Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 104

Chapter 77: Qingqing was Hacked

Hung up the phone and looked at the bank card transfer information suddenly received: 6.66 million, Fu Sijin couldn’t laugh or cry.

Is this a blessing to him? But how awkward it looks, he’s already old but he can still get money from his elders.

After a while, another transfer message suddenly came, this time in the form of a red envelope.

Seeing the sender, Fu Sijin’s heart jumped, and it took a while before he had the courage to click in.

Mom: [Congratulations on making a fortune, good luck (red envelope)]

Mom: [voice]

Fu Sijin didn’t go to get the red envelope, instead he clicked on the voice first, and a soft little milk voice immediately came out.

“Ah-Jin must get better soon, this red envelope will be used to buy candy for you to eat!”

Click to open the red envelope: 520

Fu Sijin’s chest vibrated and he laughed in a low voice.

This red envelope was sent to him by Qingqing, how can it be so cute?

“Hehe… Qingqing has learned to send red packets.” Qingqing held her mobile phone, smiling contentedly.

“You can’t just send it casually when you learn it, you know?” Fu Sishen, who was dragged to teach Qingqing how to make red envelopes, warned her seriously.

He only recently discovered by accident that it is actually very simple to unlock his mother’s mobile phone, just use Qingqing’s fingerprint directly.

A person’s fingerprint has been set since they were born, and it will not change as the person grows up and becomes smaller, so the password originally set by his mother can actually be unlocked with Qingqing’s fingerprint, even the payment password is the same.

Of course, only online payment is allowed.

It was inevitable that Qingqing was cheated of money when she was young and ignorant. After sending a red envelope to his brother, Fu Sishen forced Qingqing’s mobile phone to be taken away.

Don’t let her touch it.

Qingqing was also obedient, and if she didn’t play, she wouldn’t play. She went to watch cartoons.

“Sishen!” An Rán , who had been watching cartoons with Qingqing and playing with her mobile phone, suddenly screamed, so Fu Sishen hurriedly ran over, “What’s the matter?”

“Look at this.” An Rán handed the phone to Fu Sishen.

Fu Sishen took her mobile phone and happened to see a news item that was at the top of the list.

[Fu Heng, chairman of the Fu family, has a green hat on his head, and his wife, who has been in love for many years, actually has a three-year-old illegitimate daughter!]

Below the eye-catching title is a series of evidence.

There are high-definition photos of Qingqing, as well as a comparison chart of the appearance of the adult version of Qingqing and the young version of Qingqing, and finally the most powerful evidence, two paternity certificates.

One belonged to little Qingqing and Fu Heng, and the other belonged to little Qingqing and Gu Lan.

The first result proves! It is clear that the little Qingqing and Fu Heng are not related by blood.

The second part proves the blood relationship between Gu Lan and the little Qingqing, coupled with her highly similar appearance to Gu Qingqing, saying that she is her illegitimate daughter, there are really many people who don’t know the truth believe it.

For a while, the entire Fu Group’s official website fell. In just half an hour, the number of retweets exceeded 100,000, and it continued to soar.

In the comment area, there are those who sympathize with Fu Heng, those who insult Gu Qingqing, those who pity little Qingqing, and all kinds of people who are mixed in and muddy the water.

The keyboard warriors took up arms one after another and rushed into this fight that had nothing to do with them, venting their inner happiness, completely regardless of the consequences, the group of demons danced in a flurry, making people feel unsightly.

Fu Sishen’s face was horribly black. He returned the phone to An Rán and asked her to take care of Qingqing first, then he immediately got up and went to the study to find his father and uncle.

“What’s wrong with Xiao-Shen?”

Qingqing, who didn’t know anything, probed her head in confusion, and then was coaxed back by An Rán.

“It’s nothing, he’s hungry, going to find something to eat.”

The casual excuses for skimming her feet were also due to Qingqing’s simplicity, and she really believed it.

“Then eat more, it’s uncomfortable to be hungry.”

The little guy covered her belly and felt so full.

Qingqing had been fed long before Fu Heng and the others came back. She drank a glass of milk, ate two packs of biscuits and four candies, and chewed a few grapes and apples. Her belly was already round.

Don’t say you are hungry now, it is unknown whether she can eat later for dinner.

“Hmm, Qingqing obediently watches cartoons.” An Rán said with a strong smile.

She continued to watch cartoons with Qingqing, but she always looked at her mobile phone from time to time. The more comments on it and the more points said, it had even risen to the level of life attacks and online violence. She was so angry that her hand holding the mobile phone trembled constantly.

This is obviously someone who bought a water army and then brought the rhythm of the news.

What is the purpose? Buckle Gu Qingqing’s hat for cheating in marriage and giving birth to an illegitimate child, and dye Fu Heng’s head green at the same time.

If it is changed to an ordinary man, I’m afraid they can’t help it now and they will divorce their wife.

Fortunately, Fu Heng knew that this Qingqing is the little Qingqing, and he was not the kind of person who would be easily shaken by just a few words.

So these words on the Internet are nothing more than a joke-like farce for him.

He doesn’t even bother to pay attention to that kind of thing.

He directly ordered the public relations department, which had been prepared for a long time, to deal with it.

[Fu’s Group Statement: In response to the disinformation and slander of the chairman’s wife of the company, the company has filed a lawsuit against the disinformation maker, hereby! This notice.]

A strong and domineering, crisp notice, with a lawyer’s letter posted under it, the defendant only targeted one person, an Internet celebrity who was the first to post this news.

Following the statement of the Fu Group, Gu also spoke out.

[Gu’s Group: Regarding the disinformation and slander against the directors of the company on the Internet, the company has filed a lawsuit in the court, and hereby informs.]

The two major groups filed a lawsuit together, and a large number of passers-by suddenly exploded.

Especially after the lawyer’s letter appeared, the water army that had been dancing happily were quiet, and many rational melon-eating people noticed that something was wrong.

[Kneeling to get off the order: What about those people who were dancing happily just now? Why are you suddenly mute?]

[I don’t want to work hard anymore: What else can I do? I found that I kicked the iron plate and pretended to be dead.]

[Three hundred catties rich woman: Those who know are infested, speak quickly, and ask for news.]

[I want to work hard again: please break the news +1. ]


After waiting for a long time, the person in the know climbed up again.

[The rich woman hasn’t come yet: Sorry for being late, I just ran to learn about the situation. This is the case. My brother is an employee of Mrs. Fu’s children’s subsidiary. He said that he had seen this little girl once. She was taken to the company by her youngest son. I heard that her surname is Gu. She is a child of Gu’s relatives. Because her parents are very busy, she was temporarily handed over to Chairman Gu to take care of, but as a result, the chairman of the family changed hands and left it to his sister.]

[Melon-eating crowd: Oh, that makes sense.]

[The masses eat melons: Indeed, if this child is really a child of a relative of the Gu family, it is normal to have a blood relationship with Chairman Gu, and it is more normal to have nothing to do with the Fu family.]

[Insider No. 2: I also came to break the news. I used to be a gardener in the Fu family and worked in the Fu family for five years. I can guarantee that from the time I stayed in the Fu family to the time I left, my wife had never been pregnant, let alone had a third child.]

As soon as this argument came out, the wind direction of the entire comment gradually changed until a strong evidence appeared again.

[I’m so tired of working overtime: Don’t guess. Mrs. Fu has been ligated since she gave birth to her youngest son. It’s impossible to have children. She had surgery in our hospital back then.]

At the same time, the official websites of the two major companies issued a statement, putting out all the evidence that little Qingqing could not be Gu Qingqing’s illegitimate daughter.

1. Gu Qingqing had already been ligated as early as after giving birth to her youngest son, and it was impossible to get pregnant.

2. Gu Qingqing has been frequently appearing in public from five years ago to half a year ago. There are a large number of photos and videos as evidence, and she likes to wear slim long skirts very much. If she is pregnant, it is impossible not to be seen.

3. Little Qingqing has extremely perfect proof of identity. She is the child of a relative of the Gu family. She is very close to Gu Lan and Gu Qingqing by blood. She has strong genes and looks similar. It is normal.


There are other piecemeal evidence, no one knows if the two major companies had expected it a long time ago, but they were well prepared.

[On the strength of the Gu family’s genes: Take a closer look, the Gu family really looks very similar. Is this copied and pasted according to a mold? Attached photos: Photos of Gu Lan, photos of Gu Qingqing, photos of little Qingqing, photos of Gu Yanyu.]

[Kind of sun: Don’t forget, there are also two young masters of the Fu family. Attached photos: Photos of Fu Sijin, photos of Fu Sishen.]

[Mó jī jī: Take a closer look, it’s true that the two young masters of the Fu family are more like Mrs. Fu. The Gu family genes are too strong.]


In the end, they didn’t know what to do, so they could only turn to their boss to make up their minds.

The boss is the boss. Seeing this situation, people waved their hands very calmly and said, “Don’t worry, let it develop freely, but you still have to bear it more these days, lest something happens and you can’t react.”

“Yes. ”

There was a bloody noise outside, but the Gu family was peaceful.

Qingqing was coaxed to sleep after dinner. The little guy got the promise of going to bed early and going to the amusement park tomorrow. She was so happy that she actively climbed into bed early and dragged Fu Heng to tell her a story.

Before Fu Heng could tell the story, there was a steady sound of breathing in his ears. He turned his head and saw that Qingqing was already asleep and didn’t know when she fell asleep.

The little belly bulged like a little frog.

His eyebrows softened and he stretched out his hand to pull the quilt to cover Qingqing.

The heating was turned on in the house, so covering her too much would make her feel hot, so Fu Heng only covered her up to her small belly, so that her belly wouldn’t get cold.

Qingqing may be thinking about it during the day and dreaming at night.

She had a dream that she and her family had gone to the amusement park. The escorts were Uncle, younger brother, Uncle Bai, Ah-Jin, Sister Yuyu, Xiao-Shen, Rán Rán, and BrotherNian Gao.

There are a lot of them that played with Qingqing. She is so happy that she smiles all day long, and she is still laughing until she wakes up.

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