Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 120

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Chapter 93: Drama vs Drama

Since Bai Qiyu took the initiative to sit opposite Han Weilan, it showed that he wanted to talk to the other party in person.

Even so, Fu Heng sat quietly and listened to the conversation between the two while feeding Qingqing noodles.

The little guy drank a bottle of milk when she got up in the morning and was now hungry.

Facing the noodles that were delivered to her mouth, she took a big mouthful and chewed, her small mouth was stuffed full, and was not afraid of choking.

“Chew a few more times before swallowing.” Fu Heng carefully wiped the soup from the corners of Qingqing’s lips with a paper towel.

Han Weilan glanced at them, then looked at Bai Qiyu again, waiting for his inquiry.

“Have you sent a courier to Gu Qingqing recently?”

Bai Qiyu asked straightforwardly, he didn’t bother to pave the way for those roundabouts and useless temptations.

“Yes.” Han Weilan bluntly said, “Qingqing’s birthday was two days ago. I sent her a gift. It’s the express delivery in the same city that should arrive on the same day.”

“What? Is there a problem with that gift?” Without waiting for Bai Qiyu to continue asking, Han Weilan herself doubted, “Is Qingqing allergic? But it’s not right. I chose the suit according to Qingqing’s skin type. It’s impossible for her to be allergic.”

If you want to say who knows the state of your skin best, except for yourself, it is definitely your best friend.

Bai Qiyu, who heard more and more wrong details, quickly interrupted Han Weilan’s words, “What did you send to Gu Qingqing?” ”

How does he feel that he doesn’t understand what the other party is talking about?

“Skin care set, the latest model from the x family, has a significant whitening and anti-aging effect, and the number of new products is limited. I stayed up late and stepped on it before I finally got a set. I didn’t use it myself. I gave it to Qingqing as a birthday gift.” Han Weilan took it for granted.

Although he is very rich, he is a rough man who does not pay attention to skin care, Bai Qiyu/Fu Heng, “…”

This touches their blind spot of knowledge.

Bai Qiyu gave Fu Heng a look, Fu Heng picked up the phone and sent a text message, then nodded slightly.

It is confirmed that among the gifts received by Qingqing, there is indeed a new skin care set. The price is quite expensive. It is skin-friendly and gentle, and it is available for sensitive skin. It can be seen that Han Weilan prepared this gift very carefully.

The introduction in the middle was completely added by the younger son himself, and Fu Heng glanced at it and skipped it.

Nowadays, young people, regardless of men or women, can really toss their faces.

Han Weilan’s courier arrived on the morning of Qingqing’s birthday, the same as her words, and it was the right time for the information that Bai Qiyu found out.

So they wronged good people?

No, since they found something, it is impossible for Bai Qiyu to be sent away in a few words.

“Sorry to delay your time, can I ask another question?”

“You say it.” Han Weilan, who was eating, was very talkative.

“For some reason, I accidentally checked your personal information and found that your father was imprisoned for something as early as 30 years ago, but your brother is already six years old this year. Take the liberty to ask, your brother’s father…”

The movement of the chopsticks clamping the noodles paused slightly, and then was poked into the noodles fiercely.

Han Weilan raised her head and looked directly into Bai Qiyu’s eyes, her pretty face cold.

“You made two mistakes. First, I don’t have a father, he died a long time ago, and second, my brother is an illegitimate son, and the father is unknown. Is this the answer you want? Just ask.”

“I’m sorry.” Bai Qiyu immediately apologized.

He had a great existence outside, but unexpectedly, he was chopped up and trained as a grandson in a small noodle restaurant. He couldn’t fight back and held back.

The mood was completely destroyed, and they no longer had intentions to enjoy the noodles.

Han Weilan picked up her mobile phone and got up directly, ready to leave, “Madam boss, just give our receipt together, you just calculate it at the original price.”


Seeing Han Weilan leaving, Bai Qiyu subconsciously wanted to stop her, but was caught by the boss who moved faster.

“You haven’t paid yet. A bowl of beef noodles is fifteen yuan, and three bowls of noodles are forty-five. The blue ones are added with ingredients. One ingredient is added for two yuan. It costs twenty-three, a total of sixty-eight yuan. ”

“Keep the change.” He took a hundred yuan and directly gave it to the boss as Bai Qiyu still wanted to chase after her, but was caught by the upright boss.

“Don’t keep the change, why are you such a young man who doesn’t know how to live life frugally? If you don’t want a few tens of dollars, you don’t want it. If you go back, you won’t be scolded as a loser by your daughter-in-law.”

The boss gave Bai Qiyu a blank look and refused to let him go. She didn’t let him go until she found some change.

At this time, Han Weilan had already disappeared, and there was no chance to chase.

Bai Qiyu smiled angrily, “…”

Until now, if he couldn’t see that the boss was deliberately delaying time for Han Weilan, he would have lived these years in vain.

Turning around and going back to the shop, he saw Fu Heng still feeding Qingqing noodles leisurely, almost making Bai Qiyu angry, “You still have time to eat noodles now!”

Taken aback by the sudden outbreak of Bai Qiyu, Qingqing stopped eating noodles and looked at him stupidly, tears began to gradually swirl in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m not talking about you, Qingqing, be good, eat noodles, uncle is wrong, you continue to eat, uncle will stop talking.”

Coaxing Qingqing in a mess and flusteredly, Bai Qiyu finally realized what it meant to lift a stone and smash his foot.

It’s hard for the little guy to be wronged. In addition to apologizing for his small intentions, he has to promise to buy toys and snacks, otherwise you will wait for someone to hold a grudge against you for a week.

Children who have a good memory have to remember to hold grudges for a very long time.

When Qingqing’s little head was buried in the noodle bowl again, Bai Qiyu stared at Fu Heng with bad eyes, “Why didn’t you chase her just now?”

This person just watched the show on purpose.

“I can’t catch up, there is no need.”

Fu Heng flung six words to Bai Qiyu lightly, and Bai Qiyu was furious.

He found that this rival was really annoying, he didn’t know what Qingqing liked about him in the first place.

Sitting opposite Fu Heng with his bowl of noodles, Bai Qiyu snorted and ate all the noodles.

He didn’t eat in the morning and was hungry.

Moreover, this shop is small, but the beef noodles are strong and delicious.

“Do you think Han Weilan is that person?” After eating a bowl of noodles, Bai Qiyu, who was still impetuous just now, instantly regained his composure.

In fact, he just pretended to show it to others on purpose.

“Didn’t you dispel your suspicion of her?” Fu Heng poured a glass of warm water for Qingqing and took a sip.

The noodles are a bit salty, so give Qingqing more water to drink.

“That’s right.” Bai Qiyu confessed, “All this is too coincidental, sometimes there are too many coincidences, that is, it is not a coincidence at all.”

Han Weilan’s figure appeared near the courier point.

Her house is where Bai Qiyu investigated.

On Qingqing’s birthday, two couriers, one after the other, cleverly cleared her of suspicion.

And the calmness when she saw them today, as if she had known that someone would come to the door recently.

One by one, coincidences are listed, and a truth can be easily pieced together.

Fu Heng’s childhood photos were sent by Han Weilan. She knew who the real villain behind Qingqing was, and had already learned the secret of Qingqing’s smaller size, and deliberately reminded them to protect Qingqing.

As soon as the logical chain is clarified, many things will be solved.

Why did Qingqing disappear for so long, Han Weilan did nothing except verbal threats at the beginning.

Why did you see a child who looked exactly the same as your best friend without questioning anything, so you directly believed what they said on the surface.


Han Weilan is very meticulous, but unfortunately she has no professional training, and some details are still exposed to flaws, so that Bai Qiyu, a professional, can seize the loopholes and solve the mystery.

“She is a breakthrough.” Bai Qiyu said with a little excitement.

In the game of hunters and prey, they finally caught the traces of the enemy.

“Forget it.” Fu Heng suddenly stopped Bai Qiyu’s movements, “Stop pestering Han Weilan, let’s pretend that nothing happened. She didn’t give us a warning, and we never found her.”

“You mean you want me to give up this important clue? Give me a reason.” Bai Qiyu was not angry, but calmly asked for an explanation.

“Because Qingqing will be sad.”

In just seven words, Bai Qiyu was speechless.

Han Weilan has her own secrets that she doesn’t want to be explored.

If they want to use her as a breakthrough, they are bound to continue to track it down. At that time, it will be easy to dig up some unknown secrets, which is likely to hurt others.

No one can predict the consequences of this.

But as Fu Heng said, if Gu Qingqing knew, she would be very sad and even angry with them.

And the last thing they want now is to make Qingqing sad.

Bai Qiyu was a little bit uncomfortable, the clues that he had finally tracked down were actually given up when he said he would give up.

“If we are sure that the sender is Han Weilan, we can let go of more than half of our hearts.” Seeing his unhappiness, Fu Heng spoke rarely to comfort his rival.

“I don’t know much about her, but I know that Han Weilan will never hurt Qingqing, no matter what the relationship between the person who really wants to harm Qingqing and her is.”

“You don’t need to comfort me. If you don’t have a clue, it’s gone. It’s a big deal. If I keep looking, I can always catch the mouse hiding in the gutter.”

A cold light flashed across the depths of Bai Qiyu’s dark eyes.


Han Weilan walked home quickly all the way, panting.

She picked up the cold cup of water on the table and poured herself several times. She didn’t drink enough, so she continued to go to the water dispenser to pick up the water and was drinking.

“You are not afraid to die if you drink so much water.”

Brother Han’s voice came faintly from behind, and Han Weilan, who was drinking water, was choked with fright.


She hurriedly put the cup down, covered her mouth and coughed.

That heartbreaking look scared Little Brother Han. He stared round a pair of hyacinth eyes that were exactly the same as Han Weilan, and quickly leaned in to pat her on the back.

“You…are you okay? Why are you in such a hurry to drink water? No one won’t let you drink water. ”

“It’s not you who won’t let me drink water. Not only do you not let me drink it, you also want this mother’s life.”

Han Weilan, who finally breathed a sigh of relief, sat on the ground exhausted and unable to get up.

“Don’t sit on the ground, it’s dirty.”

Brother Han frowned and took her by the arm to pull her up.

Han Weilan remained motionless, and the weight of an adult woman, no matter how light it was, was not something a six-year-old child could hold up.

“Han Weilan!” When he found out that Han Weilan couldn’t get up on purpose, Younger Brother Han became angry.

“Here!” Han Weilan replied loudly, looking at the Younger Brother Han’s angry face with a grin.

She likes to see the child who is obviously angry but helpless with her. This little face is much more vivid than that person.

“If you don’t get up, pay me back!” Brother Han offered a killing move.

“I don’t owe you any money, do I?” Han Weilan deeply suspected that Younger Brother Han was deceiving her.

“Why not? You asked me to send you the courier two days ago, and said that you would give me ten yuan of pocket money after sending it. I went, but you haven’t paid me the courier fee until now.”

He was completely blind and had to post the money upside down[1]to lose money instead of being paid , making him so angry.

I knew that Han Weilan, a bad woman, was not a good thing.

“I raised you so much, what’s wrong with you paying me a few dollars in advance for the courier fee?” Han Weilan looked aggrieved, and looking at her brother’s eyes was like looking at a guilty scumbag.

Brother Han, “……”

He threw away Han Weilan’s arm and went upstairs to do his homework.

He doesn’t care about this woman scum anymore!


1 to lose money instead of being paid
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