Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 133

Chapter 106: Daily Recuperation

Qingqing is recovering well from her injuries.

Within a week of being transferred to the hospital, she was already able to go to stand on her own.

It’s just that her memory is still stuck in the little version of her. Fortunately, she had not forgotten Fu Heng and the others, otherwise this group of people will have to worry about how to get along with a ‘child’ who doesn’t know anything.

The key is that the child’s body is in an adult state. Some things are not so taboo for children, but for adults, you need to worry more.

For example, changing clothes for Qingqing.

It used to be who was more convenient to help her change clothes, but now only Fu Heng and the two girls can help Qingqing do these private things.

Others, even the two sons, Fu Heng did not allow them to do anything too intimate to Qingqing.

In fact, the Fu brothers themselves still feel awkward.

The mother who they are used to is in a form of a young child⁠— now they suddenly come into contact with her in the form of an adult, they always feel a little more awkward in their hearts. Especially since they used to have a very stiff relationship because of various misunderstandings.

They can’t exactly describe how they feel, but it’s not comfortable anyway.

But this little tangle was quickly broken by Qingqing herself.

Her attitude towards everyone is as always, she should be coquettish, deceitful, and occasionally lose her temper because adults don’t let her eat anything.

She is also a little more finicky than before.

This is also why they are busy and rushing around. After all, Qingqing is still injured and in the hospital. Everyone is coaxing her, for fear that she will be a little unhappy or uncomfortable.

“You stopped people.”

Seeing Gu Lan coming back, Fu Heng asked lightly, but in affirmative sentences.

“Well, I have been missing all year round, and I have never fulfilled my obligation as her brother. Now when I hear that my sister is hospitalized and has amnesia, I run over again under the name of caring. Don’t think I don’t know what they want to do.”

Gu Lan’s face was not very good. He walked straight to another nursing bed and sat down. He picked up the drink on the table and poured himself a drink.

He didn’t realize it was wrong until the drink was in the mouth. He frowned, his face full of disgust, “What the hell is this, why is it so sweet?”

“… Qingqing’s favorite children’s milk.” Fu Heng didn’t pay attention either, so Gu Lan drank half of Qingqing’s drink.

“Before Qingqing went to bed, she exhorted us not to steal her milk.” As a result, you drank it all when you came. The child will be in a fit with you when she gets up.

Gu Lan’s hand holding the milk trembled slightly.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier?” He covered his mouth and wailed, unable to rest, he hurriedly got up and went out, took out a 100-meter sprint speed and went downstairs to buy a few bottles of milk of the same brand and package for his sister and put it back at the head of the bed, pretending that the stolen milk was still there.

Qingqing is the only one left with the bottle of milk which is in Gu Lan’s hand. If he doesn’t make up for it in time, she will definitely cry again as her adult body.

You can still hold children in your arms and coax them when they cry and older people can cry… but then they can only sit on the side and hand out paper towels at a loss.

“I don’t know who spread the news. Many people know about my sister’s amnesia.” Gu Lan was angry when he mentioned this.

Not only because many people have come to him to inquire about the news explicitly and implicitly recently, but also because their parents also went and looked for him which he felt is annoying.

“The matter is too big, and we did not deliberately conceal the news. It is natural that it will be spread out.”

Contrary to Gu Lan, Fu Heng’s mentality is much more peaceful.

Adult Qingqing is not easy to hide than young Qingqing. She is so big and highly recognizable, it is really difficult not to be recognized.

Instead of concealing the news and letting outsiders run into Chairman Fu’s wife in the hospital, and then making a fuss about it and speculating maliciously, it is better for them to disclose the news from the beginning to let everyone know about Qingqing’s situation.

Of course, this is only part of the news that Fu Heng wants them to know.

Gu Qingqing has amnesia, and this title is much better than Gu Qingqing’s four-year-old mind and personality.

Gu Lan also understood Fu Heng’s approach, and didn’t complain about it. He had just been disgusted by the parents and was in a depressed mood for a while.

How can you say you care about your daughter when you bring the share transfer contract when visiting her?

Didn’t they just want to take advantage of his sister’s amnesia, forget previous grievances, and deliberately coax people to sign this blood-selling book.

Don’t even think about it, Gu Lan will never give them any chance to succeed.

For a while, he was thinking about arranging two new bodyguards to protect his sister in the future. The two had been in contact with the little Qingqing before, and they could not be allowed to contact the adult Qingqing again, so as not to reveal any secrets.

He also thought about how likely it would be to abduct her directly back home after his sister could be discharged from the hospital.

Thinking about the focus of attention, he moved to Qingqing’s discharge date.

“When will my sister be discharged from the hospital?”

After Qingqing changed back, Gu Lan had already stopped calling her by her first name.

“The doctor said it will take about three days.” Gu Lan just came back from Meng Zhe’s office and just got the exact discharge date.

“That’s good. At that time, I will look at the schedule and free up a day to help.”

Gu Lan, who had never given up his abacus, was thinking about whether to invite the Grandmother Guǎn jiā over.

With his sister’s dependence on the Grandmother Guǎn jiā, it is actually not impossible to fool people.

As long as Qingqing’s attitude is firm, I believe that no matter how reluctant Fu Heng is, he can only obey Qingqing’s wishes.

Seeing Gu Lan’s abacus at a glance, Fu Hengyu warned, “Mother-in-Law Ding is still with me.”

You have a Grandmother Guǎn jiā and I have Mother-in-law Ding. He also has two sons and future daughters-in-law. Five to one, Gu Lan lost.

“…” Gu Lan, who was forced to recognize the reality, was silent for a while and wanted to spit out the curses.

It may be that the conversation between Fu Heng and Gu Lan was too noisy. Qingqing subconsciously scratched the quilt, her eyelids moved slightly, and woke up.

“Qingqing is awake, I made you soup, do you want to drink it?”

That’s the question, but Fu Heng had already consciously got up and poured out the medicinal soup in the thermostat.

Many people don’t like to take medicine, and they always feel that there is a bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine.

But in fact, if it is handled well, medicinal meals can also become very delicious, and Qingqing happens to like medicinal meals very much.

Contrary to others, she likes the smell of Chinese medicine.

Fu Heng came over with the soup, and Gu Lan had already helped Qingqing make the bed high and let her sit up, even the small dining table in front of her was set up.

It’s not dinner time now, and it will take a certain amount of time before the food is delivered from home, but a few people are hungry, and now they just need to drink some soup to cushion their stomachs.

There were three bowls of soup, the bowl for Qingqing was only soup, and there was some soft shredded meat, while the remaining two bowls have more soup, vegetables and meat.

This is also for Qingqing’s physical consideration.

It’s not easy for her to digest after eating too much.

“Shall we go out for a walk after finishing a bowl of soup?”

“Good.” Qingqing doesn’t like being bored in the ward, so she won’t refuse the opportunity to go out.

“I’ll do it myself.” Rejecting Fu Heng’s feeding, Qingqing held the bowl by herself and drank contentedly.

Seeing this, Fu Heng couldn’t help but smile.

He has gradually transferred the group to his two sons and slowly separated himself from his busy work.

After so much experience, the children also matured a lot. Even the youngest son stopped shouting that he’s tired, and worked harder than before. Fu Heng was very relieved to give Fu Group to the two of them.

In contrast, Gu Lan was pitiful.

He is not married, and the heir is even more invisible. Before, he wanted to train his nephews to be his successors. Fu Heng started too quickly, so that he can’t get any of them now.

“Or… you and my sister have another one? I can help you raise children.” Gu Lan had a bad idea on a whim.

“Get out!” Fu Heng rewarded him indifferently.

My wife is forty-six years old, and it’s too dangerous to give birth at her age.

“What about my Gu family?There is no heir.”

“You can get married and have children by yourself.” Fu Heng thinks his brother-in-law may be stupid. Do you still need to ask him such a simple question?

Gu Lan is only in his thirties this year. It is the golden age of a man. If you take care of yourself and find a girl to live with, there will naturally be heirs.

“The premise is that I have someone who I can get married to.”

Gu Lan is still single until now, it’s not that he is too romantic or has any problems, it’s just that he hasn’t met someone he likes.

Moreover, he was so busy at work that he had to help take care of the little Qingqing before. He didn’t have enough time to sleep. Where did he have time to find a girl?

Feelings are not caused by strong winds. You don’t have time to get along with others. Who do you want to count on to like you?

Therefore, Gu Lan had no resistance to marriage, but his attitude was also very Buddhist.

There is a kind of fate that is bound up, and if you don’t have a chance, you are free and easy to be alone.

Fu Heng suddenly remembered that his wife seemed to be planning to arrange a blind date for her brother before, but every time she arranged it, Gu Lan went with the intention of sabotaging it, and didn’t plan to take a good look at the girl.

After making a few complaints, Qingqing, who was so angry that her heart ached, immediately said harshly that she would never care about her brother again.

I don’t know if Gu Lan still remembers this?

“Finished drinking.” Qingqing, who ate the whole bowl of soup in one breath, proudly showed Fu Heng the clean soup bowl.

“Qingqing is great.” Rubbing Qingqing’s head, Fu Heng went to push the wheelchair over, while Gu Lan consciously got up to get two hot packs for Qingqing.

Qingqing didn’t have her aunt, this is for sticking to her feet.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the winter in the south is getting colder and colder.

As soon as you go out, no matter how thick your shoes are on your feet, you can feel a piercing cold that makes you want to drill under the blanket.

Therefore, in order to keep warm, many people show their magical powers and use various tricks to keep warm and comfortable. Hot packs are one of them.

After trying it personally, he concluded that it is particularly easy to use.

Let Qingqing move to the wheelchair and sit down by herself, put on a coat and scarf for her, and wear a hat and mask to strive for all-round protection, so as not to let her have the slightest chance of catching a cold.

Qingqing, who was looking forward to going out, was very excited.

She was so happy that she even forgot the milk she was still thinking about before going to bed, which made Gu Lan’s hopes, who was anxious and looking forward to it, come to naught.

He also wanted to see how Qingqing would react when she found that only half of the milk left suddenly turned into a whole bottle of new one.

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