Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 116

Chapter 89: Qingqing Goes Back to Her In-laws’ House

In Fu Chengyu’s impression, the son who inherited his bad temper never knew what an apology was, so he was so surprised when he suddenly heard his apology today.

Fu Heng didn’t seem to be very comfortable either but he had taken care of Qingqing for a long time and these words that were difficult to say in the past, he had now become accustomed to.

After all, Qingqing is a very serious child. If you do something wrong or make her angry, the little guy will never forgive you if you don’t apologize to her.

“Look at the time… it’s getting late, go downstairs to eat first, don’t starve the child.”

Not only was Fu Heng uncomfortable, but even Fu Chengyu felt very awkward.

He seemed to have forgotten his initial complaint, stood up tremblingly, and walked out.

When Fu Heng passed by his father, he silently stretched out his hand to hold his arm.

Fu Chengyu subconsciously wanted to draw his hand, but before he could move, his other hand was held by a pair of soft little hands.

“Grandpa, Qingqing helps you.” Facing Fu Chengyu’s lowered gaze, Qingqing grinned, her small appearance was so cute that people couldn’t bear to refuse.

“Good child.” Carefully holding the child’s hand back, Fu Chengyu didn’t dare to refuse this time, for fear of breaking the child’s heart.

Qingqing and Fu Heng, one left and one right, helped Fu Chengyu downstairs.

The old man walked unsteadily, and had to take a few steps to catch his breath, but he still insisted on straightening his back and refused to bend down a little bit.

The stairs Fu Chengyu couldn’t get down. He could only sit in a wheelchair and use a wheelchair elevator to get downstairs. Even so, Fu Heng still didn’t let go of his father’s hand throughout the process.

His regret was silent, but he was making up for it with actions.

The family moved to the first floor for breakfast. The chef had already prepared a hearty breakfast at a large table. There are all kinds of them, which are guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Fu Chengyu sat in the main seat, Fu Heng naturally took Qingqing to sit at his right, and the others also took their seats.

The Fu family doesn’t have a rule of not talking when eating, but when everyone eats, they still tacitly choose to eat quietly, pretending to be a cloud of air.

At this moment of silence, the child’s voice suddenly became particularly obvious.

“Qingqing wants to eat a baobao.” Qingqing refused Fu Heng’s white porridge and asked for the char siu buns[1]steamed BBQ pork buns on the other side.

Fu Sijin, who was closest to the char siu bao, immediately took the buns and put them in front of Qingqing, while Fu Heng casually stuffed the spoonful of the rejected porridge into his mouth, then picked up the buns and gave Qingqing a small one to feed her.

Fu Chengyu’s old eyes widened in shock.

What did he see?

The indifferent and strong son of his, with a mild cleanliness, actually ate other people’s leftovers and worked hard to feed the children!

Is the sun rising in the west?

The old man subconsciously probed, trying to see if the sun outside the house was in the northeast or in the west.

It may be that his movements were too exaggerated, which attracted Fu Heng’s attention.

Fu Heng picked up his chopsticks and gave a piece of corn to his father, “Your blood sugar is too high to eat pasta and rice porridge. Eat this.”

“I can eat whatever I like, do I still want you to take care of it.” As he said, Fu Chengyu was about to clip the corn out, but Qingqing saw it sharply, “Grandpa can’t be a picky eater.”

The little guy howled loudly, not only attracting the attention of all Fu’s family, but even the servants and caregivers cast their lively eyes on the scene.

Fu Chengyu froze, “…”

This little guy is here to kill him, right?

The nurse was a little worried, for fear that the old man with a bad temper would get angry.

Then they saw Fu Chengyu’s calm face and raised the hand holding the chopsticks…

Get the corn back and eat it silently.

A smile flashed across his eyes, and Fu Heng picked another boiled egg and some fresh fruit for Fu Chengyu.

These are all things that the old man doesn’t like to eat very much. He wanted to refuse, but under the rare care of his son and Qingqing’s urgent gaze, he still had to pinch his nose and eat everything.

Huh, he was just worried that the child would cry, definitely not afraid of his son.

The meal was awkward and a little warm, not to mention Fu Heng and Fu Chengyu, who were the protagonists, and even the Fu brothers on the side felt a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, no matter how embarrassing it is, there is an end.

Fu Heng’s action of putting down the dishes and chopsticks was like a signal. Seeing that he was full, the others immediately put down the chopsticks in unison, and there seemed to be a sigh of relief vaguely.

Fu Heng picked up the napkin and wiped Qingqing’s mouth. After wiping it, he raised his eyes and looked at his father, “Where’s mother?”

He didn’t ask just now because he had expected that my mother’s situation might not be very good. Fu Heng didn’t want to ruin the family atmosphere as soon as he came up, and as long as he was at home, he would know his mother’s situation sooner or later, so he endured it until now to ask questions.

“Your mother…your mother…is sleeping, yes, she is sleeping.” Fu Chengyu lowered his head to avoid his son’s searching gaze.

“I’m going to see her.” Fu Heng got up and rushed upstairs without giving Fu Chengyu and the others time to react.

Unable to stop him, Fu Chengyu hurriedly urged the caregiver to push him upstairs.

A group of people hurriedly chased outside the door of Mrs. Fu’s room, looking at the large open door of the room, everyone stopped.

They didn’t dare to step forward, as if they were sounding the alarm and if they stepped forward and disturbed now, the consequences would be absolutely tragic.

Of all of them, only Fu Chengyu had a cold face, threw away the help of the caregiver, and walked tremblingly to the door of his wife’s room.

“Didi Didi…” The sound of the ECG is exceptionally clear. Together with the ECG, there is also the subtle sound of the blood “liquid” dialysis machine when it is running.

“How long has it been?” Fu Heng’s voice was slightly dumb.

“Not much, just half a year.” Fu Chengyu’s voice seemed to age ten years older all of a sudden.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Fu Heng’s eyes were already red.

“If your mother won’t let me say it, I dare not say it.” Fu Chengyu walked slowly into the house and sat down on the single sofa by the hospital bed, “Actually, daughter-in-law knows it. We thought she would tell you, but we were worried for a long time.”

As a result, in the end, he only heard the news of his daughter-in-law’s traveling abroad, and sent someone to investigate the news that the two were about to divorce, which directly made Fu Chengyu’s heart cold.

He didn’t think that his daughter-in-law was an unfilial person, he just felt that it should be his son’s fault.

If it weren’t to the point where it was completely unbearable, his daughter-in-law would never leave his son.

But when people are old, they always want to see the children in harmony and a happy family.

Yesterday’s invitation was actually the last struggle of the old man. Success is success, and if you don’t succeed, you can only accept your fate, but Gu Qingqing, the daughter-in-law, Fu Chengyu and his wife will always recognize her.

“She can’t tell me.”

It’s not ‘didn’t tell’, but ‘can’t tell’.

Because Gu Qingqing became little Qingqing, she lost everything, including age and memory, so it was impossible for her to remember the serious illness of her father-in-law and mother-in-law, nor could she tell Fu Heng about it.

Fu Heng didn’t understand why he was still emphasizing this point until now, but he really wanted to… he wanted to turn back time.

It doesn’t take a lot. As long as he returns to his wife before she got smaller, he will definitely push off all work that day, rush home immediately, kneel in front of his wife and beg her for forgiveness.

Since the day Qingqing became smaller, Fu Heng has been tracking down the reason for her smaller size.

Half a year passed, no matter how much, he had gained something.

In fact, Fu Heng has already guessed the reason why Qingqing has become smaller.

Not forced, but she took the initiative.

It should be some kind of existence with mysterious power, who heard her wish, but didn’t know the reason for it, and realized her wish.

——Always be a carefree child.

The result was that Qingqing got what she wanted.

She has become smaller, and she has not grown up much since then. She returns to the true innocence of youth and can always be a carefree child.

But is this injustice too cruel to those of them who care about Qingqing?

Fu Heng didn’t dare to think about this question, because in contrast, they gave Qingqing even more cruel pain.

“Son of a bitch, who will you show this ghost look to? Your parents are not dead yet, you don’t need to come to mourn in a hurry!”

There was a sudden burst of angry laughter, which shocked Fu Heng immediately to his senses.

He looked at his father who was suddenly angry, and his dazed eyes gradually returned to clarity.

“Sorry. ”Another apology.

This time Fu Chengyu didn’t have the shock at the beginning, he just felt particularly harsh.

He gestured and pulled out his ears, with a look of disgust, “Don’t just apologize all day long, you don’t look like you when you are so weak.”

“You can’t say a good word about me.”

Fu Heng was a little helpless, but he couldn’t argue with the old man.

He stretched out his arm to take the cases that had been pressed against his father’s side, and opened them one by one to read carefully.

The more he looked at it, Fu Heng’s originally heavy heart gradually relaxed.

Although the situation is still not optimistic, at least it is not the worst situation he expected.

His mother’s condition is more dangerous, kidney failure caused by diabetes.

Because the elderly are frail and too old, doctors do not recommend kidney replacement, and the kidney replacement will not last for a few years, so dialysis can only be done.

If you do dialysis and if you control it well, it won’t be a big problem to live another ten years.

My father’s situation is even simpler, with a common cold and mild tracheal inflammation.

The old man should have only recently become ill, and the doctor needs to “force” out the root of his illness before he can be cured a little bit. That’s why his father’s condition looks so serious. In fact, if he cooperates with the treatment, his father will be able to do well in less than a week and a half.

Seeing that he can still curse with full energy now, he knows that the old man is very energetic.


On the premise that Fu Chengyu is willing to cooperate with the treatment obediently.

Fu Heng’s face was cold, and his whole body was filled with cold air. Looking a bit scary, “Smoking, drinking, and eating spicy and stimulating foods. You think your condition is not serious enough, so you have to make it worse, right?”

He doesn’t know if Fu Chengyu’s attending physician has the intention of complaining. The case not only writes the cause and treatment recommendations, but also specifically notes the old man’s treatment attitude.

All the ‘good things’ he did during his treatment were clearly written on it, and he also wrote them in a neat stroke, for fear that others would not understand them.

Even if Fu Heng wants to ignore it, the attitude of this complaint is clear.


1 steamed BBQ pork buns
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