Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 100

Chapter 73: An Family’s Banquet

“Let me introduce to you, this is my dear sister, An Rán.”

The word ’dear’ was accented, and the host who spoke seemed to emphasize the identity of the person being introduced.

Several people around exchanged glances, and then all of them leaned in with smiles on their faces, shaking hands and greeting An Rán politely.

“Hello, Miss An, I am the general manager of Huannian Clothing. My surname is Chen. I am old friends with your brother. Just call me Uncle Chen.”

The first person to express kindness to An Rán was a middle-aged man dressed fashionably. He looked average, but it could be seen that he was a very educated person, and she felt very comfortable talking to him.

People say hello to her with a smiling face, and An Rán will naturally not brush off the other’s face.

She quickly put on a decent smile and said hello to Uncle Chen, “Hello, Uncle Chen, my name is An Rán.”

“Is Miss An still in school now?” Uncle Chen asked like a kind elder.

“Well, I’m still studying for graduate school.”

“Not bad, it’s good for young people to read more books.”

Obviously, Uncle Chen likes people who can read very much and his eyes are a bit kinder when he looks at An Rán.

“Miss An looks like a talent. She really deserves to be Mr. An’s younger sister.”

Originally, An Rán and Uncle Chen had a very pleasant conversation, but suddenly a slightly wretched voice was inserted in.

She turned her head subconsciously, and as a result, she looked at the previous fat face full of oil. Looking at the other person up close, she could still see a few acne crammed with pus, which was slightly disgusting.

This is a person who makes people instinctively hate them when they meet.

However, in public, An Rán will not casually show disgust.

Maybe the other party is just ugly but he is actually a pretty good person?

This idea was broken by the oily-headed man himself at the next moment. He grinned and smiled with big yellow teeth. The salted pig’s hand wearing a big gold ring stretched out directly and wanted to hold An Rán’s little hand but she seemed to inadvertently avoid it.

After grabbing a chance, the oily-headed man didn’t care. He smiled wretchedly, frowning and whispered, “I heard that Miss An is next to Fu’s young master, and she is still Mrs. Fu’s adopted daughter. She has such a good adoptive mother and lover. No wonder…”

“Mr. Zhang, if it’s okay, I still need to take An Rán to meet Old Man Lin.”

With a cold face, An Yuan unceremoniously blocked Mr. Zhang’s increasingly unpleasant words, and left quickly with An Rán.

If it weren’t for his recent full acceptance of An Family and  hadn’t been able to stabilize the situation easily, otherwise he would definitely give this wretched man a good look on the spot.

What kind of garbage that dares to make fun of the An family’s young lady?

An Rán’s wrist was clasped by An Yuan, and she could only follow him striding forward.

An Yuan calmly hid behind the window sill with An Rán, and educated her coldly, “Next time you encounter this kind of garbage, you can just directly thrash him. If there is something bothering you, brother will take care of it for you. ”

When An Ran heard this, her heart warmed slightly, and she smiled, “He just said a few words, there is no need to be angry. ”

She had heard more unpleasant things in the past and had calmed down a long time ago. She was indeed angry at first, but in the end she was only angry by herself and the enemy would only be more happy because of it, so there is no need.

But her brother is not bad.

An Rán’s contact with An Yuan was also a matter of time.

When she returned to the An family in the past, An Yuan was not there. She was bullied so badly but those things didn’t have any involvement with An Yuan, and he never knew it, so An Rán didn’t have any bad feelings for him, and of course, she didn’t also have a good impression.

After all, neither brother nor sister has ever been in contact with each other. What kind of affection can you have for a stranger?

Moreover, she had heard Fu Sishen say that after An Yuan came back and learned that she was gone, he not only immediately turned his face with the group of people in An family, but also hurriedly looked for her for half a year, for which he pulled down his face and begged a lot of people.

At this point, An Rán was willing to admit An Yuan as her brother.

However, the two brothers and sisters have not known each other formally for a long time, and they don’t know each other well, so they are still a little awkward to get along with each other.

An Rán could see that An Yuan seemed to have always wanted to make up for her, and always tried his best to be nice to her.

Even today’s banquet was a welcome banquet he held for her immediately after he successfully won the power of the company from the group of lunatics in the An family.

He wants to proudly announce to everyone that the real Miss An is finally back!

And he, An Yuan, the current head of the An family, only admits that An Rán as a younger sister.

This is undoubtedly making a face for An Rán and also hitting An Rǎn*[1]the adoptive daughter in the face. Forcefully giving those who have bullied An Rán in the past a deterrent, so that they dare not provoke her again.


“Why do those people know about my relationship with Aunt Qing?” An Rán looked puzzled.

She and Fu Sishen had a fair and honest relationship before. As long as someone with intention checked it a little bit, they could know it, so it was not surprising that they would be known to everyone.

But why did her relationship with Aunt Qing come to light?

Obviously, before this incident disappeared, it was a secret that even Fu Sishen, Gu Qingqing’s biological son, didn’t know.

An Yuan pondered for a while and said, “Brother doesn’t know who it is. If you want to know the reason, I can ask someone to check it out.”

In the end, those people who can spread rumors are the only ones who they can check one by one, and they can always find clues along the way.

“Don’t check it, I can actually guess who it is.” An Rán’s face was slightly cold.

“Who is it? An Rǎn*?” This is An Yuan’s first suspect.

“Impossible, An Rǎn* can’t see me being well, so she won’t be so kind as to promote me for free.”

Obviously, An Rán knew An Rǎn* more deeply than An Yuan. Similarly, he also knew that it was impossible for An Rán to spread this matter on her own initiative.

First, An Rán is not that kind of person. Second, if she wanted to use Mrs. Fu as a backer, she would have used it a long time ago. There is no need to wait until now.

Should it be said that the one who knows you best will always be your enemy?

That’s great, my sister is still as smart as before.

Seeing An Rán’s face exactly the same as when she was a child, An Yuan moved his fingertips, and touched her head as fondly as before. After a while, he thought that she was already a big girl now, and he was not suitable for doing this kind of intimacy to her anymore. So he can only regret and give it up.

“You and that kid Fu Sishen deliberately came to this banquet today, with other purposes, right?”

To be An Rán’s brother, An Yuan’s IQ is obviously not low.

This is actually very easy to guess.

An Ran hated An Family so much, and when she learned that An Yuan wanted to hold a banquet for her at An’s house, she didn’t want to come at all, even if only for An Yuan’s face, she didn’t bother to pay attention.

As soon as An Yuan’s proposal came out, he was simply rejected by his sister, making him almost give up holding a banquet.

As a result, a few days later, An Ran suddenly approached him and said that she agreed to hold a banquet for her, and asked him to invite as many people as possible.

It is important to emphasize that it is best to invite more insiders who have just returned home recently.

This reason is very strange, but in order to make his sister happy, An Yuan still followed suit, not only arranging the banquet in person, but also issuing invitations.

Because there were too many invitations sent out, the people who received the invitations would only think that An Yuan was too happy to find his sister, and deliberately wanted to make a face for his sister, which was why so many people were invited.

As a result, it is obvious that as soon as there are more people at the banquet, it is easy to become mixed with fish and dragons.

If you want to change to normal times, an unqualified upstart like Mr. Zhang will definitely not be selected for the invitation list of the An family.

No matter how bad, An family is also a second-rate wealthy man, much stronger than many people.

The purpose was guessed, this was expected.

An Rán never doubted that there were countless people smarter than her in this world, and when something happened suddenly and let the cat out of the bag, it would be found to be normal. It’s just An Rán.

Now she can’t explain the reason to her brother specifically. This involves her adoptive mother, so she can only say bluntly, “I can’t explain the truth to you now, but brother believe me I won’t do anything bad. ”

“You are my sister, even if you do something bad, I have to protect you.” An Yuan smiled softly. He didn’t hold back this time. He raised his hand and touched the top of An Rán’s hair, but he didn’t dare to tousle it.

His sister just recognized him and she is not familiar with him yet. No matter how close the two brothers and sisters are, it’s good to take their time in getting closer.

An Yuan touched too lightly, and An Rán actually didn’t feel much.

But his cautious movements were seen in her eyes, and a smile flashed across her eyes. For the sake of her brother’s face, she didn’t deliberately pierce it.

“I won’t ask what you want to do or who you want to find, but if there is a place where you need help, just talk, brother will definitely help you.” An Yuan solemnly promised.

“Good.” An Rán nodded.

After a brief exchange, the two brothers and sisters turned from behind the window sill, both with decent smiles, and greeted the many guests generously.

An Yuan focused on taking his sister to introduce to some important people. Some of these were highly respected old people in the circle, some were his important business partners, and others were his friends and close childhood friends.

Needless to say, among these people, it must be An Yuan’s friends and childhood friends who have the best attitude towards An Rán.

Even An Rán  knew one of them, Tian Chengyu.

He is Tian Chengfeng’s brother, and Tian Chengfeng is An Rán’s high school and university classmate. It is also very coincidental that in high school they are in the same class.

Four years have passed since high school.

The reason why An Ran still remembers Tian Chengfeng is because this kind-hearted teenager once helped her when she was bullied by An Rǎn* and her little sidekicks.

Although it was unintentional, An Rán has always kept it in her heart.

Fu Sishen also knew about this, and the naive ghost had eaten a lot of vinegar for this.

God knows that she and Tian Chengfeng had said less than three words in total, and it was at the time when he had inadvertently helped her.

The dialogue is as follows:

“Thank you. ”

“Hmm. ”

It’s over.

So between her and Tian Chengfeng, they are actually just two strangers who know each other’s names and have spoken some words.

Maybe the other also don’t know her name yet?

“An Rán.” The cool voice like flowing water slid into An Rán’s ears. She subconsciously turned her head and faced the handsome and elegant man who had grown into a young man.

An Rán was taken aback for a moment and subconsciously said, “Tian Chengfeng? ”

“Do you know each other?” Tian Chengyu glanced at his younger brother and his friend’s sister with interest.

Unexpectedly, his younger brother, who has always been dismissive of women, will also take the initiative to say hello to a girl one day.

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1 the adoptive daughter

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