Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 125

Chapter 98: The Real Murderer Appears

Qingqing fell on the bumpy rear seat, her hands and feet tied, groggy and semi-unconscious.

She didn’t remember what happened, she knew they were eating, but suddenly her head was dizzy and then she fell asleep.

When she woke up⁠— she was again, yes, again⁠— was tied up.

Kidnapped three times in half a year, can she apply for a world record?

Of course, this kind of ridiculous thought could not be Xiao-Qingqing’s own, but Fu Sijin who fell next to her.

He was also tied up, and he happened to be in the same car with Qingqing.

This time the kidnappers were very cautious and searched the whole body of the two of them, and all the things that might have been installed with positioning instruments were thrown away, ensuring that this time they would not roll over because of these small electronic products.

Fu Sijin’s consciousness was clear at the beginning, probably because he felt that they were no longer able to resist, and these kidnappers spoke a little casually.

Let Fu Sijin know that they were originally with the group that kidnapped Qingqing in the museum before. To be precise, both groups were employed by the same person.

Why did you just use “the beginning” to describe it, because Fu Sijin’s consciousness has gradually blurred now.

He was stabbed in the abdomen, and the blood kept flowing out. It was impossible for the kidnappers to kindly help him stop the bleeding, so as the blood was lost, his body became weaker and weaker.

If he continues like this, he may lose too much blood and die.

But Fu Sijin didn’t want to die, at least not now.

If he dies, what will Qingqing do?

From the brief confrontation just now, Fu Sijin could see that these people were all outlaws.

Qingqing is still so young and has no ability to protect herself at all. If she falls into their hands, I’m afraid she will.……

Gritted his teeth, Fu Sijin forcibly terminated his conjecture.

He has to protect Qingqing, even if he fights to the death, he has to survive until his father and the others come to save people.


With the passage of time, the efficacy of the drug in Qingqing’s body gradually subsided.

She opened her eyes in a daze and found that she was no longer in the bumpy car, but had been moved to a dark abandoned factory building.

There was no one around, only a very familiar figure lying quietly in the distance⁠— Fu Sijin.

Her blurred vision gradually focused, and at that moment she saw the wound on Fu Sjin’s body clearly, Qingqing’s heart shrank fiercely, and tears fell.

“Ah-Jin…Ah-Jin, wuuwuuu…Ah-Jin, take care of Qingqing, Qingqing is afraid…”

Blood, too much blood.

Stabbed at the abdomen, Fu Shijin’s whole body was soaked in blood, and this terrible picture hit Qingqing’s heart directly, causing her to be in pain.

It’s too uncomfortable, what if…what if Ah-Jin dies?

At this moment, Qingqing strangely understood the fear of death.


It seemed that he heard the cry of a child, and suddenly there was a struggling whimper from behind Qingqing.

She turned her head subconsciously, almost screaming loudly by being frightened.

She saw a disheveled female ghost falling behind her, followed by a motionless kid, squirming close to her. This picture is extremely terrifying, especially in this gloomy and dark dilapidated factory building.

Qingqing got goosebumps all over her body and was scared.

At this moment, the closed door of the factory suddenly opened, and a man dressed in black with his whole face hidden in darkness walked in.

As soon as she saw him, Qingqing’s little body trembled instinctively.

I don’t know why, but she seems to have an impression of this person.

Or, she is very familiar with this person’s body shape. She seems to have seen the other person appear around her more than once.

The man who passed them when they went to Director Gao’s house before, the figure in the elevator of the farmhouse……

Each one can be superimposed with the man in front of her and become the same person.

It turned out that the real murderer had been lurking by Qingqing’s side.

Fu Siijin opened a gap in his eyes weakly, watching the appearance of the real murderer in despair.

The opposite side did not walk directly to Qingqing’s side.

Instead, he took the lead in front of Fu Sijin, picked up his collar with one hand, slowly approached him with a mask on his face, and said, “It’s been a long time since I saw you, little guy.”

“Who are you?” Fu Sijin raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Who am I?” Han Dayu tilted his head and thought for a while, then smiled and said, “Actually, you should ask your mother about this question.”

After the words fell, he turned his mouth again and said, “But in fact, you also know me.”

“I don’t think I have seen you.” Fu Sijin calmly looked back at the other, but the corners of his eyes kept looking at Qingqing worriedly.

“Never seen me?” He let go and left Fu Sijin alone, letting him sweat coldly from the pain that he pulled to the wound after falling.

Han Dayu stared at him condescendingly, with a cold tone, “Maybe you will be more familiar with this person, Huzi.”

Hearing the call, a strong man who was almost two meters tall with a hideous scar on his face walked into the factory step by step with heavy steps.

As soon as he saw his figure, Fu Sijin’s face gradually paled, and his whole body gradually began to tremble.


The heart moved frantically, and the familiar pain surged up like a tide, drowning him in an instant, suffocating pain.

“Long time no see, little guy.”

Tiger grinned, showing a hideous and perverted smile, and the scar on his face was distorted, like an ugly bug.


Fu Sijin struggled to retreat, his whole person was like a frightened bird, caught in a kind of stress-type extreme fear.

His brain was in chaos, and his consciousness was blurred, and the words of the psychiatrist resounded in his ears: You had suffered a very serious, long-term violent trauma when you were young.

At the same time, the memories of childhood also began to roll up frantically.

The giant hand that choked his throat, the sharp pain of a punch falling on his body, and the threatening words in his ears.

“All this is your mother’s evil. If you want to hate, just hate your mother.”

Hate it, hate it, hate it……

Since the third grade of elementary school, this nightmare has been haunting him, making him gradually hate his mother, but he can’t really hate her.

No one knows what happened to him. When he was young, Fu Sijin once thought about asking an adult for help, but he doesn’t even see his father several times a year, and his mother didn’t see him many times a year.……

She was the main cause of all this, and the inexplicable knot of his heart stopped him from asking for help.

Especially when he was bruised all over, and the other party was sitting high on the sofa, looking down at him indifferently.

He felt that between himself and his mother, he seemed to have been drawn into an abyss that could not be seen.

They can see each other’s existence, but if they can’t get through each other, they can’t get close.

Why… why should it be him?

Why… isn’t it someone else who suffered this kind of disaster?

Oh, it turned out to be because he had a mother who made a terrible mistake.

He clearly knew that the other party’s words could not be believed, but the long-term violent pouring inevitably bred a dark mind.

The confrontation between reason and uncontrolled negative emotions gradually shaped his distorted mind over time.

He is a patient, terminally ill and hopeless.

Fu Sijin knew this well, but he couldn’t save himself, so he could only struggle in the quagmire that was gradually sinking.


The sudden outbreak of a sharp kid’s voice brought back Fu Sijin’s free thoughts. He found himself grasped in his throat by these diabolical giant hands again, and a familiar sense of suffocation rushed up.

Without even struggling weakly, Fu Sijin’s limbs hung softly on the ground.

Am I going to be… killed?

“No, stop it! Let him go, don’t kill him!”

Qingqing struggled desperately, even if she was being cut with the rough ropes leaving bloody marks, she didn’t stop. She howled loudly, trying to prevent these bad guys from killing Fu Sijin and killing…her son.

“Listen to this cry.” Raising his hand to make Huzi stop moving first, Han Dayu closed his eyes intently, immersed in the enjoyment of Qingqing’s crying, “How wonderful.”

With a brisk step, he bounced to Qingqing’s side, grabbed her throat in an instant, and picked her up.


Fu Sijin’s eyes widened with tears, and suddenly he grasped the big hand tightly clasped around his neck with one hand.

Without paying attention to the movement behind him, Han Dayu grabbed Qingqing and shook her vigorously a few times, deliberately torturing her.

Qingqing’s legs were suspended in the air, her short legs kicked weakly in mid-air, her face flushed from lack of oxygen.

Two fleshy little hands were clasped on the man’s big gloved hands. It seemed that because of the near-death threat, she burst into tears. The manicured nails could actually scratch the back of Han Dayu’s hand through the gloves.

“Hiss!” Han Dayu was in pain, and subconsciously shook his hand, Qingqing’s petite body flew out obliquely, hit the beam and column of the room fiercely, and slid down weakly.

“Uhhh!!! Han… Han Dayu..”

The “female ghost” behind saw this scene and immediately struggled violently.

Han Dayu took off his gloves in bad luck, looking at the extra red marks on the back of his hand, his face was ugly.

He suddenly raised his head and yelled at the female ghost, “Shut up, bitch! Lao Tzu has not yet counted with you that you cheated and gave birth to this dog bastard. If you quarrel with Lao Tzu, I will be the first to kill you today!”

“Um…” With a cloth stuck in her mouth, the female ghost spoke a little vaguely, but she could still barely understand, “You… don’t have a conscience…still…how many people are harmed…You’re just…willing?”

Such a young child, this beast actually said that he would do it. Does this man still have a conscience?

I regretted more than once how I was blind back then and fell in love with this dog that was inferior to an animal.

No, scolding him for the dog is still insulting the dog, at least the dog will not kill his wife and children!

It turned out that this embarrassed female ghost was Han Weilan’s mother.

Angry at being scolded, Han Dayu suddenly strode over, crossed Han’s mother, and grabbed Han’s unconscious younger brother.

“Since you are so good at scolding, then I will see if you can still scold after this little bastard dies.”

Mother Han was so scared that her liver and gallbladder were split, she immediately struggled violently, shook her head frantically, and actually got rid of the rags in her mouth.

Seeing that Han Dayu had already taken out a small knife, the blade of the knife was so cold that she quickly screamed in horror.

“Stop it, stop it, he is not my child, he is Lanlan’s son, your grandson, your grandson, with your blood on his body, stop it!”

“What did you say?” Han Dayu stopped moving and looked at the child in his hand in disbelief, “This is…this is my grandson?”

“Yes, you are the only man in my life. We haven’t seen each other for 30 years. It is impossible for me to give birth to this child alone. He is Lan Lan’s child, but I don’t know who the father is. For the sake of Lan Lan’s reputation, I forced her to put the child in my name and raise him as her younger brother.”

Inevitably, Han Dayu really wants to hurt her grandson, and Han’s mother didn’t care about anything at all, and she let out the secret that had been hidden for many years in her mind.

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