Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 115 part 1

Chapter 88: Fu Heng’s Parents

“Bye, teacher.”

Qingqing waved her little hand heroically, and then rushed straight outside the classroom door without turning her head.

As soon as the tall teacher raised his big palm, he was embarrassed to find that the little cutie in front of him had already disappeared.

Facing the innocent gaze of the other children, the teacher scratched the back of his head embarrassedly, “Qingqing may be in a hurry to go home for dinner.”

“Uncle Gu.” Qingqing fluttered and rushed directly into Gu Lan’s arms.

Gu Lan staggered by Qingqing, and couldn’t help asking her, “Are you fat again?”

This kind of death problem immediately touched the little girl’s sensitive point, she immediately became angry and hit Gu Lan’s thigh with a small fist, “Qingqing is not fat, I am slim!”

“You are still considered slim?”

Gu Lan didn’t dare to say this fatal sentence, not because he was afraid that the little guy would beat him, but because he was afraid that she would cry.

It’s not easy for the little girl to cry as it will attract a group of guys without limits to besiege them.

“Only Uncle Gu is here to pick up Qingqing today.”

Qingqing poked her head behind Gu Lan’s back, but she was a little disappointed that she didn’t see anyone else.

“It’s not enough to have me, who else do you want?”

Gu Lan was directly annoyed and laughed. He pointed his fingers at Qingqing’s little head and shook the little guy back and forth, with a look of grievance, and then let her go.

Took Qingqing back to the classroom to say goodbye to the teacher, and then took her in the car to go home.

Qingqing was wearing a martial arts practice uniform, and an improved version of the small clothes were worn on her. Not only was she not as chic and neat as those who practiced martial arts, but she was particularly cute and adorable because of her short legs and short hands. 

The little guy is not conscious at all. She wears practice clothes to attend classes every day, and thinks she is handsome and “forced” people.

With her head held high, she was confident. Like a big proud rooster.

This was Fu Sishen’s private complaint, and then he was accidentally heard by Gu Lan and was badly trained.

Gu Lan is a typical double standard. He can complain about Qingqing himself, but he does not allow others to do the same.

Perhaps this is an awkward way of expressing his emotions.

“Look at you sweating, hurry up and wipe it with tissue.”

He drew a wet tissue to Qingqing and asked her to wipe her face with it.

Qingqing rubbed it randomly a few times, and it was over.

Gu Lan, “…” Is such a rough child really their family?

“Brother, Qingqing wants to eat eggs.”

Without outsiders present, Qingqing’s name to Gu Lan changed in a second.

Gu Lan, who had been accustomed to it for a long time, also let her go. He drove the car and had no time to look at her. He could only answer casually, “Go back and ask Aunt Ding to do it for you.”

The egg that Qingqing wants is not an egg, but a salted egg yolk roll, a kind of snack, the little guy’s recent “new love”. Every day, if you don’t give it, she can be depressed all day long.

Fortunately, this thing is not junk food, so it’s okay to just eat less every day.

Gu Lan took Qingqing back to Fu’s house. He wanted to take her directly to his house, but after struggling a few times, he found that he couldn’t handle Qingqing who refused to sleep at night, so he could only accept his fate and send her back to Fu’s house.

Sure enough, even if she gets smaller, the most important person in my sister’s heart is Fu Heng. It’s really unpleasant to think about it.

After completing the one-day pick-up and drop-off task, Gu Lan successfully retired.…

This is impossible.

He couldn’t take Qingqing back, so he simply packed up and stayed at Fu’s house.

Anyway, the distance from his house to the company is the same as from Fu’s house to the company. It’s just one east and one south. It doesn’t delay work. You can still accompany Qingqing. Why not live in Fu’s house?

Does the man surnamed Fu dare to drive him away?

Fu Heng did not drive away people, but he did not welcome them either.

That attitude is laissez-faire, and the brother-in-law will come as soon as he likes. Anyway, the Fu family children are old enough, so he has an extra person in the family to help with the child.

It’s better if you don’t come, Qingqing’s attention won’t always be distracted.

Qingqing went to the hobby class for a day, her whole body was dirty, and as soon as she got home, she was taken over by Mother-in-law Ding to take a bath and change clothes.

When she changed back to the white and clean little dumpling and ran downstairs, she was surprised to find that the family was very neat today.

All members of the Fu family arrived, in addition to Yu Yu, An Ran, Gu Lan, Bai Qiyu and Nian Gao, as well as Hanhan and her parents, plus Director Gao and Ning Ning are here.

She tilted her little head, Qingqing was puzzled, “Why are there so many people?”

“So many people are here to accompany you for your birthday, is Qingqing happy?” Fu Heng stepped forward with a smile and walked towards the crowd holding Qingqing’s little hand.

After bathing Qingqing this time, Mother-in-Law Ding did not directly change into comfortable home clothes according to her previous habits, but put on a beautiful princess dress for Qingqing.

The little guy has slightly wet hair, but it was not “messy”, but made her delicate little face even more soft and cute.

She grasped one of Fu Heng’s fingers tightly with her little hand, a little nervous, and even more looking forward to it.

The crowd dispersed, and the carefully arranged scene behind it was exposed.

The pink and white balloons rose one by one, and the colorful petals floated down one by one. Under this beautiful picture, the huge birthday cake in the middle surprised Qingqing even more.

Each layer of the three-layer cake has a different cartoon theme, and on the top layer stands Qingqing’s favorite Tyrannosaurus fondant.

The mighty Tyrannosaurus-rex roared up to the sky, and Qingqing couldn’t help laughing with her proud appearance.

“So beautiful!” Clapping her hands happily, Qingqing was so happy that she didn’t know how to express her joy.

“Qingqing, happy birthday!” Hanhan, Ning Ning and Nian Gao came together and gave Qingqing a small gift they had prepared by themselves.

The gifts given by the children are not the kind that are very expensive, but they definitely contain 100% of their hearts.

Adults also gave gifts they had prepared one after another. Except for the more conventional Barbie dolls that Hanhan’s parents gave because they didn’t understand what Qingqing liked, others gave gifts that Qingqing liked.

Dinosaur surroundings are a must, and she also likes exquisite and beautiful small jewelry.

Of course, the children’s favorite is the big cake waiting to be divided up.

Four candles were lit, and Qingqing closed her eyes and made a wish with her heart under everyone’s birthday song, “Qingqing hopes everyone can be happy.”

After the wish was fulfilled, Fu Heng hugged Qingqing and asked her to blow out the candle.

Puffing her little cheeks and blowing hard, all the candles were extinguished, everyone cheered and saluted, and then there was the regular cake cutting session.

The first knife on the cake must be cut by the birthday star. This is a customary rule.

Qingqing was not tall enough, so she was still held by Fu Heng, her small hand was held by Gu Lan, and she carefully cut a knife on the cake.

There is an extra cut mark on the cake, which also means that Qingqing has grown up another year.

Everyone cheered together to celebrate Qingqing’s growth, and Fu Heng and others also raised their smiles, but only each knew the sourness of each other.

Qingqing… didn’t grow up much.

This incident was like a boulder, weighing heavily on everyone’s hearts.

Only the ignorant Qingqing and other unsuspecting guests can celebrate this birthday party, but at least the overall atmosphere is still happy.

Everyone shared the cake, Qingqing had a small diamond crown clasped in her little head, and her little face was sticky with icing, with a bright smile on her face.

This scene was captured in the photo and carefully treasured.

Maybe a long, long time later, after Qingqing has changed back to the appearance of an adult, it will be taken out by the owner of the photo to share with her again.

“Ding Dong!” Halfway through the party, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Without the employer’s order, the doorman had already opened the door by himself, and a moment later, a courier box was delivered to Qingqing.

“The courier said it was a birthday gift for Mrs. Qingqing.”

The Fu family’s expression was slightly stiff, because they all heard it clearly. This courier was given to Mrs. Qingqing by name, not the young lady.

What does this stand for?

Qingqing curiously stretched out her little hand to pick up the courier, but was stopped by Fu Heng, “Qingqing, it’s impolite to open the courier in front of the guests. Shall we open it together later?”

“But…” Qingqing didn’t want to unpack the courier.

She just heard that the express was for herself, so she subconsciously wanted to get it.

It’s a pity that before she finished speaking, Fu Heng intercepted her words, “Good child, we will open the gift later. ”

Bai Qiyu cooperated, took the courier box in the hands of the doorman, and turned it upside down unintentionally.

It was very light, and he couldn’t even feel any physical objects, but there was still a slight collision.

It should be something like a photo or a postcard.

Gave Fu Heng and the others a vague look, giving them temporary peace of mind.

“Uncle will help you put the gifts together.”

In front of Qingqing, Bai Qiyu took the courier box and made a gesture to put it in the gift pile. In fact, the blade hidden between his fingers had quietly cut off the tape sealing of the courier box, took out the contents, and then stole the dragon and turned it into phoenix[1]changing something for the other into some gadgets at will.

All the actions were done in one go. On the surface, Bai Qiyu could only be seen naturally putting the courier box into the gift pile. No one knew that the things inside had been secretly transferred a long time ago.

Qingqing didn’t doubt it either. After seeing Bai Qiyu put away her gift, she played with other friends again.

A few little guys, one, two, three, four, lined up in a row, circling the swimming pool in the garden.

They said they were playing hide-and-seek, but looking at this posture, there is no definite number of who will catch and who will hide.

“Maybe, this is a food chain?” Observing for a moment, Fu Sishen suddenly popped out such a sentence.

“Uh… it really looks like it.” An Ran subconsciously looked at Qingqing and the others, Hanhan ran in front, followed by Nian Gao, then Qingqing, and finally Ning Ning.

The four children formed a circle together, but as Fu Sishen said, they formed a food chain.

It was not until ten o’clock in the evening that the children who were invited to help Qingqing celebrate her birthday followed their parents home one after another.

Even Bai Qiyu left with Nian Gao, leaving only Qingqing, who was in a mess and exhausted from playing, Gu Lan, Fu Heng and others.

“It smells of wine, I’ll take a bath first.”

Gu Lan took the lead to go back to the room, followed by Fu Heng, but he had to help Qingqing clean up first.

The tired and paralyzed little guy hung softly on Fu Heng’s body, like a humanoid ornament.

Her eyes were half closed, struggling between sleeping and not sleeping, and it didn’t take long for Qingqing, who couldn’t resist Zhou Gong’s[2]God of Dreams call, to fall asleep after all.

At that time, Fu Heng had just finished bathing her again, and was holding the little guy in the nightdress ready to be stuffed into the bed.

It may be that Fu Heng accidentally moved too much and woke Qingqing up.

She opened her eyes with an excited spirit, and saw Fu Heng covering her with a quilt, she was fascinated and dazedly wanted to get close.

“What wish did Qingqing just make?” Fu Heng didn’t have much curiosity about this at first, but suddenly he wanted to ask

I wonder if he will exist in the little girl’s wish?

“Qingqing… Qingqing wants everyone to be happy.”

Qingqing was so sleepy that she was fascinated and stared. She forgot that she couldn’t say her wish, and asked stupidly, “Uncle, how can you feel happy?”

“Happiness?” Fu Heng was taken aback for a moment, then after thinking about it seriously, he said, “I don’t know about other people, but my happiness has always been in your hands.”

Only if Qingqing is willing to give him happiness will he have a way to obtain happiness.


1 changing something for the other
2 God of Dreams

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