Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 121

Chapter 94: The Second Amusement Park

Bai Qiyu couldn’t investigate more about Han Weilan, but he had another way.

Now that it has been determined that the real murderer is likely to have something to do with Han Weilan, just take her as the center and check the people around her one by one.

Even if it is not convenient to do so without the help of the parties concerned, it will take some time at most.

They have been waiting for so long, and they don’t mind continuing to wait patiently.

However, the hard-to-find clue that was cut off is still very unpleasant, especially when this clue is obviously useful.

Without even thinking of continuing to accompany Qingqing, Bai Qiyu left alone with a dark expression after eating.

“Uncle Bai was angry.”

Qingqing pointed to Bai Qiyu’s back and said, the little guy’s ability to observe words and expressions is really accurate.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be angry soon.”

Rubbing Qingqing’s little head, Fu Heng took her little hand to take her back.

Unexpectedly, the little hand was not held tightly, so the little guy ran out.

“Qingqing!” Fu Heng’s expression changed slightly, and hurriedly rushed over to chase until he saw Qingqing pounce on Bai Qiyu’s feet, holding one of his legs tightly with two chubby arms, leaning her little head on his back, not knowing what she was talking about.

It’s more likely nothing more than coaxing people not to be angry or something.

Qingqing is very sensible, but Fu Heng occasionally hopes that she will not be so sensible. Even if she becomes a child, he doesn’t like his wife’s attention to be attracted to other men.

But this time, it was counted as his loss.

With a sigh, Fu Heng stepped forward and handed Qingqing’s small bag to Bai Qiyu, “If you are free today, take her out to play. The previous promise to take Qingqing to the amusement park has not been fulfilled, so just take her now. Go.”

Taking Qingqing’s small bag easily, Bai Qiyu looked at Fu Heng suspiciously, “What about you?”

If he doesn’t go, can he bring Qingqing by himself?

Even if he thought that his love for Qingqing was no less than Fu Heng, or even much deeper than him, Bai Qiyu still didn’t have the confidence to take care of children.

His nephew already has a certain ability to take care of himself, just take care of eating and drinking. Qingqing is too young, and Bai Qiyu has no parenting experience himself. What if he can’t take care of her well?

“I believe you.” Patting Bai Qiyu on the shoulder, Fu Heng turned and left.

If you lose an important clue, you have to find a more important one to make up for it.

Fu Heng’s eyes were cold.

Since the tips for the three photos given by Han Weilan were given to him, only he could naturally see some of the information.

Regarding the real murderer, Fu Heng has actually some guesses, but he still need to find someone to check it carefully before he can be sure.

“Does uncle want to take Qingqing to the amusement park?”

Qingqing hugged Bai Qiyu’s thigh tightly, looking at him with shining eyes— she had just heard the conversation of the adults.

“Go.” Bai Qiyu won’t break his promise if he promised it beforehand.

Although he didn’t know when he had promised this.

“Shall we stop by to pick up the Nian Gao and go together? ”

Taking Qingqing in the car together, thinking that since they had all taken one, in order not to be unfair, they might as well take the other one with them.

It just so happens that Nian Gao is about to go to elementary school. Then take him to play around before he starts school. It can be regarded as helping him celebrate that he is about to leave the ranks of kindergarten children and become a primary school student.

Bai Qiyu called his eldest brother on the road and told him that he was going to take his nephew to play.

Brother Bai didn’t even think long and agreed, he also asked if his younger brother could help with taking care of Nian Gao for a few more days. 

It happened that he was going out with his wife for their nth honeymoon, but the grandfather and grandmother of the Bai family had already joined an old group with a group of old friends and went to the countryside to pick grapes.

There is no one at home, and the couple are worried about what to do if there is no one to take the child.

He had already begun to hesitate whether to cancel the trip or take the children with him but now his younger brother consciously sent himself to the door.

“Okay, put Nian Gaowith me, so you can go and play with peace of mind.”

Bringing Nian Gao is not a very troublesome thing so Bai Qiyu agreed.

After receiving an accurate reply, Brother Bai hung up the phone ecstatic.

Then he took a brisk step and ran to his wife, urging her to pack her son’s luggage quickly, ready to pack him and send him to his younger brother.

Nian Gao is playing puzzles at home.

A jigsaw puzzle with more than three hundred pieces was placed in front of him, so he could be quiet and piece together the patterns carefully.

It was at this time that Qingqing and Bai Qiyu arrived.

After coming many times, Qingqing has long been acquainted with the parents of Nian Gao.

As soon as he entered the door, the little guy began to call people sweetly, “Hello, uncle and aunt.”

“Qingqing is so good, Nian Gao is on the balcony upstairs, so you can just go up and find him.” Nian Gao’s mother squatted down gently, holding a bag of biscuits and stuffing it into Qingqing’s little hand, “I’ll give this to you to eat.”

“Thank you auntie.”

Qingqing thanked sweetly, took the biscuits given by Nian Gao’s mother, and rushed up to the second floor on her short legs to find him.

There is a large open-air balcony on the second floor of Nian Gao’s house. This balcony is carefully arranged by his mother into a small indoor garden and a miniature children’s playground. The ground is covered with a soft carpet, and he is lying there playing puzzles.

“Brother Nian Gao.”

Qingqing’s little milk voice came from a distance and the tip of the Nian Gao’s ears moved slightly, and immediately raised his head, “Sister Qingqing.”

He abandoned the puzzle that had just been carefully pieced together in a second, got up and rushed directly to the entrance of the stairs, just in time to greet Qingqing who was slowly climbing up.

Qingqing has short calves, and stairs of normal height for adults are mountains for her.

Nian Gao looked down condescendingly, and saw Qingqing shrink into a small ball, lying on the stairs, slowly climbing up with her hands and feet, just like a slowly rolling dumpling.

Worried that Qingqing would fall, Nian Gao hurriedly walked down, carefully holding his sister’s little hand, and taking her to the stairs.

“Why doesn’t Sister Qingqing take the elevator?” His house has an elevator installed.

“…can’t press it.” Qingqing said slowly.

Height is a mishap, so there is no need to mention this kind of sad topic.

Although everyone in the family kept Qingqing not growing much from her, as the friends around her grew up one by one, Qingqing gradually discovered her differences.

She hadn’t realized how big she was, but she vaguely felt that she didn’t seem to have changed much, the most significant thing was her height.

Find a reference, if Qingqing was originally just right at the ears of Nian Gao, then now she can only touch his shoulders

With such a big gap even blind people can find something wrong, not to mention that Qingqing is not blind, but she is very smart.

So over time, the little guy became a little sensitive to the issue of height and didn’t like to hear others mention it.

Especially on the topic of her shortness, whether intentionally or unintentionally, she refuses to chat!

But Qingqing likes Nian Gao, and his words are not intentional, so she quickly chose to forgive him and played puzzles with him.

The biscuits given by Nian Gao’s mother were used by the two children as energy to replenish their brain power. Sharing them piece by piece, a small packet of biscuits didn’t last long, and they were eaten up.

Fortunately, Qingqing is now attracted by the puzzle with all her mind, and ate snacks without making trouble.

The children upstairs had a good time, and the elder Brother Bai downstairs was still struggling, reluctantly explaining to his younger brother the precautions for taking care of his son.

In fact, in Bai Qiyu’s eyes, he looked like he was overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to get rid of the burden of his child so that he could enjoy the romantic two-person world with his wife.

He twitched the corner of his mouth and reminded in a low voice, “Pay attention to your expression.”

Brother, you are almost laughing out loud.

“Ahem… my mouth was a little cramped just now, I wasn’t actually laughing, really!”

Brother Bai pretended to cough softly, and quickly sorted out his expression.

The mother of the Nian Gao walked over with the small suitcase packed for him, gave her husband a blank look, and then smiled apologetically at Bai Qiyu.

“Trouble my brother, to take care of Nian Gao. He recently needs to take hobby classes to learn violin and calligraphy. They are all at the Children’s Palace in the city center. You can take him there at 8 o’clock in the morning and pick up the child at 11 noon. It’s good to come back. Other times, Nian Gao will arrange the time by himself, so it won’t bother you too much.”

This is the sincere entrustment of his mother, and Brother Bai was completely throwing away his burden just now.

This is not the first time Bai Qiyu helped take care of Nian Gao. Bai Qiyu naturally took the luggage of Nian Gao and promised his brother and sister-in-law, “I will take care of Nian Gao.”

“That’s okay, I’ll call the two children down. You have to go to the amusement park. Go early, since you have to line up for everything and so you won’t go to play late.”

“Now you have to line up to go, so just buy a fast-track ticket.” Brother Bai whispered from the side.

“As long as you talk a lot, hurry upstairs and call the children down.”

Where is the puzzle comparable to upstream paradise?

Hearing that they were about to set off, Qingqing and Nian Gao held hands together, happily ran down from the upper floor and went straight to Bai Qiyu.


The children were very excited, and even Bai Qiyu was infected with joy. The anger in the morning seemed to dissipate all at once, leaving only the joy of going out to play.

There are two very popular amusement parks in this city. Fu Sijin took Qingqing to one of them before, but this time Bai Qiyu took them to the other.

Another amusement park is actually more suitable for parent-child play.

There are relatively few irritating projects in this family, and more gentle projects suitable for children to play, but as Brother Bai said, there are too many people, so you have to line up for everything you play.

The weather is okay now, not as difficult as summer, but you have to line up for at least half an hour to play or ride, which is still very irritating.

Of course, you can also choose not to line up and spend a few hundred yuan more to buy a few fast-track tickets.

In this way, you can wear a special bracelet casually while others are queuing hard, take an arrogant step, face the envious gaze of the crowd, and directly enter the ride.

Bai Qiyu did just that.

Don’t look at him as if he is very idle all day. In fact, after he retired from the army, he opened a security company, except for important people, in addition to powerful bodyguards, they also sell a variety of electronic security products, and their profits are considerable.

Since you have money, there is no need to wrong the children and line up in crowded places as it is not fun to play like that.

The first person Qingqing and the others chose was the water balloon man.

An oversized sphere with people in it, thrown on the water for them to play by themselves.

It’s okay to fight no matter how you fight, the sphere is soft and won’t hurt you, and you can still see the scenery on the water.

Occasionally you can get up close and personal with small fish in the water.

Bai Qiyu didn’t play with this, so he got one for Qingqing and Nian Gao and let the two children play in it together.

There are already many people playing this on the lake, and some will collide with each other while floating, but everyone doesn’t care, so they continue to smile at each other, and the smiles on their faces have never disappeared.

Bai Qiyu specially brought a camera and took a lot of photos, all of which were the moments when Qingqing and Nian Gao were playing happily.

The bright smiles on the faces of the children were very contagious, and when they were sent to the group, a bunch of people exploded all at once.

[ Fu Sishen: Fuck, Xiao Ye has worked so hard at work, you actually went out to play behind my back! Also didn’t bring me along! ] The last sentence is the point.

[ System prompt: ‘Fu Sishen’ was banned by the administrator Gu Lan for ten minutes.

[ Gu Lan: Pay attention to polite language, and don’t be cheeky  to your elders. ]

[ Fu Sijin: Where did Uncle Bai take Qingqing and Nian Gao to play? ]

[ Bai Qiyu: Starlight Amusement Park. ]

[ Fu Sijin: My girlfriend and I happen to be nearby, but I still won’t bother you. ]

He also has a two-person world to enjoy.

[ Bai Qiyu: We can have dinner together in the evening. ]

[ Fu Sijin: Okay. ]

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