Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 122

Chapter 95: The Mysterious Man

Qingqing and Nian Gao played crazily all day. Because they were so happy, the two children almost didn’t even want to eat lunch and wanted to continue playing.

However, they were forcibly taken to the restaurant by Bai Qiyu and had a round stomach after eating.

After lunch, the little guys held hands, stood together, and walked in front of Bai Qiyu.

He was afraid of losing the children, so he kept looking at them attentively. As he walked, he suddenly found that many parents of children around him were tying their children with something similar to a traction rope harness[1] so that the children would not get lost.

Thinking that this thing was very easy to use, Bai Qiyu stopped a middle-aged man who looked kinder and asked, “Excuse me, where did you buy this thing?”

He nodded at the ‘traction rope harness’ in the other’s hand.

“You mean the baby safety harness?” The middle-aged man who was stopped by a stranger looked at the two children at Bai Qiyu’s feet, smiled, and kindly showed him the way, “Go to the souvenir shop over there, usually they will be on sale there.”

“Okay, thank you.” After thanking him, Bai Qiyu took Qingqing and Nian Gao to the store to buy two of the so-called baby safety harnesses.

They are one pink and one blue. It makes it convenient so that Qingqing and Nian Gao are tied to Bai Qiyu’s hands so it makes it easy to walk the children in this way. At least Bai Qiyu doesn’t have to keep an eye on the two children all the time and his spirit can relax a little bit.

“Marshmallow!” Qingqing’s eyes were sharp, when she saw a stall selling marshmallows her eyes lit up immediately and trotted over dragging Nian Gao.

Run, run, can’t run?

A confused Qingqing turned her head and looked at the taut traction rope on her wrist, only then did she realize that Bai Qiyu hadn’t followed.

She looked for Bai Qiyu’s figure in the crowd. Bai Qiyu, who was tall and long-legged, also stood out from the crowd, so the goal was still obvious, and was found by Qingqing all of a sudden.

“Uncle Bai…Uncle?” Qingqing wanted to run over, but stopped hesitantly halfway.

Because she saw the person standing in front of Bai Qiyu.

A long black windbreaker, with a wide black brim hat blocking the person’s face, his whole body was tightly wrapped⁠— even his hands that should be exposed were wrapped in a pair of black gloves.

He looks very mysterious.

“Uncle.” Qingqing is quiet, it doesn’t mean that Nian Gao will be quiet too.

His sudden shout directly attracted the attention of Bai Qiyu and the man.

The mysterious man turned his head and his gaze fell straight on Qingqing, his expression very complicated.

Qingqing doesn’t notice his expression at all.

She didn’t understand, she only saw the other party walking towards her quickly, squatting in front of her all of a sudden.

What followed was Bai Qiyu’s big hand clasped on the other’s shoulder in an instant.

“Don’t worry, I’m not malicious.”

As if he couldn’t feel the powerful force exerted by the big hand on his shoulders at all, the mysterious man raised his head and looked directly into Qingqing’s eyes.

Unsurprisingly, he was wearing a black mask on his face, leaving a pair of dark eyes still exposed.

Qingqing looked back at him blankly, all the way into the depths of his eyes, and clearly saw her own shadow reflected inside.

Those are a pair of very clear eyes, and the person who owns these eyes must not be a bad person.

Children have their own way of judging whether a person is good or bad, at least now Qingqing doesn’t feel that the strange uncle in front of her is a bad person.

Ignoring the other party’s weird appearance, she raised her face and smiled politely, “Uncle, do you have anything to do with Qingqing?”

“I’m lost.” The mysterious man said, although he didn’t look like he was lost at all, “I can’t find the direction, can you show me the way?”

“Lost?” Qingqing tilted her head, “Where is Uncle going?”

If you ask for directions, you have to give people a specific destination.

“I don’t know, just show me the way.”

“That’s…” Qingqing scratched her head in embarrassment, “If you can’t find your way home, you have to go to the police uncle.”

“Really?” The man murmured in a low voice, then chuckled, “Thank you.”

His laughter is very nice, like a summer bamboo, rustling and shaking with the summer breeze, it is clear and refreshing, making Qingqing a little lost hearing it.

When she returned to her senses, there was an extra gift box with exquisite packaging in her hand, and there seemed to be the words of the other party before he left in her ears.

“For you, thank you.”

Qingqing has a very strange feeling in her heart. She always feels that what the other party wants to say is not a thank you, but a…

Birthday gift.

But, is this possible?

How could a stranger know what day her birthday is, and her birthday has passed for several days.

Even if it’s a birthday gift, it’s late.

The appearance of the mysterious man seemed to be just a small stone that fell into the lake, splashing a little bit, but the lake quickly calmed down.

“Qingqing, will you show the gift to your uncle?”

Bai Qiyu was worried that this gift of unknown origin was unsafe and wanted to take it away from Qingqing.

“No need, Qingqing will open the gift by herself.”

Qingqing refused Bai Qiyu’s help, and took it apart in three or two rips.

Inside is indeed a gift.

It is a small golden lock with exquisite workmanship.

The four auspicious words are engraved on it. It should be the kind of long-life lock that adults give to children to keep them safe.

If she remembers correctly, this kind of lock can actually be opened, inside……

Sure enough, a pure gold nameplate with Qingqing’s name appeared.

Bai Qiyu’s face sank.

Too intentional, it is absolutely impossible to give it at the heat of the moment, the other party simply prepared this gift earlier before meeting them.

“Qingqing, Nian Gao, I’m afraid we have to go back early today.”

“Okay.” In fact, they have already played almost all the rides and attractions they can play, it doesn’t make sense to stay in the amusement park anymore, so Qingqing and Nian Gao readily agreed to go home early.

The three of them left, and behind them, the mysterious man reappeared.

He stared at the backs of Qingqing and others, took off his hat, and then took off his mask, revealing a handsome face in his early thirties.

The man looked very good. As soon as he showed his true face, he attracted the attention of many passers-by, but he was ignorant and kept looking at Qingqing’s back until she disappeared.

After a while, his thin lips moved slightly, and he uttered a few words silently.

——I will protect you.

As if feeling something, Qingqing turned her head subconsciously, and all she saw was the bustling crowd, where there is no trace of the mysterious man.


I met another person with a special attitude towards Qingqing.

Bai Qiyu frowned tightly, he was hesitating whether to tell the news to others.

He originally wanted to share the news, but then he thought of Han Weilan’s obstruction, so he dispelled this thought.

He can check for any clues by himself, so there is no need for the ‘help each other’ with other people all the time.

Because they went back early, the dinner invitation with Fu Sijin in the evening was gone. Bai Qiyu made a special trip to send a message to the other party, and after receiving a reply that it was okay, he took the two children back to his home directly.

When the car drove to the entrance of the community, he happened to see a familiar slender figure standing there.

Bai Qiyu stepped on the brake instantly, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Han Weilan?”

Han Weilan noticed the car that stopped suddenly on her side, and her gaze was directed at the gradually lowered window, past Bai Qiyu, and cleverly fell on Qingqing in the back seat.

“Are you interested in inviting me to dinner?”

Han Weilan unfolded a smile, not the charming smile of the previous style, but a little reluctant.  

Bai Qiyu doesn’t know if it was because the weather was too cold but even her face looks frozen and a little pale.

“Get in the car.”

Bai Qiyu opened the car lock and let Han Weilan get in the car.

Without choosing the co-pilot’s seat, Han Weilan sat in the back seat, just squeezing with Qingqing and Nian Gao.

“Do you remember me?” Facing Qingqing’s clear eyes, Han Weilan lowered her head slightly to hide her instantly flushed eyes.

Qingqing looked at Han Weilan steadily for a while, then suddenly stretched out her hand to grab her big cold hand and covered it in her arms, “Lan Lan is cold, Qingqing will warm you up.”

Feeling the temperature transmitted from the child at her fingertips, Han Weilan’s nose became sour and she almost burst into tears.

She never thought that the reversal of life would be so rapid.

She had just been fortunate that she had escaped in the morning, and now she had to walk in front of the group of people she didn’t want to face the most for the sake of the cruel reality.

In order to have a better conversation, Bai Qiyu took Han Weilan and the others to a very private restaurant and asked for a private room.

“Order whatever you want.”

The gentleman handed the menu to Han Weilan first, and Bai Qiyu didn’t ask much.

Now that someone has already taken the initiative to find him, he will definitely take the initiative to clarify the purpose of her coming, so they don’t have to rush for a while.

Han Weilan took the menu and ordered a few dishes at random. Bai Qiyu noticed that those were all Qingqing’s favorite foods. He tapped his fingertips on the table and paused slightly, but said nothing.

While waiting for the food to be served, Han Weilan kept her head down and didn’t speak, the atmosphere on the scene fell into an awkward stalemate for a while.

Thinking that this kind of unbearable silence would last until the end, Qingqing took the lead in breaking the silence, “Lan Lan.”

The little guy stood up straight, stretched out her little hand and pushed the small dishes on the table in front of Han Weilan, “Lan Lan eats.”

Han Weilan usually goes out to eat with Qingqing, and they all like to eat side dishes on the table.

Because she is very busy at work, she is often so busy that she can’t eat, so every time she comes out, she is very hungry and eats first whatever side dishes are on the table.

The process of waiting for the food to be served is the most unbearable for her. While looking forward to the food, she can’t bear to be hungry. She can only survive by taking the side dishes first.

It was obviously a very small move, and even Qingqing, who has lost all her memories now, doesn’t know why she did it.

But when it fell under Han Weilan’s eyes, it was like a heavy blow from a boulder, hitting her heart sullenly.

Her emotions suddenly broke out.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Covering her face with both hands, Han Weilan couldn’t help crying.

Bai Qiyu was taken aback by her sudden burst of crying, and subconsciously drew a few pieces of tissue to her, “Are you okay?”

He suddenly felt that when it comes to regret, especially after seeing Qingqing’s worried appearance, this kind of thing will go deeper.

Sure enough, you should listen to Fu Heng’s words and don’t provoke Han Weilan.

What can I do now?

Fortunately, after crying for a while, Han Weilan recovered her emotions and gradually calmed down.

She lowered her arms, and it was the first time that her thin body gave people such a weak and helpless feeling, and he didn’t know what happened to force this always strong woman to this point.

“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t come to you again, but I can’t help it anymore.” After taking the tissue and wiping her tears, Han Weilan said dumbly, “You…can you lend me a sum of money?”

Borrow money?

Bai Qiyu raised his eyebrows slightly, “How much do you want?”

“Five million.” It’s not a small number, but it’s not much for Bai Qiyu.


“Don’t worry, I’m already working on the transfer of the shop in my hand and the house at home, but I’m in a hurry to use the money now, so I have to borrow it from you. After all those properties are sold, I will pay you back immediately… What are you talking about?”

Han Weilan was still talking about her repayment plan in a rambling manner, but just after she finished speaking, she suddenly realized that Bai Qiyu had actually agreed.

She was a little stunned, and couldn’t help but widen her charming phoenix eyes.



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