Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 103

Chapter 76: Demolition of Qingqing’s Home

The clues provided by Fu Sishen and An Rán were a timely rain for Fu Heng and the others.

The biggest reason they were passive before was that they couldn’t confirm who the enemy was. It was easy to cause accidental injuries by doing anything casually. If they didn’t take counterattacks, the opponent would only become more and more excessive.

Now, after completely locking the target, everything will become much easier.

“Da da da……”

The crisp sound of high-heeled shoes hitting the ground came from the stairs. Qingqing subconsciously turned her head and saw an enlarged version of herself wearing a high-necked fiery red dress with long hair on her shoulders, walking gracefully.

“Huh?” The little guy is full of question marks on her forehead, “Who are you?”

The big Qingqing lowered her eyes slightly when she heard the sound, and her peach blossom eyes, which were even more charming after applying exquisite eye makeup, shone with a hint of charm, as if she was staring at her beloved lover.

Unfortunately, as soon as she opened her mouth, a male voice came through her gritted teeth, “I am your brother.”

——This is Gu Lan?!

Fu Sishen and An Rán sprayed all the tea they had just drunk into their mouths. The two coughed with an earth-shattering force together, and they couldn’t stop it. It shows how frightened they were.

It’s horrible, okay, Fu Sishen’s uncle, Aunt Qing’s younger brother, actually put on women’s clothing and pretended to be his sister Aunt Qing. What are they trying to do?

In fact, An Rán had already guessed what they wanted to do, but speculation was speculation. When the imagination shone into reality, she was still shocked.

Unexpectedly, Aunt Qing’s younger brother was able to do this for her.

An Rán suddenly realized that the rumors of discord between Aunt Qing and her brother in the past were all deceptive. If there was really discord between them, sisters and brothers, Gu Lan didn’t have to do this to protect Aunt Qing.

An Rán, who didn’t know much about the truth, thought that the relationship between Qingqing and Gu Lan was not as stiff even in the beginning.

“Whoever dares to laugh, Lao Tzu will let you go to hell.”

It was obviously dressed as a wealthy lady, and even the expression on her face was just the right grace and elegance. The words that were spit out from the mouth of the “lady” were so rough that people were frightened.

Fu Sishen and An Rán shut up for a second. It’s really not good to laugh at others, especially if this person is still an elder.

Even if you want to laugh, you have to hide in the room and laugh… Ahem.

Sure enough, Gu Lan was still the original Gu Lan, and when he spoke, the audience was immediately silent.

Gu Lan and Bai Qiyu were people who knew what he was doing upstairs for a long time. Now that they saw someone coming down, they were too calm to react.

At most, they silently praised Gu Lan’s crossdressing in the bottom of their hearts. It is indeed very similar to Qingqing, they’re worthy of being a brother and sister.

“Uncle, what are you doing?”

Fu Sishen, who resisted the smile, really couldn’t hold back the curiosity in his heart.

“Gu Qingqing is missing! She has been missing for long enough.” Fu Heng answered his son instead of Gu Lan, “If she doesn’t show up again, it’s easy to arouse suspicion.”

A person who disappears from this world, no matter how much, there will always be a trace left.

They had used lies to conceal Qingqing’s whereabouts for so long before, which had aroused the suspicion of many people.

For example, Han Weilan and An Rán……

Many people who were close to Qingqing began to become suspicious after discovering that they had not been able to contact her for a long time.

Fu Heng even received inquiries from the police some time ago. Some people reported that they had been unable to contact Gu Qingqing for a long time, suspecting that she had an accident or was missing.

Fortunately, Fu Heng finally found a way to cover up this matter.

But this is not a long-term solution. Gu Qingqing needs to appear in front of people, she doesn’t even have to do anything else. Just tell everyone the news: I am still alive, healthy and breathing, and nothing is wrong.

In this way, it can not only dispel most people’s doubts but also draw out the mysterious person lurking in the dark.

“Although they look alike, the height gap between uncle and mother is too big, and the body shape is different. It’s easy to be seen through.”

As a son, seeing such a tall and mighty mother, Fu Sishen felt that he was under a lot of pressure.

Not only was it psychological pressure, but he also instinctively felt uncomfortable physically.

“Don’t worry about this, we’ll just let Gu Lan sit in the car and show his side-face a few times.”

As long as he doesn’t stand up directly and take advantage of the shelter of the car, he can easily deceive people.

The same is true, when after ‘Gu Qingqing’ personally drove to the company to pick up Fu Heng from work, after several consecutive times, everyone will know that Mrs. Fu is really back.

She also went to pick up her husband from work every day, and her kindness made the whole company so sour that they grind their teeth.

However, there are also dark-minded and well-informed people who speculate that she did this to swear sovereignty, in case some little goblins and old fairy who don’t have long eyes take advantage of the void.

Little goblins, the streets are full of them.

As for the old fairy… Everyone who wants to come knows who that one is.

Cheng Xiaoxiao sat alone in the coffee shop, drinking a cup of black coffee blankly.

If someone notices her, they will find that the position she is sitting in is very clever. Just turn your head slightly and you can have a panoramic view of everything outside the street.

Opposite the coffee shop, it happens to be the entrance of the Fu Group.

The dazzling and arrogant blue supercar stopped at the gate of the Fu Group, the window was slightly lowered, revealing a delicate and gorgeous side face.

The person in the car picked up the phone after parking the car, not knowing who they were calling.

Ten minutes later, the answer was revealed.

Wearing a straight black suit, Fu Heng strode out of the company.

It is approaching dusk at this time and the sky is not really dim yet.

The sunlight that was rendered golden was projected on Fu Heng’s body, dividing the ultimate contrast of light and shadow on his angular handsome face.

Time seems to take this man very seriously. More than 20 years of time has not only not wiped out his handsome and elegant appearance, but allowed time to precipitate a unique mature atmosphere, which adds a bit of attractive charm to this cold and indifferent man. 

Cheng Xiaoxiao was deeply fascinated that if she had the chance she would give her hottest and sincere heart with both hands!

A dreamy look of obsession gradually appeared on the beautiful face of Cheng Xiaoxiao.

But before she could get up to greet her old love with joy, Fu Heng suddenly saw his wife who had come to pick him up from work.

His thin lips curled slightly, showing a handsome smile that was fascinating enough, as if he was very happy, then he walked towards her quickly, opened the door and got in the car.

It’s like…a family.

Yes, they are a legal couple, of course they are a family.

Cheng Xiaoxiao instantly turned a pretty face.

Gu! Qing! Qing!

Twenty-six years ago, you relied on design to conceive Fu Heng’s child and forcibly married him to the Gu family, ruining my love.

Twenty-six years later, I must expose your true face and ruin your reputation!

“Ding Ding.”

The phone suddenly received an email message.

Cheng Xiaoxiao immediately narrowed her expression and calmly lowered her head to check.

On the mobile phone, pictures of children in various scenes clearly appeared, and two paternity certificates were sent at the same time.

If anyone who knows Qingqing sees these photos, they will find that the protagonist above is the smaller Qingqing!

Fu Heng got into the car and said to Gu Lan with a smile, “The hook has moved.”

“Let her bite harder.” Gu Lan also had a sweet smile on his face, like a poisonous snake lurking in the dark, staring coldly at the unsuspecting prey.

The two of them were obviously talking about how to calculate people, and they had to pretend to be intimate for life. God knows how disgusting they feel in their hearts.

When they go back, they must hug Qingqing more, wash their eyes and purify their mind at the same time.

“Qingqing likes me the most. I want to be the first to hug her when I go back. Don’t grab her with me.” Gu Lan threw Fu Heng a sharp knife gaze.

Fu Heng looked back calmly, his gaze still focused on Gu Lan’s clothes and wig! Glanced up, “Your current image will scare the child.”

“Who am I doing this for?” Gu Lan gritted his teeth, “The sacrifice is so great, if that little thing doesn’t know how to thank me, I’ll slap her on the leg when I go back!”

Fu Heng ignored him, the one who loves Qingqing the most, Gu Lan.

Still beating children?

As soon as he returned to Gu’s house, an oncoming dinosaur doll happened to hit Gu Lan’s face.

With a snap, the super soft doll was still slimy for a while, then slowly slid down, fell to the ground, and landed with its light-colored belly up.

On the belly of the dinosaur, a face with exquisite makeup is just printed on it.

An Rán, who happened to see this scene, twitched the corners of her mouth slightly, “…”

“Hahahaha… Big dinosaur, ooohhhhhhhh~”

Qingqing, who didn’t even realize that she accidentally hit someone, was running around holding a few dinosaur models. There were a lot of dinosaurs scattered around the living room at home, in a mess, and Fu Heng, a mild cleanliness patient, felt his eye twitching.

Fu Sishen chased Qingqing behind, pretending to catch her. Qingqing was so scared that she ran full strength with her small feet.

She looked back while running. When she saw that Fu Sishen was about to catch her, she immediately screamed, and then turned to continue running with a big laugh. Occasionally, if she didn’t run in time, the nervous little guy would pick up the toys in her hand and throw them around.

She didn’t aim at people very sensibly, just to disrupt Fu Sishen’s arrest route.

As a result, she didn’t expect the door to open suddenly, and one of the dolls that was thrown relatively high hit Gu Lan’s handsome face.

But the little guy didn’t see it, she was still playing crazy on her own, and she saw Gu Lan’s forehead twitching with blue veins.

Qingqing ran too fast and accidentally hit the drink on the table, and the sweet and greasy drink spilled all over the place.

Qingqing suddenly turned around and didn’t pay attention. She kicked the trash can, knocking down the entire trash can, and the garbage inside was scattered out.


Not only was Gu Lan going crazy, but even Fu Heng’s face sank slightly.

“Gu Qingqing!”

There was a loud shout, which scared Qingqing, making her tremble all over and stopped moving.

She turned her head cautiously, facing the serious eyes of Fu Heng and Gu Lan, the two big parents.


This thought flashed through Qingqing and Fu Sishen’s minds at the same time.

In just one second, Qingqing, who was eager to survive, reacted quickly.

“Uncle and brother, you are back!”

The little guy put on a sweet smile and rushed over at a trot, one to the left and one to the right! Each of them hugged one of Fu Heng and Gu Lan’s legs, raised her head and whispered.

Her big clear eyes are innocent, staring at them lovingly, and her expression is guilty and a little timid, which makes it impossible for people to get angry with her.

But wouldn’t Fu Heng and Gu Lan scold her in this way?


“It’s not ruined.” Qingqing didn’t dare to look back at all, opening her eyes and talking nonsense.

“It’s not ruined.” Fu Heng squatted down, held Qingqing’s little arm, and turned her around gently but forcefully, “Qingqing, what can’t a child do?”

“……lie.” Qingqing lowered her head guiltily and said in a low voice.

“Then what were you doing just now?”

“It’s none of Qingqing’s business, I didn’t pay attention when playing with her.”

Unable to see the pitiful way she was educated, Fu Sishen wanted to come up and plead, but Fu Heng fixed him in place with a cold eye.

Fu Heng’s meaning is very clear, Qingqing should be taught a lesson, and she can’t run away.

Fu Sishen retreated silently and embarrassedly.

Yes, now that Taoist friends are dead, they have to die of poverty, and no one can jump around to save them.

“I told you not to play too crazy with her. You didn’t listen, so you regret it now.”

An Rán gloated at Fu Sishen’s bad luck, not distressed at all, and felt that he deserved it.

Such a dear girlfriend.

“Qingqing lied, so she’s not good. You still made the living room so messy and caused so much trouble to the housekeeper and grandma. Should I not say something?”

Fu Heng will not beat a child, he will only patiently guide her to understand her mistakes a little bit and learn to reflect.

“Qingqing was wrong.” Qingqing’s tears were spinning in her eyes, and the servants who were watching next to her were distressed.

The living room was just messed up, and it can be cleaned up with a little cleaning. This was originally their duty, it was nothing.

As long as Miss Qingqing can be kept from crying, even if they are told to clean the entire ancestral house ten or eight times they won’t mind it.

“What’s wrong with you?”

It’s a pity that Gu Lan and the others couldn’t hear everyone’s[1]the servants voices. He leaned against the door, put his hands around his chest, then felt that the touch was wrong, and put his face down with a black face.

He really wants to go upstairs to wash his face and change clothes, but Qingqing’s education problem must be solved.

“Qingqing… Qingqing shouldn’t throw toys around.” Qingqing racked her brains to talk about her crimes, “I caused trouble to my uncles and aunts, and… knocked down things and messed up the living room…”

“What else?” Gu Lan continued to ask, this little guy just now! He was given a critical blow to the face, this matter can’t just be forgotten.

It’s okay to hit him now, but what if she accidentally hit someone else?

Will other people be as easy to talk as he is?

“And… and Qingqing lied…” She trembled when she was asked, but she couldn’t grasp the point.

“No more.” Qingqing really can’t remember what good things she has done.

“You don’t know?” Gu Lan asked knowingly.

“I don’t know.” Qingqing shook her head.

“Just now”” nodded the dinosaur doll on the ground, “You threw the toy and hit me. It hurts. ”

Gu Lan knew what to say to arouse Qingqing’s guilt even more.

Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, the little guy was so scared that tears rolled in her eyes.

“Brother, I’m sorry, Qingqing didn’t mean to, I’ll give you a blow and let the pain fly away.”

Pulling Gu Lan and letting him squat down, holding his handsome face with grease and powder in her little hand, Qingqing puffed her small cheeks and ‘hooo hoo’, her mouth was tired but she didn’t dare to stop.

“Well, don’t blow it. If you really want to atone for your sins, you can clean up the messy living room by yourself.”

In the messy living room, Gu Lan hopes that Qingqing can learn to clean up the mess for herself.

You can play if you want, but after you have enough, you have to clean up by yourself.

“Good.” Qingqing rushed back immediately when she heard the words.

She dragged her toy storage box, placed it in the middle, and then buzzed here and there like a hard-working little bee, gathering all the toys scattered everywhere, then covering the storage box, and pushing it back into the corner with difficulty.

The remaining drinks and trash cans were safely cleaned up for her, so as not to increase the workload of the little guy and make her tired.

“I’m done!”

After completing the task, Qingqing happily ran to Gu Lan to take credit.

At that time, Gu Lan, who had already changed his clothes and had taken a bath, rubbed her little head refreshingly as a reward.

He didn’t care that Qingqing was sweating and dirty, so he picked her up and took her to sit down on the sofa.

“Brother, look at Ah-jin.”

Qingqing grabbed Gu Lan’s big hand and urged angrily.

She missed Fu Sijin these days, so the family took the mobile phone and let the two of them make a video call.

Across the vast ocean, these electronic devices can also allow families far away from each other to establish a close connection.

“At this point, your Ah-jin is asleep, so we’ll see him tomorrow.”

Glancing at the time, it was almost eleven o’clock in the evening on Fu Sijin’s side, and they might all be asleep, so Gu Lan didn’t want to call him so as not to distract Qingqing.

As long as the little guy likes his brother, the others will go aside.

“Look, look… look at Ah-jin, look at Ah-jin…”

Gu Lan was not very happy, but he couldn’t bear Qingqing’s obsession. After being entangled by the little guy for a while, he reluctantly picked up his mobile phone to make a video call to Fu Sijin.

In the video, Fu Sijin is wearing beige home-wear and seems to be sitting in the living room with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He may be reading a book before picking up the phone.

He doesn’t know if it’s due to the glasses, but Fu Sijin looks a bit more bookish, and his whole spirit looks a lot better.

If Fu Sijin’s body was always shrouded in a layer of depression and manic, then now, these restlessness seems to have been precipitated and become much calmer.

Even the whole person feels a lot closer.

Fu Sijin on the opposite side of the video clicked on the bluetooth headset and lowered the volume so as not to let his ear hurt by the noisy  excited little guy on the opposite side.

“Qingqing” He smiled naturally, gracefully and gently, “Are you naughty at home?”

“……no.” The little guy who had just been taught a lesson was a little guilty, and changed her words, “Qingqing was scolded.”

“You will be scolded if you do something bad?” Fu Shijin raised his eyebrows and said feeling a little funny.

In his impression, Qingqing has always been very well-behaved, and it is really hard for him to imagine Qingqing being naughty.

“Just…just Qingqing accidentally hit her brother with a toy and made a mess of the house.”

It seems that the previous education is still useful. Qingqing did not lie and obediently confessed her crimes.

“Well, Qingqing is not good anymore.”

Fu Sijin pretended to twist his eyebrows and put on an unhappy expression. Qingqing was so frightened that she quickly explained, “Qingqing is good, she will be good in the future, and Qingqing will never be naughty again.”

“Are you serious?” Fu Sijin pretended to be suspicious.

Qingqing nodded her little head again and again, and made a guarantee, “Qingqing is super good. I have been listening to my brother and uncle. I packed up the toys by myself today.”

“Really, then Qingqing is so amazing.”

It’s completely used to coax children’s tone, but with Qingqing it is very useful.

She was praised so much that she laughed straight, and she was so happy.

“Where’s Sister Yuyu?” Qingqing leaned forward with her little head, as if she could see Yuyu’s figure in the video.

“She is cooking.” Fu Sijin got up, took his mobile phone and went to the kitchen to point the camera to Yu Yu cooking.

Yu Yu was cooking, and when she heard the voice, she turned to say hello to Qingqing, and then turned back to continue.

Fu Sijin didn’t bother her either, went back to the living room to do it well, and chatted with Qingqing.

When Qingqing finished speaking, Gu Lan asked, “How are you doing?”

Except for his father and girlfriend, only his uncle knew about his condition.

The younger brother may have guessed a little bit, but he chose to respect his decision, so he didn’t get to the bottom of it.

“That’s good.” Gu Lan just knew that Fu Sijin had a minor mental illness, which was a bit serious. The specific cause of the illness was unclear, but this did not prevent him from caring about his nephew.

“Take care of yourself outside. Remember to add clothes when it’s cold. Don’t deal with food casually. If you don’t have enough money, tell me, uncle will give it to you.”

Fu Sijin couldn’t laugh or cry.

“By the way, I’m going back next week.”

“Ah-jin is going home!” This was obviously not what Gu Lan said, but what Qingqing, who had her little ears perkep up in his arms and listened to the conversation between the two, said.

“Well, the movie that was agreed with Director Gao before is about to start shooting, so I, the biggest investor, have to go and see it.”

Moreover, Yuyu’s vacation was about to run out, so to not worry about her driving so far home alone as a girl, he simply accompanied her.

Seeing Qingqing’s worried gaze, Fu Sijin smiled and comforted, “Don’t worry, I have consulted a doctor, and he said that I am recovering well, and it will have little effect on leaving for a while.”

He was able to live a normal life before he started treatment, and he survived the onset of the disease again and again.

Now that his condition is improving, a short trip home is still allowed.

“Okay, just make your own plans, and let me know as soon as you book your return trip. I will take Qingqing to pick you up then.”

His nephew is an adult, and he has his own considerations for doing things, so Gu Lan will not interfere easily.

“Qingqing say bye bye to Ah-Jin.”

“Ah-Jin bye bye.” Qingqing waved her little hand obediently and said goodbye to Fu Sijin.

The phone was hung up, and Fu Sishen next to him suddenly interjected, “Uncle, don’t we really need to tell the eldest brother about Qingqing’s change back?”

Qingqing got bigger again when she had a high fever, and this news was basically an open secret within them.

Therefore, Gu Lan has dispelled the idea that Qingqing may never be able to change back, and is actively looking for a way to change Qingqing back with Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu.

There must be some opportunity hidden in her changes.


1 the servants

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