Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 132

Chapter 105: Qingqing Transferred Hospital

-The rooftop of the hospital-

“You…who are you?” The middle-aged female nurse who was forcibly pulled here looked at the man in front of her in horror.

“You don’t need to know who I am. Go back and tell them, as long as I am here, no one can touch even a strand of Gu Qingqing’s hair.”

He snatched the medicine bottle from the female nurse’s hand and threw it hard on the ground, the broken glass mixed with the medicine scattered all over the place.

Sizzling white foam continued to emerge, and sulfuric acid was mixed into these potions.

If this sulfuric acid was put into Qingqing’s body, he could not dare to imagine the consequences.

He glanced at the female nurse coldly, took off all the nursing clothes on his body, threw them on the ground, turned around and strode away.

The female nurse waited until the man had been gone for a long time before she dared to approach the rooftop gate tremblingly.

She carefully held the door handle and tried to open it.


A trace of panic crossed her face, and the female nurse turned frantically several times, unable to open the door of the rooftop.

——The door was locked!

Who did it, the answer is self-evident.

An ominous premonition surged from the depths of her heart, and she took out her mobile phone to make a call without thinking.

The phone rang several times before being picked up lazily, “How are things going?”

“Hey, the mission failed, someone saw through our plan, and I am now locked on the rooftop…”

Halfway through speaking, her words were stuck in her throat.

Because the closed rooftop gate suddenly opened, several policemen in uniforms rushed out from inside, instantly subduing the female nurse.

“What are you going to do? Why are you arresting me!”

The horrified female nurse immediately struggled desperately, but her hands were already clasped tightly by the cold handcuffs.

“Don’t move, we now suspect that you are suspected of murder and have controlled the evidence. Now please cooperate with us to go back to the police station to investigate.”

The serious police took the female nurse away mercilessly, and took away the nursing clothes scattered on the ground and the glass fragments stained with medicine.

These are all evidence, and they have to be collected and preserved.

In Qingqing’s ward, Fu Heng suddenly received a call from Bai Qiyu.

When Gu Lan packed up and came back in a good mood, he happened to see Fu Heng hang up the phone.

“Who called?” The phone call at this time is either important work or about Qingqing.

“Bai Qiyu, he came to inform us that the police have caught the female nurse who intends to murder Qingqing.” Fu Heng put down his phone and said in a deep voice.

“You called the police?” Gu Lan was surprised.

“No, I thought you reported it.” Fu Heng categorically denied it. Looking at Gu Lan’s expression, he wanted to know that he hadn’t called the police either.

“Maybe the hospital called the police.”

This is very likely. After all, the hospital mixed in unknown people and almost harmed the patient. If the police are not called, the hospital will have to bear a lot of responsibility.

“I’ll transfer Qingqing to another hospital tomorrow.” Gu Lan suggested.

They are still staying in the hospital where Qingqing and others first checked in. It is very close to the site of their accident and is located in a sparsely populated suburb.

The hospital is located in the suburbs, and this cannot be a large hospital with excellent medical care. It is barely comparable to a second-class hospital.

If it weren’t for Qingqing’s injuries, which were too serious to move at that time, Gu Lan and the others would have transferred Qingqing to a big hospital a long time ago, but they would have to wait until now.

In addition to the poor level of medical care, there is now an insufficient security force, and the distance between them is also very far, which is not very convenient.

Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, it is the best choice to transfer Qingqing to the hospital.

As for Fu Sijin?

The young guys are full of energy and blood, so it’s good to exercise more. Now they can almost be discharged from the hospital. Isn’t it better to go home than to lie down in the hospital?

I believe that after lying down for so long, Fu Sijin felt bored and wanted to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

Therefore, when Gu Lan’s proposal came out, it was immediately supported by everyone.

Fu Sishen, “That’s great. I finally don’t have to drive back and forth for more than three hours a day. By the way, congratulations to my eldest brother for being discharged from the hospital.”

Fu Sijin, “Well, congratulations.”

Bai Qiyu, “Qingqing is still transferred to the hospital where my brother works?”

Fu Heng: “Well, the No. 1 hospital in the province is definitely the best hospital for us.” So they don’t have a choice.

Gu Lan, “We have to pack up my sister’s things as soon as possible, and we have to go through the transfer procedures or something, a bunch of things.”

An Rán “Do you need help?”

Yu Yu, “I haven’t worked overtime recently, so I can come and help.”


A group of people chatted in full swing, and turned Qingqing’s transfer into a trip, and almost didn’t party together.

Fortunately, this is on the surface, but in fact, everyone is still taking Qingqing’s transfer to the hospital very seriously.

In the hospital on the other side, Bai Qiyu has asked Meng Zhe to contact the best psychiatrist and neuroscientist in their hospital.

Qingqing’s memory problem still needs to be solved.

Simply, the examinations that have been done in the hospital here can be taken directly to the hospital for use, otherwise it will take a long time.

On the day Qingqing was transferred to the hospital, a lot of people came.

Everyone has almost discussed the division of labor. You pack up the pillows and quilts, I pack up the clothes and daily necessities, and go through the formalities.……

Seeing everyone busy, Qingqing’s only role is to sit quietly in a wheelchair and be a mascot.

Oh, it’s a mascot with the dinosaur doll in her arms.

This doll was brought by An Rán when she came over this morning to appease Qingqing.

The effect is very good. Qingqing, who loves all dinosaurs, can play quietly for most of the day by holding the doll by herself.

The hospital here arranged for an ambulance to take Qingqing to the provincial capital hospital, accompanied by Qingqing’s attending doctor and a nurse.

As soon as the doctor got in the car, he hurriedly apologized, hoping that Fu Heng and the others would not pursue the fact that Qingqing was almost killed, and also offered compensation.

In fact, the average doctor doesn’t care so much at all. The accident in the hospital is a matter of the hospital, and it has little to do with these doctors.

But who told this hospital to be run by a doctor?

That’s right, this is a private hospital.

This gossip news was put out by Gu Lan from the mouth of the nurse. He is also bored, and just because the nurse has always been kind to him, so he always wants to get in front of others.

In other words: Let her appreciate my beauty.

It’s really beautiful, Fu Heng doesn’t even know why he is like this as a man…

Forget it, my brother-in-law, just know something, don’t say it.

The ambulance roared away, and at the entrance of the hospital, a tall man wearing a mask stood silently watching them leave.

I don’t know how long it took, a palm suddenly patted the man on the shoulder.

“Brother, what are you still standing there for? Hurry over to help move things. A new batch of medical equipment has just arrived. The girls can’t move it. We are the only two men among the volunteers, so we can only let us come.”

“Good. “The man turned around and walked into the hospital with his companion.

During the action, the bright red banner in front of him was particularly conspicuous: people’s volunteers.

I hope you will be safe for the rest of your life, and I will continue to guard you silently.


In Meng Zhe’s office in the provincial capital hospital.

Bai Qiyu and Fu Heng sat down on the sofa, two pairs of equally oppressive eyes fell on Meng Zhe together.

With this double pressure on Meng Zhe, he didn’t know how many times he rolled his eyes in his heart.

He picked up the report on the desktop and handed it to Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu one by one.

The content of the two copies is the same, and there is no deviation.

“Gu Qingqing’s examination report has come out. She is recovering well from her injuries and will be discharged from the hospital in three days. As for her memory problems” Meng Zhe frowned.

“Why, is it hard to cure?” Fu Heng asked nervously.

Shaking his head and rejecting Fu Heng’s inquiry, Meng Zhe looked at all the values on the checklist and felt puzzled.

“No, it’s not a question of whether it can be treated, but whether the cause can be checked.”

“Can’t check the cause?” Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu glanced at each other, and an idea flashed through their hearts tacitly.

I have to find out where the master is again.

After so many things, their materialist worldview has long been shattered into scum, and now they can only live by believing in idealism.

“The report shows that Gu Qingqing’s data are normal and there is no damage to her brain, so the cause of her amnesia should not be physical factors, but may be mental reasons.”

“When a person suddenly suffers a huge blow, or something too painful makes their endurance reach the limit, the brain, in order to protect itself, often chooses to forcibly delete this part of the memory that causes the owner of the body to be extremely uncomfortable. .”

“Is there any possibility of my wife regaining her memory?” Fu Heng folded his hands nervously, waiting for the doctor’s verdict.

Fortunately, Meng Zhe did not give the death penalty directly, “This deletion may be permanent or temporary. The specific situation depends on the individual, but according to previous medical records, most patients can recover their memories in the end.”

In other words, Qingqing still has hope of full recovery, but this hope is not certain that it will become a reality, so the family members had better be mentally prepared for this.

Fu Heng understood this truth, and he had been mentally preparing for more than half a month, and he was ready to bear any result.

The worst result is that there is an extra giant baby daughter. It’s not that he can’t afford to raise it. It’s not a big deal to pet it for the rest of his life.

After receiving the diagnosis, Fu Heng didn’t need to stay in Meng Zhe’s office.

He took the lead in saying goodbye, then got up and left.

Bai Qiyu originally wanted to leave, but was stopped by Meng Zhe.

“Gu Qingqing and Qingqing, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

As the attending doctor of the adult Qingqing, he could see that the wonderful connection between the two was normal.

But Bai Qiyu didn’t plan to explain to him, “Brother, there are some things where it’s better to pretend not to know.”

He patted Meng Zhe on the shoulder and said that he had a deep sense of humor.

This was obviously nothing, but it fell into the ears of Meng Zhe, who was a little too active imagination, that it made him shudder for his life.

Does he know too much that he shouldn’t know?

Won’t he be killed?

Meng Zhe was frightened by his brain replenishment[1]unfounded imagination, and couldn’t help but cover his mouth with a horrified expression on his face.

Thinking too much…


1 unfounded imagination

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