Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 119

Chapter 92: The Man Who Sent the Courier

“Qingqing, will you sleep with grandma tonight?”

After drinking the fish soup, Mrs. Fu smiled and took Qingqing’s little hand.

The little guy has a scent of milk, sweet, but not greasy. It smells very comfortable, like a soft marshmallow.

It must be very comfortable to sleep with her in your arms at night.

Qingqing didn’t answer, and looked at Fu Heng hesitatingly with her small eyes.

She wants to sleep with her uncle, but she can’t bear to refuse the old woman. What if grandma becomes sad?

Children are simple-minded and put everything on their faces, and adults can see through it at a glance.

Mrs. Fu sighed in her heart that her daughter-in-law had a good relationship with her son even if she became smaller, so she couldn’t be the bad guy. She immediately said, “Grandma suddenly remembered, grandma likes to move when she sleeps. So Qingqing you sleep with Ah-Heng and don’t be pressed down by grandma.”

This is obviously self-blackening, in order to give Qingqing a step down.

Qingqing couldn’t hear the meaning behind it, she really thought that grandma was so active when she slept, so she couldn’t take her to sleep.

She was a little excited in her heart. Obviously, she couldn’t help having a smile on her face. Qingqing had to fight back being happy, afraid that grandma would not be happy, “Qingqing  will sleep with her uncle, grandma don’t worry.”

She patted her small chest as if she had accepted some important task, and Fu Chengyu couldn’t help laughing when he saw it.

“This little clever guy.” So cute.

Fu Chengyu suddenly regretted that he had given birth to a brat back then and didn’t have a cute little padded jacket, but after thinking about it, it was too hard for a woman to have a child, so forget it.


Bai Qiyu was very efficient in doing things, and he called Fu Heng early the next morning.

“I found someone, the other party lives in…, we can go over at any time.”

Hearing the fatigue that could not be concealed in the voice on the opposite side, Fu Heng frowned, “You didn’t sleep last night?”

Bai Qiyu let out a sigh, “In order to be in a hurry, I stayed up all night.”

Speaking of this, Bai Qiyu couldn’t help sighing, and sighed, “Now I finally realize that I am old. Obviously, when I was on a mission before, I was very energetic without sleeping for three days and three nights. As a result, I only stayed up all night now, and I feel like I can’t do it anymore.”

“…Remember to put a few more wolfberries in the vacuum flask.”

This is not a mockery, it is a sincere suggestion.

After all, everyone is from the same side, even if they are love rivals, it is not good to hit a person who fell down.

Bai Qiyu was silent for a while, his dull brain was a bit stuck, and when he finally realized the meaning of Fu Heng’s words, he said, “Get lost. ”

“Dudu…” The phone was hung up.

“Uncle?” Qingqing was awakened by the sound of Fu Heng’s phone call. The little guy curled up in the quilt like a worm, squirming twice in the quilt, and then stopped moving.

Fu Heng chuckled softly, pulled open her quilt, and exposed her small face.

Sure enough, she fell asleep again.

But today is not a good time to sleep in.

He washed Qingqing’s face, brushed her teeth, changed clothes, and combed her hair… After a complete set of processes, no matter how sleepy people are, they have to wake up.

But being awake does not mean that you are really out of the dream.

Until Qingqing, who was wearing a little boy’s overalls, a white t-shirt, and a baseball cap buttoned on her head, was placed on the newly bought child seat, she was still a little confused, and didn’t know what time it was.

“Yo, where is this handsome guy from?”

Mrs. Fu, who went downstairs, saw Qingqing’s appearance today, and couldn’t help but laugh and tease her.

The one she wears today is also Fu Heng’s childhood clothes, standard boy’s clothing.

In fact, there are still small skirts in the closet, but as long as you think of these skirts, they are likely to have been on him back then, Fu Heng……

Close the wardrobe door with a black face.

Sure enough, the child’s biggest black history is not himself, but a pair of parents who are ‘playing’ without restraint.

“Does Qingqing look good?”

Qingqing wore boys’ clothes for the first time and felt very fresh.

“It looks good, Qingqing is so handsome. ”

Mrs. Fu was able to join in, and a fancy rainbow fart made Qingqing’s face flushed and bloomed with joy.

To be honest, there is no exaggeration.

Qingqing is already good-looking, coupled with the special appeal of children who are still indistinguishable from males and females, she really looks like a delicate and handsome little boy when dressed up. She can definitely “fascinate” a lot of weird aunts and little girls when she goes out.

If Fu Heng went out with Qingqing, the return rate would definitely be 200%.

When the two got out of the car, Bai Qiyu, who saw Qingqing, couldn’t help but be taken aback, and then laughed, “Qingqing is so handsomely dressed up today.”

“Hehe, thank you Uncle Bai for your compliment.”

Qingqing has been praised many times, but she is still very happy every time she hears it.

“Where are the people?” Fu Heng waited for Bai Qiyu and Qingqing to finish chatting before cutting directly to the subject.

“In the building in front.”

Most of the houses here are self-built. The floor planning is not as regular as the community, but the scattered buildings are also a bit heavy with years. Walking in them is like traveling through time, and there is a different kind of ancient feeling.

The sender Bai Qiyu investigated lived in one of these small three-story bungalows.

The iron door of the white-painted bungalow was tightly closed, and it’s unclear whether the owner was at home. With the intention of trying it out, Bai Qiyu rang the doorbell.

Far away, Fu Heng and others could hear the doorbell coming from the bungalow.

But after pressing it more than a dozen times, there was still no answer inside. Fu Heng and the others finally had to admit that they had come too untimely and unfortunately caught up with the owner’s absence.

Maybe the owner is actually there, but when people make up their minds to pretend to be a turtle, they just don’t take the lead to show their presence.

In broad daylight, Fu Heng and the others couldn’t break into the house hard, so they had to go back first and then make plans slowly.

Anyway, if they want to run away, the monks can’t run away from the temple, so they don’t believe that under their guard, someone can escape from inside.

“Who are you?” A little boy’s voice came from behind everyone, “Why are you blocking in front of my house?” ”

Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu turned their heads abruptly when they heard the sound, scaring the little boy two steps back.

Looking up at the two tall adults in front of him, the little boy was a little timid, but the dignity of a man did not allow him to be soft. He plucked up the courage and continued to ask, “You…what’s the matter with you?”

In the end, the words of the boy were still a little bit lower, and the capital letters were weak.

“Little brother.” Qingqing remembered the child very well, and recognized the identity of the little boy in front of her.

He is Han Weilan’s younger brother, the youngest son of the mean-looking old grandma.

“You… hello.” Little Brother Han can follow the adults to choke, but in the face of children younger than himself, he subconsciously becomes very gentle.

This kind of gentleness is not directly reflected in the face and words, but in actual actions.

Fu Heng saw it coldly. After Qingqing appeared, the little boy in front of him immediately put away his spikes, and even his behavior became well-behaved and polite.

He should know Qingqing.

But Fu Heng couldn’t remember when he had seen him.

“You haven’t said what you are blocking in front of my house for?” Little Brother Han, who is gentle to Qingqing, is not very good to others.

“This is your home?” Fu Heng had an ominous feeling in his heart.

“That’s right.” Brother Han admitted without hesitation.

He walked forward over the crowd and said directly, “Open the door. ”

“Okay, welcome home.”

The smart door lock recognizes Brother Han’s voice and automatically opens the door immediately.

Brother Han, who was carrying a small school bag, was halfway there, and suddenly stopped and asked, “Won’t you come in?”

Fu Heng didn’t know him, but he knew that this man knew his bad-tempered sister, so he sent out an invitation.

Because I feel that the other party is not a bad person.

“Are the elders in your family at home?”

Bai Qiyu didn’t have Fu Heng’s complicated thoughts, so he took a long step to keep up with the children.

“No, my sister went to stop the car and will come over in a while.”

There are very few parking spaces for self-built houses, and everyone who lives here generally parks their cars in front of the door or on the side of the road downstairs at will.

However, since the city began to build civilization, this kind of irregular parking has been strictly regulated. Anyone who dares to park indiscriminately will immediately receive a fine, two hundred yuan at a time, with a price code clearly marked.

After a long time, residents who have cultivated traffic awareness will no longer dare to stop and park indiscriminately.

The people around them all uniformly park their cars in a large parking lot nearby, and they only need to pay more than a hundred yuan for parking every month, which can easily solve the problem of difficult parking.

The only trouble is that after parking the car, you have to walk home by yourself.

During the holidays, younger brother Han went to a hobby class, and today it was Han Weilan who went to pick him up.

For convenience, Han Weilan put her brother down near home first, and drove the car to park by herself.

The neighbors nearby are all well-informed, and when they see each other, the children of each family will help take care of them, and there is a police station next door to their house, which is very safe.

When Han Weilan parked the car and returned home, as soon as she opened the door, she was stunned by the lively scene in front of her.

One, two, three, four, there are actually four people sitting in her living room, and she knows all four of them.

“Why are you all at my house?” Han Weilan looked suspicious and confused.

“We have something to do, I wonder if we can talk to Miss Han alone?” Although they are both good friends of Gu Qingqing, Bai Qiyu and Han Weilan are not familiar with each other.

In addition to the different circles of life of the two, it is also because they have no plans to get to know each other.

But they still know each other’s existence.

This is the first formal meeting between them. After a quick glance at the farmhouse before, they actually met.

So Han Weilan is really unfamiliar with Bai Qiyu.

She had no idea what these people were after with her.

But since the other party wants to talk……

Lifting her long hair in a graceful manner, Han Weilan turned around and went out. When she walked to the door, she looked back and smiled, “Come with me.”

Home is not a good place to chat.

Bai Qiyu and the others, who thought Han Weilan was going to be a demon, were taken to a small noodle restaurant nearby by her, a little confused.

“Madam boss, the old rule, come to a bowl of beef noodles with meatballs, noodles, braised eggs and vegetables.” No matter what others think, Han Weilan orders food as soon as she enters the store.

She was so busy with work that she didn’t have time to eat. She was hungry for a day yesterday. She was rushed out by her mother to pick up her brother from class without eating this morning. If she didn’t eat anything, she might have to be killed on the spot.

If she really fainted, I don’t know if these people will find out in their conscience and call her an ambulance.

“Okay!” The owner of the noodle shop neatly ordered a large bowl of beef noodles for Han Weilan. After serving it in a bowl the size of a small washbasin, the richness of the ingredients in it was simply amazing.

It seems that Han Weilan is a regular customer of this store, and the owner has added a lot of ingredients.

After glancing at her face, Han Weilan was taken aback, “Madam boss, did you make a mistake for me? There is a lot of miscellaneous beef. ”

“That’s right, the meat is for you. Look at how thin you are. You are almost a bamboo pole. Girls have to have a limit for their love of beauty. Don’t always go on a ‘messy’ diet to lose weight. Your body must be broken. Eat more to make up for your body.”

The owner of the noodle shop said a lot of things in a rambling manner, but there was a sincere sense of intimacy in the ears of people.

Han Weilan was a little moved, pulling the noodles and responding in a low voice, “Hmm.”

“Young man, what do you want to eat? We have porridge, noodles and rice in our shop.”

After talking about Han Weilan, she saw two big men with a child stuck in the middle of the store, and immediately asked loudly.

“Just three bowls of beef noodles.” Bai Qiyu said quickly, and then took Qingqing to sit across from Han Weilan’s table.

Fu Heng was one step late and had no place but to sit at the table next to them.

After eating a small half-bowl of noodles, there was some stock in her stomach, and the whole person was finally out of extreme hunger. Only then did Han Weilan took the initiative to ask, “Come on, what’s the matter with you coming to me?”

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