Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 105

Chapter 78: A Crisp Counterattack

In the middle of the night, the rapid ringing of the mobile phone suddenly sounded.

Cheng Xiaoxiao, who hadn’t slept well, quickly got up to answer the phone, no one knew what the other side said but she slowly turned pale. Then she hung up the phone, clicked on the web page and kept swiping messages.

“Pop!” The poor mobile phone was thrown into the corner fiercely by the owner, fell to pieces, and was completely scrapped.

Cheng Xiaoxiao got out of bed irritably and walked back and forth several times, then suddenly turned around and picked up the landline phone and dialed a number.

“Dudu…” A few times, the opposite side slowly picked it up, “Something’s wrong?”

It was a low and hoarse male voice. If you listen carefully, you can still hear that the owner of this voice is definitely not a young man.

He should be a certain age, and his voice is full of vicissitudes of weathered years.

“I failed to hack Gu Qingqing, and the wind direction on the Internet was reversed. Now Fu and Gu are going to sue me collectively.” After venting her anger at the beginning, Cheng Xiaoxiao also quickly regained her composure.

She made this call for nothing else but just to get the other party to help her get out as soon as possible.

Cheng Xiaoxiao’s brain is very calm now, and she knows from the bottom of her heart that once she is targeted by Fu and Gu, she may not even have a chance to turn over.

“I don’t seem to have asked you to hack her, do you know that it is easy to expose your existence?” There was a hint of dissatisfaction in the voice on the opposite side.

Taking a deep breath, Cheng Xiaoxiao immediately admitted her mistake, “Yes, I blame all this on my own initiative, but I just don’t like that bitch, and I didn’t hold back for a while. Can you help me?”

Cheng Xiaoxiao, who knew the nature of the other party well, immediately threatened after a brief show of weakness. Her voice was slightly cold, “You know me. Once I get caught, I won’t be so kind as to help you keep any secrets.”

“Oh, you want to sell me?”

There was interest in his tone, and he seemed to think Cheng Xiaoxiao’s threat was very interesting, but didn’t take her threat to heart.

“How dare I?” Cheng Xiaoxiao immediately softened her tone, and coaxed softly, “Brother Han, just help me.”

It may be because Cheng Xiaoxiao still has useful value so the opposite side was moved, “For the sake of your usefulness, but remember, if there is another time…”

Upon receiving the promise, Cheng Xiaoxiao’s face was overjoyed, and quickly promised, “Don’t worry, I will definitely listen to you obediently in the future, and there will be no next time!”

After the words fell, she asked cautiously, “Brother Han, how can you help me with this matter?”

“Why should I help you?” The other side chuckled, and before Cheng Xiaoxiao could change her face, he said again, “The defendants are the Internet celebrities who slandered Gu Qingqing. What does it have to do with you, Designer Cheng Da?” 

“Yes, they don’t know who I am at all. When I contacted those people, I used a fake identity very cautiously. What do those people have to do with me?”

After being mentioned, Cheng Xiaoxiao finally showed a comfortable smile.

“If it’s okay, don’t contact me in the future, and remember to hide well.”

Decisively hung up the phone, the mysterious man on the other end chuckled and touched the old-fashioned mobile phone in his hand, and murmured, “Similarly, what does Cheng Xiaoxiao have to do with me?”

Now that Fu Heng and Gu Lan are ready for this wave of counterattack, it is bound to be impossible for the person behind-the-scenes to have a chance to escape.

Facing these two mountains, several of the defendant’s net celebrities panicked directly, and simply handed in all the evidence that someone had bought them to send this message, and immediately deleted the message to apologize.

They have screenshots and proof of transfer. It has been confirmed that someone deliberately bought the water army to blacken Gu Qingqing. The inspector followed this line again. The numbers communicated with the net celebrities were all small numbers with false IDs. In the end, it was only found that there was no such person.

However, the transfer could not be faked. He directly investigated the bank information and quickly locked one person-Cheng Zhaodi.

“Cheng Zhaodi?” Surprised by the results of this investigation, Fu Sishen wondered, “Who is this person?” ”

“Cheng Xiaoxiao’s biological mother.” Bai Qiyu said.

“Isn’t that right? To do this kind of thing, she has to pull her own mother into the water. Is this woman a human being?” Fu Sishen expressed his disbelief.

“The information shows that Cheng Xiaoxiao was not raised by Cheng Zhaodi. To be precise, she was abandoned by Cheng Zhaodi and later adopted by her current adoptive parents. Coincidentally, these adoptive parents are distant relatives from her mother’s side, so they are also surnamed Cheng. ”

Knowing oneself and knowing one’s enemy, Fu Heng investigated all Cheng Xiaoxiao’s information as early as after locking the target.

“That’s even weirder, okay? Since she was abandoned, how could Cheng Zhaodi let Cheng Xiaoxiao touch her bank card?”

This makes no sense at all.

“This is the key. Cheng Zhaodi was paralyzed by a stroke more than ten years ago and can only rely on her only daughter Cheng Xiaoxiao to take care of her. Therefore, Cheng Xiaoxiao naturally took over all her property, including all Cheng Zhaodi’s personal belongings.”

Therefore, it is normal for Cheng Zhaodi’s bank card to fall into her daughter’s hands.

Gu Lan dangled in front of Qingqing a funny cat stick. The little guy was immediately attracted by the colorful feathers on the top, and her little head swayed from left to right.

Aim, prepare with your hands, grab!

Qingqing’s little hand was naturally empty, but she didn’t give up and grabbed it a few times in a row, not to mention touching the feather, she didn’t even touch its shadow.

The little guy’s face bulged with anger, and she looked more like a big white and fat bun.

A few low laughter faintly came from the side, and Qingqing stared sharply in an instant, and saw that the adults were discussing topics she didn’t understand very seriously, and no one was laughing at all.

No one laughed at Qingqing?

Scratching her little head in confusion, Qingqing was immediately attracted by the funny cat stick again.

Children are really easily attracted to this kind of colorful thing, and when it is move around, it’s fun.

Qingqing is ready to go, ready to plunge into the feather catching game again.

But before she could do it, the cat-teasing stick in Gu Lan’s hand was confiscated by the invisible housekeeper grandma, “The eldest lady is a human, not a cat, so you can’t tease her like this!”

Although teasing Qingqing is as cute as teasing cats, this is not an excuse for these unscrupulous adults to play with children.

“Grandma Guǎn jiā!”

Qingqing likes to see Grandmother Guǎn jiā very much recently, because every time she shows up, it means that she has delicious snacks to eat again.

“Good girl, I just made crystal flowers, let’s come here to eat.” Grandmother Guǎn jiā put down the tray in her hand, and Qingqing immediately crawled over.

The little guy thought it was too much trouble to stand up, so she just landed on all fours and crawled.

Fortunately, in order to facilitate her activities, the floor of the living room was all covered with a soft blanket. The furry ground was soft and comfortable, even if Qingqing fell on it, it would not hurt.

The weather is so cold, it is naturally impossible for Grandma Guǎn jiā to make cold food for Qingqing, so although this crystal flower sounds cold, it is actually not ice.

This is a small semi-circular dessert. The shape made of potato flour is crystal clear, and there are colorful small flowers wrapped in the middle. Each small flower is lifelike, like a real flower.

Grandmother Guǎn jiā made a lot of them, divided into two plates, one large and one small. The big one was for Fu Heng and the others, and the small one was left for Qingqing.

Just enough was given to her, which satisfies Qingqing’s appetite and can also limit her sugar intake.

If you eat too much sugar at a young age, it’s not good if you have tooth decay.

Grandmother Guǎn jiā did not allow her lovely eldest lady to reveal a mouthful of small black teeth that were moth-eaten when she spoke, which was too ugly.

“I’ll eat it myself.”

Qingqing refused to be fed by Grandma Guǎn jiā, stretched out her hand to pinch a crystal flower wrapped in a red translucent dough, and took a bite.

Going down, the roses inside were half mutilated, “It’s red bean paste! ”

She recognized it all at once.

“Hahaha… Miss is so smart, you can try this again.” The housekeeper’s grandmother took a purple peony to Qingqing, this time it was wrapped in purple mashed potatoes.

There are also sweet potato puree, taro puree, black bean paste, mung bean paste, and the most delicious simple ingredients in several desserts. After going through a pair of skillful hands by Grandma Guǎn jiā, they have all changed drastically, giving Qingqing a lot of surprises.

The little guy was fed very happily, and didn’t even know that the adults were eating the same pastries as her, but they werealso doing things to send people to jail.

Finding Cheng Xiaoxiao’s mother was just the beginning.

Immediately afterwards, someone accidentally broke the news. Cheng Xiaoxiao’s mother had sent mails to Gu Qingqing several times recently.

These things…are all kinds of threatening letters and cursing dolls, including misplaced ambiguous photos of Fu Heng and other women. Sometimes ambiguous photos are not taken, and the other party directly uses photoshop to forcibly create shoddy fake pictures.

The news was broken out by a little-known trumpet.

The other party claimed to be working as a nanny in the Fu family, and accidentally found these while cleaning the house, and there were more than the same threatening items. The time on many courier boxes can even be traced back to three or four years ago.

Long-term threats and intimidation against others!

As soon as the news came out, the entire network exploded.

Many people rushed to Cheng Xiaoxiao’s public account to leave comments, most of them were asking about the truth or falsehood, a small number of impulsive people had already begun to condemn her mother, and the rest were conspiracy theories.

[ Back to Nantian, have my clothes dried?: I always feel that the water in it is very muddy. There must be an inside story. ]

[ Air conditioner external machine blowing service: I know, I know, I heard that Cheng Xiaoxiao’s mother has been paralyzed for more than ten years, it is impossible to do this kind of thing. Not only is there no motivation, but her physical conditions does not allow her, so the murderer must be someone else. ]

[ The next wave of solutions: There is another person, why don’t you just say upstairs that the suspect is Cheng Xiaoxiao. ]

[ Just don’t wash clothes: Tsk Tsk…Cheng Xiaoxiao is the first love of Chairman Fu, right? It’s the grudges of the wealthy, and your circle is really messy. ]


The grievances between Cheng Xiaoxiao, Fu Heng and Gu Qingqing have long been a big open secret. After all, when Cheng Xiaoxiao left, there was a fight, not only on the Internet, but also in newspapers.

Everyone likes this kind of wealthy grudges the most. At that time, there were a lot of people who ate melons.

Everyone sympathizes with Cheng Xiaoxiao, but the life of the wealthy is too far away from them after all, and Cheng Xiaoxiao and the others are not celebrities, so the heat quickly disappeared.

Now that it has been more than twenty years, there is nothing left.

Now even if it is dug up again, it is just to provide old melons to a new group of people who eat melons. It is not fresh.

Now everyone’s focus is still on the possibility that Chairman Fu’s wife may be intimidated, threatened and mentally tortured for a long time.

They want to know what the leaders of the two major groups are going to do.

Fu Heng and Gu Lan’s actions were very simple⁠— they directly called the police.

This kind of thing has already involved criminal crimes, and it has made so much noise that it has attracted the attention of the police. So they immediately launched an in-depth investigation.

Fu Heng thought that this would only find out Cheng Xiaoxiao’s long-term intimidation of Qingqing, but he didn’t expect the police to suddenly hear the news.

Cheng Xiaoxiao’s mother…died eight years ago.

“Dead?” Even Gu Lan couldn’t help being shocked by the news, “How did she die?”

“The police said she died of starvation.”

Fu Heng didn’t know what expression to put on after knowing this, “Cheng Xiaoxiao owed her mother’s salary as a caregiver, which caused the caregiver to terminate the nursing care angrily and did not notify Cheng Xiaoxiao. When the neighbors found out that something was wrong, Cheng’s mother had already died a long time ago.”

“This…” At this moment, even Bai Qiyu didn’t know what to comment on.

“But her mother has been dead for so many years, why can she still use her bank card?” The relevant documents will be cancelled after the death of the person.

Fu Sishen looked confused.

“Because Cheng Xiaoxiao did not report the death certificate, the neighbor thought she reported it, but she didn’t, so even if Cheng’s mother died, she was still technically ‘alive’.”

“I suddenly felt that this woman is a bit scary.”

Although this news was unexpected, it also proved from the side that the person who had been threatening Gu Qingqing was actually Cheng Xiaoxiao, because it was impossible for a dead person to do such a thing.

In addition, Fu Heng and Gu Lan also submitted all the evidence they had investigated in the past six months in one breath, which made Cheng Xiaoxiao’s crime completely certain.

The police arrested her on suspicion of insulting and indirect homicide. At the same time, the nurse who let Cheng’s mother go was also taken away.

Cheng Xiaoxiao’s intimidation of Gu Qingqing is more complicated. She needs to wait for the court to hear the case before she can be convicted, but it doesn’t matter. She has been arrested and can no longer threaten Qingqing’s safety.

Moreover, the two lawyers hired by Fu and Gu’s family who spent a lot of money will never let her escape easily.

Just the fact that she deliberately hired others to spread disinformation, slander and online violence against Gu Qingqing can constitute a sentence for her.

Because of the amount of reading and comments, it’s too big to exceed the standard of criminal cases. As long as Fu and Gu insist on suing, this crime alone can be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years.

In fact, the lawyer team also suggested that Qingqing could go for a mental appraisal. If the client and her relatives are mentally injured because of this, the crime will be aggravated.

However, this proposal was rejected by both Fu Heng and Gu Lan.

They don’t want others to think that Qingqing is a psychopath, whether it is true or not, and it is impossible to do a mental appraisal in Qingqing’s current state.

Otherwise, the doctor may think that they are the one who should do the appraisal.

No, it’s not possible, but it will be!

Who would point to a three-year-old child to call his mother, his wife, and his sister?

Is your brain sick?

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