Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 106

Chapter 79: Qingqing’s Age

Cheng Xiaoxiao’s matter came to an end, but Fu Heng and the others understood that they had actually just solved a shield.

Because she’s so easily solved, it gives people a sense of unreality.

It seemed that there was a pair of big invisible hands behind all of this, moving things in order to use their hands to eradicate Cheng Xiaoxiao, the abandoned child, and hide themselves deeper by doing so.

When she knew that the person who had tortured Aunt Qing for so long had been arrested so simply, An Rán couldn’t help whispering, “Why do I feel that all this is like a dream.”

After waking up, she discovered that everything was actually false.

“I feel the same way.” Fu Sishen agreed.

However, this is true, which is even more incredible.

“We have to be more careful next.” Bai Qiyu looked solemn, “The real enemy, I’m afraid, is still lurking in the deeper shadows.”

This time against Cheng Xiaoxiao, Bai Qiyu actually made a great effort. Many of the evidence was investigated by him which can be directly taken to court and used as effective evidence.

It’s just that he is only Qingqing’s friend on the surface. Under the premise of Gu Lan, her younger brother, and Fu Heng, her legal partner, he can’t stand up for Qingqing head-on. He can only hide in the dark and watch Fu and Gu’s great power.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel very good.

It would be great if…if only he could stand by her side and protect her.

In fact, after receiving the news of Gu Qingqing and Fu Heng’s marriage, Bai Qiyu had already decided to let go of the past and let go of his feelings for Gu Qingqing.

Maybe after a long time, he will forget this feeling, and then continue his life step by step.

Maybe in the future, he will meet someone who he likes again, and likes her lover, and then form a family with the other party. Or maybe he will be alone for the rest of his life, or adopt a few children to accompany him to his old age.

But no matter what the ending is, there will be no girl in this story who smiles as brightly as a spring flower.

It was Gu Qingqing’s divorce agreement that gave him a glimmer of hope and allowed him to see the future of Gu Qingqing and Fu Heng’s separation.

It’s not that Bai Qiyu has a dark mind and is looking forward to the divorce of the husband and wife.

Instead, he understood her. Since Qingqing had decided to divorce Fu Heng, it must have reached a point where she couldn’t get by, and wanted to divorce and return to being single.

As long as Qingqing is successfully divorced, then everyone can always pursue their rights at that time. It’s not too much for him to look forward to it a little bit, right?

Bai Qiyu is not hiding from his own thoughts, he appeared by little Qingqing’s side to care about her openly. Fu Heng was not blind, so how could he not see what he meant?

He had to admit that every time he saw Bai Qiyu approaching Qingqing, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart, even if Qingqing was just a child now.

But he would never give this man a chance to take advantage of the gap!


Qingqing was taken back to Fu’s house again.

She stayed in Gu’s house before, not only because she was reluctant to leave Grandmother Guǎn jiā and Gu Lan and others considering her safety and felt that it was safer to stay in Gu’s ancestral house, but also because the Fu family was upgrading their security during this time.

Fu Heng didn’t forget that the Fu family was invaded into a hornet’s nest[1]had been in a very difficult or unpleasant situation. This time he reorganized the Fu family. In addition to removing all risk factors, he also added a lot of security forces.

In addition to upgrading the core security system, the security in the villa has also been increased a lot, and the shift system is implemented. People will firmly stick to the Fu family almost 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of the owner’s family.

Of course, the focus is on protecting Qingqing’s safety.

At the same time, Fu Heng also invited an important person back.

As soon as the car stopped in front of the familiar house, Qingqing didn’t need to be carried to go down, she opened the door by herself, and crawled out.

She stepped on her short legs with excitement and ran all the way into the door. As soon as she rushed in, she slammed directly into a thin and warm arms.

“Ouch, my lady, you can take it easy, be careful of falling.”

A familiar voice sounded above her head, and Qingqing immediately raised her head in surprise. After seeing the visitor, she screamed excitedly, “Aunt Ding!”

“Hahaha… it’s been a long time since I saw you, is the eldest lady good?”

Mother-in-Law Ding’s iconic hearty laughter came. She touched Qingqing’s little head with her old and warm palm, and got the little guy to rub it in attachment.

“Aunt Ding, Aunt Ding, why are you here?”

Qingqing happily took Aunt Ding’s hand, and followed her to the sofa step by step, just like a little clingy spirit.

Fu Heng, who followed closely behind, looked at her so happy that she almost flew in place, caring not to ruin her catching up with the old woman.

“The old lady is here to take care of the eldest lady.” Mother-in-Law Ding said with a smile, “In the future, this old lady will live here with the eldest lady.”

“Really?” Qingqing’s eyes are shining brightly.

“Really.” Mother-in-Law Ding nodded, “When did the old lady lie to you?”

“Great, hahaha…”

Qingqing was so happy this time that she jumped three feet high, that she scaredMother-in-law Ding into hurriedly helping her, afraid that she would fall.

It took Fu Heng a lot of effort to ask Mother-in-Law Ding to come back.

But he thinks it’s worth it.

There are two reasons.

First, Mother-in-Law Ding is one of the few people besides them who know the secret of Qingqing becoming smaller, so she can take better care of Qingqing.

Second, the people in the house are busier than the other. Even if they try to make time to accompany Qingqing, there will always be times when they can’t take care of her. They can’t also leave her for others to take care of without worry. Even the nanny at home can only take care of Qingqing in their presence.

At this time, it is really important to have someone who can take care of Qingqing around the clock and give them complete peace of mind.

Therefore, after Fu Heng learned of the existence of Mother-in-Law Ding from Gu Lan’s mouth, he made up his mind to invite her over.

Heavy hiring and the like did not work much for Mother-in-law Ding, so Fu Heng simply came to the door in person and told Mother-in-law Ding about their current predicament and the potential dangers faced by Qingqing straightforwardly.

Mother-in-Law Ding donn’t care about money, but it’s absolutely impossible for her to care about the safety of her beloved eldest lady.

It turns out that Fu Heng made the right bet.

With Mother-in-Law Ding here, even if they walk away for a while occasionally, they can rest assured of Qingqing.

In order to show respect, Mother-in-Law Ding lived in Fu’s house not as a nanny, but as the elders of Fu Heng and Gu Qingqing.

She is the nursing mother who raised Qingqing, the elder of Qingqing, and the elder of Fu Heng.

Facts proved that Fu Heng’s decision was correct.

After Mother-in-Law Ding moved in, not only him, but also Gu Lan and Fu Sishen, including Bai Qiyu, felt a lot more relaxed.

Taking care of children is really not an easy job.

Even if Qingqing is more well-behaved than other people’s children, she is also not easy to take care of.

They used to be so upset by Qingqing that they were at a loss, but after Mother-in-Law Ding moved into Fu’s house, everything was resolved.

Mother-in-law Ding has a wealth of parenting experience, and she raised Qingqing once, so her understanding of her is not comparable to that of ordinary people. Now it is relatively easier to raise her again.

Qingqing was taken by her during this period of time, not only were the signs of the bear child that had just emerged were pressed down, but her body was also round and healthy.

Before she was injured and got sick again, the little guy who was already premature and frail was tossed and lost a lot of weight, which made Fu Heng and the others feel distressed.

So as long as Qingqing doesn’t overdo what she likes to eat, they all try to satisfy her.

Even so, Qingqing, who has been raised for a while, still doesn’t grow much meat.

Don’t look at the fleshy face on her, it’s just baby fat that every child has.

In fact, Qingqing is much thinner than children of the same age.

Now that Mother-in-Law Ding has only been with her for less than a week, when Fu Heng hugged Qingqing, he obviously felt more weight, unlike before, when he just picked her up lightly.

Don’t doubt it, Qingqing must be heavy.

Of course, don’t say this kind of thing in front of the little guy.

No matter how young Qingqing is, she is also a little girl who loves beauty.

Although there is Mother-in-law Ding, Fu Heng and the others still follow their previous work habits and can complete it as soon as possible. When busy, they can take it home, squeezing all the time, just to spend more time with Qingqing.

Therefore, Qingqing didn’t have any loneliness at all. On the contrary, after having Mother-in-law Ding, she felt that she had more people to pamper her, and was happy every day.

On this day, Qingqing was about to run out to play with a small ball in her arms. Halfway through, she was stopped by Fu Sishen who happened to be at home, “Qingqing, where are you going?”

“Qingqing went to play with Xiaopang.” Qingqing looked back.

Xiaopang[2]little fatty is the little fatty next door who has eaten several waves of snacks for Qingqing. It may be that the parents feel embarrassed that their children have received so many snacks, so they specially made some cookies and sent them to Qingqing.

The cookies made by Xiaopang’s mother were very delicious, and Qingqing was bought over all of a sudden.

The two families are so close that she can come to the door to eat and drink whenever she finds an excuse. Xiaopang’s mother also likes the cute and sensible Qingqing very much. Every time she comes to the door, she will entertain her warmly.

After a long time, Qingqing also made friends with Xiaopang.

In fact, the children under the age of ten and over the age of three in the entire villa area are all good friends of Haiwang[3]slang for womanizer or player Qingqing.

It’s not that she doesn’t make older or younger friends, but that the older children have to go to school and have no time to talk to her. The children are too young to talk, and they may not walk steadily. It’s impossible to let them out to play at home.

Today, she made an appointment with Xiaopang and other friends to go to the stadium to play ball.

Many activities and entertainment facilities have been built in the villa area, and a combination of a small sports field and a small amusement park has been specially built in order to facilitate children to exercise more while playing.

There’s a rumor that the children’s building was funded by a certain owner in the villa area. It was originally built to play for his own children, but now it benefits other children.

“You can’t go.” Seeing that Qingqing was about to leave after speaking, Fu Sishen hurried over to stop her.

“Why?” Qingqing was not angry when she was stopped twice, but she felt very strange.

Seeing her completely unaware, Fu Sishen reminded helplessly, “You forgot, today is the return of the eldest brother and sister-in-law. On the day they arrive, we are going to pick them up together. You even specifically told me to take you there ”

Otherwise, he would not be so active.

The eldest brother is such a big person, so if he comes back, just come back and take a taxi home by himself. Why does he need someone to pick him up?

Over the years, everyone has been used to each other flying around in all kinds of ways. If they pick each other up every time, it will be too troublesome and delay work.

Even his father didn’t plan to pick up his brother. It is just that Qingqing had seriously explained this to him from the beginning, otherwise Fu Sishen wouldn’t care so much about it.

“Going to go, Qingqing is going to pick up Ah-Jin and Sister Yuyu!”

As soon as she heard that Fu Sijin was coming back, Qingqing left behind all the play and friends, and all her heart was on picking up people.

“Look at the time, Brother’s flight is almost here, you go change clothes, and then I will drive you there.”

“Good.” After Qingqing agreed loudly, she immediately went to Mother-in-Law Ding and asked her to change into nice clothes for herself.

Don’t expect a three-year-old to learn to wear her own clothes, it’s impossible.

Mother-in-Law Ding quickly changed Qingqing’s clothes and prepared a small backpack for her, which contained the necessary snack water bottle and two disposable baby bibs.

This is to prevent Qingqing from being dirty and for her to use if they want to go out to eat.

Although Qingqing can already eat by herself and no longer spill what she eats all over the floor, she had small hands, it was easy to hold the tableware, but occasionally some bits would roll over.

At this time, the effect of the baby’s bib comes out, which can effectively prevent Qingqing from eating and soiling herself and others.

Bring two pieces, if one is soiled then there is another for backup.

Fu Sijin and his plane arrived at 4:30 in the afternoon. They had to get their luggage when they got off the plane. They wouldn’t come out so soon. It was four o’clock now. It was just right for them to go out and rush to the airport.

Worried that the little friends would wait for her, Qingqing deliberately brought a small ball and asked Fu Sishen to take a detour to the children’s playground, yelling at the little friends who had already started playing inside.

“Xiaopang, Huahua, I’m going to the airport to pick up Ah-Jin. I can’t play with you today.”

The child who was named immediately ran to Qingqing and looked at her disappointingly through the car window, “Can’t Qingqing come?”

“Hmm, Qingqing can’t come anymore. I’ll lend this to you. If you have enough fun, just let Xiaopang throw it in my yard.” Open the car window a little bigger, and Qingqing handed out her little ball.

There is a certain distance between each villa in the villa area, and it is impossible for Xiaopang to throw the ball back directly from his house.

However, in front of Fu’s house is the big iron gate, so Xiaopang can go directly from the door.

Put the ball in the gap. If someone sees it, they will help take the small ball into the house and put it away. It doesn’t matter if no one sees it, Qingqing will look for it herself.

“Okay, then let’s play together next time, bye bye Qingqing.” Xiaopang and Huahua waved their hands at Qingqing together, and said goodbye to her for a short time.

“Okay, bye bye, Xiaopang and Huahua, bye bye, everyone.”

The car had driven out of the villa area, and Qingqing was still lying on the car window and saying ‘bye-bye’ to people. Fu Sishen said with a little amusement, “It’s still not too late, why don’t I let you go back and play with them?”

“No, we are going to pick up Ah-Jin.” Qingqing is very persistent on this point.

“Well, I’ll listen to you, little ancestor.”

One thing Fu Sishen was wrong is that his father went to pick up his brother today.

Because the two groups of people met at the entrance of the airport.

“Uncle.” Qingqing consciously pounced on Fu Heng and was picked up by him.

The little guy was nestling in Fu Heng’s arms, holding his handsome face in her little hand and rubbing it affectionately, with a happy expression on her face.

Although Qingqing had only just met Fu Heng in the morning, she was still very happy to see him now.

Among all the people who love her, she is the most loyal to Fu Heng.

“Is Qingqing here to pick up Ah-Jin too?” Fu Heng asked with a smile.

“Hmm.” Qingqing nodded her head, and then got a reward of being pat on her head, “Qingqing is so good.”


The little guy covered her face and smiled shyly.

While they were chatting, the airport radio happened to broadcast the news of the arrival of the flight of Fu Sijin.

A family of three immediately moved and walked to the pick-up station to pick up people.

There are many people in the pick-up station, including relatives who come to pick up people, as well as taxi drivers who come to solicit customers.

Inevitably, there were too many people crowded into Qingqing, so Fu Heng and the others did not go in that area, but stood far away in an empty but more conspicuous place waiting for Fu Sijin and Yu Yu to come out.

After waiting for about ten minutes, Yuyu and Fu Sijin finally arrived late with two suitcases in tow.

Fu Sijin, who’s tall, looked far away, and all of a sudden he saw Fu Heng and the others behind the crowd.

Mainly because Qingqing was held relatively high by Fu Heng, it was too conspicuous, and he saw it all at once.

He immediately pulled Yuyu over, and before he was fully close, he was pounced on by the impatient little guy.

“Ah-Jin! ” The cheers comparable to screams were a bit harsh, but Fu Sijin softened his eyebrows.

“Dad, Xiao-Shen.” He called his father and younger brother first, and then he talked to Qingqing, “I haven’t seen you for so long, has Qingqing missed me?”

“Missed you!”

“How much did you miss me?”

“There is that——What do you think.“ The little guy opened her arms wide and gestured to Fu Sijin to see how much she missed him.

It’s bigger than the whole Qingqing!

“Hahahaha… I miss you too.”

Fu Sijin was amused by Qingqing, and his laughter infected not only Qingqing, but also others, including Fu Heng.

Qingqing and Fu Sishen were relatively simple. When they heard Fu Sijin laughing, they might just think he was in a good mood when he came back.

Fu Heng noticed more of the changes in him. He was no longer as deep as before, hiding everything in his heart, and he had a bit more vitality of a young man, and the whole person felt a lot more cheerful.

At least before, Fu Sijin would never smile so cheerful.

Fu Heng was a little relieved, and even Yuyu, who was looking at Fu Sijin next to him, softened a lot.

He has an enlightened attitude about who his children are looking for, but he doesn’t hold or object to it. Everything is done according to the children’s wishes, as long as they like it.

Anyway, the days are lived by their two children, and it is impossible for him to replace them as an elder.

But it is undeniable that compared with Yuyu and An Rán, Fu Heng prefers An , who was raised by his wife.

This is a kind of love for the house and the crow on it[4]the love for a person extends even to the things or persons related to him/her, not that he has any opinion on Yuyu.

He didn’t have any opinions at all. Now that Yuyu has taken care of his eldest son, Fu Heng is also a little more satisfied with this gentle and attentive girl, and feels that the eldest son has a very good vision.

After receiving the person, the family did not go home for dinner as expected by Mother-in-Law Ding.

They ate directly outside.

On the way, Fu Sishen also called An Rán over for dinner, so that it could be regarded as a real family reunion dinner.

At the dinner table, the children leaned in pairs and ate by themselves, while Fu Heng concentrated on feeding Qingqing first.

The little guy’s bib didn’t come in handy, because she didn’t touch the tableware by herself, so she opened her mouth and waited for feeding.

She had been instructing Fu Heng to pick meat for her, but she was still deceived into eating a lot of vegetables.

After feeding Qingqing, Fu Heng started to eat by himself. Halfway through the meal, his cellphone rang.

Everyone looked at him subconsciously. Fu Heng took out his mobile phone and took a look. Then he told Fu Sijin to keep an eye on Qingqing, and he got up and went out to answer the phone.

The person who called was Meng Zhe.

“The results of the report are out, it’s a bit complicated, if you have time to come over.” With a crisp style, he deserves to be a famous iron-blooded doctor.

“Okay, when are you free?” Fu Heng is different from Bai Qiyu, at least he won’t forcibly disturb others while they are busy.

“Tomorrow afternoon, take that child with you.” He will have a rotating holiday tomorrow afternoon, so he can come out to receive Fu Heng and the others.

“Okay.” Fu Heng answered, and hung up the phone over there.

Listening to the sound of “Dudu…” coming from his ears, Fu Heng dialed another number and went out.


There was a lazy voice from the opposite side, with a little hoarse sound, obviously just waking up, “I stayed up late yesterday until eleven o’clock in the morning. You’d better say something quickly and don’t bother me to make up for my sleep.”

Opposite the call is Gu Lan.

“Meng Zhe said that the results of Qingqing’s report have come out, so let us go over tomorrow afternoon.”

“Meng Zhe, who?” Gu Lan’s consciousness was still confused, and didn’t react for a while.

“It’s the doctor Bai Qiyu introduced to Qingqing.”

Gu Lan finally remembered this reminder.

He sat up half-propped on the bed with one hand, and the slipping quilt revealed the sturdy body underneath, and the undulating muscle lines were looming on the fair skin, causing people to blush.

It’s a pity that no one can appreciate this wonderful scenery, and the owner of the beautiful scenery has no time to pay attention. He is now more concerned about Qingqing’s health.

“Didn’t you say that the report will come out in a week? It’s been almost half a month now, right?”

“Well, it’s the twelfth day now.” This Fu Heng is very accurate, “He came here specifically to say that because there are too many people, Qingqing’s inspection needs to be done in line, and has to wait for twelve days before he can get the report.”

It is impossible to cut in line for inspection. It is not that it is impossible to cut in line, but that it is unnecessary.

They are not in a hurry for the result  of Qingqing’s inspection and there may be more anxious people in front of her, so it’s okay for them to wait a little bit. Anyway, they have been waiting for half a year, and it’s not bad to wait for a few days more.

“I see, I will free up time to accompany Qingqing tomorrow.”

Gu Lan responded, and neither of them mentioned whether to notify Bai Qiyu, because as Bai Qiyu’s friend, Meng Zhe must have been the first to notify him.

Sure enough, the next afternoon, as soon as Fu Heng and the others arrived at the door of Meng Zhe’s office, they saw Bai Qiyu already sitting inside, making tea for himself without caring for the outside world.

“Qingqing come.” Hearing the movement at the door, Bai Qiyu immediately got up and wanted to pick up Qingqing in Fu Heng’s arms.

With a slight misstep, Fu Heng took Qingqing to avoid Bai Qiyu’s hand and walked straight into Meng Zhe’s office.

“How is Qingqing’s health?”

“Close the door first.” Meng Zhe motioned to Gu Lan, who was closest to the door, to close it.

Their conversation is private and not suitable for being heard by other people.

Picking up a stack of reports, Meng Zhe said under the gaze of three men and a child, “Everything in Qingqing’s body is normal, but there is one thing, I want to ask you.”

“You say it.” Now the doctor is the boss, and they have to cooperate with whatever he says.

“How old is Qingqing this year? I hope you can be specific to the month.” This is a very strange question, but no one will answer perfunctorily.

“Qingqing was born at the end of the year, and now strictly speaking…”


1 had been in a very difficult or unpleasant situation
2 little fatty
3 slang for womanizer or player
4 the love for a person extends even to the things or persons related to him/her

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