Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 98

Chapter 71 Qingqing’s Past Childhood

After eating the dumplings, Gu Lan glanced at the time.It’s at half past ten, it had been long past Qingqing’s usual bedtime.

He put away all the dishes and chopsticks and threw them into the sink. These will naturally be cleaned tomorrow, then picked up Qingqing and urged the old housekeeper to also go back to rest.

The old housekeeper waved her hand and motioned to Gu Lan to go first.

“Second young master, take the eldest lady to rest first. Your bedroom is cleaned every day, so it is very clean. I want to sit alone for a while. I am old and feel light. I can’t sleep at this hour.”

Gu Lan glanced out and saw that the security guards patrolling in the house were walking around nearby. This way the old housekeeper was not alone, so he was relieved to take Qingqing back to the bedroom of the main house first.

“Qingqing say good night to Grandmother Guǎn jiā[1]Grandma Housekeeper.” He turned to Qingqing and motioned to her to say goodbye to others.

“Good night, Grandma Guǎn jiā.” Qingqing waved her little hand, her soft and waxy little milk voice is as sweet as sugar.

“Okay, good night Miss, you have to go to bed early.”

The old housekeeper smiled and waved goodbye to Qingqing, watching her being carried away by Gu Lan.

The old housekeeper was the only one left in the kitchen under the night for a while. She looked at the empty kitchen and sighed suddenly, with indescribable loneliness in her old voice.

“Miss, don’t you like to eat the dumplings made by the Grandma Guǎn jiā?” 

In the silence, only the tangyuan, which was still set aside in silence, and hadn’t even moved a mouthful, accompanied the old housekeeper.

The six white and fat dumplings snuggled quietly together, like small polished and rounded jade stones. Suddenly, the soup shook gently, and the five jade stones rolled into a ball again.


The Gu family is very large, and the entire ancestral house is comparable to a five-in-four courtyard. There is a courtyard, flowing water, rockery and a swimming pool. Naturally, there is also a mansion for people to live in.

The five-story main house in the middle is mainly for the masters and guests of the Gu family to live in. There is also a small three-story building next door to the main house. This is the residence for the maids of the Gu family. It is regarded as a staff dormitory.

Because the firework was too heavy, the kitchen was separated from the main house and built in another place not far from the main house.

The entire ancestral house is very quietly arranged, and it also shows the heritage and wealth, which shows that the ancestors of the Gu family are definitely not a simple family.

Because now there are only two or three kittens left in the entire Gu family, and they often don’t come back to live permanently, the entire main house seems a bit empty and lacks vitality.

If it weren’t for Gu Lan who grew up here and was extremely familiar with every place in it, and would naturally have a sense of closeness. Looking at this gloomy scene, he might think he had entered some kind of ghost house.

Not to mention, the construction pattern of their home and the ancient style of the building are really suitable for use as material for supernatural scenes.

His bedroom with Gu Qingqing is on the third floor.

The first floor of the residence is the banquet hall and meeting room, the second floor is the guest room for guests to rest and some functional areas, and the third floor and above is the main living area of the owner’s house.

On the top floor is the sky garden with a small swimming pool. It used to be the love of Mrs. Gu, but now it has long become a wasteland that no one cares about.

The fourth floor basically houses Gu’s parents, Gu’s grandfather and Gu’s wife, including the dead Uncle Gu and Gu Yanyu. 

As for the third floor, it was completely his and Gu Qingqing’s world.

As soon as he stepped on the third floor, Gu Lan saw the white chalk line extending from the entrance of the stairs.

Recalling the origin of this chalk line, the thin lips curled up unconsciously, his throat vibrated, and a low and deep laughter overflowed from the cracks of his mouth, “I didn’t expect this to still be there.”

Qingqing looked at Gu Lan who suddenly laughed strangely, her little head tilted, “Brother, what are you laughing at? ”

“Laughing at us, we were very naive back then.”

His gaze wandered nostalgic on the crooked chalk line. Gu Lan could still clearly remember how he bent over and drew the line a little bit on the ground.

In fact, this can be regarded as an alternative ‘38th Line’[2]can also be viewed as the latitude 38° N that in East Asia roughly demarcates North Korea and South Korea, meaning a line that separates two territories, which is the kind that often appears on the desks of primary school students.

Gu Qingqing has a strong sense of territory and she does not allow the young Gu Lan to enter her room at will.

Once again, little Gu Lan was pissed off by her. In order to anger his sister, he deliberately ran to open Gu Qingqing’s door and took all her lipstick…

Bend it all!

Then they were all pasted her on the white sheets that had just been washed.

Gu Qingqing, who just returned home from class, faced this ‘bloodstained’ scene.…

The string named reason broke directly, and it was broken into several knots in a row and couldn’t be connected.

At the beginning, little Gu Lan, who was full of pride and thought that his revenge was successful, completely ignored the disparity in the value of force brought about by the huge age difference between the siblings, so that his little ass was directly beaten into blooming[3]beaten red.

After the fight, Gu Qingqing pointed to Gu Lan’s nose angrily and roared, “You are not allowed to step into my room again, otherwise if I see you I will hit you at once!”

It may be that he was frightened by his sister’s state of anger, or he was aroused by rebellious psychology.

Little Gu Lan, a ten-year-old bear child, just sat on his red and swollen ass, lying on the ground and tearfully drew the dividing line, and threatened.

“From now on, this side is yours, and the other side is mine. Whoever steps into each other’s territory in the future will be a puppy. ”


Gu Qingqing put her hands around her chest, her beautiful peach blossom eyes stared at Gu Lan condescendingly, and then slowly raised her red lips, “Woof. ”

She said twice, and then in front of Gu Lan, she trampled his dividing line to nothing.

At the end, she ridiculed mercilessly, “Only children abide by this kind of stupid treaty.”

Little Gu Lan, “…..”

He was angry and cried very loudly, even if all the servants in the family took turns to coax him he didn’t stop.

In the end, Gu Qingqing, who was almost deafen by his magic voice, couldn’t help but walk out aggressively and stuffed a chocolate into his mouth.

“Dare to howl again, believe it or not, I will stuff you with poison?”

This chocolate is dark chocolate, and the cocoa content is almost as high as 80. It is too bitter to eat in your mouth, which directly forced a white-faced steamed bun little Gu Lan into a brown sugar bun.[4]face scrunch up and dark due to bitterness, poor Gu Lan

He was born with commendable courage, and dared to bite the bullet and negotiate terms with his sister, “You are not allowed to step into my territory again. If you walk in again, even if you feed me poison, I will kill you first!”

“…Okay, if you don’t step on it, you won’t step on it. If you really think of your side as a treasure house, you can protect it like something.”

At this point, not only did Gu Qingqing never step into Gu Lan’s territory again, she didn’t even let anyone wipe off this naive chalk line, so she can keep the evidence and wait for Gu Lan to grow up in the future to laugh at him about this matter.

It’s a pity that when Gu Lan grew up, she seemed to have forgotten about it.

The same is true of Gu Lan. He can remember it now because he was enraptured with the scene for a while.

Now he doesn’t have to laugh at Gu Qingqing, he also knows how stupid he was back then.

When he looks back, he will ask someone to destroy this black history!

Forcibly breaking Qingqing’s curious gaze, Gu Lan took Qingqing to his room. When he stepped into that line, he suddenly had a whim, “Qingqing, follow me to say ‘Woof’.” 

“Woof?” Qingqing followed stupidly, and after saying it, she felt something was wrong, “My brother is bad, lie to Qingqing to learn from dogs.”

She pursed her mouth and accused a bad old man who was a lot older and lied to children.

It’s really bad.

“Hahaha… who called you stupid.”

Gu Lan’s conscience would not hurt because of this, but he tasted the long-lost happiness from bullying children.

Sure enough, not only do you have to beat your younger brother as soon as possible, but you have to bully your sister as soon as possible.

The adult Gu Qingqing’s clothes that the Gu family had left behind were obviously can’t be worn by Qingqing. Fortunately, Gu Lan brought her a change of clothes from the hospital.

After washing the child, he put the person on the big bed and cleaned himself up.

Qingqing was too young to sleep and needed parental care, so Gu Lan took her directly into his bedroom.

The little guy was still sick, and after tossing for so long, she was so tired that she fell asleep soon.

When Gu Lan came back, seeing Qingqing sleeping soundly, he didn’t bother her. He made a bunk on the ground at will and fell asleep.

There was only one bed in his room, and the bed was occupied by Qingqing, so he could only feel aggrieved and sleep on the floor.

Gu Lan slept until □□[5]it’s like this in the rawso’clock in the morning before getting up.

When he turned around, he found that Qingqing was gone.

The messy bedding was piled on the ground and piled into a ball, forming a buffer zone between the bed and the floor, with traces of a slight dent in the middle.

It seems that Qingqing should have gone out by herself after waking up.

Even if there were servants and security guards in the house, Gu Lan still went out to find someone with confidence.

This search led to the garden pavilion.

At that time, Qingqing was lying on the old housekeeper’s lap, leaning her head back to listen to her slowly telling the story.

The original dull and boring story was turned around by the old housekeeper’s words, and a humorous short story was born, which can attract the attention of children.

At least Qingqing likes it very much.

Gu Lan also noticed that most of the brief descriptions given to Qingqing by the old housekeeper were fables with various common sense truths. Whether Qingqing understood it or not, she learned a lot from it imperceptibly.

No wonder Qingqing can be so sensible and well-behaved. It turns out that in addition to Aunt Ding, she also has the old housekeeper, the real treasure of the family.

“Second young master.”

Qingqing didn’t hear the footsteps behind her, but the voice of the old housekeeper reminded her.

She turned her head when she heard the words, and then ran towards Gu Lan happily, “Brother!”

Like a small meat dumpling tumbling at extreme speed.

Gu Lan habitually squatted down slightly, spread out his arms, and greeted Qingqing.

With this sudden greeting, Gu Lan didn’t even shake. He picked up Qingqing steadily and walked to the old housekeeper who was basking in the sun outside the house.


The old housekeeper looked a little reluctant, “Let’s finish the dessert before leaving.” 

Gu Lan lowered his head, only to find that there were two bowls of ginger juice and milk on the small table next to the old housekeeper.

One of the bowls was already more than half empty. Needless to say, he also knew whose stomach it was in, and the other bowl was still full, obviously waiting for him to eat.


1 Grandma Housekeeper
2 can also be viewed as the latitude 38° N that in East Asia roughly demarcates North Korea and South Korea, meaning a line that separates two territories
3 beaten red
4 face scrunch up and dark due to bitterness, poor Gu Lan
5 it’s like this in the raws

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