Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 96

Chapter 69: Qingqing is Blood is Drawn

Ignoring the murderous eyes of Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu, Gu Lan righteously picked up the phone and called his assistant, asking him to help bring a set of his clothes, toiletries and so on.

After hanging up the phone, he seemed to have noticed the existence of Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu only then and was surprised, “Why don’t you leave yet?”

“Why should we leave?”

Bai Qiyu’s eyes narrowed slightly, his hands in his pockets, his long legs stepped forward, and sat down directly on the bed next door in a posture of sitting here until the earth was desolate.

“Qingqing is not well yet, I don’t feel reassured.”

Fu Heng also sat down by Qingqing’s hospital bed with Gu Lan, not planning to move the nest at all.

Gu Lan was furious, weren’t these two rivals?

Why did you suddenly even start to attack him?

Fu Sishen, who witnessed everything, “…”

Uncle, you broke the rules first, you can’t blame others for temporarily joining forces.

But his mother is so amazing, she has become smaller and can actually trigger a shura field between the three men.

Sure enough, his mother is still his mother.

As the most harmless and weakest existence in the audience, Fu Sishen escaped by hiding under the three-legged support of the big guys, but if he stayed any longer, he would inevitably be an innocent implicated, or… slip away?

Anyway, with so many elders watching here, Qingqing should be fine.

Thinking so, Fu Sishen immediately got up, and then showed a strong and calm smile in the sharp sight of the three.

“That… suddenly something happened in the studio. Dad, uncle, uncle, you are here to take care of Qingqing. I have to go first.”

“Go ahead.” Fu Heng raised his head slightly, and the next moment Fu Sishen slipped away as if fleeing for his life.

“Stinky brat, what are you doing?” Gu Lan smiled angrily at his appearance of being chased by some mighty beast.

Qingqing looked at this suspiciously, and then at everyone. She didn’t understand what the adults were doing, and felt a little bored.

She stretched out her little hand to pull Fu Heng. When he lowered his head, she said angrily, “Qingqing wants a Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

Knowing that she liked dinosaurs very much, Fu Sijin took Yu Yu on a special trip to choose a Tyrannosaurus doll for her before leaving.

The cute and domineering doll captured Qingqing’s heart all at once. She had to hold it every day when she slept, and couldn’t sleep without it.

During the few days she went out to play, she didn’t bring the doll and now she went to the hospital after just holding it for a day when she came home.

Qingqing, who now misses the doll very much, is clamoring for it.

Her pitiful little expression obviously moved Fu Heng. His fingertips moved slightly, and he raised his hand and rubbed Qingqing’s little head in accordance with his heart, then got up and prepared to go back to get her the doll.

“You wait here obediently and listen to Uncle Bai and your brother, you know? ”

“Hmm, Qingqing is obedient.”

Qingqing nodded her little head again and again, looking at Fu Heng with big eyes shining brightly, silently urging him to go home quickly and get her the doll.

“Little one with no conscience.”

Fu Heng, who thought Qingqing would say something reluctant or something, sighed lightly, nodded Qingqing’s small forehead, and left helplessly.


Qingqing, who has a Tyrannosaurus rex doll, doesn’t care so much, she just covers her face and giggles.

“Like dinosaurs so much?”

Gu Lan began to think about whether to go back and buy Qingqing a ten-truck dinosaur toy to invade on the little guy’s ‘heart’?

She had to take medicine after the meal, and after eating the medicine, Qingqing gradually began to feel drowsy.

Her small eyes closed a few times, and another excited spirit woke up, thinking that she would wait for the Tyrannosaurus Rex to come before hugging and sleeping together, but her sick little body was no match for Grandpa Zhou’s[1]Duke Zhou is also known as the “God of Dreams” kind call.

Seeing her trapped like this, Gu Lan could only temporarily put aside the idea of sending toys to Qingqing, covered Qingqing with the quilt and patted her like a baby.

“Qingqing obediently sleeps first, and I will put it together with you when the Tyrannosaurus rex comes. ”

“Then… that brother must remember.”

Qingqing was too sleepy and her upper and lower eyelids kept fighting.

“Okay, I will remember.”

After getting the promise, Qingqing finally didn’t hold back and fell asleep.

Gu Lan and Bai Qiyu stayed there, watching as they took time to moisturize Qingqing’s lips with cotton swabs.

The heating is turned on in this hospital, which is a bit dry, and people who don’t drink much water can easily get thirsty.

Qingqing fell into a deep sleep. She usually doesn’t get sick at all, but this time she got up a bit seriously.

Even if she fell asleep, she could still vaguely feel that her body was very uncomfortable. In addition to the dizziness and weakness of her limbs at the beginning, she was still burning, as if she was being roasted on a stove.

So uncomfortable……

The body still hurts……


The sound of bone dislocation continued to come from her ears, and the pain that was dense like ants gnawing gradually spread all over her body. Qingqing frowned uncomfortably, and her throat couldn’t help but overflow with painful grunts.

The slightly hoarse and gentle female voice seemed to be missing the innocence and childishness that it should have been, covered by the vicissitudes of life and exhaustion.

But in just an instant, accompanied by a bright light, the whole body of verdant birds dragged their beautiful tail feathers, gracefully soaring past the depths of Qingqing’s consciousness, leaving a wonderful crowing sound.

Soothed by the crowing of the birds, Qingqing’s vaguely restless body gradually calmed down.

That series of pain seemed to disappear in an instant, and there was nothing left.

The dark world cracked and a gap gradually expanded.

The snow-white ceiling came into view, and Qingqing woke up.


A straw was immediately handed to Qingqing’s lips, and she subconsciously took a big sip.

After drinking a glass of warm water, it was not enough, Qingqing continued to yell for water.

Soon, another glass of water was handed over, and Qingqing was asked to drink it all in one breath, several times in a row, until she drank a full seven or eight glasses of water, Qingqing felt that the crazy thirst of her whole body eased a little bit.

She took a few hard breaths, then regained some energy and began to pay attention to her surroundings.

“Uncle Bai?” She tilted her head suspiciously, “Why are you blocking the door?”

Bai Qiyu’s posture at this time was a bit weird. He faced Qingqing from the side, firmly blocking the door of the ward with one side, and holding the door handle tightly with both hands, as if to prevent people from outside from coming in.

In fact, there was no one outside at all. Bai Qiyu’s posture was not so much blocking the door but more of guarding the door.

After hearing Qingqing’s question, Bai Qiyu immediately let go of the door handle and stood up straight, but his back was still blocking the door intentionally or unintentionally.

“Uncle is just checking if the door lock is broken, how can it not be locked?”

“The door of the hospital cannot be locked.”

Even Qingqing, a three-year-old child, knows this common sense.

“Really? It seems that I am still ignorant.”

Bai Qiyu left the door of the ward with an air of complacency, walked to the bed next door again, sat down gracefully there without moving.

“Remember to return the bed to me at night!”

Rolling his eyes, Gu Lan took the water cup in his hand away, and then easily pulled the towel hanging at the end of the bed, and rubbed it on Qingqing’s head.

It’s still a familiar rubbing method, the only difference is that the rough force has become much softer, at least it won’t hurt Qingqing accidentally.

Qingqing obediently hung her little head and rubbed her hair, and a towel with strong water absorption was soaked by her in this way, which showed how much Qingqing was sweating.

“…did Qingqing have any nightmares?”

After hesitating for a long time, Gu Lan, who didn’t want to ask more, couldn’t help but tentatively said.

“No.” Qingqing said, “Qingqing didn’t dream.”

Maybe she had, but she didn’t remember.

“No? Then that’s fine.”

Even Gu Lan didn’t know what he was talking about, he just mechanically wiped Qingqing’s body with a towel.

When the towel is wet, take it and soak it in hot water. After re-washing and wringing it out, continue to wipe Qingqing. In this way, after wiping it all over the body, it can be regarded as bathing Qingqing in disguise.

Qingqing, who had become much refreshed, watched Gu Lan take the basin to drain for the eighth time, with a confused expression on her face.

“Is Qingqing dirty?” She couldn’t help but look at Bai Qiyu in the next bed.

“Not dirty.” Bai Qiyu replied quickly, “Qingqing is just sweating a lot.”

“Sweat?” Qingqing touched her forehead, it was indeed a bit wet, but it was not sweat, but the moisture left by Gu Lan’s bath.

However, before taking a bath, Qingqing did feel uncomfortable all over her body, slimy and uncomfortable.

“It turns out that I have to sweat so much when I’m sick.” Qingqing looked surprised.

She listened to the kindergarten teacher talk about the common sense of people who are sick, and knew that people who are sick should drink more hot water and cover themselves with a quilt, so that the sweat will be discharged and the disease will be cured.

Hearing Qingqing’s perspiration theory, Gu Lan, who turned around and came back, looked a little subtle, but he didn’t say anything, just put the insulation box that Fu Heng brought on the small side table.

When it was opened, layers of food were revealed with a delicious aroma.

There is a Tyrannosaurus rex doll that has always been put cutely on Qingqing’s bedside.

It turned out that after she fell asleep, Fu Heng had already been here once. Not only did he bring Qingqing a doll, but he also brought dinner. It was only later that he had to leave temporarily because of something.

“Bring Qingqing over for dinner.”

Bai Qiyu’s powerful arms passed through Qingqing’s back and knees, picked her up in the posture of a princess, and carefully placed her on a chair by the small table.

Gu Lan on the other side took away Qingqing’s doll, lifted her entire bed, and replaced it with the clean sheets he had taken from the nurse.

The original one has been soaked by Qingqing’s sweat and can no longer be used.

For dinner, Fu Heng made it richer, and the staple food was replaced with more nutritious vegetable noodles, which were mixed with carrots, broccoli and finely shredded chicken.

The taste is just right, which is what Qingqing likes to eat.

In addition to these, there are other side dishes, a specially cooked medicinal soup, some stir-fried dishes with a lot of meat, and a steamed fish.

There are a lot of these things. It seems that Fu Heng still took into account the other two people who worked hard to take care of Qingqing in the ward, and also made meals and delivered them together.

“What does Qingqing want to eat?”

Bai Qiyu picked up his chopsticks and fed Qingqing rustily.

He had never done this kind of meticulous work before, even if he occasionally helped his brother and sister-in-law bring up Nian Gao recently, but the child had learned to eat by himself, and he didn’t need to feed them at all.

So for Bai Qiyu, this is really the first time he’s feeding someone as if he’s a big girl who’s been in a sedan chair for the first time[2]as if he’s a newly wed girl, nervous and timid.

He almost became nervous and slammed the carrot into Qingqing’s face.

“Qingqing will eat by herself.”

Qingqing, who originally wanted to wait obediently for feeding, couldn’t bear it, so she could only get started on her own and become self-reliant.

The caring Fu Heng will naturally not take less notice of Qingqing’s exclusive children’s tableware.

Picking up tableware specially designed for young children, Qingqing can eat by herself, and she won’t eat all over the floor like before.

The role of Bai Qiyu, the feeding tool, is only to give her the food she wants to eat.

After a meal, Qingqing didn’t feel anything, but Bai Qiyu felt more tired than when he hadn’t slept for three days and three nights on the previous mission.

He fed it here, and Gu Lan also packed up over there and took Qingqing back to rest.

But this time Qingqing didn’t want to lie down anymore, she didn’t even want to stay in the hospital.

“Brother, Qingqing is getting better, shall we go home?”

Since she’s begging Gu Lan to take her home, he couldn’t help but believe it. Qingqing jumped up and down a few times, indicating that she was really okay.

In fact, after sweating, Qingqing’s cold did recede, her head did not hurt and did not feel dizzy, only her voice still had a slight nasal sound.

This little problem can almost be cured if you go back to sleep again.

“Qingqing, good child, stay for one night tonight, and tomorrow we will be discharged from the hospital after the doctor says it’s okay.”

Gu Lan touched Qingqing’s little head soothingly, but did not agree to her request to be discharged from the hospital.

Bai Qiyu on the other side put away his mobile phone and raised his head slightly to Gu Lan, “He will be here in a while. ”

Who is coming?

Qingqing was confused.

But soon the answer was revealed.

It was a cold man with gold-silk glasses, his hair meticulously combed back, and a white coat, who seemed to be about thirty or forty years old.

His aura is very strong, and as soon as he walks into Qingqing’s ward, he brings an invisible pressure to people, cold and reserved.

There was not an ordinary person present. One of them was more imposing than the other, and they didn’t put the oppressive power of the guest in their eyes at all.

Or, they are evenly matched.

“You’d better have enough reasons to pay homage to my precious rest time.” With a slightly irritable tone, it can be heard that the other party is very impatient.

It should be that he was disturbed in his rest time, so he was so angry.

“My child is sick.”

Bai Qiyu didn’t explain too much, and directly motioned to Meng Zhe to quickly help to check on Qingqing, “She needs a full-body physical examination. A very detailed physical examination.”

He also specifically emphasized the key points.

“Medical examination?” Meng Zhe frowned slightly, and his penetrating gaze swept across the little girl on the hospital bed.

“Mild colds, mild dehydration, and no other specific medical examination reports can be seen, but the little girl is very healthy and does not need a physical examination.”

“Her situation is a bit special, anyway, you can help with it.”

Bai Qiyu couldn’t explain too much to his friend, so he could only speak vaguely.

Looking at Bai Qiyu for a moment, Meng Zhe looked away, “Whatever you want. ”

He turned around and went to the doctor of this hospital to prescribe an examination list for Qingqing. As the dean of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the honorary director of this hospital, Meng Zhe still had this little right.

In addition to the basic height and weight of the whole body physical examination, blood drawing is also a necessary item.

And because there are so many items to be checked, Qingqing needs to be taken out of three tubes of blood.

But the little guy was frightened.

She looked at the syringe in the hand of the nurse sister in horror, struggling desperately but refusing the injection, causing people to fall over, as if they were fighting.

Gu Lan and Bai Qiyu felt sorry for her, and did not dare to hold people down hard.

The nurse sister who came to draw blood was also more jerky, and she didn’t know what to do in the face of a child who was struggling so violently. For a while, she could only stand beside her and watch the child howling in fright.

For the first time, she felt that she might be a demon.

In the end, Meng Zhe couldn’t bear it anymore, so he came over and picked up the syringe on the nurse’s tray, pulled Qingqing’s arm with one hand, and neatly tied her with one hand. Then the syringe was pressed, and Qingqing’s blood was drawn with three or two strokes.

The whole process was so fast that Qingqing didn’t react, and her blood-drawn arm was already held down by a cotton swab stained with disinfectant.

“Take it for inspection.”

Putting the drawn blood on a plate and slowly removing the medical gloves, Meng Zhe looked at Bai Qiyu and Gu Lan as if looking at two wastes.

As if to say: You two big men, you can’t even hold down a soft child, spicy chicken[3]internet slang which means: garbage.

Bai Qiyu, “……”

Fu Heng, “……”

It’s because Qingqing is so soft that they dare not do it. What if one accidentally presses someone down?

“It will take a week for all inspection reports to come out and I will send you a message at that time.”

After finishing the work, Meng Zhe was about to leave.

Opening the ward door, before going out, he tilted his head slightly, his eyes moving back and forth on Qingqing and Bai Qiyu’s faces, “I didn’t expect you to really dig Fu Heng’s corner. Your daughter is so old now.”

The cold face actually brought a bit of appreciation with a strange smile.

It seems that he misunderstood Bai Qiyu’s sentence “My child” just now.


Gu Lan’s face turned black, Bai Qiyu coughed embarrassedly twice, and quickly pushed Meng Zhe out.

When he came back again, he saw Gu Lan holding Qingqing, who was still sobbing, patting her little back soothingly, and staring at him badly, “Child? Do you still want to be my father? It’s beautiful to think of.”


Bai Qiyu felt that his throat was uncomfortable again, he might have caught a cold from Qingqing, “Misunderstandings, they are all misunderstandings.”

Isn’t he unable to clearly state Qingqing’s identity, so he can only talk nonsense casually?

Who knew it could cause such a big misunderstanding.

“Heh…” With a sneer, Gu Lan didn’t bother to pay attention to this guy who coveted his sister. After closing the small quilt on Qingqing’s body, he directly issued an eviction order.

“It’s enough to have me here, you can go.”

“You are too busy by yourself.”

Bai Qiyu was not very willing to leave like this, he wanted to stay with Qingqing for a while.

Moreover, the misunderstanding between his friends just touched his sore point a little bit. In fact, if he and Gu Qingqing had such a lovely daughter…

“Qingqing said that as long as I am alone with her, you can go quickly.”

Gu Lan didn’t give anyone an excuse at all, and blasted Bai Qiyu out cleanly.

Don’t think he didn’t see it. When Bai Qiyu was misunderstood to have successfully dug Fu Heng’s corner and gave birth to such an old daughter with his sister, Bai Qiyu seemed to have joy on his face.

As a younger brother, especially the younger brother who has recently resumed learning to love his sister, Gu Lan instinctively feels uncomfortable with these men who will take away his sister. Although this younger brother’s possessiveness came a bit late.

Qingqing was still sobbing.

She was drawn so much blood, and her white and tender little arm was directly blue, which made Gu Lan feel distressed.

In fact, he didn’t know very well why Bai Qiyu and Fu Heng had to insist on giving Qingqing a full body examination.

Because Gu Lan has rarely accompanied Qingqing in recent times.

The main reason lies in the pair of demon parents.

At first, Gu Lan innocently thought that they still wanted to have a third child at such an old age, in order to satisfy their own whim and want to be a “good parent”.

Unexpectedly, it really is a hundred times more cruel than imagined.

What kind of bullshit family fun is just another tool used by them to fight for power and profit.

If it weren’t for the person he called the ‘mother’ who was hit hard after losing her uterus and accidentally spilled the beans with her mouth, Gu Lan himself had sought verification from the lawyer left by his grandmother, and he would not be able to learn the truth about such a disgusting person.

Still want to use the child to grab shares from him and his sister and seize the Gu Group?

Keep dreaming, even if Gu Lan is dead, he must hold his last breath and transfer the entire group to his sister or sell it for donation. He will not leave them a penny!

Gu Lan, who was completely enraged, simply gave the company a big clean-up, so that all the employees who were paid his salary but not loyal to him would  all roll home and eat by themselves. In doing this, a lot of nails were removed from the company.

Most importantly, half of Gu Yanyu’s shares were abruptly taken out by Gu Lan.

It was not that Gu Lan forcibly asked for it, but his father somehow found out in his conscience and sent it to Gu Lan’s door by himself.

WIthout any charge, Gu Lan just accepted it with a smile.

By the time his mother knew about it and wanted to stop it, it was already too late.

With 10% of the shares gifted by his father and 30% of the shares entrusted by Gu Qingqing, Gu Lan owns a total of 70% of Gu’s shares and has become a well-deserved major shareholder of Gu’s Group.

Unless Gu Group goes bankrupt, no one can shake his status.

It was another ridiculous farce at that time and Gu Lan didn’t really want to recall it again.

Anyway, because of these messy things, he missed the time he spent with Qingqing so much that he didn’t understand her current situation.

However, Gu Lan knew that Fu Heng and the others would not take Qingqing’s affairs lightly at will. Since they did so, they must have a reason to do so.

So Gu Lan didn’t deliberately stop it.

He also wanted to know what happened to Qingqing.

And… Recalling the magical scene he had just witnessed with his own eyes, Gu Lan lowered his eyes in a complicated manner, converging all expressions.

Sister’s secret must not be known to anyone.

“Green…green.” There were tears still hanging from the corners of Qingqing’s eyes, and she nodded towards her little hand, pitifully.

“Does it still hurt?” The bruising on her arm was getting worse and worse. Gu Lan scrunched his eyebrows and stretched out his hand to rub her.

There is no way to deal with this kind of bruise left after the blood is drawn, it can only disappear naturally over time.

It looks really unsightly.

“It doesn’t hurt.” Qingqing shook her head.

In fact, Qingqing didn’t even feel pain when she was drawn blood, but watching so many large tubes of blood being drawn out of her body, really scared the baby a little bit.


1 Duke Zhou is also known as the “God of Dreams”
2 as if he’s a newly wed girl, nervous and timid
3 internet slang which means: garbage

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