Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 118

Chapter 91: The Person Behind the Photo

The protagonists of the three photos are all Fu Heng, which is not surprising.

In fact, after seeing so many ‘ambiguous photos’ of himself, Fu Heng was already immune.

What he cares more about is the difference between this photo and the previous few times.

In the past, various misplaced and ambiguous photos deliberately created by the other party were sent to Gu Qingqing in order to disgust her.

Now there are three photos of his childhood.

The first one was taken when he was three years old by the sea.

The second is a group photo of him and his parents on his first day of kindergarten.

The third is a surveillance photo taken in an alley.

The alley was very dark, but he, who had grown up as a teenager, was wearing a school uniform and turned his head to look inside the alley. It seemed that there was something inside that attracted his attention.

Because of the age, the edges of the three photos are all yellow, and even the facial features of the characters above are not very clear.

But Fu Heng still recognized himself at a glance.

He edited all the origins of these three photos into text messages and sent them to Bai Qiyu, which were also encrypted files.

Within a few minutes, Bai Qiyu sent a voice, “The photos this time are different from the photos given to Qingqing in the past. They shouldn’t be sent by the same person.”

“I can see it.” Fu Heng replied, “Cheng Xiaoxiao has been arrested, but someone still sends a strange courier to Qingqing, which shows that there is actually more than one person targeting Qingqing.”

It’s just that they have long guessed and this is the evidence that the courier has given them.

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

Bai Qiyu stared straight at the three photos on the computer screen with sharp eyes like an eagle and a falcon. The big hand with distinct joints was still holding the mobile phone, and his tone was inexplicable, “From my analysis, these three photos are not so much as threats but they are sent as reminders.”

“Reminder?” Fu Heng raised his eyebrows.

Did the enemy discover their conscience or is there a traitor on the opposite side?

Of course, this kind of unreliable speculation will definitely not happen.

“Correct.” With a digital pen Bai Qiyu marked suspicious points on each of the three photos in red.

“The first one is a picture of you when you were three years old, the second one is when you were in kindergarten, and the third one is in an alley. Don’t you care about this one first, just talk about the first two. Don’t you think someone is deliberately reminding you that the real enemy has discovered Qingqing’s secret. Do you want us to take more precautions?”

It is not so much to say that these three photos were sent to Gu Qingqing but instead to Qingqing’s current guardian.

Since the other party knows Qingqing’s secret, he must also know that the four-year-old child can’t understand the meaning of these photos at all, so these photos will inevitably fall into their hands.

“The other party is very careful, or may have any scruples, but the only thing that can be determined is that he has no malice towards Qingqing, and may even be on our side at some point.”

“If this is the case, then we have to find him even more. ”

Fu Heng said rationally, “A ‘helper’ whose identity is unknown, much less we don’t know whether he will really be on our side. It is better if we know the person’s identity so we can determine if he can really help us.”

There are too many uncertainties in the former, but at least they can control the latter.

Even if the other party is unwilling to help after finding them, they can at least have a bottom line in their hearts.

“Okay, give me three days.”

This is a conservative estimate, in fact, one day is enough.

“Good.” Fu Heng nodded, and then heard Bai Qiyu ask again, “It’s not that I want to explore your privacy, it’s just that the last photo…”

“That road is the only way for me to go to high school.” The Fu family has money, but obviously they don’t have the habit of coddling their children.

At that time, his home was far from the school and there was no accommodation in the school. If Fu Heng wanted to go to school, he could only let the family driver pick him up or take the subway by himself.

It takes more than 40 minutes to drive to pick up and drop off one way and that is if there’s no traffic. On the other hand, the subway only takes more than 20 minutes. Fu Heng simply chose to take the subway by himself to save time.

There is a five-minute walk from the school to the subway station, and it happens that you need to pass by that small alley.

After going back and forth for three years, Fu Heng subconsciously remembered this place no matter how he didn’t pay attention to it, not to mention that a special event happened here that year, which made the alley even more memorable.

“What special event?”

There was a flash of inspiration in Bai Qiyu’s mind, and suddenly he had an intuition that he seemed to have caught some key information.

“It’s not very special.” Fu Heng recalled carefully, “Back then, because of something wrong, I didn’t get out of school until more than nine o’clock in the evening. As a result, when I was passing by the alley, I seemed to run into a murder. That photo should have been taken by roadside surveillance. I saw what it looked like when the crime scene happened.”

Road monitoring will only last for three to seven days at most, and it will be automatically deleted if it occupies too much memory after it expires. If his photos at that time can be left to the present, he’s afraid that the other party will have been eyeing him a long time ago.

“It seems?” Bai Qiyu seized Fu Heng’s language loophole.

What is this uncertain tone?

“Well, because the murderer ran away immediately after discovering my existence, and I helped make an alarm call and an emergency call to the victim, and made sure that the other party got into the ambulance and left.”

“What about the follow-up?” Bai Qiyu feels like he’s a gossiper that’s eating melons.

It’s a pity that Fu Heng’s cold words extinguished his rare interest in gossip, “I didn’t pay attention to the follow-up.”

As a passerby, his helping hand is enough, and it is naturally impossible to blend in with this kind of thing.

Fu Heng didn’t even know whether the rescued child was alive or dead. The only certainty was that at least when he left, that person was still alive.

Even before getting into the ambulance, he said to him hoarsely, “Thank you.”

“The other party is sending this photo now, is it…”

Everyone is a smart person, Bai Qiyu and Fu Heng immediately thought of something together.

“The other party hinted that the real murderer behind the scenes had something to do with this matter.” The two said in unison.

As the words fell, a crisp sound of bells suddenly came from Fu Heng’s side.

The temperature of the night was slightly cool, and the outside of the balcony was dim and silent. In this environment, the sudden sound of bells was so weird that it made people’s skin numb.

Bai Qiyu instantly took the phone away, his face was a little pale, but Fu Heng was expressionless and calm.

“Are you afraid of ghosts?” In order to facilitate communication, the two are now in a video call, so the person on the other side can see clearly what the state of the other party is now.

“I didn’t.” How could Bai Qiyu admit his weakness?

Just as the two big men were having a heated discussion about whether the other party was afraid of ghosts or not, the bell sounded louder, and the tender little milky voice of Qingqing sounded immediately, “Uncle, what are you doing here?”

Fu Heng turned his head and saw Qingqing wearing a goose-yellow nightdress with small lace, without shoes, and two small silver bells dangling on each of the two white cute feet. Obviously, the sound just now was made by Qingqing when she was walking around. .

He doesn’t know when his mother pulled out the toddler’s anklet and put it on Qingqing.

“Why is Qingqing here?”

Fu Heng squatted down and seemingly unintentionally turned the phone screen to the other side, letting the man on the opposite side look at the scenery outside.

Bai Qiyu, “……”

“Grandma stewed the soup and asked if you would drink it.”

It turned out that the little guy was here to complete the calling task assigned by the elders.

“Drink, you go in, uncle will be there in a while.”

Fu Heng coaxed Qingqing to leave, and then said to Bai Qiyu, “You heard it too, I have something to do here, so let’s hang up first.”

“…” Bai Qiyu, “Do you dare to let me see Qingqing.”

“I dare not.” After hanging out with Qingqing for a long time, Fu Heng has learned to choke someone to death without paying for their life.

Bai Qiyu hung up angrily.

With thin lips slightly curled, Fu Heng walked into the house in a happy mood, and heard his father say to his mother, “How many years of clothes have you still kept?”

“It’s a memorial in the end.”

“Hey, I didn’t think much about it back then, otherwise, taking advantage of that brat who didn’t understand anything, I took a picture of the way he wore a skirt when he was a kid, and now I can laugh at him and see if he dares to be angry with me again. If I get angry, I will send out a photo of his skirt and let everyone come to see the joke.”

It turned out that the little skirt on Qingqing was worn by Fu Heng when he was a child.

Fu Heng, “……”

You are really my father.

Mrs. Fu glanced at her husband blankly, “Don’t you dare to give it a try. The older you grow up, the more you live, the more you go back to being childish. It’s naive.”

“What do you know? I call this a young state, keeping up with the fashion trend, so as not to be abandoned by the times.” Fu Chengyu retorted unconvincingly.

“Too lazy to talk about you, I’ll serve Qingqing soup.”

Mrs. Fu obviously didn’t want to talk more to the old boy, so she got up and went to the kitchen.

Fu Chengyu got up and wanted to follow, but was stopped, “Your legs and feet are not good, don’t follow and get in the way.”

The latter sentence was just duplicity, and there was absolutely no intention to dislike Fu Chengyu, but it revealed a deep concern.

Mrs. Fu’s body is actually quite tough, but she will be weaker every time she has dialysis.

In fact, since she started dialysis, her mental state is better than before, and she no longer has to be so strict with some things that she couldn’t eat before, so she can taste some appropriately.

This obviously stimulated the old man’s appetite, so much so that Mrs. Fu, who had long been tired of cooking, began to pick up this hobby again.

Especially now that there are two more children in the family, the elderly like to cook food for the children at home.

There is no need to give anything in return, just give a delicious evaluation after eating, you can make the old woman laugh from ear to ear.

Two children, one is Qingqing and the other is Fu Chengyu.

Fu Heng is already a mature adult, and there are only these two children in the family.

The fish soup stewed by Mrs. Fu has a lot of ginger and has no fishy smell⁠— only the sweetness of seafood and the spicy taste of ginger are left.

Add other condiments and simmer together for more than three hours in a row. It is very delicious after it is out of the pot. It can also get rid of the cold and nourish the body.

One bowl for one person is just enough to clean up a whole pot of fish soup.

Fu Chengyu picked up his mobile phone and took a picture and sent it to his circle of friends: 

My son took my daughter-in-law to visit us, and the family arrived.

[Picture, four bowls of milkish white color fish soup together] 

(Only Fu Heng is not visible.)

Everyone is very idle at this point, and as soon as the post was sent out to his circle of friends, the reply below is instantly lively.

Lao Zhang: Your kid is so filial, unlike my bad-hearted thing, he can’t see anyone all day long.

Lao Li: So envious.


Fu Sijin: ……

Fu Sishen: …?

Fu Sishen: Grandpa, don’t you think something is missing?

Fu Chengyu replied to Fu Sishen: Nothing’s missing.

Fu Sijin replied to Fu Chengyu: Excuse me, don’t we deserve to have a name.

Even Fu Sijin, who has always been mature and calm, couldn’t help but stand up and complain, which shows how helpless the two brothers are to their old man.

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