Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 140

Chapter 113: Forced to Travel

The days of discharge from the hospital and the days of hospitalization are similar to Qingqing— she just continues to be bored in another place.

The only difference is that it is more comfortable to live at home.

The family didn’t let her go out, and she gradually noticed the changes in her body, so she stayed at home without saying a word.

But after a long time, everyone can still feel a little dullness from her more or less.

The most obvious thing is that Qingqing’s appetite has dropped, and she doesn’t have much of a mind to play games. Occasionally, she is seen lying by the window and staring out in a daze.

In this increasingly depressed atmosphere, before Qingqing said anything, Gu Lan broke out first.

“I can’t stand it. My sister is not a prisoner. Why do you keep her at home every day?”

Pushing away the obstruction of Fu’s maid, Gu Lan broke into Fu’s house forcefully, rushed directly to Qingqing’s side, took her by the arm, and dragged her out forcefully, “Let’s go, who rarely stays in the cell.”

The last sentence is full of irony.

“Sir”” The housekeeper of the Fu family stood behind Fu Heng and stopped talking.

Fu Heng stood high at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor. He witnessed this little farce with his own eyes, and didn’t mean to go down and stop it from beginning to end.

“It’s okay.” Fu Heng said, “Let them go out and have fun and they will naturally come back when they had fun.”

“But the lady’s condition…” The housekeeper was still very worried.

“Qingqing is already in elementary school.”

The shrewd housekeeper still understood the headless sentence.

My wife has recovered to her six-year-old memory. Can a six-year-old child go to the first grade of elementary school?

It was a bit funny when she thought about it. Facing the indifferent attitude of his employer, the housekeeper quickly narrowed her smile and asked softly if he wanted to send two bodyguards to follow her to avoid accidents.

Fu Heng did not refuse, “Let Ah-Bu and Ah-Da go, Qingqing is most familiar with them.”

In the end, the two brothers were not able to be dismissed by Fu.

It’s true that they have no father or mother, no high education, and no windfall in the family. Only this strength and good skills are left.

Without this well-paid job, the two brothers would not know what to do in the future.

After discussing in private, the two simply begged Fu Heng to make it clear that they were willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, only to stay in the job.

Fu Heng is not a bad person, but he also has his own considerations.

The original purpose of the substitution was to keep the secret of Qingqing’s body, but now that this secret has been seen by the two bodyguards, there is no need to replace the person.

Because it’s better to leave these two people in the know to take care of them than to let them go out and talk nonsense.

Fortunately, only the two bodyguards saw through Qingqing’s difference.

The main reason is that the two of them have a relatively close relationship with Qingqing, and they know the little Qingqing very well, but the personalities of the big Qingqing and little Qingqing now have some behaviors that are exactly the same. It’s really hard not to make people suspicious.

In particular, Ah-Bu is still a meticulous person, with a strong investigative ability, and can discover the truth from various clues.

Even if the truth he knew was still a bit different from the real result, he had guessed at least 70% correctly.

But it’s okay to leave them.

The two bodyguards have strong business ability and are loyal to Qingqing. Although Fu Heng doesn’t quite understand how Qingqing subdues the two of them, this does not prevent the fact that the two of them will do their best to protect Qingqing.

For this reason, Fu Heng also doubled their wages for each of them.

It can be regarded as another form of hush money.

Gu Lan didn’t take Qingqing home with him, but went straight to the airport.

Qingqing followed him blankly, dazed the whole time.

It wasn’t until she got on the plane and saw the beautiful flight attendant sister in front of her holding the airbag and showing its usage that Qingqing returned to her senses, “Where are we going?”

“Go out and play.” Gu Lan took out a box of chewing gum from his jacket pocket and stuffed it into Qingqing.

“Chew, or your ears will be uncomfortable.”

There is gum in her mouth, so she doesn’t need Gu Lan to remind her, Qingqing will always chew it herself.……

But her beautiful peach blossom eyes still looked at Gu Lan suspiciously, waiting for his recovery.

“Let’s go to G City.” Gu Lan said, “It’s not easy to play in crowded places, so let’s just climb the mountains and see the scenery. This kind of thing can work.”

Qingqing frowned and resisted, “I don’t want to climb a mountain.”

Climbing the mountain is so tiring, compared to it, she wants to soak in the sea more.

And it’s almost the New Year, so what are you going to do to climb the mountains in winter? Bare trees all over the mountains?

Well, this description is exaggerated.

However, the winter scenery of landscape tourist areas is indeed not as beautiful as other seasons.

“No way.” Pinch Qingqing’s face, her small face without baby fat is tender and soft, like a ball of white steamed buns, “You are too weak, just follow me to exercise.”

Lying at home every day, normal people have to be laid down, not to mention Qingqing, who is in poor health.

Muttering, looking at Gu Lan who had a resolute attitude, Qingqing also knew that her little arm could not be twisted around her thigh[1]cannot argue or persuade, and she could only be forced to accept her fate.

In fact, if there is a cable car, she will take a cable car with her brother.

As for the other?

Don’t think about it, it’s impossible, let her climb the mountain, she can just die of exhaustion halfway.

When the plane took off, Qingqing lay down by the window and looked out curiously.

This is not the first time she has taken a plane, but it is the first time she has looked down at the world so seriously.

The high-rise buildings gradually shrank into swatches, and gradually connected into dense pieces.

From time to time, flowing clouds flew over the fuselage, shrouded in the verdant mountains and rivers, and it actually felt like a fairyland.

The plane went up again, penetrated the clouds, and came to the top of the clouds, which was a sea of snow-white clouds.

Many clouds have different shapes, and they look like dreamy empty islands, making Qingqing have to wonder if there are legendary immortals living on them?

It’s a pity that when she looked at it, it was all white, and didn’t see any shadow of a fairy at all.

She was a little disappointed.

This journey is not very far, but it is not close.

During the nearly two-hour route, when the plane gradually landed, Qingqing had already leaned on Gu Lan’s shoulder and slept sweetly.

She was covered with a blanket. Gu Lan was worried that the air conditioning in the cabin was too cold, so he asked the flight attendant for it.

The blanket was not very big but still wrapped Qingqing tightly, enough to see her petite figure.

No, it’s thin. Picking up one of Qingqing’s plain hands, he put it on his big palm and gestured.

It was half smaller than his.

Moreover, the wrist was so slender that there was almost only a layer of skin and bones left. If Qingqing’s cheeks hadn’t been born with a little bit of flesh, she would have been thin and out of shape by now.

This is also the reason that prompted Gu Lan to take Qingqing out forcefully.

Originally, because of a major injury to her vitality, she lost nearly fifteen catties in a short period of time. Later, because she was bored at home for a long time and had no appetite, she couldn’t make up for the meat at all.

One-six is close to one-meter-seven in height, but only a few seventy catties.

Is this the rhythm of preparing to shoot the skeleton man?

Gu Lan knew that not only was he in a hurry, but Fu Heng and the others were also in a hurry, so everyone acquiesced in letting the siblings go out for a break.

I hope I can feed Qingqing into ten catties fat when I go back.

Gu Lan made a grand wish.

As soon as the plane landed, Gu Lan turned on the mobile phone signal, the group of messages jumped out frantically.

[ Xiao-Shen: Where is my mother? Why is my big mother gone? Crazy.jpg ]

[ Ah-Jin: Same question. ]

[ Ranran: Is Aunt Qing gone? ]

[ Yu Yu: …] During overtime, she only had time to type those and disappeared.

[ Bai Qiyu: Qingqing is gone? @Fu Heng ]

[ Fu Heng: No, Gu Lan took her  away. @Gu Lan ]

[ Xiao-Shen: Uncle, come out and explain @Gu Lan ]

[ Ah-Jin: @Gu Lan ]

[ Ranran: @Gu Lan ]

[ Yuyu: @Gu Lan ] Took the time to look at the phone and clicked +1 easily

After nearly an hour, Gu Lan, who had been silent for a long time, appeared.

[ Gu Lan: I took Qingqing out on a trip to relax. ]

[ Xiao-Shen: Can you take one more? The kind that can help with luggage, book a hotel, make a strategy, and pay for it. Looking forward to the eyes of the stars.jpg ]

[ Ah-Jin: I just finished my work recently, and I have a few days free time. ] He didn’t say it directly, but the implication was obvious, he also wanted to play with them.

[ Ranran: I am also free, and I can pay for the travel expenses at my own expense. ]

Yu Yu saw the news and sighed in the face of the mountains of documents.

She was recently promoted, and with it came a busier job. She didn’t even have enough time to sleep. Travel was simply a luxury.

Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu didn’t squeak either.

Since they acquiesced to Gu Lan taking Qingqing out to play at the beginning, they showed that they would not be disturbed by the past.

It just so happens that they can take advantage of this time to do something else.

I heard that the Han Dayu case is about to go to trial, and I have been preparing for so long. This time, the bad guys must be given the legal punishment they deserve.

Qingqing held Gu Lan’s hand, holding a lollipop in the other hand, eating with relish.

Both of them were relaxed and walked exceptionally chic.

This time they were not on a poor tour, but a pleasure tour with nearly ten entourages.

Since they are all here to enjoy themselves, it is naturally impossible to carry their own luggage.

There are bodyguards here.

“It’s still early, let’s go to the hotel to fix up, then come out for dinner, and take a look at the local night view.”

The city of G City is very magical. Their city center is a large scenic area, so the tourists living in it are basically equivalent to living in the scenic area.

Three minutes out of the hotel are two juxtaposed food streets.

A dimly lit modern food street, an ancient food street with ancient fragrance and ancient colors, and various attractions are five minutes away. You only need to walk to get there, and don’t need to drive.

The hotel that the secretary of Gu Lan helped choose was very convenient.

It happens to be in the center of several attractions, and it is very close to the modern food street. Just walk 20 meters to the right when you go out.

They booked the only two remaining presidential suites in the hotel. One of them was Gu Lan’s, and the other was for Qingqing. Qingqing was accompanied by a female bodyguard who was specially brought over. She also took care of Qingqing.

For example, change clothes, take a bath and wash her face or something.

The rest were scattered in the guest rooms not far from the presidential suite.


1 cannot argue or persuade

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