Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 141

Chapter 114: The Grass Rabbit Coaxes Her Brother

“Are you hot or not?”

Gu Lan took a wet tissue to wipe Qingqing’s sweat.

The two of them ran to climb the mountain in the morning just to watch the sunrise.

Before it was fully dawn, Qingqing followed Gu Lan halfway up the mountain, already sweating profusely.

“It’s not hot.” Taking a breath, disgusted that Gu Lan wiped it too slowly, Qingqing grabbed his tissue, wiped it indiscriminately and finished.

She is really not hot, but she has a sweaty physique.

With the same amount of exercise, others are just sweating slightly but she sweat profusely. It may look exaggerated but she really does sweat a little more than others.

Gu Lan didn’t know at first, but then he found out after taking care of Qingqing for a long time, so when he heard her say it was not hot, he just handed her the water bottle and said nothing.

After a short break, Qingqing immediately rushed up again with full energy.

Gu Lan, who hadn’t rested enough, could only keep up. He was so tired that his legs were a little soft. “At first, she said don’t want to come, but now she is climbing harder than me.”

Speaking of this, Qingqing also benefits from her current height and long legs.

If she still has short hands and short feet that match her age, then this section of the mountain road is bound to be difficult for Qingqing to climb, so she definitely won’t like it.

But now she is in an adult body, and can go up three steps in a row with long legs. There is an inexplicable sense of ease when she gets up and is even a little surprised by it.

Children, they haven’t yet appreciated the boredom of climbing mountains.

Relying on this freshness, Qingqing was very active throughout the process, maybe even a little overexcited.

Gu Lan’s movements were slow and was laughed at by Qingqing in turn, teasing him that he’s like a tortoise. He was so angry that he kept meditating in his heart: Don’t be impulsive, this is his own sister.……

After repeating it several times, he calmed down.

“Here.” Qingqing, who ran far away, bounced back again, and handed a wooden stick to Gu Lan, “Use it as a walking stick for you.”

“Thank you.” Stunned, Gu Lan stretched out his hand to pick it up, and the resentment in his heart instantly disappeared.

“Give me your bag and I’ll hold it for you.”

After giving the wooden stick, Qingqing took the initiative to take Gu Lan’s backpack again.

Gu Lan also regarded Qingqing as a child, thinking that he would not give her anything since she would be tired just from climbing the mountain alone. Some things were handed over to the bodyguards, and some things were carried on his back.

In the end, it was his bad physical strength that dragged everyone down, and Qingqing was even more energetic than him.

It’s a bit of a slap in the face.

It’s no wonder that he doesn’t have good physical strength since he sits in the office all year round, and his only exercise is on business trips.

Qingqing pays great attention to health, which is not only reflected in healthy clothes.

In terms of food, housing and travel, she also pays great attention to exercise.

She has the habit of long-term morning runs and regular yoga, and her physical strength directly beats her brother.

“Let me…take a break.”

After strenuously climbing to the top of the mountain, Gu Lan was almost paralyzed.

He didn’t care about his image, so he directly found a boulder and sat down, panting fiercely.

If he sticks his tongue out at this time, he will be like a dog.

“Drink water?” Qingqing handed over a bottle of ice water.

This is stored in the ice box that the bodyguards carry with them. After they are tired and sweaty, they really want some ice to cool down.

“Drink.” Gu Lan took it, drank half of it himself, and poured the other half on his head, letting the ice water flow down his cheeks.

“Oh, the weather is cold, so you will catch a cold!” Qingqing quickly took out a sports towel to wipe Gu Lan’s face, her movements were much more gentle compared to when she wiped herself.

Gu Lan obediently raised his face for Qingqing to wipe it, enjoying his sister’s care at this moment.

In fact on this mountain climbing trip, he thought he would be taking care of Qingqing by himself, but in the end it turned into Qingqing taking care of Gu Lan.

Even if Gu Lan can climb up now, he still relies on Qingqing’s raw strength, otherwise they might still be halfway up the mountain panting at the invisible ladder.

But they came just in time. It didn’t take long after they sat down and the sun rose.

First there was a little reddish thin line, and then it gradually expanded into a long golden band.

The darkness faded, the sun poured down, and everything in the world seemed to be covered with a layer of gauze, which was extremely beautiful.

Indulging in this beautiful scenery, Qingqing fell into a deep shock, and the magnificent mountains and rivers were clearly reflected in her eyes, like a colored ink painting, even more magical than that.

This is the gift that truly belongs to nature, to all things.

Gu Lan also lost his words for a while.

After a long time, he sighed, “It’s a miracle that we can be born in this world.”

Qingqing nodded in agreement.

She looked sideways at Gu Lan, and stopped talking, but still didn’t say anything.

Instead, Gu Lan noticed her expression and said directly, “Just say what you want to say, I don’t know how to read minds. I don’t know what you are thinking.”

“Brother…do you like Mom and Dad?” Qingqing asked very cautiously.

At six years old, she has gradually noticed the indifference of her parents to her, especially since she is already in elementary school.

Looking at the classmates’ parents and then looking at their own, the huge gap made Qingqing feel at a loss.

Her parents are different from others.

For the first time, a child with such a clear understanding fell into the confusion of life.

She wanted to find someone who she could resonate with.

Even though Gu Lan’s figure did not exist in her gradually recovered memory, Qingqing knew that Gu Lan was her brother with her father and mother, so she suddenly became a little curious.

If it’s a younger brother, will mom and dad treat him better?

The parents of some classmates in their class don’t like them because they are girls, but they love boys very much. Maybe her parents are also like this?

“Don’t like it.” Gu Lan’s face was cold for a second, and gave Qingqing a disappointing answer, “Don’t think about them anymore, they don’t deserve to be our parents.”

The unfortunate childhood of the siblings was given by these parents. Gu Lan had long given up on them and hated to hear any news from them.

Sensitively seeing that Gu Lan was in a bad mood, Qingqing knew that she had said the wrong thing.

Seeing Gu Lan watching the sunrise intently and not looking at her anymore, her eyes turned downwards, and suddenly leaned over and grabbed a handful of grass.

A touch of emerald green suddenly appeared in front of him, and jumped up and down, causing Gu Lan to lean back subconsciously.

He took a closer look and it turned out to be a little rabbit made of straw.

There is a long grass root linked behind the rabbit. With the shaking of Qingqing, the little rabbit is also driven up and down. It really looks like a bouncing rabbit, lively and cute.

“For you.” Qingqing stuffed the bunny into Gu Lan’s arms, smiling brightly, her smile more beautiful than the sunrise.

“How could you make this?” Gu Lan took the grass rabbit and fiddled with it twice, thinking it was pretty fun.

“Aunt Ding taught me how to make it.”

Seeing Gu Lan finally smiled, Qingqing also became happy.

She sat on the boulder and swayed around, her ponytail tied high behind her head flicked and swayed, happy like a Samoyed wagging her tail wildly.

“Qingqing is amazing, thank you.”

What else is there to be unhappy for? All are gone.

Gu Lan held up the grass rabbit, picked up the mobile phone and pointed at the sunrise. It was a beautiful photo.

He adjusted the light a little bit, and then sent a circle of friends: Siblings’ travels, new discoveries, with pictures.jpg

Especially the old cadre-style essay, but a large group of comments exploded in an instant, and many people came to like it.

[ Lao Zhan: Sister Gu is going to travel, I wish you a good time. ]

[ Mr. Wang: Rabbits are very delicate, and my daughter likes them very much. ]


[ Xiao Shen: My mother never made this thing for me, I don’t care, I want it too! ]

[ An Rán reply to Xiao Shen:How old are you? ]

[ Ah-Jin: Three years old at most. ]

[ Fu Heng: The sunrise is very beautiful, and the rabbit is also very cute. Remember to bring me one when Qingqing comes back. ]

[ Bai Qiyu: Two. ]

[ Gu Lan: This is mine alone, exclusive limited edition, you don’t have a copy! ]

Vigilantly putting away his little rabbit, Gu Lan decided to go back and find a glass box to keep the little rabbit well, and put it on the table in his study. When he works every day, he looks at it every day, and his mood can get better.

It’s impossible to climb up and leave just to watch the sunrise.

Qingqing was sent to stay in the tent, while Gu Lan and the other two bodyguards set up and had a picnic on the spot.

They brought all the ingredients by themselves, and they also asked people to take care of them. They should be marinated and washed well, and then strung together in sticks.

Now as long as you set up the grill and put the barbecue skewers directly on it, you can start to work.

Qingqing watched everyone busy in full swing, her heart moved, and she picked up Gu Lan’s mobile phone to take a picture of the scene with a strong firework aura.

The family didn’t let her play around with her mobile phone at a young age, which didn’t mean that Qingqing couldn’t use it.

She can do it, and she can also take selfies and post to her circle of friends.

A beautiful selfie, accompanied by the beauty of nature, even if there is no beauty, even a plain photo, can hang most celebrities.

Fu Heng was eating breakfast.

The phone vibrated, he subconsciously picked it up and looked at it, and found that not long after the interval, his brother-in-law sent another circle of friends.

There is no text, only a selfie of his wife.

The wife on the screen smiled with her eyebrows, and there was a light of sunshine all over her body, and everyone could see that she was in a good mood.

Even though he was across the screen, he couldn’t help being infected by the other party’s good mood.

Fu Heng chuckled, moved his long fingers slightly, clicked a like, and commented, ‘Mobile phones can only be played for half an hour a day.’

Obviously, he already knows who the person that really took the picture. 

Qingqing happened to see this comment and immediately put Gu Lan’s mobile phone back in a guilty conscience.

She can’t see it, she doesn’t know anything.

Finding that his father was looking at his mobile phone, Fu Sijin, who also swiped the message, was a little helpless.

The case was solved. It turned out that Qingqing’s ability to use mobile phones was condoned by his father.

No wonder they are all so guarded, Qingqing is still getting more and more proficient in picking up the phone.

As if noticing his son’s gaze, Fu Heng didn’t even raise his head, “The more you restrict her, the more curious she is. She will find ways to play behind your back. It’s better to let her play for a while every day, but specify the time to use it.”

Blocking is not as good as guiding, proper guidance is a better way of teaching.

“Recently, there is a project being tendered. I will leave it to you to do it and try to take it down.”

Patting his eldest son on the shoulder, Fu Heng got up and went out.

Fu Sijin: “……”

He just squeezed out the vacation he was going to play with his mother… and it drifted away.

Fu Sijin had reason to suspect that his father must have no time to go to his mother to play, so he was careful not to let them pass.

However, he heard that Sishen and his girlfriend bought a ticket to G City yesterday, so he couldn’t help but hurry up.

With a sigh, Fu Sijin still accepted his fate and went to work in the company.

As soon as he stepped into the elevator, he directly bumped into the person inside.


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