Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 115 part 2

Chapter 88: Fu Heng’s Parents part 2

Only if Qingqing is willing to give him happiness will he have a way to obtain happiness.

While thinking about it, a number that couldn’t be more familiar suddenly called.

Fu Heng’s eyebrows tightened, as if he had seen something extremely difficult. He picked up the phone and said in a deep voice, “This is Fu Heng.”

“Brat, how long have you said you haven’t come to see me with this girl?”

An old voice came from across the phone.

Although the owner of the voice is old, he can’t change his long-standing majesty in a high position in any case. Even when he was on the opposite side of the call, Fu Heng, who heard the voice, seemed to be shocked.

This is of course impossible.

Fu Heng calmly took the mobile phone away, and when the old man on the opposite side was angry, he slowly took the mobile phone back, “We have something to do, so we don’t have time to go over. ”

“No time, I see you are at home with your baby all day long, isn’t it quite free?”

As soon as this sentence came out, he immediately stabbed the hornet’s nest, and the old man on the opposite side jumped to his feet and cursed, mixed with the worried comforting voice of the caregiver.

Fu Heng sighed helplessly, still patiently coaxed, “You take care of your body, don’t be always angry at such an old age…”

“Tell me not to be angry? Who is it that makes me mad every day!” The old man is wronged. He raised such a big son, but he couldn’t see him all year round. What use do you want him to do?

It turned out that the one opposite the phone was the former ruler of the Fu Group, Fu Heng’s father⁠— Fu Chengyu.

No one could have imagined that the man who used to run across the mall has now become an old urchin-like existence.

He was also aggrieved because his son and daughter-in-law hadn’t visited the old man’s house for too long.

Fu Heng is a typical person who eats soft food, but refuses hard food[1] an idiom meaning; amenable to coaxing but not coercion.

But he always maintained that unique gentleness to his family, even to this majestic and powerful father for most of his life.

If his father gave a strong order, he could calmly fight back, but once he took the initiative to show weakness, Fu Heng didn’t know how to refuse.

Who is Fu Chengyu but a refined fox, catching people’s weakness is a simple catch.

After several temptations, the old guy who successfully understood his son’s weaknesses began to live more and more naive.

No matter what method is used, anyway, he has a way to make Fu Heng compromise.

This time it was the same. Under Fu Chengyu’s ‘grievance’ offensive, Fu Heng, who was still inferior in skills, was defeated after all, and promised to take the whole family to visit the second elder this weekend.

So as to save the old man from crying and scolding that it is better to have a son than to have a piece of char siu[2]fork roasted pork, even the daughter-in-law who used to be like a sweet little padded jacket has become unfilial.

“Dad.” Hearing his father’s casual complaint, Fu Heng immediately became serious, “Qingqing didn’t mean not to visit you. She also has her own reasons. I hope you won’t say anything like this next time.”

“What I said, I just said it casually, but I didn’t really think so.” Fu Chengyu muttered, after all, he still didn’t say whether Qingqing was right or not.

In fact, both he and his wife are very satisfied with Gu Qingqing, the daughter-in-law. Not only is she from a good background, she is also extremely good. She also gave birth to two grandchildren for their Fu family.

Most importantly, she loves their only son deeply.

Fu Chengyu naturally knew what kind of virtue and nature his son have.

He is too proud and too cold. This kind of cold arrogance is not floating on the surface, but hidden in the bottom of his heart.

If you want to find an adjective to describe their son, Fu Chengyu can only give two words: Wandering Soul.

Fu Heng seemed to be integrated in them, or in the current family, but he was essentially just a wandering soul with a certain name.

He does not regard himself as a member of the family. The family is similar to a hotel to him. He comes back to sleep at one o’clock and goes out immediately after dawn.

This situation became more and more obvious after the husband and wife’s relationship gradually deteriorated.

In fact, Fu Chengyu didn’t know the reason for this.

It might be on him, because he was addicted to work and ignored his family, so much so that he also ignored the control of his son.

Although the child did not grow crooked and never complained to him, to some extent, he became his second self.

This is precisely the scene that Fu Chengyu is most worried about and least willing to see.

He didn’t want his son to know his repentance until he got his consequence, and he didn’t want him to regret it when everything was irreparable.

So he has been working hard to get his son back but unfortunately with little success.

Fu Heng, after all, became the second Fu Chengyu.

He inherited his business ingenuity, but also inherited his indifference to his family.

Fu Chengyu didn’t dare to expect his son to get close to his own relationship, but he hoped that he could have a real home of his own.

Gu Qingqing’s appearance was exactly the germination of his hope, because Fu Chengyu discovered that this young and lively girl loved his son very much, and his son was not unresponsive to her.

This is enough.

Fu Cheng didn’t think so, he felt that Gu Qingqing could be the woman who changed Fu Heng.

So he tried his best to match up the marriage with the Gu family to fulfill the love of the two children, but he didn’t expect it…

After hanging up the phone, Fu Chengyu looked at the information in his hand in silence.

A document is clearly printed on it, an application for separation, applicant: Gu Qingqing.

It turned out that Gu Qingqing not only prepared the divorce agreement, she was worried that her husband might not be willing to sign the divorce agreement, and also made more preparations.

If an application for separation is submitted to the Civil Affairs Bureau, as long as the husband and wife have been separated for more than two years, it will be deemed to be an automatic divorce.

Gu Qingqing has been gone for half a year. Even if there are rumors that she has returned recently, Fu Chengyu naturally has his own channels to explore the truth or falsehood.

So, in fact, has his daughter-in-law been separated from her son for half a year?

Fu Chengyu didn’t know if his son knew about the existence of this application, but he felt it was necessary for him to help his two children save the marriage.

It’s not for any reason that older children have two worldly reasons.

But he really could see that there were still feelings between Gu Qingqing and Fu Heng. If they were separated like this, it would be a huge regret for both of them.

Of course, if there is still no way to recover after trying, then Fu Chengyu will also show his demeanor as the person in power of the Fu family, let Gu Qingqing go free, and at the same time give her some compensation.

After all, he was the culprit who tried to match the two of them back then.

With a tired sigh, Fu Chengyu waved his hand to stop the caregiver from coming forward to help. He tremblingly opened the drawer, put the documents in his hand, and then closed it.

The old man propped himself on the armrest of the seat and stood up a little bit. His originally upright body had gradually shrank. He bowed his waist and slowly stepped out of the study to the next room.

Knocked gently a few times, no one responded.

Fu Chengyu didn’t care either. He opened the door of the room on his own, ignoring the layout of the hospital’s intensive care unit, walked to the bedside and sat down, taking the hand of the person on the bed.

“Yu’er, if you persist, our child will come back.”

Only the heartbeat of the electrocardiogram responded to Fu Chengyu, “Didi Didi…”

His gaze shifted, and he saw an old woman with gray hair lying on the hospital bed.

The old lady closed her eyes tightly, her expression serene, as if she was falling into some beautiful dream.

She had no response to the outside world, but this did not affect his rambling in the slightest.

After reading for a long time, Fu Chengyu’s mouth was dry, and the old lady still didn’t wake up but he didn’t care. After speaking, he got up tremblingly and left with his back to his hands.

Several caregivers stayed outside the door until Fu Chengyu returned to his room, and they were busy installing the ventilator for him.

If anyone sees Fu Chengyu’s room, they will be shocked to find that the other party’s room is actually the same as the old lady on the opposite side, it is an extremely ward-like room.

The bodies of the two elderly people had actually reached the point where they were adjacent to each other as a ward.


Fu Heng would not break his promise for what he had already promised.

Before the weekend, he took the whole family back to Fu’s old house the next morning.

The real old house of the Fu family is not the villa where Fu Heng and the others now live, but in another place.

It takes about half an hour to drive from the villa, and it will definitely delay work for everyone.

However, since Fu Heng had spoken, the two brothers Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen couldn’t say anything, so they could only follow obediently.

Of course, Qingqing was also taken with them.

Originally, Fu Heng was still thinking about whether to call Gu Lan or Bai Qiyu to pick her up, but after thinking about it, he felt that with his father’s ability, he might have known about Qingqing’s existence a long time ago.

Although he closed the end cleanly, he couldn’t hide from the old fox in the end, so he didn’t struggle anymore, and even packed away with Qingqing.

“Uncle, where are we going?”

Qingqing sat in the baby seat, dangling her two fat legs, and asked Fu Heng curiously.

“Going to grandmother’s house.”

Fu Sishen replied as quickly as possible.

“”Grandmother?” Qingqing tilted her head, then twisted her brows and said solemnly, “Xiao-Shen can’t mess around. Grandmother has already gone to the sky.”

She thought Fu Sishen was talking about Mrs. Gu.

With the housekeeper who are loyal to Mrs. Gu, it is impossible for Qingqing to have no impression of Mrs. Gu at all.

In her impression, she was a kind and benevolent woman. For her and her younger brother, grandmother did her best to leave everything about Gu’s family to them, so they should respect grandmother and not make fun of the dead old woman at will.

“I’m not talking about grandparents.”

Fu Sishen explained, and then found that he couldn’t explain the relationship clearly with a four-year-old child. In the end, he could only say from another angle, “I’m not talking about Qingqing’s grandmother. It’s my father’s mother. Qingqing should also call her mom.”

“Uncle’s mother?” Qingqing understood this time, but she fell into a tangle again, “No, Uncle’s mother Qingqing can’t be called mother, that’s not right.”

According to normal thinking, this is indeed a messy generation, but they are in a special situation, and even Fu Heng doesn’t know how to explain to Qingqing the chaotic relationship.

In fact, over time although Qingqing’s body has not grown up, her knowledge is gradually growing.

Now Qingqing has begun to have the correct name and sense of seniority.

In fact, she has been confused more than once, why she is so young, but she has two sons who are so old, and a younger brother who is also so old.

It’s not logical to think about it.

But under the influence of her family’s habitual habits, she felt that this was actually the right thing to do.

Two different cognitions clashed in Qingqing’s mind, collided with each other, and finally formed a consciousness that Qingqing didn’t even know.

The son is still her son, the younger brother is still her younger brother, and the others are also close to her, but other outsiders are normal.

Obviously, for the Fu parents who she heard about for the first time, Qingqing excluded them from special circumstances.

So she can no longer be as stupid as before. What adults say is what they say. Obviously she called Fu Heng uncle, then Fu Heng’s mother should be the grandmother generation, and it can’t be her mother’s generation.

When Qingqing came back with reason, Fu Sishen obviously didn’t know what to say.

He realized that he might have stepped on a mine, and immediately closed his eyes consciously, pretending that nothing had happened.

Qingqing, who didn’t get the answer, was still scratching her head, “Where are we going?” ”

“Go to my parents’ house.” Fu Heng rubbed Qingqing’s little head and said softly.

“Uncle’s parents, does Qingqing want to call Grandpa and Grandma?” Qingqing asked angrily.

“Hmm.” To stop the impulse of the two sons to try to say something, Fu Heng heard the voice and replied.

“Dad.” Fu Sijin was puzzled, “If you bring Qingqing this time, it means that Grandpa already knows her existence, maybe…”

Maybe Grandpa already knew that little Qingqing was Gu Qingqing, so their concealment was meaningless.

“Your grandfather is smart enough.”

Fu Heng only left these words, and then lay down on the seat and closed his eyes to rest, obviously not wanting to say anything more.

But the Fu brothers had already heard the implication of their father’s words.

Even if a wise man knows some secrets, he will not rush to uncover them.

It’s not that you are afraid of anything, but that you don’t need to.

Especially when the two parties are father and son, and the relationship is not actually very close.

Fu Heng and the others went out at more than seven o’clock in the morning, and it was exactly eight o’clock when they arrived at Fu’s old house, which was breakfast time.

Qingqing drank a bottle of milk when she got up in the morning. Although she is not hungry now, she can still stuff a big meat bun⁠— if there are big meat buns.

The servants of the old house obviously did not expect that the juniors of the master’s family would suddenly come back together, and they were very busy and chaotic for a while.

Fortunately, under the leadership of the housekeeper, everyone calmed down quickly.

The servant in charge of the kitchen chores immediately ran over and told the chef to make a few more breakfasts quickly. He also reminded that there was a child about three or four years old, so there were more nutritious foods that children liked in the breakfast menu.

The cleverer people had already run upstairs to inform Fu Chengyu, while the housekeeper ushered in the rest of the people.

“Why did the gentleman come back all of a sudden without saying anything? There is nothing prepared in this family…”

“It’s okay, Uncle Zhong.” Fu Heng stopped Housekeeper Zhong’s words and walked directly into the house, “I just took the children back to see my parents. There is no need to engage in such a big battle.”

He was still holding Xiao-Qingqing in his hand. Qingqing raised her little head curiously and looked around. She inadvertently looked at the housekeeper Zhong, and immediately raised her small face and smiled at him obediently.

Steward Zhong’s heart jumped, and he immediately lowered his head to avoid Qingqing’s gaze.

This child… Why does she look exactly like the young master’s wife?

In addition to being in charge of the affairs of the Fu family’s old house, he also worked part-time as half of Fu Cheng’s secretary.

So he knows some more confidential things, including that Mr. and Mrs. Fu have never had children since they gave birth to two young masters.

So it is absolutely impossible for this little girl to be the child of Mr. and Mrs.

But she looks almost exactly the same as his young master’s wife. Maybe she is a child of the Gu family who is relatively close by blood?

Housekeeper Zhong, who happened to not know Qingqing’s existence, could only guess by himself, not knowing that he had inadvertently matched the fake news released by Fu Heng.

Maybe when he hears the fake news in the future, he will be more determined in his guess and believe it deeply.

After all, people only believe in the ‘facts’ that they want to believe.

“Sir…Sir, the old gentleman hasn’t gotten up yet. I have already asked someone to get the old gentleman up. Would you like to wait downstairs?”

Seeing that Fu Heng was about to go upstairs, Housekeeper Zhong, who had just been distracted, was immediately frightened back to his senses, and hurriedly took three steps and two steps straight forward, stopping Fu Heng and the others.

The old gentleman had given an order, and no one in the family was allowed to reveal the condition of the old couple to the gentleman and the two young masters.

“Uncle Zhong?” Fu Heng paused, his eyes were somewhat suspicious, “I just want to go up and see my parents.”

It’s just visiting the elderly. Why is Housekeeper Zhong reacting so much?

Fu Heng, who hadn’t thought there was anything at first, began to doubt, “Where are my parents? ”

His tone was slightly cold.

Usually at this point, his mother gets up early to water the flowers in the garden, while his father may be watching the morning news, or just comes back for breakfast after going out for a walk.

But now there is no one, which is obviously abnormal.

Once suspicion arises, everything will involuntarily move in the worst direction, “Uncle Zhong, get out of the way.”

Fu Heng broke in directly.

The housekeeper was too old to stop him from going up, especially since Fu Heng was still followed by a “left and right guardian”. Under the interference of the Fu brothers, even if he wanted to stop him, he couldn’t.

Even if the other servants saw this scene, they didn’t dare to come up and stop them.

After all, they are just employees with wages, not the owners of this house, and they are not qualified to stop the owner’s behavior.

The Fu family’s parents live on the second floor of the old house. The old house has a total of five floors and covers a large area.

However, the elderly don’t like to live too high, and the first floor is an open area, so they chose the second floor.

There is no elevator here, so you can only climb the stairs by yourself to get up and down.

When Fu Heng went upstairs, he found that there was an extra wheelchair climbing machine on the stairs. It is self-evident what this kind of machine is used for.

His face sank, and he immediately increased his pace. He jumped up to the second floor in twos and threes steps. Qingqing failed to keep up and was directly picked up and hugged tightly into a wide embrace.

Compared with the silence on the first floor, the second floor is much more lively.

The door of one of the rooms was wide open, and several people dressed as caregivers stood outside the door, while the old man’s angry cry came from inside the door.

“Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and take off all these things for me, and then bring me brighter clothes… Brat, didn’t even know to say anything before he came, so my old bones have to get up early like my ass is burning. It’s been a long time since I got up early…”

Originally, he urged others to move faster, but later he began to be angry at Fu Heng again.

It seems that the person who called last night and cried and urged people to go home was not him.

If you can curse like this, you are very energetic, and you must be fine.

Fu Heng shook his head helplessly, put Qingqing on the ground, and walked to the door of his father’s room holding her small hand.

The moment he saw the scene in the house clearly, the smile that had just been raised was frozen on his face, his pupils shrank, and Fu Heng’s whole body was stiff in place.

The audience was silent.

Fu Chengyu, who obviously didn’t expect his son to suddenly appear, froze and dressed.

He was stunned for a moment, and immediately put his half-worn clothes together quickly, then pulled his old face into an awkward smile and asked, “You…have you seen it all?”

“Hmm.” Fu Heng whispered, staring at his father solemnly, “Should you explain to me?”

“Explain…explain what? I have nothing to say to you, the unfilial son who has not been at home all year.” Fu Chengyu craned his neck to look at him.

“What’s going on in your ward? What happened to you and mom? Why are you so seriously ill but no one notified me?”

Fu Heng’s three consecutive questions made Fu Chengyu unable to parry them.

But the old fox is not a vegetarian. If his son can question him, he can also question him back.

“Notice what notice? If you know how to take the initiative to go home, won’t you know everything?”

He didn’t blame the child for not coming to see him and his wife, but when he said this, he actually had this attitude.

Fu Heng was silenced immediately, and the atmosphere on the scene fell into a stalemate again, “…”

Several caregivers did not dare to come out, for fear of being involved in this father-son war.

And after Fu Chengyu persisted for a while, he also began to regret that his attitude should not be so tough.

After all, it is rare for children to come back, so he doesn’t want to  “force” people away.

He tried to ease the atmosphere awkwardly, “Actually, Dad didn’t mean that, I also know you are busy at work…”

“I’m sorry.” Everything was blocked in this sudden apology.

“What did you say?” Fu Chengyu looked surprised.


1 an idiom meaning; amenable to coaxing but not coercion
2 fork roasted pork
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