Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 99

Chapter 72: The Hidden Crisis

Ginger juice can dispel the cold. Obviously, the old housekeeper noticed Qingqing’s voice was a little nasally last night due to the cold, so she woke up early in the morning to make this dessert.

Qingqing is obviously a lot more energetic now and her nasally tone has subsided a lot. She should wait just almost another day before her condition can fully recover.

“Brother, eat quickly, eat quickly, Qingqing left it for brother.”

The little guy pulled Gu Lan over for dessert, and didn’t forget to give herself credit.

“Really? Qingqing is so good.”

Gu Lan deliberately made a pompous appearance to praise Qingqing, making the little guy cover her face shyly and laugh straight.

Before a bowl of dessert was finished, two uninvited guests came.

Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu.

Gu Lan knew that he couldn’t hide the news of Qingqing’s discharge from the hospital, but he didn’t expect them to come to the door so quickly.

Are they not even willing to give them, the brother and sisters, a little quality time anymore?

Showing a trace of disgust, Gu Lan not only did not put down the spoon, but also picked up the bowl and ate the contents a few times, only then he  slightly raised a pair of peach blossom eyes that resembled Qingqing.

“What are you two doing at my Gu’s house early in the morning?”

“You suddenly took Qingqing out of the hospital last night, and you didn’t even let us know?” Bai Qiyu put on a handsome face with a slight composure, and took the lead in making trouble.

He is very imposing, his loose casual clothes that are worn on him were showing his good build, like a cheetah that has been gaining momentum, waiting for the opportunity to give the enemy a fatal blow.

Being targeted by such a character, even Gu Lan couldn’t help but tighten his back slightly and subconsciously entered a state of alertness.

“What? Is it reasonable for you to break into my house aggressively early this morning?” He retorted mercilessly.

Gu Lan found that he hated these two men more and more, even if one was still his brother-in-law and the other was his sister’s suitor.

But because of this, he hates them even more.

Thinking of some new things he had recently found, his eyes darkened slightly, and he suddenly turned his head to direct the fire on Fu Heng.

“I heard that your little lover has returned? She also wantonly hacked my sister at the banquet to promote the true love between you.”

Fu Heng frowned slightly and said coldly, “I don’t have a little lover.”

“Hehe…” Obviously Gu Lan didn’t believe it.

He also only recently learned the news from his friends that an old acquaintance has come to his circle in the past two days.

This is not only the goddess of countless people in the circle, but also recognized in the circle as Fu Heng’s little lover.

He heard that when his sister was crazy about Fu Heng, at that time, in order to force the little lover away, it took a lot of means to successfully get the person away.

As a result, now that both of his sister’s children are adults, this old woman is still coming back. What does she want to do?

The jackal smells the meat and is ready to make her move?

Originally, Fu Heng failed to give Gu Lan a satisfactory explanation for the divorce agreement incident. Now he has a little lover. It’s no wonder that Gu Lan feels like Fu Heng is displeasing to the eye.

If it weren’t for Qingqing who was still young, he would have encouraged his sister to divorce the marriage quickly, take the money and leave.

It’s unsightly to look at.

There is also the fact that his sister was tortured by Fu Heng’s crazy admirer for so many years. This is another bad debt to add.

Touching Qingqing with a look of ignorance, Gu Lan lowered his eyes to gather his thoughts, and suddenly said, “If…I mean, if my sister can change back one day, what would you do?” 

“It’s been half a year.” Fu Heng reminded in a soft voice.

It’s been half a year, and nothing strange has happened to Qingqing, so it’s very likely that she will… In this lifetime…

“Recovered once.”

Fu Heng’s pupils shrank and suddenly turned his head and stared at Bai Qiyu.

Is this the meaning he understands in this sentence?

Bai Qiyu didn’t shy away from looking directly at Fu Heng, ignoring Gu Lan’s attempt to prevent him from telling the secret, and said bluntly, “Qingqing changed back once, in the ward, when she had a high fever.”

“High fever?” Fu Heng didn’t know about this at all.

It turned out that Qingqing’s cold had turned into a high fever later.

At that time, her body suddenly changed, so that Bai Qiyu and Gu Lan did not dare to go to the doctor, they could only watch her briefly return to her adult appearance and then shrink back again.

It’s like watching a science fiction movie.

“Why did you tell him?” Gu Lan stood up abruptly, a little annoyed.

“What are you still so awkward about?”

Bai Qiyu’s terrifying sight like an eagle and a falcon was like a sharp arrow, instantly penetrating Gu Lan’s heart and seeing through all his thoughts.

“Gu Lan, you have long been the child who would only hide behind your sister and cry, and no one can tolerate your willful behavior anymore. Now Qingqing is in a very dangerous situation. We can’t fight with each other anymore. Otherwise, it will only make the enemy laugh at it.”

After a pause, he said in a hoarse voice, “I got the news, that person… got out of prison.”

His pupils suddenly shrank, Gu Lan raised his head abruptly and his expression changed drastically, “You said…who?”

“You know who it is.”

Of course he knew, otherwise he wouldn’t be in so much disbelief, or… horrified.

Gu Lan tried his best to restrain his trembling hands, but his panic was exposed when he spoke, “I remember that he was not sentenced for a year, how could he come out so soon?”

Unconsciously reaching out and touching his pocket, Bai Qiyu realized that he had quit smoking. He naturally put down his hand and maintained an unprecedented calmness.

“In fact, that person was released from prison earlier than his eight years sentence. It was because of his good performance during his sentence, so he was released early.”

“Don’t joke around.” Pulling the corners of his lips stiffly, Gu Lan wanted to show a sarcastic smile, but failed.

He slumped in a chair, holding the handles tightly with both hands, “How can that kind of demon…how can it be released early?”

Several dark pictures flashed in front of him one after another.

Barren alleys……

Broken body……


The dazzling bright red spread slowly…slowly on the ground.

Then his eyes and mouth were tightly covered, and he was stuffed into a tight and confined environment, with the whispering of the devil in his ears.

“Don’t be found by me… don’t appear in front of me, or I will kill you…”

Fu Heng listened in silence as the two of them played in front of him. He didn’t know what they were talking about, but he could extract a lot of information from it.

Someone who was a great threat to Qingqing and Gu Lan was released from prison. It was a vicious criminal. This person was an existence that even Gu Lan dreaded with.

“Is all this related to him?”

Fu Hengdai refers to those malicious targeting of Gu Qingqing, as well as threatening recordings.

He still remembered that when Qingqing heard the distorted threat recording, the appearance of fear she showed was very similar to Gu Lan now.

But at that time, Gu Lan also heard the threat recording but he didn’t respond at all.

“Not necessarily.”

Bai Qiyu shook his head, but did not completely deny Fu Heng’s guess.

“The clues we found are all very fragmented, but after all of them are integrated, we will find that there are actually more than one wave of people targeting Qingqing. These people seem to be unrelated, but sometimes they are amazing coincidences, so it is impossible to truly determine whether there are many real killers or just one from beginning to end.”

“Qingqing’s current situation is very dangerous.”

Fu Heng calmly added what Bai Qiyu hadn’t said, “So, we can’t be beaten passively anymore.”

Raising his hand over Fu Heng’s shoulder, Bai Qiyu showed a flamboyant smile, “Smart, brother, have you ever played a game? Generally, the real big boss will only appear if all the monsters in front of him are cleared.”

“Before that, we need a bait.” Bai Qiyu and Fu Heng both looked at Gu Lan.

Gu Lan raised his eyes, and the handsome face that was very similar to Qingqing showed the same confusion as the little Qingqing.

It seemed that he didn’t understand what Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu were discussing.


Recently, the entire upper circle of N City was detonated by another gossip.

Following the return of Chairman Fu’s little lover, the wife of the chairman of the Fu family, who was rumored to have been traveling abroad for a long time, finally returned.

Many people speculated privately that Gu Qingqing should have heard the news and couldn’t sit still, so she hurried back.

Some people said it might be a coincidence, but it was quickly discovered that there are not so many coincidences in the world.

Speaking of Chairman Fu’s little lover, her identity is actually not very complicated.

Her name is Cheng Xiaoxiao. She has an ordinary family background. She was admitted to the university that Fu Heng went to with excellent academic performance. Because of her beautiful appearance and gentle personality, she was quickly named the school flower and she was regarded as the No. 1 beauty on the campus that year.

Cheng Xiaoxiao and Fu Heng met at a get-together party. At that time, both of them were pulled and teased by their friends.

The people who ate melons didn’t know how Fu Heng felt about Cheng Xiaoxiao at the time, but Cheng Xiaoxiao must have a good impression of Fu Heng.

Anyway, since this time, Cheng Xiaoxiao has been looking for various excuses to get close to Fu Heng. She didn’t directly express her intentions, she only treated him as a friend, and the two mostly talked about their studies when together.

Over time, they became an inseparable pair in everyone’s eyes.

Originally, the melon-eating masses thought that Cheng Xiaoxiao could successfully take down Fu Heng, the flower of Gaoling, but who knew that Gu Qingqing would steal him halfway.

As soon as Gu Qingqing entered the school, she announced in a high-profile manner that she wanted to chase Fu Heng. The little girl was so enthusiastic that she quickly started to act.

Not only did she rub against Fu Heng in the exclusive elevator to get to and from class every day, but she always made excuses to approach him.

It seemed that Cheng Xiaoxiao used similar methods, but the difference was that Gu Qingqing had expressed her thoughts from the beginning.

Her liking is straightforward and she never hides it.

And she also has a huge advantage. The Gu family is as wealthy as the Fu family.

Marrying Cheng Xiaoxiao can’t give Fu Heng any help. Marrying Gu Qingqing, he can get 30% of Gu’s shares with no effort.

Obviously, many people knew about Mrs. Gu’s will back then.

What is the concept of 30% of Gu’s shares?

That’s tens of billions of assets!

So this kind of multiple-choice question, will anyone choose the wrong one?

Fu Heng and Gu Qingqing’s union is a matter of course in the eyes of everyone in the upper circle, and Cheng Xiaoxiao went far away after this failure.

What’s so interesting about this is as a result, after a lapse of more than 20 years, this woman who claimed to be Fu Heng’s little lover reappeared. What did she want to do, would she come back to pry the corner when she was already old and yellow?

Many ladies clenched their teeth secretly, and absolutely did not admit that they were jealous of the other’s beautiful face like frozen in youth.

A woman in her forties actually looks like a woman in her twenties. Isn’t this a fairy?

An Family’s villa. 

Guests gathered, many men and women wearing gorgeous dresses, standing in the bright banquet hall, chatting leisurely.

Today is the day when the daughter of the An family officially returns.

Don’t doubt it, people have found their biological daughter for so many years, but only now did they think of holding a banquet for her to introduce her to everyone.

Among the guests who came to the An house, except for a small part of them who came to see the name of the An Family, most of them actually made a special trip to see the excitement.

The farce of An Family with their real and fake daughters has lasted for so many years. Many people have witnessed with their own eyes how they treat the fake daughter as treasure and the real daughter as grass. Now they want to see a continuation.

“Hasn’t the An Family been making trouble for many years ? We don’t know what’s going on in their house, so why do we have to make a special trip to see the scene?” Shanshan asked a question to her friend who had pulled her.

“You don’t know that. ”

Shanshan’s friend smiled mysteriously, and leaned over to gossip with her in a low voice, “Didn’t you hear that An Jiazhen’s daughter has been missing for a long time before? At that time, the eldest master An was crazily looking for his younger sister and because of that, he almost fell out with the family. ”

“I know this.” Shanshan said that she was still very well-informed, “An Rán is not unlucky to have such a clear-headed elder brother.”

“More than that, it’s not bad luck to get home. Do you know what An Rán was before she returned to the An Family?” Her friend opened her eyes exaggeratedly.

“What identity? Isn’t it just an orphan.” This is the solidified impression that Shanshan and her little sisters have always had of An family’s true daughter.

It’s not that they look down on An Rán, but that they recognize that this is the case, and now they are just telling the truth without any malice.

“So just say that your gossip ability is not good, you still don’t believe it.”

Her friend shook her head, causing a girl in a long pink dress on the side to be curious, “What exactly is An Rán’s identity? Hurry up and say it. I’m so anxious to hear it.”

There are only such people in the upper-class circles of the city. She and Shanshan naturally know each other, but the two can only be regarded as acquaintances, not very familiar.

Now she’s also scratching her heart and liver because of the gossip, so she can’t help but interrupt.

Fortunately, the friend has no opinion on the pink dress girl who eavesdropped, and is very happy that more people can listen to her gossip.

She beckoned Shanshan and the pink skirt girl immediately surrounded her, only to hear her friend whisper, “I heard my dad accidentally leaked yesterday, only to know that it turned out that An Rán disappeared for half a year. She went abroad to study, and didn’t use a dime of the An Family.”

“There is no money from the An Family, so where did she get the money? Could it be…”

“Don’t think too much, no matter how much An Family doesn’t like their biological daughter, they won’t allow her to do such a scandal.”

“Then where did the money come from?”

“Where else could it come from, An Rán’s adoptive mother gave it to her.”

“It seems that An Rán’s adoptive mother is very rich.”

“Do you know who her adoptive mother is?”

“Don’t be a cliffhanger, say it quickly!”

Shanshan urged impatiently, her friend smiled and announced the answer contentedly, “It’s Mrs. Fu, that’s right, it’s the one you think of.”

“!!!” The sound of taking a breath of cool air, and there are more than three.

Looking around, the friends who spread gossip discovered that there were so many eavesdroppers hiding around.

Mrs. Fu, her name is Gu Qingqing, the wife of the chairman of Fu’s Group, the eldest lady of Gu’s Group, the mother of the president of Fu’s Entertainment Media, and the mother of the president of Tianhao Studio.……

No matter which identity it is, it can make people tremble when it is said, what’s more, this Mrs. Fu herself is not a vase.

Although her career is not as big as that of her husband and brother, the clothing company under her name occupies nearly half of the high-end market in the city, and she has opened many branches in other cities.She is also a tycoon in her own right.

An Family is also regarded as a wealthy family in the city, but it can only be regarded as second-rate, not enough for the first-class threshold, and it has been going downhill in the past few years, and then there was a promising An Yuan, which slowly showed a trend of recovery.

But the entire An family in front of the Fu family is still not enough, let alone delusional about having anything to do with them.

As a result, the inconspicuous daughter who settled down was actually Mrs. Gu’s adopted daughter. This is a reversal.……

It’s too amazing.

Within half an hour of the banquet, the news rushed to everyone’s ears at the speed of a rocket.

Many people looked at An Rǎn*[1]the adoptive daughter’s name is “Rǎn of edge of a tortoiseshell” while the real one is “Rán of correct”. For it to be not confusing I will use Rǎn* with the asterisk for the adopted … Continue reading, who was still wandering around with a sweet smile like a butterfly in the crowd, showing a gloating smile.

Someone is going to be unlucky.

Shanshan has always disliked An Rǎn*, the fake fairy and the fake daughter, and she has been cheated by this deep-hearted woman before. How can she not seize such a good opportunity to repay it?

Taking a glass of champagne in her hand, Shanshan walked up to An Rǎn* with her head held high, deliberately raised her voice and asked, “An Rǎn*, didn’t you want to introduce your sister to us today? What about An Rán? How come you’re here alone? ”

An Rán is not at home at all, how could she come to the banquet?

The corners of An Rǎn’s* lips were slightly flattened, but she still wore a false mask, and whispered softly, “An Rán is not feeling well, so she said she doesn’t want to come down anymore.”

“Hmm? If she doesn’t want to come down, then what is the significance of the An family to hold this banquet?” Shanshan instantly became expressionless, as if speechless after discovering that she had been deceived.

An Rǎn* pursed her lips slightly, as if she was a little overwhelmed by Shanshan’s question, but she still responded forcefully, “But sister An Rán is feeling really uncomfortable, no matter how I persuade her…”

“An Rán is here.”

There was a sudden commotion in the crowd behind her.

Shanshan turned her head in confusion, just An Rán, even if she was Mrs. Fu’s adopted daughter, she couldn’t cause such a big commotion.

Her eyes widened slightly, Shanshan looked incredulous.

She saw An Ran wearing a starry evening dress and a sapphire necklace dotted around her neck.

The brilliant gem light echoed the starry sky dress on her body. A dreamlike beauty lined her already unworldly countenance, making her more like the goddess of the starry sky, so beautiful that people can’t help but be stunned.

But this is not the main reason for the commotion, the real main reason lies in the young man that she’s with.

The man was dressed in a high-definition blue suit that matched An Rán, and the sapphire diamond watch on his wrist shone with the same brilliance as An Rán’s.

His posture is tall, his complexion is gorgeous and his gleaming peach blossom eyes are like thousands of spring water. If he looks down at will, he can cause a large crowd into a blushing heartbeat.

But at this time, the man was focused and only showed tenderness to the woman he’s with..

That is……

The second young master of the Fu family, Fu Sishen!

It seems that the relationship between An Ran and Mrs. Fu is not just an adoptive mother, but may also be a daughter-in-law in the future.

Shanshan accidentally glanced at An Rǎn’s* livid face, and couldn’t help but smile gloatingly, “Slap your own face, who let you pretend.”

She said this very quietly, only An Rǎn* could hear it, and her face suddenly became more ugly with anger. She was red and blue for a while, and she didn’t know that flashing lights were on her face.


Amused by the associations in her mind, Shanshan had seen enough of the jokes and retreated contentedly, leaving An Rǎn* alone to stand in place and face the other people’s pointing fingers.

“Didn’t she just say that An Rǎn* was sick and couldn’t get down upstairs?”

“You believe what liars say casually, are you stupid?”

“Tsk, she may have expected An Rán not to come back today, so she just talked nonsense, and…I felt a pain in her face.”


The lie was exposed, and all kinds of gossip smashed at An Rǎn* like crazy, forcing her to retreat, and finally couldn’t help but cover her face and leave.

The moment she turned around, An Rǎn* couldn’t help but hide her face.

An Rán, it’s you again.

Why do you always come to take everything from me!

She thought she was hiding it well, but as everyone knew, the change in this moment had long been silently seen by a pair of eyes.

“I found another good seedling.”

“An Rán, you are finally here. ”

With a happy smile on his face, An Yuan quickly greeted his sister.

He originally wanted to hug An Rán, but Fu Sishen stretched out his hand to block him, “Be careful, men and women should not be affectionate, understand?”

An Yuan’s face instantly blackened, gritted his teeth and said, “I am An Rán’s brother.”

“Is a brother not a man anymore? I’m still her husband, An Rán! Hiss… wife, lighten up. ”

The result of his unrestrained rambling is that the soft flesh around his waist suffers.

“Who is your wife, scream and I’ll sew your mouth again.”

Fu Sishen’s face was distorted with pain, but he still had to hold on and couldn’t cry out with pain.

So many people are watching, can’t the wife go home and play if she wants to give him some love education?

“Why do I always think your expression is a bit wretched?”

An Yuan looked at his friend’s ’painful and happy’ appearance, and couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice.

“This is love, you single dog since you are in your mother’s womb and a fetus doesn’t understand.”

Anyuan, “???”

It’s too much to attack his life. Your wife is still my sister. No, my sister is not your wife yet!

An Yuan, who suddenly figured out the key points, immediately dragged An Rán to his side. Fu Sishen was unconvinced and wanted to take people away, but his hand was slapped mercilessly.

“You and An Rán have nothing to do with each other now, don’t move your hands and feet.”

Fu Sishen, “……”

Oops, I forgot that I am still a nameless man now.

No matter how remorseful Fu Sishen was for not speeding up the chase, he could only watch An Rán being pulled away by An Yuan in a fair manner.

The beautiful name is: Introducing her to the guests.

As the saying goes, the wind and water turn around, and the news of the world comes so fast.

An Rán might have felt the gaze of someone behind her, turned her head safely, and gave Fu Sishen a look.

I’ll take this opportunity to find someone, and you can adapt to it yourself.

Fu Sishen replied with a ‘noted’ look.


1 the adoptive daughter’s name is “Rǎn of edge of a tortoiseshell” while the real one is “Rán of correct”. For it to be not confusing I will use Rǎn* with the asterisk for the adopted daughter.

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