Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 97

Chapter 70: Qingqing Returns to her Ancestral House

In the end, she couldn’t bear to wait until the next day, so Qingqing was discharged from the hospital that night.

The blood drawing still frightened her. The little guy kept sobbing and crying, and couldn’t sleep with peace of mind. She would wake up as soon as she lay down, and then continue to cry.

There was no way, so Gu Lan could only pack up Qingqing’s things, and then call someone to collect the rest, and he first took Qingqing out of the hospital.

The pediatricians who went through the discharge procedures for them were speechless. They really regarded the hospital as a hotel, so they could come and go if they wanted to?

As a result, the people really left.

The moment he walked out of the hospital gate, Gu Lan could clearly feel Qingqing’s small body relax a lot.

He raised his lips slightly and squeezed Qingqing’s little face affectionately, “You are the most troublesome.”

“Hehe…” Leaving the hospital that scared the baby, Qingqing now sees everything is beautiful.

Even if she was pinched in the face, she could treat it as her younger brother playing with her, and she was extremely happy with a smile.

Gu Lan hugged Qingqing and got into the car. He wanted to send her to Fu’s house, but then he thought about it. It’s his sister, why does he always need to send her to other people’s homes?

So Gu Lan took Qingqing home.

It’s not the house he bought outside, but…

The ancestral home of the Gu family.

The ancestral house of the Gu family is very quiet, except for the housekeeper, there are only a few old servants left in it.

Gu’s parents did not live here, because the house was full of the aura of Mrs. Gu’s family, which made Gu’s mother feel instinctively disgusted.

If she had expected to be in charge of the house justifiably in the first place, then she hated it now.

She can’t wait for a fire to burn the whole house clean.

But this is where Gu Qingqing and Gu Lan grew up.

Their grandmother died early and their parents didn’t care about it. The two of them were brought up by the old housekeeper of the ancestral house.

Speaking of this old housekeeper, she still has a lot of origin.

The old woman has followed Mrs. Gu since she was a child, accompanied her through countless years, large and small, and witnessed every important moment of her life. She watched her madam from marriage, to having children and to the final bereavement of her husband and son and ended in depression.

After Mrs. Gu died, the old housekeeper took care of Qingqing carefully according to her dying instructions.

She was already old at the time, and still had to take care of a child, even if it was a well-behaved child, it was a bit tough.

Fortunately, Aunt Ding was there, but regrettably, Aunt Ding was driven away by the wife later on.

Afterwards, Qingqing grew up stumbling alone and had another younger brother, thus the little girl had the burden of being a sister. She said she disliked it, but she changed her brother’s diapers and made milk powder and did it very quickly.

It’s just that this kind of thing has to be done in secret, and occasionally she is bumped into by others, but she insists on refuting that she is disgusted when she sees these things and has to throw them away, not willing to take care of her brother or something.

As everyone knows, the ruddy little face that can’t hide the color at all has exposed everything.

After a long time, even the nanny who took care of the young master found out that he had eaten or changed his diapers and wouldn’t make a fuss anymore. Just smiled knowingly, and then be considerate to the soft-spoken little girl, pretending to have found nothing.

When Gu Lan walked into the ancestral house with Qingqing in his arms, he heard the old housekeeper sitting on a garden recliner, whispering to herself amidst the blowing night breeze, nostalgic for the past.

Especially when she mentioned the process of being secretly taken care of by a duplicitous[1]two-faced tsundere girl in Gu Lan’s infancy that he didn’t know about, he couldn’t help but smile.

It turned out that his sister had been taking care of him since he was so young.

It seemed that he heard the sound of footsteps behind him, and the old woman whispered in an old and distant voice, then slowly got up and turned her head.

She saw the young master who had grown up standing behind her holding the young lady. The little girl was still looking at her curiously with a pair of big ignorant and innocent eyes. She seemed to remember something, but she didn’t seem to be able to remember it for a while. 

The old housekeeper’s hands trembled with excitement and hurriedly took a few steps to greet him.

“Big… Miss, young master, if you want to come back, you can call and say anything first. I can let someone clean up the house. It’s silent and unprepared. It’s really…”

The old housekeeper was so angry that she almost wanted to curse, but she didn’t scold Gu Lan and Qingqing who suddenly went home. This was originally their home, and they could go back whenever they wanted.

She was going to scold the lazy servants in the house, but she didn’t even know that the master’s house was back.

The eldest lady and the young master finally came back once. They should carefully clean the house inside and out three times, and then let people get more flowers, light incense, and ask everyone to line up at the door to welcome people home solemnly!

“No need, Grandma Guǎn jiā[2]pinyin of Housekeeper, decided to keep it in pinyin as it sounds more applicable, we’re just going home, not doing anything. It’s unnecessary to make such a big scene. ”

Gu Lan couldn’t help but stop the old housekeeper’s imagination with tears and laughter. It turned out that the old woman had just muttered and had already shaken off all the thoughts in her heart.

“I know it’s not necessary, I’m just rambling about it.”

The old housekeeper pursed her mouth boyishly, that’s what she said, but there was a regret in her expression that she couldn’t hide.

“Grandma Guǎn jiā.”

At this time, Qingqing, whose memory had been loaded, finally recognized who the old woman in front of her was.

“Oh, my lady, why are you still so cute.”

The old housekeeper happily touched Qingqing’s little face with those old hands, but did not hug her.

She is already a hundred years old this year, and has long been unable to hold her eldest lady.

In fact, it was said that she’s the old housekeeper but all the affairs in the Gu family’s ancestral house had long been left to another middle-aged butler to take care of.

It’s just that the old housekeeper has no relatives and no children and after leaving Gu’s family, she has nowhere to go. Gu Qingqing simply decides to let her stay in the ancestral house and retire as Gu’s parents.

Therefore, the old housekeeper is still the housekeeper of the Gu family in name, but in fact it is already regarded as the existence of the master’s family.

In addition to the necessary maintenance personnel, most of the manpower left in the old house was hired to take care of the old housekeeper.

Due to Gu Qingqing’s account, the rest of the Gu family couldn’t say anything.

Even Gu Mu, who didn’t like the old housekeeper, couldn’t get rid of her.

Because the ancestral house of the Gu family were in the names of Gu Qingqing and Gu Lan.

Yes, this is also the reason why Gu Mu hates living in her ancestral house, because this is not her house.

Gu Lan didn’t care who lived in his ancestral house, he was raised by the old housekeeper before, so Gu Qingqing had the final say on the old housekeeper’s stay.

“Is the eldest lady hungry or not? Want Grandma Guǎn jiā to cook a dumpling for you?” The old housekeeper wanted to go to the kitchen as she said.

“Okay, Qingqing wants dumplings with stuffing.” The dumplings made by the old housekeeper are delicious and Qingqing can’t help drooling when she mentions it.

“Okay, the dumplings have already been wrapped, just waiting for the day when the big lady comes home to cook it for you, but this time I’ve been waiting for too long.”

The last murmur was barely audible, but in such a silent night, it still blew into Gu Lan’s ears with the night wind.

The arm holding Qingqing tightened unconsciously, causing Qingqing to raise her eyes suspiciously. Gu Lan pressed her back like a hamster, and silently followed the housekeeper.

In fact, he is quite unfilial when he thinks about it.

He knew that Gu Qingqing would come back to the ancestral house regularly to see the Grandma Guǎn jiā, but he hadn’t even come back once since he moved out.

Want to ask Gu Lan why he is not surprised that grandmother Guǎn jiā can recognize Qingqing?

That’s because there is already a precedent for Aunt Ding. Older people always seem to see things that others can’t see, and these two old people are the only ones in the memory of their siblings who have truly cared for them. These two elders.

Maybe there is also their grandmother?

It’s a pity that their grandmother passed away before Gu Qingqing was born.

If she hadn’t died so early, would he and Qingqing have a better childhood?

No, it won’t. That’s the nature of their parents. Even if they don’t know their grandmother’s will, they will turn against them for other things.

Because he and Gu Qingqing are not the kind of people who are submissive.

Moreover, there are no ifs in this world.

After not coming back for too long, Gu Lan unexpectedly found that the kitchen of the ancestral house was so far away.

It took nearly ten minutes to walk from the garden.

As soon as the housekeeper grandma went in, she opened the refrigerator casually and pulled out a pile of self-wrapped dumplings.

There are also all kinds of dumplings, buns, etc., all made by grandmother Guǎn jiā, waiting for Gu Qingqing to go home to eat, but after waiting for too long, she unknowingly accumulated so much.

This is still the result of some being cleaned up after being put away for too long.

Seeing that the old woman wanted to cook on fire, Gu Lan hurriedly put Qingqing down and asked her to drag grandma Guǎn jiā, while he grabbed the pots and pans and prepared to cook by himself.

Letting a centenarian cook for him personally, he can’t stay by and watch with peace of mind. Gu Lan’s conscience couldn’t bear it.

“Grandma Guǎn jiā, Grandma Guǎn jiā, Qingqing wants to hear the story.”

When she was a child, Qingqing liked to listen to the old housekeeper tell stories the most, and she still remembered this.

Hesitantly looked at the young master who was already skillfully boiling water. After all, the old housekeeper couldn’t bear Qingqing’s persuasion. She took her by the hand and took her to the dining table to sit down and told her the story of a long, long time ago.

Qingqing listened intently, and she didn’t even know when Gu Lan had cooked the dumplings.

Gu Lan filled a bowl for him, Qingqing, and Grandma Guǎn jiā, but the she only pushed her bowl of dumplings into an unmanned corner.

“I’m getting older, and I can’t digest glutinous rice at night, so you should eat it.”

Gu Lan persuaded with a few words, but if he couldn’t persuade her, he wouldn’t say anything.

The filling of the dumplings is very sweet in itself. Gu Lan deliberately does not add sugar when cooking, so that the sweetness is just right and it will not be too greasy.

The dumplings made by the old housekeeper were really delicious. Qingqing ate a bowl by herself, but it was not enough and she asked for half a bowl more.

She kept saying that she could eat two more bowls, but Gu Lan was afraid that she would eat too much food and didn’t dare to give too much.

A bowl is actually the amount of seven or eight pieces.

After eating, Qingqing’s belly bulged, the old housekeeper touched it, and then got up and found a can of homemade hawthorn cake from the cupboard.

“Miss, eat a little, so you can digest better.”


1 two-faced
2 pinyin of Housekeeper, decided to keep it in pinyin as it sounds more applicable

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