Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 123

Chapter 96: The Real Murderer Surfaces

Han Weilan has many friends, but the number of people who can lend her five million at once is very small.

Her best friend, Gu Qingqing is one of them but with what she looks like now… she can’t count on her.

In addition to Gu Qingqing, she couldn’t find a suitable person.

Thinking back on it, she happened to think of Fu Heng, Bai Qiyu and others who came to her in the morning.

Five million is easy for them and there is definitely no pressure in lending it to her.

The only question is whether she is willing to borrow or not, and who she wants to borrow from.

Fu Heng, Han Weilan instinctively dislikes him, and believes that every best friend doesn’t like a man who treats their friends badly.

So only Bai Qiyu was left, but she was not familiar with Bai Qiyu and was not sure if he would lend it.

After hesitating again and again, Han Weilan still found it the only choice.

Whether it works or not, I have to try it.

She expected the possibility of success, but she never thought it would go so smoothly.

Bai Qiyu actually agreed without saying a word!

This rapid development made Han Weilan a little stunned. She looked at Bai Qiyu stupidly. Her expression was a bit like Qingqing. 

Should she be said to be a good girl friend?

“What is your payment account number, I will transfer it to you.”

With that said, Bai Qiyu had already picked up the phone to transfer money to Han Weilan.

Han Weilan was petrified. Does this person want to do things so resolutely?

“Aren’t you afraid that I won’t pay it back after I take the money?”

He didn’t even ask her to write an IOU, and gave the money directly. Should she say that he burns his money too quickly…

It doesn’t seem good to complain about a person who kindly lent her money in this way.

“It’s okay.“ Bai Qiyu showed a smile that Han Weilan couldn’t understand, “If you don’t pay back the money, I’ll just ask Qingqing for it.”

Han Weilan, “……”

She understood the other party’s hint.

The fingertips were entangled with each other, this was her little move when she hesitated about something.

After a while, Han Weilan finally made up her mind.

She took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice, “I don’t know if you know about that. When Qingqing was in high school, she got into trouble with a lunatic who must not be provoked. She put that person in jail and sentenced him to 30 years in prison, but…”


“Chairman Fu, I have found the information you asked for.”

The man’s calm voice came from across the phone, “Han Dayu, 67 years old this year, was imprisoned for intentional homicide 30 years ago and sentenced to 30 years in prison.”

“This incident was very noisy back then, because Han Dayu killed people premeditated, and it had been arranged in advance, even the way to get rid of the crime. Everything went smoothly at first, but unexpectedly, he was bumped into by a female high school student on the way to kill, and the crime process was filmed by others, so he was sentenced when all the physical evidence and witness was complete.”

Fu Heng flipped through the information from the detective in silence, his eyes swept across the shocking sentences on it.

With the restoration of the case back then, some news that was forgotten decades ago also surfaced.

“Fu Heng, did you do something? News came from the Gu family inexplicably, saying that it was to thank you for saving their children.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

Fu Heng, who had just returned home from school at that time, faced his mother’s inquiry, only responded faintly, and then walked back to the room.

After a while, he was in class at school and accidentally heard the discussion of his classmates.

“Have you heard? A perverted murderer in our city has been caught.”

“It’s terrible, this kind of person is a psychopath, right?”

“Who knows?”

“Hey, how did that person get caught? How did I hear that it has something to do with a school girl in our school?”

“It seems that the school girl accidentally bumped into the murderer while taking a selfie with her mobile phone, and she also photographed the process of the murder, so that the case was solved.”

“Really? This plot is too fantastical!”

“Really, it was the school girl who took the initiative to stand up and identify the murderer before the police caught the real murderer. I heard that when the real murderer was caught, he threatened to kill the school girl. It was terrible.”

“I sympathize with the school girl, but she is so brave.”

“Bravery is bravery, but it’s too miserable to bump into this kind of psychopathy.”


The voices of former classmates seemed to be still behind his ears, but the world in front of him was gradually darkening.

Fu Heng turned his gaze away and suddenly found that he could no longer read the text in front of him.

It turned out that the kid he saved casually was Qingqing?

As soon as this idea appeared, Fu Heng couldn’t help but keep recalling the situation at that time.

At the entrance of the dark alley, a crazy man pressed on a girl wearing the same school uniform as him, strangling her neck with both hands, almost putting her to death.

The girl struggled desperately, trying to survive, but the girl’s naturally weaker strength was not enough to compete with an adult man, and she quickly lowered her hand due to lack of oxygen.

As the schoolgirl was about to die, Fu Heng happened to pass by at this time.

He just flicked his head inadvertently and discovered this terrible scene. 

No matter how calm and cool a person is, it is impossible to look at this scene where a person was being killed and be indifferent, so he immediately rushed to save the person, “Stop! ”

When the crazy man found someone coming, he immediately left the girl who’s unclear whether she was alive or dead, picked up the mobile phone on the ground and ran away.

Fu Heng didn’t go after him. He ran to the girl first and squatted down to check her situation, “Hey, are you okay?”

After experiencing a life-and-death struggle, Gu Qingqing was very embarrassed at that time.

Not only was the whole body covered with muddy stains, but her face was also dirty, and her long hair was too messy to look at.

Because this image was too miserable, and the alley was dimly lit, Fu Heng couldn’t see Gu Qingqing’s appearance at all.

But Gu Qingqing saw his face clearly.

She remembered him, the number one academic god in the school who dominates the school all year round, and he is also the school grass of their high school.

So far, the big head photo of this person has been posted on the honor bar at the entrance of the school for people to admire.

If she remembers correctly, his name is…Fu Heng.

Fu Heng looked after Qingqing who was still conscious, and did not dare to move her at will, fearing that she would have any serious injuries on her body. If he moved randomly, it would cause secondary damage to the other party.

So he immediately picked up his mobile phone to make an emergency call and also called the police.

Within five minutes, emergency vehicles and police cars rushed together.

Fu Heng, who didn’t want to be taken to the police station to make a statement, took advantage of the chaos and left. Before leaving, he heard Gu Qingqing’s thanks, “Thank you, Fu Heng.”

The painful throat made her voice extremely hoarse and unpleasant, but it didn’t hide her sincerity.

The girl know his name, but he didn’t know who the other party was.

Holding the phone tightly, Fu Heng couldn’t help but chuckle.

It turned out that the fate between him and Qingqing started earlier than he thought.

Gu Qingqing was the girl he saved back then, and the person who wanted to kill her was probably the enemy they had not been able to find for a long time.

Thirty years ago, he was imprisoned for Gu Qingqing’s evidence. Thirty years later, the murderer who got out of prison came to Gu Qingqing for revenge in accordance with his previous vows.


“In order to retrieve the evidence, Qingqing was almost killed by that person back then. Fortunately, she was later rescued by a well-meaning person passing by. The murderer thought he had grabbed the mobile phone with evidence, but he didn’t expect that the mobile phone was actually mine.”

Han Weilan held the glass, looked down at her distorted reflection, and slowly said.

“My mobile phone was broken at the time. Because I was in a hurry to participate in a speech competition, I didn’t have time to take it to repair, so I asked Qingqing to help me take it to repair it. Unexpectedly, the mobile phone fell off during Qingqing’s struggle and was taken away by the murderer. The phone with the real evidence is still on Qingqing.”

Therefore, the witness and physical evidence are all there, even if that person wants to deny it, it is impossible.

“I know about this.”

It’s just that Bai Qiyu didn’t expect that people’s hatred could last for so long, “When Qingqing was admitted to the hospital, the hospital couldn’t notify her parents, so she found me.”

It’s ridiculous to say, he’s afraid that until now, Gu’s wonderful parents didn’t know that their daughter almost died that year.

Died at the hands of a vicious murderer.

“I once persuaded Qingqing to submit evidence in private and not to stand up and identify herself, but she said that the other party already knows who she is, no matter whether she stands up or not, she can’t escape the fate of being resented. In that case, why not take the initiative to stand up and let justice sanction the murderer?”

It was precisely because she was speechless by Qingqing’s words that Han Weilan stopped persuading Gu Qingqing.

Because her good friend  is this kind of kind and righteous person, it is impossible for her to remain silent while knowing who the murderer is.

If she really flinched because of a little threat, Gu Qingqing would not be the Gu Qingqing she knew.

“May I ask you three questions?”

It seemed to be a repeat of the morning, but this time Han Weilan had no intention of escaping, so she behaved very calmly.

“You ask, as long as I know it, I won’t hide it.”

“The first question: Who was the person killed by the murderer in that case back then?” Because it is a semi-confidential case, Bai Qiyu doesn’t know the identity of the victim.

“His mistress, I don’t know the specific reason, but the biggest possibility is because the two betrayed each other.”

“Mutual betrayal?”

“Well, two people in partnership stole all the property of the murderer’s wife’s family and secretly transferred it out, but then the murderer regretted it and wanted to get the money back and live a good life with his wife again, only to find that the mistress had a concubine outside. She tried to defraud the murderer of the money and wanted to fly away with the concubine.”

“As a result, the murderer was discovered, and the murderer killed his mistress in anger.” Bai Qiyu summed it up in one sentence.

“Almost.” Han Weilan nodded indifferently.

“Second question: who are you?” His sharp eyes stared straight at Han Weilan’s face, not letting go of the slightest clue.

Looking up at Bai Qiyu strangely, Han Weilan said, “Han Weilan. ”

“No, I’m asking about your identity.”

“I’m Han Weilan, my mother’s daughter, Gu Qingqing’s best friend, is that enough?”

“Well, let me ask another question.” Bai Qiyu decided to ask more bluntly.

“You have asked more than three questions.” Han Weilan was faintly anxious and a little impatient.

“Then the last question: what is the relationship between you and the murderer?”


The entire box instantly fell into a terrible silence.

Han Weilan movements stiffened, and her face, which had been warming up in the warm room, turned pale again. Her expression gradually lost control, but she was pulled back by reason at the last minute.

But those red eyes still exposed a bit of emotion.

“He…” Her consciousness seemed to fly far away from her body, looking down at her body condescendingly, indifferently looking at the red lips that closed together, word by word, revealing the deepest wounds in her mind.

The wound that had never healed was torn apart by her own hands, bloody and revealing everything inside.

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