Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 126

Chapter 99: Fu Sijin’s Outbreak

Suddenly learning the truth, Han Dayu was indeed taken aback.

But it’s just that, after all, his trust in Han’s mother is not as good as that of Han Weilan.

“Get me a bottle of water.”

Huzi threw away Fu Sjin without saying a word, turned around and went out and came back quickly, with an extra bottle of mineral water that had been opened in his hand.

After taking the water, Han Dayu poured it on Little Brother Han’s head without saying a word, and then wiped his face indiscriminately with his sleeves.

Little Brother Han was hurt by this rough action, and even in a coma, he couldn’t help frowning uncomfortably.

“You can’t be so rough!” Mother Han looked distressed.

“You shut up!” Han Dayu roared irritably, and Han Mu immediately fell silent.

She curled up in the corner and watched in horror as Han Dayu washed Little Brother Han’s face, then took a flashlight and took a look, and a white and childish face was revealed.

Even with his eyes closed tightly, it was obvious that Han Xiaoyi and Han Weilan looked very similar, a typical son Xiao Mu.

A trace of hesitation flashed across Han Dayu’s eyes, and suddenly he tore off the mask and hat on his face.

He is worthy of being the man who fascinated Han’s mother with a face back then, and time seemed to love Han Dayu very much.

Even though he is in his 60’s this year, his slightly frosty face looks only 40 or 50 years old. On the contrary, his beautiful appearance has not changed. Because of the gift of time, he has a bit more of a mature man’s charm.

Going out with this appearance, some people believe that he is a star.

Han Mu’s appearance can only be regarded as pretty, and she doesn’t pay much attention to maintenance. When she gets older, she even has the same appearance as before, and she can’t give birth to such a beautiful child at all.

Even Han Weilan is actually more like Han Dayu than Han Mu.

Of course, younger Brother Han, who looks similar to Han Weilan, also looks very similar to Han Dayu.

Based on this appearance alone, to say that Han Xiaoyi[1]Little Brother Han and Han Dayu are not related by blood, ghosts will not believe it.

At least Han Dayu believed it.

“What’s his last name?” Han Dayu asked hoarsely.

Mother Han knows him too well, and knows what to say at this time can best save Brother Han’s life, “His surname is Han, his name is Han Jincheng, and he is a child of your Han family.”

In the past, Han Weilan quarreled with her mother countless times because of her and her children’s surnames, because she wanted to change back to her mother’s surname, but her mother resolutely disagreed.

At that time, Han Weilan thought it was because her mother still had an old affection for Han Dayu, a scumbag, and only Han Mother herself, Han Dayu’s former pillow, knew it.

As long as Han Weilan and Han Jincheng are still surnamed Han, then Han Dayu will not move the two of them.

Because in the eyes of that person, this is their Han family, the descendants of the Han family.

It’s a ridiculous concept, but if it weren’t for this, Han Dayu wouldn’t have coaxed her to give her daughter the surname of her father, nor would he have tried to elope with the little mistress for the sake of that illegitimate son.

It’s a pity that the little mistress’s son is not his, Han Dayu’s, kind at all.

Mother Han sneered, but at the same time she was extremely nervous.

She hopes that, for the sake of the grandson of the Han family, Han Dayu can let go of her grandson. Even if she dies here today, as long as she can keep her grandson, she can give her daughter an explanation.

Unaware of the complicated thoughts in Han’s mother’s heart, Han Dayu stared at Han’s younger brother in his hand in a daze.

“This is my grandson, this is actually… It’s really my grandson of the Han family! Hahahaha… My Han family finally has a descendant, Huzi, did you see it? This is the grandson of the Han family! Hahaha……”

The hoarse laughter was extremely unpleasant, revealing a terrifying madness.

No one noticed that Fu Sijin, who had fallen in the distance, clenched his fists and was breaking free of the rope little by little.

In addition to the childhood experience that caused him great psychological obstacles, his colleagues also gave him a lot of things.

Without telling his family, Fu Sijin secretly enrolled in a lot of courses in private, all for self-protection.

Taekwondo, martial arts… including breaking free.

Facts have proved that all previous efforts have not been in vain. With the relaxation of Han Dayu and others, Fu Sijin really succeeded in breaking free of the rope.

He didn’t want to scare the snake and didn’t dare to make trouble immediately, so he could only wait for the opportunity.

The wound on his body was very painful, and after struggling just now, it seemed to have cracked a little bit.

But this is not what Fu Sijin should be thinking about now.

What can he do to get Qingqing out?

Anyone can see Han Dayu’s determination to kill Qingqing. If the development is allowed to continue, Qingqing will undoubtedly die.

They simply…can’t wait for rescue.

Fu Sijin’s brain was calm like never before. He first secretly observed the distance between himself and Qingqing, and then glanced at the distance between them.

Fu Sijin was taken aback by the sight of Han’s mother’s gaze inadvertently, and then lowered his head, apologizing from the bottom of his heart.

I’m sorry, he can’t even take care of his own safety, and he has no spare time to save others.

The depth of Han Mu’s eyes was full of gentleness.

After all, she and the other party are not relatives, and it is impossible to ask others to save themselves when the safety of their own lives is not guaranteed.

Moreover, while revealing the identity of her grandson, Han’s mother actually expected that Han Dayu would never let them go.

In essence, she acted exactly the same as that young man.

I just want to keep the people I care about, others…… I can only say sorry.

“Take him out and lock him in the car.”

As Han’s mother expected, after confirming that Han Jincheng was their grandson, Han Dayu dispelled the idea of killing him.

He threw the child to Huzi and asked him to take the person away.

After all, the next picture is a bit unsuitable for children to watch.

If Fu Sijin and others knew that Han Dayu still had such thoughts, they would definitely feel absurd.

Forgive perverted murderers for thinking like normal people?

Huzi took Han Jincheng away, and the entire empty factory building became even more empty.

Without a distracting target, Han Dayu noticed Qingqing on the ground again.

Qingqing had a bad fall just now, and she was tied tightly again and couldn’t get up at all.

The little guy fell to the ground in pain and remained motionless. If it weren’t for the slight ups and downs of her chest, Han Dayu would have thought she was dead.

“Fortunately, you don’t die so fast, I haven’t played enough yet.”

Picking up Qingqing with one hand like a dead dog, Han Dayu leaned close to her, with a strong malice on his enlarged face.

The witness is going to kill her!

Keen perception came into play, clearly conveying the opponent’s terrible intent to kill to the owner.

Qingqing was so scared that her hair stood up, and her whole body was clamoring to escape quickly, but she couldn’t move at all.

The bound hands were raised with difficulty, and Han Dayu’s big hand holding her front placket was tightly grasped with her fingertips.

To prevent her from repeating her old skills, Han Dayu simply clasped Qingqing’s hands, grabbed her wrists and dragged her up.

This action caused Qingqing’s arms to be stretched and painful. She still had a hemp rope tied to her elbows, which strangled her upper body and both arms. The rough rope rubbed her white and tender skin leaving red marks, which was painful and made Qingqing cry straight away.

Clenching her teeth, Qingqing didn’t want to cry in front of the bad guys, but the tears just couldn’t stop falling down.

Her eyes were quickly misty.

With tears in her eyes, Qingqing saw the other party take out a knife.

The tip of the knife was aimed at her delicate neck, and with a gentle force, a blood mark gradually appeared.

“Does it hurt? Seeing the blood gushing out, the neurotic smile on Han Dayu’s face became more and more obvious, “But you asked for it!”

“…” Qingqing stared at the bad guy angrily.

Han Dayu’s forehead burst into blue veins, and worked harder and harder, “If you listened to me obediently and hid well, I wouldn’t have to kill you. Who told you to mind your own business?”

Fu Sijin raised his eyes and looked at Han Dayu.

Back then? What happened to his mother and this lunatic?

It seemed that he felt that he was winning, but Han Dayu suddenly felt a little more inclined to talk.

He looked sideways at Fu Sijin, who was embarrassed on the ground, and sneered.

“Hey, boy, do you know why you suffered all this? It’s all your mother’s fault. It’s because of her that I have to send someone to torture you to get revenge on Gu Qingqing.”

Qingqing’s clasped hands tightened abruptly.

Fu Sijin also showed an expression of disbelief from time to time, “Just… just because of this?”

His voice trembled.

For this ridiculous reason, this psychopath tortured him for so many years.

He kicked Fu Sijin’s stomach, right in the middle of the wound in his abdomen.

“Ah…” Fu Sijin screamed uncontrollably, his whole handsome face distorted.

“What? Do you think my reason is ridiculous?”

Looking down at Fu Sijin condescendingly, Han Dayu’s face twitched slightly, and he suddenly yelled angrily, “But if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be in jail for 25 years. For 25 years, my whole life was ruined!”

“Your life?”

A childish voice spoke, those words didn’t come from Fu Sijin’s mouth, “Didn’t you destroy your life by yourself? Murderer.”

Suddenly turned his head and stared at Qingqing, his terrifying eyes bloodshot.

As if this stimulation was not enough, Qingqing’s lovely face showed an age-defying irony, “Even if I do it again, I will definitely stand up and expose your crimes!”

His whole body shook violently, and Han Dayu’s complexion kept twitching. He suddenly raised his hand and pointed his sharp blade at Qingqing’s heart, “I will kill you!”

A knife fell.

And Han Danyu was pushed away.

Han Dayu couldn’t recover until he fell to the ground.

When he got up, he saw that Fu Sijin, who he didn’t know when he broke free from his shackles, had already staggered away from the door of the factory with Qingqing in his arms.

“They ran away, hurry up, don’t run!”

Hurriedly getting up from the ground, Han Dayu roared while chasing after Fu Sijin’s back.


A violent gasp resounded in his ears, Qingqing curled up in Fu Sijin’s arms, her little hand obediently clutching the placket on his chest.

Her hand was now wet and a strong smell of blood circled the tip of his nose, but Qingqing didn’t dare to speak, let alone move.

She was afraid that if she moved, she would become a drag on Fu Sijin.

Although she is now the biggest drag.


1 Little Brother Han

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