Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 124

Chapter 97: Qingqing was Assaulted 

“He is the provider of the other half of my chromosomes.”

Han Weilan, who said this, had an extremely indifferent expression. Not as if she was talking about her biological father, but about an enemy.

The kind who have a deep hatred with and hate that kind of enemy.

Bai Qiyu completely did not expect this situation.

Also, no one can even think of it. The owner of a private kitchen restaurant with a variety of styles, a strong woman with a successful career in the eyes of outsiders, her father is actually a perverted murderer!

This is like saying that there are cows flying in the sky, which makes people feel like a fantasy, but this is the truth and cannot be changed.

So…does Gu Qingqing know about this?

Turning his head subconsciously, Bai Qiyu glanced at Qingqing who has an ignorant face, his throat slightly stretched, “Take Qingqing and Nian Gao out.”

Two taciturn men walked into the door in response, one of them picked up the two children and went out, and opened a box for them in the next room, so that the children who didn’t know what was going on could play inside and eat.

When Qingqing was picked up, she was still holding a piece of carrot cake in her hand. The little guy lay stupidly on the shoulder of the bodyguard uncle and looked at the two adults in the box.

Noticing Qingqing’s gaze, Han Weilan raised her head and reluctantly smiled at her. Qingqing subconsciously returned with a warm smile.

Han Weilan’s heart was sour.

The gradually closed door blocked the sight of the two of them. Until Qingqing’s figure was gone, Han Weilan continued, “I know what you want to ask. Although I’m not sure, Qingqing shouldn’t know that my father was the one who was sent to prison by her testimony.”

If so, she probably can’t be cheeky enough to be friends with her anymore.

Han Weilan laughed at herself.

“That man is not a human being at all, he is a beast!” There was endless hatred in her indifferent phoenix’s eyes.

From the moment Han Weilan had a memory, she felt that the relationship between her parents was very strange.

The parents of other people’s families, even if they are not affectionate enough, seem to be at least harmonious and equal on the surface.

Her parents are not so much a pair of equal relationship people but more of a pair of deformed masters and servants.

Her father is the master and her mother is the servant.

Han Weilan’s mother’s surname is Chen. The Chen family used to be a second-rate family in this city, which was not up to first-class standards, but it was also a thorn in the eyes of outsiders.

And her father was just a person born into an ordinary family. If there is any difference between him and ordinary people, it is that he has a handsome face and a good brain that can manipulate people.

Relying on his brain, in the same year, Han Dayu was successfully admitted to a key university in the city and met Han’s mother, who was the daughter of a wealthy family.

The encounter between the two was quite romantic, and it was expected that they would fall in love.

The combination of a wealthy daughter and a poor boy, which is not uncommon, will naturally be suppressed by the woman’s parents.

The Chen family didn’t want Han Dayu as their son-in-law at all. It was a pity that Han’s mother was so fascinated by Han Dayu that she wanted to die and even committed suicide several times, so the family compromised.

They only have this only daughter, Han Mu. So when the two got married, the Chen family made a request to make Han Dayu enter the Han Family.

The culture back then was not as open as it is now. Taking a wife’s name is a great humiliation for a man. If you change to someone with a slightly stronger self-esteem, they might quit.

But looking at Han Weilan sitting alive, Han Dayu finally agreed.

It’s really enough to ‘bear the burden of humiliation’. Since knowing her parents’ past, Han Weilan couldn’t stop mocking.

After getting married, the two of them had a fairly sweet time.

Han Mu only spends money and has fun, and has no intention of taking care of the company. Han Dayu enters Chen’s company and starts from the grassroots level.

Over time, Han Dayu has gradually gained the recognition of Chen’s parents.

Originally, it was pretty good to live like this, but unfortunately, the good times did not last long, and Han Weilan was born.

Han Weilan’s birth is actually a happy event for the Chen family, but the problem is that her surname is Han, not Chen.

It turned out that Han Dayu coaxed Han’s mother and secretly changed Han Weilan’s surname to his.

This ignited the anger of Chen’s parents.

They did an unorthodox job at first, but obviously everyone agreed before they got married. The first child of the couple, both men and women, was named Chen. It was considered to be left for their Chen family. In the future, the children will be free to follow the surname of the father or the surname of the mother.

But they actually did this without telling them, who is more disgusting?

A family war naturally unfolded, but the most sad thing was that at this time, Han’s mother was still standing on Han Dayu’s side infatuated and fighting against her family.

The old man of the Chen family was directly admitted to the hospital because of this unfilial girl, and it didn’t take long for the old lady of the Chen family to follow in.

After the fall of the two mountains, Han’s mother naturally panicked, but Han Dayu’s coaxing skills were really superb. While stabilizing Han’s mother, he took advantage of this opportunity to eat away at the Chen family’s company.

When the two elderly people were finally discharged from the hospital, the power of the Chen family was long out of their hands.

Because Han Dayu has more than 20% of the shares transferred by Han’s mother, and he has intermittently acquired the shares of minority shareholders, it has actually reached 31%, which is a little more than the 30% of the Chen family⁠— a little more than the 30% in the hands of the old man of the Chen family.

The difference between these 1% alone can already determine many things.

Money and rights make people unrecognizable.

Han Dayu, who controlled the power of the Chen family, changed his previous prudence and gradually became stronger, and his attitude towards Han’s mother was not as good as it was day by day.

However, Han’s mother cowardly thought it was her own fault, and turned her head to please her husband. Over time, the kind of deformed relationship that Han Weilan had in her impression was formed.

Especially after the death of the second elder of the Chen family one after another, Han Dayu’s badness became more and more obvious.

Domestic violence began to occur in Han Weilan’s childhood.

When Han Weilan was in school at that time, she looked glamorous on the surface, but in fact, when you opened her clothes, she was full of mottled bruises.

As a result, her character became sensitive and extreme, and a little gloomy. Friends who had played well with her in the past were driven away one by one.

“Only the neighbor’s sister is left.”

Taking the tissue handed by Bai Qiyu, Han Weilan whispered thank you.

“Back then, it’s only Qingqing that I couldn’t get away no matter how I rushed, and she lost her temper at me when she was in a hurry. I remember that once the two of us quarreled so fiercely, she yelled at me: Who’s family doesn’t have a piece of shit. If you can’t bear it, just fight with him. If you lose, it’s not a big deal. I’ll raise you. In the future, you will live in my house and be my, Gu Qingqing, sister.”

Anyway, she still has a younger brother in her family. It is the same to raise a younger brother, and it is also the same to raise an additional younger sister.

Obviously concerned, Han Weilan couldn’t help crying and laughing when the awkward woman finally said that with reserve-style of speech.

But she didn’t fight Han Dayu in the end, let alone go to Qingqing’s house to live.

Because her mother broke out.

Even Han Weilan didn’t expect that after being a cowardly mother for so many years, she dared to raise a kitchen knife and slash at her father one day.

However, after understanding the reason, Han Weilan had some inexplicable understanding.

Because of her father’s cheating, the third child was not even many years younger than her.

After so many years, Han Weilan had already seen through it.

Her mother is a fool and stupid when in love. For the so-called love, she is a wealthy daughter who can endure the severe beating of her husband and become a humble servant, trampling on her personality and dignity.

But once there is a third party in this love that belongs only to two people, that humble and weak woman can instantly become a female warrior, and is still an irrational lunatic, fighting for revenge at the risk of breaking the net.

“It’s ridiculous.” Han Weilan wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes hard, her tone with a desperate meaning.

“I know there are rumors out there that Han Dayu changed his mind and wanted to live a good life with my mother before he wanted to get rid of the little third party. As a result, the third party not only betrayed him but also entangled him endlessly, only to be ‘killed by mistake’ by Han Dayu.”

“It’s not.” It’s not difficult for Bai Qiyu to guess the truth from Han Weilan’s words.

“Not bad.” Han Weilan nodded, “The so-called change of heart is because my mother noticed their intention to transfer their property in advance, froze their property first, and threatened Han Dayu and the third party with divorce.”

Han Dayu’s large shares were given by his wife after marriage and can be counted as the common property of husband and wife. As long as the two divorce, they will be forcibly divided in half, and Han Dayu is the wrong party, and the court’s decision will not be biased in his favor.

In addition, Han’s mother still held a large number of shares left by her parents.

After suffering a loss, in order to prevent Han Dayu, the white-eyed wolf, the second elder of the Chen family left all his property to his daughter before he died, and stated that she was not allowed to transfer it.

Once Han Mu dares to transfer these properties to others, all the property will be donated.

These properties can either only be used by Han Mu herself, or they will be inherited by her children when she gets old. There is no third option.

It is most likely to put an end to Han’s father’s old skills.

Therefore, once the two divorce, Han’s father is no longer the largest shareholder of the company, and he can’t even occupy the majority of the property. How can he stand this gap?

So even for the money, he could only pinch his nose and return to his wife obediently.

If things go well, it is indeed this development.

But fate is so impermanent.

“Han Dayu…the murder was premeditated.” Han Weilan said this, the cold light flashing in her eyes even Bai Qiyu felt a little cold seeing it, “This is indeed a manslaughter.”

“But.” She raised her eyes and cast her gaze behind Bai Qiyu, as if looking at a far-reaching place.

“It was the person who had been killed by mistake, not his intention to make a mistake.”

The same vocabulary, different explanations, and the results that can be drawn out are completely different.

“Sorry, my words may be a bit offensive, but I still want to confirm that the person Han Dayu originally wanted to murder was Ling…”

“My mom.” Without waiting for Bai Qiyu to finish the rest, Han Weilan quickly solved the mystery herself.

Yes, that frenzied beast, the person who he originally wanted to kill was her mother.

Because compared to the affair of his mistress, Han Dayu couldn’t endure the resistance of the slave wife who has been obedient to his words.

In fact, he also didn’t plan to let his mistress go.

Originally, Han Dayu’s plan was to kill his wife first and then his mistress. Unexpectedly, because of some accidents, it was not Han’s mother who died, but the unlucky mistress.

Han’s mother, who had escaped, was in shock, and before she had time to think about countermeasures to save her life, Han Dayu was sent to prison by the righteous and brave Gu Qingqing.

Therefore, the lives of Han Weilan’s mother and daughter were almost equivalent to being indirectly saved by Qingqing. If Han Dayu continued to go unpunished at that time, he would never let them go.

“Then you still persuade Qingqing not to testify in court?”

Bai Qiyu felt that Han Weilan was a big mystery. Not only were there many secrets hidden in her body, but her personal behavior also gave people a very fascinating feeling.

“Because I don’t want Qingqing to be in danger, it’s our business if Han Dayu targets us, mother and daughter, but once Qingqing is exposed, with that person’s madness, he will definitely not let Qingqing go.”

Regarding understanding Han Dayu, Han Weilan, as a daughter, would naturally not be low, and because of this, she couldn’t watch her friends take risks.

“Are you really sure that Qingqing doesn’t know Han Dayu’s identity?”

Bai Qiyu always felt that this was impossible, but Han Weilan’s attitude was very certain, “I’m sure that Qingqing has never seen him, and although she knows that I was abused by the family, she doesn’t understand the specific situation of my family.”

She didn’t even know that Han Weilan’s mother was the daughter of the Chen family. After all, Han Weilan’s surname was Han, not Chen.

The thing is so magical. Gu Qingqing personally sent her friend’s father to jail, but she still didn’t know that the murderer was Han Weilan’s father.

As for the rapid defeat of the Han family later, Qingqing only thought that it was because of the accidental death of Han’s father. Han’s mother didn’t know how to manage the company. Han Weilan was even a child who had just jumped into junior high school, and it was impossible to support the family business.

Therefore, the helpless Han mother could only sell the company and move out of her original home with Han Weilan.

But in fact, their mother and daughter just want to escape from this terrifying and painful place.

It is impossible for Han Weilan to tell Qingqing the truth.

Because she was afraid, she felt that once Qingqing knew the truth, their friendship would end here.

“I know I’m selfish, but Qingqing is the only friend I have left. I really don’t want to lose her.”

Covering his face, tears of collapse continued to drip along her fingers, and his thin shoulders trembled constantly.

This matter has been buried in Han Weilan’s heart for decades, and has long since crushed her shoulders.

Bai Qiyu doesn’t know how to comfort people, they can only sit aside and hand out tissues in silence.

After waiting for a long time, Han Weilan’s mood finally eased.

She wiped her face indiscriminately, regardless of whether her makeup was wiped with it or not, and continued, “You have to be careful. I received news that Han Dayu was actually released from prison early five years ago, and over the years, he has been sending people to harass Qingqing in secret, and even wanted to do it several times.”

Whether it is a person who has mastered power, even if he is in jail, there are still so many diehards under his hands, or those who don’t have a conscience for money.

Over the years, Han Dayu has actually tried to do something to Gu Qingqing more than once.

It’s just that on one hand, the Fu family is tightly protected, and it’s not that easy to move its mistress. On the other hand, Han Weilan is secretly guarding it, which greatly restricts Han Dayu’s movements.

However, as a result, Han Weilan’s actions were also counter-restricted at the same time, so Fu Heng and the others could only be reminded to be careful in this roundabout way.

“Han Dayu was released from prison five years ago!” Bai Qiyu’s pupils shrank slightly.

“Yes.” Han Weilan nodded.

She was suddenly clasped tightly on her shoulders painfully.

“Why did you suddenly borrow five million?” Bai Qiyu almost asked in a low voice.

The man’s sudden anger was extremely terrifying. Han Weilan was petrified. Her whole body trembled uncontrollably and an ominous premonition immediately rose in her heart.

“Because…because…my mother and my brother were taken away by Han Dayu together. He threatened me with a ransom of 30 million. He only gave me three days before he tore up the ticket[1]kill the hostages if I didn’t give it, but I couldn’t get the money out in a short time, so…so…”

With her pupils dilated, Han Weilan slammed Bai Qiyu away, staggered up and rushed out of the box.

Qingqing… Qingqing, you can’t do anything to her!

The door of the box next door was closed tightly, and Han Weilan held the door handle and turned frantically, screaming, “Open the door, hurry up and open the door!” ”

It’s useless, the door is locked from the inside and can’t be opened at all.

“Go away.” He pushed Han Weilan with one hand, and Bai Qiyu, who followed closely, kicked the door hard.

With a bang, the door of the box was forced to open, revealing the scene inside.

There were many tall men in black suits lying horizontally and vertically on the ground, all of whom were Qingqing’s bodyguards.

They fainted to the ground, and they even saw blood on their bodies. At first glance, they knew that they had suffered serious injuries, and some people didn’t even know whether they were alive or dead.

There were a lot of eaten meals scattered on the table in a messy manner, and the little body of Nian Gao lay motionless on it.

There was only one person missing⁠— Gu Qingqing!

“Ah ah ah…” Han Weilan’s scream rang through her ears, Bai Qiyu’s face was gloomy, he suddenly turned around and clasped her neck, without any force, but succeeded in silencing the other party, “Shut up!”

After stopping screaming, Han Weilan, who had returned to her sanity, finally realized that her worst guess had happened.

“I… I was used.”

She fell to the ground and suddenly slapped herself fiercely, not enough, hit again, not enough, hit again and again!

The raised arm was held high, and Bai Qiyu’s frosty voice sounded in her ears, “You stay, call the police and call an ambulance, and I will chase Qingqing.”

Han Weilan raised her head blankly, looking at the angry man in front of her.

He was like an enraged beast, his whole body was surging uncontrollably, and the terrible weight fell on his body, and even his skin was painful.

But unexpectedly, it gave Han Weilan a sense of security.

She suddenly began to believe that if it was the man in front of her, maybe he could save Qingqing back?

“Qingqing.” Grabbing Bai Qiyu’s hand with both hands, Han Weilan begged humbly, “Please, you must…save her.”

She didn’t even dare to ask Bai Qiyu to rescue her mother and brother, only for Qingqing to be safe.

“Don’t worry.” The low words remained in his ears, but the man in front of her had already left in strides.

Han Weilan staggered up, ignoring the crowd gathered around her, and took out her mobile phone to call first aid and the police.

After confirming that all the wounded were escorted away by ambulance and police car, she took advantage of the chaos to leave.

“Ah-Bu, call a few people over and help me take care of the wounded.”

The first call was made to complete Bai Qiyu’s entrustment.

“Eight, immediately locate Han Dayu’s whereabouts, and then send the address to this number.”

That was Bai Qiyu’s mobile phone number, which was the only help she could provide him now.

The third is to call Fu Heng and others.

She didn’t know if Bai Qiyu could notify Fu Heng and the others in time, so she could only do it for herself.

The last call was made to a mysterious number that had been dusty for many years.

The phone rang and was immediately connected.

A cold and restrained male voice sounded from the opposite side, “Something’s wrong?”

“It’s me, Han Weilan.” Taking a deep breath, Han Weilan stepped on high heels and walked quickly to her car, while speaking quickly, “Don’t interrupt me, you listen to me quietly.”

“Your son was taken away, and the other party threatened to pay a ransom of 30 million, otherwise the ticket would be torn up, but now the negotiation has collapsed. The other party is likely to do something to him immediately, so…”

She paused, held the car door tremblingly in her hand, and opened it, “Please help me.”

“Please help me.”

The woman’s fragile voice echoed in his ears, trembling with crying, and the man standing in front of the tall floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the ground had a tight throat and deep eyes.

“You cried.” His seemingly calm statement, in fact, there is a terrible surging dark tide hidden under it, “When you left me, you never cried.”

The woman in his impression is strong and tough. She is like a hedgehog with spikes all over her body. She refuses to show the slightest weakness even if she dies, for fear of being hurt.

But it was such a person, this person who he had been holding on the tip of his heart and carefully caring for, actually cried today!

“Cut the nonsense, are you willing to save people or not?”

Han Weilan’s mood is extremely unstable now, and she doesn’t want to talk with men at all.

“Ken, that’s not only my son, but also your son.”

How could he be willing to let their children be harmed? And once the child has an accident, I am afraid that she will be the one who will be most injured.

“Don’t be impulsive, I will rescue our child as soon as possible.” After a pause, the man said again, “And your mother.”

Letting go of the phone, Han Weilan stepped on the accelerator and chased in the direction where Bai Qiyu had just left.

She will ask for help, but she will never just hide behind and wait for others to save her.


Fu Heng on the other side also received the news of Qingqing’s kidnapping at the same time, and at the same time, there was another bad news.

“Ah-Jin… Ah-Jin, he has been kidnapped! Just now a group of people rushed over suddenly, grabbed him and got in the car. I couldn’t catch up. I’m sorry…”

Yu Yu’s collapsed cry fell on Fu Heng’s ears through his mobile phone, causing his face to condense into frost inch by inch.

“You go to the hospital to bandage the wound first. I will take care of Ah-Jin’s affairs. ”

On the way Fu Sijin was snatched away, Yu Yu was scratched several times by the gangsters in order to save him, and was knocked out.

It was a kind passerby who called the emergency number, so she just called Fu Heng in the hospital.

Gu Lan and Fu Sishen on the other side also received Han Weilan’s notice, and the two immediately rushed to rescue Qingqing.

Several forces were dispatched together, which alarmed many people, and for a while everyone was in panic, not knowing what had happened.

Just begging that disaster will not come to them.

Fu Heng had already rushed out quickly, and the car disappeared into the gradually dim night like an arrow drawn from the string.


1 kill the hostages

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