still a little inexplicably painful, “I asked someone to help find a master who I heard was very powerful. Would you like to take Qingqing to see it?”

“I think there is no doubt about this kind of thing, and we can’t be sure whether the master you mentioned is really that powerful. The only thing that is certain is that any damage to Qingqing is beyond our ability to bear.”

Bai Qiyu’s calm attitude brought back Gu Lan’s slightly out-of-control sanity.

He also knew that he had gone overboard.

For a while, he was frightened by the bad news that Qingqing would never grow up, and it was inevitable that he would be a little impulsive and want to do things.

Fortunately, after being reminded in time, Gu Lan immediately regained his sanity.

“Hehe Hehe…” The sudden laughter from the back seat attracted the attention of the two people in the front seat.

Glancing at the rearview mirror, Gu Lan almost went mad.

They were worried about Qingqing’s affairs, but as a result, the little guy had already played a hand-holding game with Fu Heng heartlessly.

She also smiled brightly, not worrying about the future at all.

Sure enough, she is a child, but she is so carefree that it is enviable.

“Qingqing.” Gu Lan was unwilling to be reconciled, and suddenly stopped Qingqing.

“What?” Qingqing raised her head blankly, not knowing what Gu Lan suddenly asked herself to do.

“Let’s go to the amusement park. I promised you before, but I never went. Will you go to the amusement park now?”

Let’s talk about the future in the future, now it’s better to fulfill the promise before relaxing.

“Okay!” Going to an amusement park is the happiest thing at all times, and Qingqing can’t refuse.

Not only that, the little guy had to make insatiable demands, “Ask Sister Yu Yu, Ah-Jin, Xiao-Shen, and Ranran to go together, and… Brother Nian Gao must also be called!”

“You are not even leaving anyone out huh.”

Fu Heng rubbed Qingqing’s little head amusedly, and then sent a message in the group.

They had made a chat group before. In addition to the Fu family, the members of the group also included Gu Lan and Bai Qiyu. Recently, An Rán was added.

Yu Yu is not in the chat group. It was not that everyone had an opinion on her, but that she, as the only unsuspecting person in Qingqing’s secret, was invisibly concealed.

Moreover, her identity is different from An Rán, and Qingqing’s affairs have nothing to do with her. There is no need to pull people into the muddy water.

[ Fu Heng: @Jin @The Appearance of the Handsome Scum[2]出场帅掉渣, Sishen’s username, we are going to take Qingqing to the amusement park, do you want to come together? Also bring your girlfriends on the way ]

[ The Appearance of the Handsome Scum: Where are you going? Sent your location and I will take An Rán with me in a while. ]

[ Jin: @Fu Heng, but Yu Yu has to work and can’t come. ]

Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen immediately finalized that they would come over, but it was a bit difficult for Bai Qiyu.

“Nian Gao is going to cram school, so he can’t come.”

The kindergarten is about to start, and Nian Gao will be promoted to primary school in the second half of next year. No wonder his parents are so nervous about his studies.

Children now, if they don’t lay a good foundation at the starting line, they won’t necessarily be able to run past others in the future.

Of course, this is the argument of the parents of Nian Gao, and even if Bai Qiyu doesn’t agree with it very much, it’s hard to say anything.

After all, he is just an uncle, not the father of Nian gao, and it is not his turn to intervene in the education of the child.

That being the case, the Fu family was the only one who was finalized to go and play, plus An Rán, as well as Gu Lan, Bai Qiyu, and most importantly Qingqing.

However, their travel location is a bit difficult to determine.

[ The Appearance of the Handsome Scum: Where are we going to play? We have taken Qingqing to most of the amusement parks in the city. After playing once, there is nothing fun. ]

[ Jin: Do you want to go to the beach? ]

[ Gu Lan: Go to the beach in winter? It’s too cold, Qingqing can easily catch a cold by the sea breeze. ]

[ Mo Shangren Ruyu: Would you like to experience the farmhouse? A friend of mine has opened a new farmhouse, which is in Xiaoqiao Creek. It’s very nice. You can take Qingqing to take a bamboo raft, go fishing, pick strawberries or something. Children should like it. ]

[ Fu Heng: Let me ask Qingqing’s opinion. ]

Of course Qingqing has no problem.

Although it’s a pity not to go to the amusement park, it’s okay to go to other places. The most important thing is the person who accompanies her to play.

The family has to be neatly aligned, doesn’t it?


1 scrunched up eyebrows
2 出场帅掉渣, Sishen’s username

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