Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 102

Chapter 75: Sishen’s Determination

The beauty in red referred to by An Rán is the protagonist of one of the two major gossip circulating at the banquet today.

——Cheng Xiaoxiao.

“How are you sure it’s her?”

Fu Sishen didn’t mean to doubt An Rán, he was simply curious.

As soon as he encounters this kind of thing that requires investigation and analysis, his brain power will seem a little insufficient.

He is also well aware of this, mainly because Fu Sishen has been protected too well since he was a child and has not seen too many dark sides, so he occasionally seems a little naive and stupid.

At the beginning, An Rán was attracted by his qualities, so she gradually paid attention to this man.

After all, she herself is complicated enough, so she just wants to find a simple person to get along with.

Moreover, Fu Sishen has a very good personality, only he can tolerate all her shortcomings and cherish her as a whole person.

“It’s very simple.” She can’t just let him be muddled and not explain it clearly, otherwise, when left on his own this piece of gossip will be just turned into a more chaotic drama.

“The clue we already have is that the other party has recently returned to China. She has had entanglements with Aunt Qing in the past and is an admirer of Uncle Fu. There are not many people who can have these three conditions. With Cheng Xiaoxiao added, there were only three of them.”

“What about the other two?”

How could the other two suspects be ruled out?

“One of them is already married and has children, and the husband and wife are in love. She only came back this time to visit her relatives. Even if she had a little conflict with Aunt Qing before, it was just a verbal altercation. It is generally impossible to mentally torture others during that period, unless she is a psychopath.”

In fact, the reason is very simple, the motivation for the crime is insufficient and the value of hatred for the enemy is not high enough.

So this kind-looking lady was ruled out by An Rán first.

“The other…” An Rán paused when She said this, her expression a bit complicated, “It’s a man.”

And the clues they got all pointed out that the other party was a lady, so it couldn’t be this person.

Moreover, she also learned from other people that this man is very caring and has been doing charity almost every year. Not only has he established a foundation for the relief of disabled children, but he has also established hundreds of Hope elementary schools in remote areas.

An Rán doesn’t believe that this kind of person is bad.

Fu Sishen, “……”

His dad must have been very attractive back then, to be able to attract both men and women, ha ha ha…

At this time, only a smile can express Fu Sishen’s inner emotions.

Up to the end, it is true that only Cheng Xiaoxiao is the most suspected. That is because she had the deepest hatred with Gu Qingqing back then and since she was taken away from the love of her life, and was forced far away.

Even if you go to another country, if a woman had experienced that due to Gu Qingqing they will still surely hate her.

“The person has been found, what should we do now?”

Fu Sishen wanted to rush up and kill the woman who hurt his mother, but reason told him not to do it.

At least not now.

“Those were just my reasoning now. We still have no evidence that she did all this.”

An Rán took the initiative to hold Fu Sishen’s trembling hand, giving him silent strength.

“So now, we can only wait and see what happens.”

As long as this woman continues to target Aunt Qing, she will show her feet one day, and they just have to wait to find her fox tail.[1]find a trail of evidence against her

“You should have found out too, Uncle Fu and the others also made a move.”

The second rumor at the banquet: Gu Qingqing is back.

This is only known to Fu Sishen and An Rán, and it is a complete lie.

After all, the real Qingqing has never left, so why come back?

So An Rán guessed that Fu Heng and the others wanted to release the bait to lead the snake out of the hole.

I just don’t know who the last Aunt Qing that appeared in front of the public was?

Her gaze inadvertently swept across the faces of Fu Sishen and Qingqing, who were six or seven points similar, and a strange smile was directly on An Rán’s lips, and Fu Sishen looked at her with a chill.

The keen little animal had his fur stood up all over his body, looked around vigilantly, and then quietly hid behind An Rán.

“Why do I always feel that there are people who wants to murder me?”

Quickly flattened the corners of her mouth, An Rán rolled her eyes, dragged Fu Sishen and left, “Let’s go, now that we have found someone, we should also go to Uncle Fu and the others to find a way together.”

“What do you think of?”

“How to pit[2]deceive; cheat people.” 

“You adults are so dirty.”

“Say it again.”

“I love you. ”


The flamboyant fiery red supercar swung its tail beautifully and stopped in front of the Gu family’s ancestral house.

Fu Sishen ran down from the car and rang the doorbell.

“Who is it?” An old voice came from behind the iron gate.

“Uncle Qing, it’s me.”

An old security guard wearing a security uniform, reading glasses, and gray hair walked out from behind the door, squinted and took a closer look at Fu Sishen, and it took a long time to recognize him, “Oh, it’s Xiao Shen. ”

Fu Sishen used to come to Gu’s ancestral house with his mother, so he was the only person besides Gu Qingqing and Gu Lan who was familiar with the employees in this house.

In addition, he has a sweet mouth and a good smile. He is very pleasing to everyone. He is more popular than his mother when he walks around the ancestral house!

So the old security guard still remembers him.

Said to be a security guard, in fact, Uncle Qing’s real position is the janitor.

How old is the Gu family ancestral house? Even if it is beautifully built, some things still can’t keep up with the progress of modern science and technology.

At least this door can’t automatically recognize the vehicle like the Fu family, and then open it automatically.

Therefore, in order to facilitate travel and to enhance the management of people coming and going, the Gu family specially hired a janitor security guard.

Uncle Qing’s family is not poor, and even his son is still an executive in the Gu family. It’s just that the old man is idle and bored. After retirement, he wants to find something to do. That’s why he came to the Gu family’s ancestral house as a janitor.

The ancestral house is clean, but there are also other employees. It is not completely isolated from the world. It is easy to work every day, and there are people who accompany and talk with, and they can get a salary, overall they can count it in one fell swoop.

After recognizing Fu Sishen, Uncle Qing hurriedly came over and opened the door.

When Fu Sishen drove in slowly, he leaned over and quickly reminded him, “There have been a lot of guests at home recently. The second young master seems to be in a bad mood. Pay attention.”

The second young master of the Gu family is his uncle.

“Okay, thank you Uncle Qing.” Knowing that the elderly are reminding themselves to be careful, to not be caught by the elders and will not teach them the wrong way.

Fu Sishen felt Uncle Qing’s kindness, smiled and waved goodbye to him before driving the car in.

As soon as he stepped into the living room, the stagnant atmosphere really came to his face.

An Rán hid behind Fu Sishen, like a soldier hiding behind a fort and if something happened, then Sishen would be the one to get the burnt first.

“Dad, Uncle, Uncle Bai, you are all here.”

Fu Sishen, who was so stupid and sweet, didn’t know how to look at the atmosphere at all, so he went up and stepped on a mine.

Gu Lan glared at him coldly, and simply got up and went upstairs.

He didn’t want to see these bastards who only have bad ideas anymore.

“What’s wrong with my uncle, has he taken bitter medicine?” Fu Sishen looked at Gu Lan’s angry back strangely.

Neither Fu Heng nor Bai Qiyu paid attention to Fu Sishen. Qingqing, the only one who was willing to pay attention to him, tilted her head and thought for a while, “It may be because Uncle and Uncle Bai ate the little pudding that the housekeeper’s Grandma Guǎn jiā made for younger brother.”

“What are you thinking? Can a little pudding that was stolen change his opinion on something and cause his bad mood?” Even Fu Sishen, who has not been present, can see through the truth at a glance. His uncle is so smart, how could he not see through it.

“…huh!” Qingqing bulged her bun face unhappily.

The next moment, Fu Sishen screamed.

He was beaten by An Rán.

“Provoke Qing again… Qing is not happy, I will hit you again.” An Rán stared at Fu Sishen angrily.

This is her aunt Qing, and no one is allowed to bully her.

Now Qingqing has become smaller, and she is safe and conscious.

I am even more obliged to protect this elder who has loved me since I was a child.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight.”

Qingqing hurriedly ran over, twisting her brows to persuade.

One of these two is her own son, and the other is the existence of her daughter. The palms of her hands and the backs of her hands are full of flesh[3]both Sishen and An Rán are close and dear to her. Qingqing can’t help anyone at all.

“Don’t worry, we’re just playing around, not quarreling.”

An Rán squatted down and nodded at Qingqing’s little face lovingly.

The white fingertips pressed on the face of the white and tender buns, pressing a nest of meat, loosening and quickly rebounding, very cute.

Qingqing was also obedient, just standing and being poke like this, she didn’t even know how to hide.

After playing a few times, she noticed that everyone was looking at them, An Rán pretended to cough a few times, and silently retracted her hand.

Oh, it’s all because Aunt Qing is so cute, she couldn’t hold back for a while.

“Is there anything wrong with you guys coming here?” Fu Heng asked.

They have been living in the Gu family ancestral house for the past few days, not only because it is quiet and undisturbed, but also because Qingqing can’t bear Grandmother Guǎn jiā and is reluctant to leave.

Just in time, they also needed a completely safe environment to discuss countermeasures, so they took advantage of the situation to stay for a few more days.

“We found the person who targeted Aunt Qing.”

An Rán turned her head and motioned to Fu Sishen to hand over the evidence and clues they had found to Fu Heng and the others.

It also includes the mobile phone belonging to Gu Qingqing.

“Dad, I’m sorry…”

Fu Sishen maintained a state of confession, confessing how he accidentally got Qingqing’s mobile phone. After speaking, he carefully peeked at Fu Heng’s face.

He has confessed and been lenient. His dad can always open up to him, right?

“Why didn’t you tell me after you received that call?” Fu Heng cares more about this matter.

The younger son actually investigated so many things privately, which he didn’t expect.

“It’s not that you always keep things from me. I’m afraid that you won’t say anything, so I went to discover the truth by myself. After all……”

He looked down at Qingqing, who was pulling An Rán to play a game of ‘you take a picture and I take a picture’, “I also want to protect my mother. ”

His previous stupidity had already caused a lot of harm to his mother. Fu Sishen didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and wanted to…do something to make up for Qingqing.

Although Qingqing forgave him easily, and believed that even an adult mother would never be angry with him, Fu Sishen just couldn’t get through the hurdle in his heart.

He understands what he has to do, not for psychological comfort, but really……

I want to be a man who can protect my mother.

Seeing the firmness of the younger son, as well as the guilt hidden under the firmness, Fu Heng, who was actually empathetic, patted him on the shoulder.

“Sorry, father has been ignoring you. We will protect your mother together in the future.”


1 find a trail of evidence against her
2 deceive; cheat
3 both Sishen and An Rán are close and dear to her

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