Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 101

Chapter 74: The Woman Who Threatened Qingqing

Facing his brother’s joking gaze, Tian Chengfeng looked back calmly with an extremely calm attitude, “We are schoolmates in high school and university.”

“In the same class?” Tian Chengyu asked.

In fact, this question is nonsense. If you are not in the same class, even if you are schoolmates, it is impossible to get to know each other.

After all, in the high school An Ran attended, there were twenty classes in one grade.

“We were classmates in high school, but we did not have the same major in college anymore. I study economics.” An Rán explained with a smile.

Their attitude is also very normal, it is completely the appearance of facing classmates in the same school, knowing but not familiar with each other.

“Well, then you can get to know each other a lot in the future. After all, if you are classmates, you should get closer.” Tian Chengyu smiled kindly, trying his best to set up An Rán and his brother.

He thinks that his good friend’s younger sister is very good, she looks good, has a good education, has a great family, and her personality is okay at the present, at least her IQ and emotional intelligence are not low.

Most importantly, this is a rare girl who can be remembered by his brother.

If his mother knew that he was so actively thinking about his brother’s life-long affairs, she would be moved to shed crocodile tears.

“…” An Rán smiled embarrassedly, a little uncomfortable.

She had already felt someone’s death stare.

Fu Sishen this jerk, I told you to find someone, what are you staring at me for?!

Pretending to look back inadvertently, An Ran immediately stared at someone fiercely.

Fu Sishen shrank his neck in fright, he looked at the sky and the earth, but he didn’t dare to look at An Rán.

He has been looking for someone all this time, he is very well behaved.

Suddenly noticing a suspicious person in his wandering gaze, Fu Sishen didn’t want to think too much, so he immediately raised his foot to follow.

This person walked sneakily, left the crowd and walked to a remote corner.

The target he was looking for appeared?

Fu Sishen was skeptical, but this did not prevent him from following the man.

The person in front seemed to be a little flustered, with messy steps, and peeked back from time to time.

Fu Sishen followed him from a distance, occasionally hiding behind giant vases or racks to hide.

Intermittently, two people went to the bathroom one after the other.

Fu Sishen saw the man picking up the phone from a distance, as if he was about to make a call.

In order to hear the contents of the call clearly, he simply gritted his teeth, turned around and went into the garden, and then used the cover of the grass to go around the wall to the window near the bathroom.

Thank you for the design of An Family Villa.

The semi-open banquet hall connected to the garden is greatly convenient

The night was silent, even if the house was bustling, it would not affect the sound coming from the bathroom.

“Hey, I have already spread the news that An Rán’s adoptive mother is Mrs. Fu as you said. You should settle the remaining balance for me.”

Fu Sishen didn’t know what the opposite side said, so the man who had just shrank in fear smiled confidently and said, “Don’t worry, I have never messed up my business.”

“If you don’t believe me, I also recorded some live guest conversations, which can be sent to you. ”

“The balance has been received, happy cooperation.”

It seemed that he had received the reward, and the man’s voice revealed uncontrollable excitement. He happily put away his mobile phone and was about to turn around and leave, but he ran into an unexpected person.

“Miss An!”

Fu Sishen was just about to press the record’s pause button with his fingertips, but halted and the phone continued to record all the conversations inside.

“Who are you calling?”

The delicate voice obviously does not belong to An Rán, this “Miss An” is An Rǎn*.

This sneaky guy is really unlucky today. He just did something bad. As a result, he not only met him, but also ran into An Rǎn*.

Fu Sishen continued to record, but he didn’t mean anything else to it, he just wanted to know what An Rǎn* would do.


The man was speechless, and returned to his original cowering appearance.

It seems that he shouldn’t be very courageous, otherwise, when he meets a delicate girl like An Rǎn*, he would have already subdued her and run away directly.

Anyway, An Rǎn* didn’t know him and even if he ran away, he wouldn’t be found.

He just didn’t know how much An Rǎn* had heard. She changed her previous weakness and gentle appearance, and her sharp eyes were pointed straight at the man in a waiter costume in front of her.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll send you to the police station. It just so happens that I just recorded you.” She raised her phone and threatened.

It’s impossible to record.

Fu Sishen secretly added from the bottom of his heart.

Inside, from the corridor to the bathroom, it is just empty, and there is no room for people to hide. The farthest hiding place is also ten meters away from the toilet. It is impossible to record the other party’s call at that distance.

Otherwise, Fu Sishen didn’t have to run out to feed the mosquitoes while trying to record him.

So An Rǎn* was completely bluffing the other party.

Bi Sheng was flustered for a while, but he really believed it.

He knelt down to An Rǎn* on the spot and begged bitterly.

“Please, I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I’m a little short of money recently, and that person told me to be at the banquet and spread some gossip. That’s why I was confused for a while, please let me go, don’t send me to the police station.”

He didn’t know at all that even if someone knew about it, it was not a big thing, at most he would be kicked out.

It was only the first time he did something bad, and he was discovered by someone, then heard the other party was going to call the police, so he panicked.

An Rǎn* seized this opportunity and smiled strangely, “Do you want me to let you go?”

“Hmm.” The other party nodded desperately.

“Well, help me do something. After it’s done, this matter will be written off, and I will treat it as if I have never seen you before. Not only that, I can also give you a reward.”

First intimidate and then lure, gradually revealing their true purpose.

“What do you want me to do?”

“It’s very simple, you mix this in the wine and send it to Miss An to drink it safely.” An Rǎn* handed out a white pill.

“This is not okay…” Although he doesn’t know what kind of medicine this is, if it is really done, it will really harm people. He really doesn’t want to take it.

An Rǎn* said simply, “Ten thousand.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Thirty thousand.”


“Fifty thousand, if you don’t do it, I will call the police directly.”

“Done! ”

Money can make ghosts push, and in the face of money and threats, this makes people lose their minds all together.

After handing the things to the waiter with satisfaction, An Rǎn* turned around and was about to leave, when she suddenly heard movement in the garden outside.

As soon as her face changed, she immediately rushed out to check.

There were only a few lonely lights, the garden was empty and there was nothing.

“Is it an illusion?”

Suspiciously, An Rǎn* turned around and went directly upstairs to the room, waiting for the opening of the show downstairs.

Fu Sishen returned to the banquet with a gloomy face, regardless of the person in front of An Rán he deliberately leaned in to talk  and rushed directly in front of her, and pulled her in front of many guests eyes and left.

“Sishen?” An Rán was pulled into the corner by Fu Sishen in confusion. Before she could say anything, a white pill appeared in front of her, “What is this?” ”

“Hallucinogens.” Fu Sishen’s voice was so cold that it almost formed ice residue, “An Rǎn* gave it to a waiter and wanted him to put it in your drink.” ”

This kind of drug will not only make An Ránlose her mind, but also fall into psychedelia and do all kinds of shameful things.

Most importantly, An Rán is allergic to one of the ingredients in this medicine, and if it is serious, it may also cause shock.

This is the key point that detonates Fu Sishen’s anger.

“I’m going to kill that woman!” He angrily wanted to go to An Rǎn* to settle the account, but was stopped by An Rán.

This extent of viciousness is no longer the kind of trivial fuss that it used to be, but wants An Rán’s life. How can Fu Sishen endure it?

“Don’t go.” At the critical time, An Rán stopped Fu Sishen, “Listen to me, we will give this evidence recorded with you to my brother and let him deal with An Rǎn*.”

After all, this is a matter of An Family, and it is inappropriate for Fu Sishen to come forward.

Moreover, from a selfish point of view, An Rán didn’t like that Fu Sishen had too much contact with An Rǎn*.

No one is blind to that woman’s thoughts about her man, and she herself can see it clearly.

She is not a generous person.

“Are you eating vinegar[1]are you jealous??” Fu Sishen stared at An Rán with shining eyes.

It turned out that she had just accidentally uttered the words in her heart, and Fu Sishen listened to it.

An Rán paused, looking away very comfortably, and said with a strong hold on her mouth, “I like sour food, don’t you?”

This is to admit it in disguise.

Fu Sishen grinned stupidly, and couldn’t help but get closer to An Rán excitedly, just like a stupid husky wanted to get close to his master, that has his tail spinning into a hot wheel.

“An Rán, An Rán, let’s get back together, isn’t it okay if you don’t get angry with me again? I will be obediently in the future, you say east, I will never go west! 

“Really?” An Rán looked suspicious.

“Really!” Fu Sishen almost swore an oath.

“Then if Qingqing and I fall into the water at the same time, who will you save first?” Unprepared, An Rán  suddenly asked a classic philosophical question.

“What?” Fu Sishen was a little confused when asked, and subconsciously replied, “But neither my mother nor I can swim. Isn’t it up to you to save…”

It’s over, he spilled the beans.

Fu Sishen looked disheveled.

“Sure enough…” An Rán looked confident.

Qingqing is Aunt Qing.

In fact, she had suspected it a long time ago, but it was only confirmed until now.

Seeing Fu Sishen staring at her angrily, she patted this aggrieved dog’s head calmly, “Don’t worry, I don’t know anything.”

This is the promise to help keep it secret.

Fu Sishen’s face relaxed, and he quietly explained, “You…don’t tell my dad.”

If the secret of his mother that his father told him to keep quiet about was leaked by himself and Fu Heng knew about it…Fu Sishen seemed to have expected his own death.

“Good.” An Rán agreed, and then pulled the words back to the topic, “I found that person.”

“Who? ” Fu Sishen’s thoughts haven’t turned back for a while.

“The woman who threatened Aunt Qing.” An Rán’s pretty face was slightly cold.

“Who is that person?” This time Fu Sishen finally reacted and became serious.

“It’s her.”

An Rán raised her hand and pointed straight to a gorgeous woman in a big red sexy dress in the center of the banquet hall.


1 are you jealous?

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