Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 114

Chapter 87: Fu Cheng

Taking a hot spring is not as relaxing and comfortable as imagined, but also because of the two bear children it is also physically and mentally exhausting.

Director Gao held his daughter with an obscure face and took her back with a tough attitude.

Ning Ning saw that her father’s heart was tired and looking empty, she was picked up away, and could only happily wave goodbye to Qingqing, “Bye, Qingqing.”

Qingqing was held in her arms by Fu Sijin, and twisted her body when she heard the sound, and waved goodbye to Ning Ning, “Sister Ning Ning, bye-bye.”

The trickster team parted ways and Fu Sijin’s inspection work was over. Qingqing was taken back together, while Ning Ning stayed in the crew to continue to accompany her lonely and pitiful father.

This is what her mother said when she coaxed her to come to her father.

After only being out for two days, Qingqing felt as if she had been out for two months, and missed her family very much.

Unable to wait to go home, she urged Fu Sijin all the way to take her to Fu Heng’s company to find him.

Unable to beat this little guy, Fu Sijin could only choose to compromise in the end.

As soon as the steering wheel of the car going home turned, it was directly redirected to Fu Heng’s company.

Both of them were familiar faces, and the receptionist didn’t dare to stop them, so they directly let them go to the high-rise elevator.

Having said that, Fu Sijin still has a manager position here, but later in order to treat his illness and deal with his own company’s affairs, he was a little lax about the work here.

However, he managed the operation of the overseas branch well, and internally Fu Heng also announced that Fu Sijin had been transferred to the branch as the general manager.

Everyone thought that the chairman was taking retreat as an advance, thinking about giving the young master a layer of gold first, and then handing the entire group into his hands.

As for the specific truth, Fu Heng would not say that everyone knew it. However, Fu Sijin’s original position is still retained.

As soon as the passing employees saw him, they immediately bent over to greet him respectfully, “Hello, Manager Fu.”

“Hello, you guys.”

Fu Sijin walked over with Qingqing in a personable manner, his gentle smile aroused many hearts, and they were so fascinated that they almost fainted.

“Ah ah ah… Manager Fu is so gentle, isn’t he so handsome?”

“Stop it, he has a girlfriend.”

“I’m so envious, his girlfriend must have saved the galaxy.”

“I think she saved the universe.”


“It’s all wrong.“ The smile on the corners of Fu Sijin’s lips, who overheard the staff whispering, became more sincere, “She only saved one person— me.”

“Ah-Jin, what are you talking about?” Qingqing heard Fu Sijin’s murmur and asked curiously with her head up.

“It’s nothing. It’s almost outside Dad’s office. Does Qingqing want to go in by herself?” Fu Sijin felt that it would be more surprising to let Qingqing enter the door by herself.

“Yes.” Qingqing put her hands behind her back, made a movement of a chicken spreading its wings, cheered and flew into Fu Heng’s office, and threw herself on him, “Uncle!”

Fu Heng was originally talking to someone, but was stunned by the sudden surprise, and subconsciously hugged Qingqing’s small body with both hands to prevent her from hurting herself.

“Who is this kid?” The young man sitting opposite Fu Heng stared at Qingqing suspiciously.

“My wife’s niece.” Fu Heng subconsciously blurted out Qingqing’s fake identity.

He was used to concealing Qingqing, and subconsciously he had been preventing others from discovering Qingqing’s true identity.

“I’m afraid not.” The young man was not deceived. He stared at Qingqing with burning eyes, as if to make a hole in her body.

Qingqing was a little scared, hiding in Fu Heng’s arms without making a sound.

“Dad, who is he?” Fu Sijin, who came in immediately behind Qingqing, was surprised by the young man’s keenness, and at the same time was more alert.

He could actually see through his father’s lies at a glance!

Fu Sijin couldn’t help but look at this man carefully. The other party was sitting, not sure about his height, but he should not be short, with a thin figure and handsome appearance, and his whole body was shrouded in an ethereal aura.

The most special thing is not these external conditions, but the dressing of the person.

Moon white gown, the same ‘atmospheric’ bun and a taoist duster in his hand[1]. The ancient style of dressing has a special taste of ‘magic’.

I don’t know, Fu Sijin thought, where this person sneaked out of which costume exhibition.

“Lǎo fū[2]meaning ‘I’, usually used by old men didn’t sneak away, and he doesn’t know what the costume exhibition is? If you think that the old man is a liar, you can ask someone to throw me out. The old man has no complaints.” The voice as clear as a jade bead is very nice, but it reveals an unknown sense of vicissitude.

But this no longer attracted Fu Sijin’s attention.

His pupils shrank slightly, and he stared at the young man in shock, “Can you read minds?”

He thinks that even if he is not as good as his father in maintaining a poker face, his mind will  never be seen through so easily.

In front of this person’s eyes, all his thoughts seemed to have nowhere to hide.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry…”

Finding that he was scared, the young man smiled and said in a gentle voice, “The old man’s heart and eyes only act on unsuspecting people. As long as you keep your voice quiet and isolate the old man from exploring, the old man will never be able to peep into your heart again even a bit”

Hearing this, Fu Sijin immediately followed suit, and then frantically said a lot of bad things about the other party in his heart, but the young man was still indifferent, as if he hadn’t heard anything at all.

Seeing this, Fu Sijin finally let go of his heart.

He didn’t realize at all that he had already unknowingly regarded the other party as a real expert.

In fact, it is true.

“Master, oh no, Taoist Master.” Haven’t they been looking for this kind of really capable expert most urgently recently?

Even if the experts can’t solve their problems, they can recommend a few more people with real abilities for them. After all, the circles of the experts should be the same.

Worried that the suspicion he had just made would affect the other party’s impression of them, Fu Sijin immediately apologized, “It was my fault just now. I have failed to recognize Mt. Tai[3]to have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai; to fail to recognize somebody important or somebody’s great talent. I don’t know that the Taoist master is a person with real abilities. I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me.”

Just now, people referred to him as a young man, but he called himself an old man. He thought that this person must be very old, so Fu Sijin took advantage of the situation and used the attitude of the younger generation towards the elders.

In this way, tolerance and understanding can be obtained.

“No hindrance.” Since the beginning of descending the mountain, the young man has experienced many doubts about him, and he doesn’t care about one or two more.

Moreover, Fu Sijin also suspected from the bottom of his heart but there was not a fraction on his face. His demeanor and literacy were general, which was very appreciated by the young man.

“The name of the poor Taoist is Fu Chen, he is a Taoist from Penglai Mountain, and he is eighty-eight years old.”

Inevitably, it may have caused some misunderstandings, so Fu Chen simply put all his identity information on the table.

“Penglai Mountain?” The father and son who had never heard of this place name looked at each other, and both  felt a strong sense of doubt.

“There is no need to worry about this, the old man came to the door today, just for one person.” Fu Chen’s smiling gaze fell on Qingqing, Qingqing’s heart tightened, and buried herself more closely in Fu Heng’s arms.

Don’t listen, don’t look, don’t care, don’t know anything.

Compared with Qingqing’s resistance, after knowing the identity of Fu Chen, the Fu family’s father and son invariably raised a faint smile.

Fu Heng broke away from Qingqing and showed Fu Chen the front, “Taoist Master, look at Qingqing, she…”

Shaking his head slightly, he stopped Fu Heng’s words.

Fu Chen raised his hand, and his slender jade-like fingertips gently touched the center of Qingqing’s eyebrows. There seemed to be a little light shining, and then disappeared.

Getting up, Fu Chen suddenly made a gesture to leave.

Fu Sijin and Fu Heng hurriedly got up and stopped, “Taoist Master, you haven’t told us how Qingqing is? She…how can she change back?”

Fu Chen paused, his eyes turned sideways, and his cool, moon-like gaze fell on Fu Sijin.

“Let it go, if your wish is fulfilled, you can break it yourself.”

Leaving only these words, Fu Chen disappeared in front of Fu Heng and Fu Sijin.

The father and son were so shocked that they couldn’t speak, but an ignorant Qingqing ran over strangely, stepped on the place where Fu Chen disappeared, and looked around again, but found nothing.

“He’s gone.”

With a spread of her little hands, the little guy’s tone was still a little regretful.

On the other end, Fu Chen, who had already walked out of the Fu Group headquarters, patted his chest in fear, “It’s okay, it’s okay, if you are one step late, you will ruin the opportunity of others. ”

The existence of Fu Chen is like a gust of wind, whistling over, and then whooping away, so that people don’t even have a chance to seize it.

Fu Sijin was obviously a little annoyed, regretting that he had not been able to stop the person who seemed to be able to help Qingqing.

Fu Heng quickly adjusted his emotions, picked up Qingqing, who was still running randomly all over the floor, and tapped her little nose, “Qingqing hasn’t called me yet when she saw me.”

“Qingqing called.”

Qingqing, who didn’t want to be wronged, immediately avenged herself, “Qingqing shouted very loudly, but uncle didn’t hear her.”

“Really?” Fu Heng pretended to be confused, “Then, Qingqing yell again. Uncle might be able to hear it.”

“Uncle!” The little guy immediately howled loudly, and Fu Heng responded with a smile, “Hey.”

With a casual interruption, the Fu Cheng matter disappeared from Qingqing’s heart.

Giving his eldest son a look and motioning him not to “show” anything in front of Qingqing, Fu Heng hugged Qingqing and went to the restroom of the inner room to get snacks.

He used to be empty and bare here, with only one bed. After all, the lounge can be used for rest. There is no need to decorate too much and it is cumbersome.

Until Qingqing came, he added a lot of things intermittently.

Not only did the bed sheet and quilt cover change from a simple black color to a brighter blue grid, but even the storage cabinets that were simply furnishings were stuffed.

There are Qingqing’s snacks, Qingqing’s clothes, and Qingqing’s toys, all of which are Qingqing’s things.

It can be seen that this little guy has a strong ability to encroach on other people’s territory. With just an innocent little look or a cute smile, she can easily make people collapse into an army for her.

Took a few toys and snacks, and coaxed Qingqing to play by herself.

Fu Heng closed the door of the lounge, and his face instantly became serious, “Don’t tell anyone about meeting Taoist Master Fu Cheng today, including your brother and uncle.”

“Why?” Fu Sijin was puzzled.

“The Taoist master said, let it go, and before he came, Qingqing had already had an experience of changing back. Perhaps, this is a sign.”


2 meaning ‘I’, usually used by old men
3 to have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai; to fail to recognize somebody important or somebody’s great talent

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