Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 117 part 2

Chapter 90: Picking Mushrooms with Qingqing part 2

By lunchtime, Mrs. Fu dialysis was done.

The old woman got up, wearing an elegant long cheongsam, holding Qingqing’s little hand, and taking her to the garden to pick petals.

Mrs. Fu had already promised just now that she would make fresh coconut milk jelly for Qingqing.

Before dinner is served, they have to pick the petals and freeze the coconut milk so that they can eat it in the afternoon.

“Qingqing likes to pick her own petals.”

Mrs. Fu smiled and handed Qingqing a small flower basket. The little girl carried the flower basket and went back and forth among the flowers, but she didn’t start to pick the flowers looking very embarrassed.

“What’s the matter, doesn’t Qingqing like to eat petals?” Mrs. Fu squatted down and asked softly.

It’s because she doesn’t think about it well. If the child doesn’t like it, no matter what she does, she won’t be able to do it.

“If you don’t like it, let’s eat something else.”

“No.” Qingqing shook her head, “It’s not that Qingqing doesn’t like it, but the teacher said to take care of the flowers and plants. The flowers are so beautiful. If Qingqing picks them, they will cry in pain.”

In order to demonstrate some short stories to children more vividly, kindergarten teachers usually use pictures or small comics to describe them.

One of the most commonly used materials is the anthropomorphization[1]attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities of flowers and plants.

Therefore, in the simple and innocent hearts of children, flowers and plants also have human feelings. They cry when they are in pain and laugh when they are happy. They are the same existence as them.

Little Qingqing’s heart is very kind.

Mrs. Fu’s eyes were gentle, she took Qingqing’s little hand and turned back to the house.

“Are we not picking flowers anymore?” Qingqing looked up at Mrs. Fu suspiciously.

“Don’t pick it anymore, grandma will make other snacks for Qingqing.” There is no coconut milk jelly then there are glutinous rice dumplings with coconut milk.

The glutinous rice noodles steamed with beef broth and white sugar are sweet and waxy, and the tundish is frozen into pieces of concentrated coconut juice, rubbed into a ball, and then dipped in a layer of coconut on the outside, and the work is done.

Even in the middle of a large table of high-end cuisine, this exquisite glutinous rice dumpling has been favored by everyone.

Fu Chengyu was the first to stretch out his chopsticks to clip it, but Mrs. Fu unceremoniously poked it away, “Your teeth are almost useless, you are not allowed to eat this, leave it to Qingqing to eat.”

The last sentence is the point.

“Children will have to lose their teeth if they eat too much sweets.”

After not eating the dim sum made by his wife, Fu Chengyu muttered unwillingly, but he didn’t dare to stretch out his chopsticks anymore.

It’s not that he is afraid, but that he understands that his wife really cares about him, so he is willing to be obedient.

Mrs. Fu knew the truth that a bowl of water must be leveled. Although she didn’t give her husband glutinous rice dumplings, she made purple rice dumplings for him.

This thing is steamed softly and has a light taste, which is very suitable for the elderly to eat.

The others were not ignored either. One glutinous rice dumpling and purple rice dumpling per person were fair.

“Thank you Grandma.” Fu Sishen smiled and thanked, with a friendly attitude.

Although he had a normal relationship with his mother in the past, he had absolutely no opinion on the two elderly people who loved him.

Moreover, his startup fund back then that drop on his head was given by his Grandma.

The office building where Fu Sishen’s studio is located originally belonged to Mrs. Fu.

“Thank you Grandma. Grandma you also eat. ”

Compared with his lively younger brother, although the relationship between Fu Sijin and the second elder is okay, it is obviously not that close.

It’s not that there is any problem, it’s just because Fu Sijin’s temperament is the same as his father, it’s dull, and he doesn’t take the initiative to get close to people.

However, the two grandchildren, to Mrs. Fu are both loved dearly, and she takes care of them while taking care of Qingqing’s meals.

The final result was that all three of them were fed. Just saying you’re hungry then Grandma will really think so and feed you a lot.

Fu Sijin, who had eaten too much and had a really uncomfortable stomach, had to go out for a walk to digest.

Hearing that he was going for a walk, Fu Sishen responded immediately, and Qingqing was also clamoring to follow.

It just so happened that Mrs. Fu had something personal to tell her son. She took advantage of the situation and let the three children go out to play, especially telling the two eldest ones to watch the only one younger one.

There is no need to say, Fu Sishen and Fu Sijin will do the same, and the two agreed very readily.

The sun was a bit hot at noon, so Fu Sijin was more careful and brought out a sunshade on purpose.

The umbrella is not big, but it is enough to cover Qingqing from the sun.

The ancestral house of the Fu family is halfway up the mountain, and behind the house is a forest.

There are no animals in it and it is very safe, so the two brothers can safely take Qingqing out to hang out.

Most of the trees in this forest are maple leaves. Now that it is winter, the maple leaves have long since fallen out, leaving only bare trees.

It looks okay during the day, but at night, it may be a little scary.

With two sons here, Qingqing doesn’t need to hold an umbrella by herself.

She held one in one hand, using the pulling power of both hands, her little body tilted forward playfully, as if she was about to fly.

Occasionally, she deliberately picks up her feet to let her body hang in the air, that is, Fu Sijin and his younger brother were strong, otherwise they really couldn’t pull the little skin monkey up the mountain.

Walking around, Qingqing suddenly found something.

She stopped, squatted down curiously, pointed her little finger somewhere on the ground and asked, “What is this?”

Fu Sishen leaned over suspiciously and bewildered, and saw clumps of colorful, vaguely dazzling mushrooms emerging from the pile of dead leaves.

He immediately pulled Qingqing back, “Don’t get close, that one is poisonous.”

“Poisonous mushrooms?” Fu Sijin also saw those colorful mushrooms.

It was the first time he had seen mushrooms in the wild, but he saw poisonous ones as soon as he saw them.

This is great luck, right?

“Can we take it back and eat it?” Qingqing was a little eager to try, but unfortunately she was double-rejected.

“No way!”

Regardless of whether these mushrooms are poisonous or not, the Fu brothers will not let Qingqing take risks.

“Okay.” Qingqing was a little disappointed, and couldn’t help muttering in a low voice, “Obviously the birds have eaten it.”

Not wanting to give up, Qingqing quickly squatted down and grabbed a mushroom while her sons were not paying attention, and hid it in her pocket.

When Fu Sijin heard the movement and cast his gaze, Qingqing returned with an ignorant and innocent look.

Fu Sijin quickly turned his head back without finding anything. He took Qingqing’s little hand again and led her back.

It’s been half an hour since they came out, and it’s almost time to go back.

Later, they have to go home and pack up a few sets of clothes and bring them over.

Fu Sijin already knew that his father was going to live in the old house for a while. Although his father’s attitude was that he and his younger brother are free to decide whether they will stay or not,Fu Sijin decided to live with them.

Grandpa and Grandma’s situation is unpleasant to say. That is, he sees one side less and the other more. He hopes that at least if he can remedy it now, he will spend more time with the elderly.

Fu Sishen had no plans to stay.

It’s not that he is unfilial, but his temperament is more careless. He didn’t expect this.

In terms of feeling, Fu Sishen completely inherited his uncle’s lack of tendency, and he would never think too much if he was not touched by a special situation.

The three of them returned to the old house one after another, and Fu Heng had already finished talking to his parents.

Mrs. Fu was very happy that her son was willing to take her daughter-in-law to stay with them, but Fu Chengyu was a little unhappy.

He is not one of those lonely and widowed old people who are eager for the company of their juniors. If they want to have children, they can call to see them occasionally. Other times, they will be free. He doesn’t want to have a son in the family who likes to take care of himself.

It’s a pity that his opinion is not used as a reference standard for the mother and son.

The Fu family’s old house originally left Fu Heng’s room and clothes and other things, so he didn’t have to go home to get them.

Qingqing’s is much simpler, just wear Fu Heng’s clothes for her when he was a child.

These items with memories were well preserved by Mrs. Fu, and they were taken out again just like the new ones, clean and tidy.

Moreover, there are also two sets of changing clothes in the nanny bag she carries with her. It is enough for adults to buy a bunch of them again.

Fu Sijin was more troublesome. Although the old house also had his room, there was nothing in it, so he had to go home and pack his clothes before he could move in the next day.

So after dinner, Fu Sijin and his younger brother said their goodbyes to their grandparents and left, driving home together. 

“Grandma ook, big dinosaur!”

Qingqing stepped on the soft carpet with her bare feet on the ground, and handed the dinosaur model in her hand to Mrs. Fu like a treasure.

After only a short time together for a long time, she seemed to have regarded Mrs. Fu as her new friend.

Children don’t care about age and other issues. As long as they are willing to play with them patiently, they are all good people.

Fu Chengyu looked a little hot-eyed, and couldn’t help but move over and wanted to talk to Qingqing, “Will Qingqing do the math?”

“I won’t.” Super invincible and righteous.

Mrs. Fu’s soft laughter came from the side, and Fu Chengyu did not give up, and continued to encourage Qingqing, “Then Grandpa, will you teach you well? ”

“Okay.” Qingqing is a baby who loves to learn, “Qingqing will count from one to one hundred.” She also knows to report her learning progress.

“Then let’s learn addition and subtraction.”

The mathematics that can make a business giant is not bad, but this big guy is lying on a small table at this time, holding a notebook to teach kindergarten children that one plus one is equal to two.

Fu Heng, who had just taken a shower and walked downstairs, saw this scene. He paused slightly and then retreated silently to the balcony.

The phone vibrates and someone calls.

“It’s me.” Obviously it was a strange number, but Bai Qiyu’s voice rang across the phone.

Fu Heng was not surprised by this, he asked directly, “What did you find out?”

“Well, there are a few photos of you when you were a child in the courier. The sender lives in this city and the address is… That is a courier delivery point. The sender should live near the new town.”

“It may not be the person who lives there.” Fu Heng said calmly.

“I know, but now that the clues have been found, I have to go over and see how it is.” Bai Qiyu knows the importance of every clue.

“Okay, you go over and check it out first, and I will rush to meet you tomorrow.”

“No, I can solve this little matter by myself, but I am a little confused about those photos, because they are not for me, so I can’t guess their meaning, I will send it to you now, you can see for yourself.”


Within three seconds, three different photos were sent to Fu Heng’s mobile phone.

These photos have been specially encrypted and can only be opened with a special password.

If the password is wrong, or the password is not entered for too long, the photos inside will be deleted immediately, and there will never be the slightest trace left.

The specific password Bai Qiyu had already told Fu Heng and Gu Lan that this was a common password agreed by the three of them. It was used in the decryption of such secret documents and could also be used to confirm the authenticity of the other party at a critical time.

After all, the world is full of fantasy, and Bai Qiyu has to take more precautions.

After entering the password, the decryption process takes a little time, and Fu Heng waits patiently.

Not long after, the three images were a little blurred, and the photos with slightly yellow edges appeared one by one.


1 attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities

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