Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 142

Chapter 115: Black Hole[1]in this one, black hole refers with being unlucky or unskilled with something with the Rings

“Why are you here?” Fu Sijin looked at his brother in surprise.

He clearly remembered that when this good brother came to him to show off last night, he said that he had booked a ticket at 6:30 in the morning, but it is 8 o’clock now.

“Don’t mention it.” Fu Sishen looked unlucky, “Of course, I was called to the company by my brothers there and they said that there was something very important. Then I was caught by your father and asked me to come to the company to help.”

Fu Sijin understood in an instant.

His dad is so amazing, he didn’t let go of any of them.

The corners of his lips curled up covertly, and Fu Sijin, who was forced to bear a smile, pretended to comfort his brother with sympathy, “The company is too busy, and there is no way.”

“Don’t bear it, I saw you laughing.” When the elevator reached the first floor, Fu Sishen swatted his brother’s hand, rolled his eyes and left.

A hearty laugh suddenly broke out behind him, and Fu Sishen immediately turned his head and stared angrily, but the elevator door had already been closed.

The work departments of the two brothers are not on the same floor.

Fu Sishen said that he was temporarily arrested as an additional worker, but he was really a temporary worker.

He is here to guide the technical department of the Fu Group.

Fu intends to fully upgrade the internal system firewall. The original technical staff is indeed good, but it is much worse than Fu Sishen.

Don’t think that Fu Sishen’s animation design has nothing to do with computers.

In fact, in order to better produce a work, their computer technology must be more powerful, otherwise any program error can destroy the entire work.

Therefore, in addition to receiving special effects lists on a daily basis, they also edit computer protection systems for major companies part-time, and occasionally receive software-made lists.

It’s just that it used to be a small fuss, but this time he suddenly received Fu’s order, which is the largest order since the establishment of the studio.

Even though Fu Sishen knew in his heart that his father deliberately threw it to him, he still had to hold his breath for the sake of hundreds of people in the company.

As long as this order is made, their studio can definitely go to another level.

Unlike his younger brother, who is still mainly working in his own job, Fu Sijin entered the Fu Group as an heir and ran to inherit the company.

For this reason, Fu’s Entertainment, which he originally founded, was merged into the group, and the president of the company was replaced by a brother who had worked hard with him.

On the other hand, he entered the Fu Group headquarters to become the general manager.

Originally a deputy, after this period of work, Fu Sijin completed several big lists with excellent results and won the trust of the company’s senior management, so he was recently promoted.

Fu Sishen still made it clear that he had no intention of inheriting the family

After discussing with the two sons in detail, Fu Heng chose to respect the younger son’s decision.

He even made a will on the spot and divided the Fu shares in his hand into three shares. The eldest son needs an absolute share to manage the group, so he occupies two-thirds of the shares, while the younger son only needs to take the remaining one-third of the shares and enjoy the dividends.

In order to compensate for the loss of his youngest son’s shares, Fu Heng specially divided to Fu Sishen the other assets, trying to make the two sons have the same, which can be regarded as being just and fair.

The division of property in this will does not involve the wife.

Because the share that belonged to Qingqing was personally held in front of her by Fu Heng as early as the time the two were married, it has now become Qingqing’s private property.

If the two divorce, Fu Heng can’t even move the property that has been given out a long time ago, and he has to divide half of the personal property on hand to Qingqing.

That’s why some people said before that once they divorced, Gu Qingqing would be able to directly rank in the top ten of the world’s rich list.

She has more money than her husband.

At this time, the rich woman was squatting next to a clearing with her brother, playing with rings.

‘Ten yuan for three circles, you can’t buy it to suffer a loss, you can’t buy it to be fooled, you can take the things in the set directly.’

Just after going down the mountain, Qingqing, who was attracted by this eye-catching title, was eager to try.

“I want to play.” Qingqing just said three words, and Gu Lan immediately paid for it.

He bought thirty rounds in one breath and played them all for Qingqing.

Qingqing had a dense plastic circle in one hand, grabbed one in the other, and aimed⁠— lost!

Empty set.

“One more, little girl, use some strength.”

The stall owner used a hook to recycle the empty circles, and also taught Qingqing how to play.

“I’m not a little girl anymore.” Qingqing retorted very seriously.

Although she only has memories of before the age of six, she still clearly remembers that she is actually in her forties and that her children have graduated from college.

The latter ones were all told to her by her family.

The young psychological age does not mean that Qingqing is stupid. There are some things she sees in her own eyes, and she will think about it carefully, and can find a lot of things.

It’s just that she doesn’t usually take the initiative to say it.

It’s a pity that she defended so seriously, and the stall owner didn’t believe it at all.

“My daughter is older than you, and she said she is not a little girl.”

He thought Qingqing was only eighteen years old at most.

This is also because Qingqing is well maintained, and she is mentally young, and her behavior can easily bring out a hint of innocence, so she looks very small.

If you change the body with the soul of an adult, you will definitely not be treated as a little girl, because the experience and temperament given to people by time cannot be erased no matter how young and beautiful the skin is.

To tell the truth, no one believes it.

Qingqing puffed her cheeks, angrily holding the circles… seriously throwing them out one by one.

After empty-handed, look at the loot again.

Not even one was caught in the rings.

Qingqing, “……”

Stall owner, “……”

Onlookers, “……”

Facing Qingqing’s sad little face, Gu Lan laughed wildly without hesitation, “Hahaha… your luck in the ring is too bad, right?”

I didn’t talk about skills, because Qingqing has no skills at all.

“I just had no experience, come again!”

Qingqing, who was unconvinced, was aroused by fighting spirit and wanted to continue.

“Okay, just be happy.”

When something happened, a hundred bills were taken out, and Qingqing, who had regained thirty circles, stared firmly at the small gifts all over the floor, and lost them.……

The rapid movements all waved out afterimages.

However… it turns out that a black hole is really a black hole.

Qingqing, “……”

Gu Lan, “…Puff!”

Even some of the onlookers couldn’t help laughing, they were definitely laughing.

Qingqing stomped her feet in anger, she took out the money directly from her pocket, stuffed it to the stall owner, and then took the circle and stuffed it into Gu Lan’s arms.

“Don’t laugh, you have to play better than me!”

Raising his eyebrows, Gu Lan showed a confident expression, “Anyway, I can’t be lonely like you.”

He took the circle, strode forward, didn’t even look at it, and lost it casually.……

Almost, it’s not covered.

He twitched the corner of his mouth, facing Qingqing with an expression of “I’m just waiting for the show”, Gu Lan forcibly held his respect, “I just didn’t take it seriously. I’m definitely serious. One set is accurate!”

The second time he took out a cautious attitude of 120,000, the circle flew out perfectly in a parabola, seeing a doll about to be caught, but unexpectedly hit the edge of the vase next door, the circle deviated from the route, stood up and rolled on the ground for a long time, all the way out of the prize placement range, fell into the pond.

“Oh my circle!”

The stall owner hurriedly ran over to save the circle. Fortunately, it was made of a hollow plastic tube in the middle, otherwise it would really sink to the bottom.

It’s nothing to lose a circle, it’s not good to pollute the environment.

“Aha, you’re also not good!”

The wind and water turned around, and this time it was Qingqing’s turn to laugh at Gu Lan, especially after he failed to hit the shot dozens of times later, the laughter became even more unscrupulous.

Bodyguards, “Madam, if you are so arrogant, you will be detained.”

Don’t forget that your snack power is still in Mr. Gu’s hands!

However, Qingqing, who didn’t expect this, was still laughing, and then was petrified by Gu Lan’s cold words, “Your strawberry yogurt is gone tonight.”

Qingqing, “…” If it weren’t for the dignity of the elementary school students, she almost wouldn’t cry on the spot.

When the two walked out of this scenic area, Qingqing had a cute pink rabbit doll in her arms.

This was given to them by the stall owner because they were too pitiful.

Gu Lan’s face stiffened when he picked it up, but Qingqing was elated.

She was so happy to have a gift, she didn’t feel ashamed of being an adult at all.

In the afternoon, the two went to the nearby Ocean Park to play again. They didn’t play much, but they watched more performances.

But even so, when Qingqing returned to the hotel, she was still tired and paralyzed.

As soon as she fell on the bed, she fell asleep immediately.

When Gu Lan went back to take a shower and change into clothes and was about to ask her out for dinner, she found that Qingqing was sleeping sweetly.

Receiving the inquiring gaze of the female bodyguard on the side, Gu Lan shook his head silently, motioning not to disturb her sleep, and then withdrew lightly.

It seems that today’s dinner has to be postponed.

Qingqing slept until eleven o’clock in the evening before getting up.

If it weren’t for her stomach grunting with hunger, she might still be able to sleep directly until tomorrow morning.

The hungry little guy squirmed on the bed, struggling for a long time, before finally resisting her drowsiness and getting up with messy hair.

“Brother.” The little hand rubbed her eyes, opened her mouth and called.

No one answered.

However, the female bodyguard had been guarding her and found that Qingqing was awake. She immediately got up and said, “Miss Gu, do you want me to change your clothes for you?”

“I want to take a bath, it’s so dirty and uncomfortable.”

Qingqing obediently followed the female bodyguard into the bathroom, and came out half an hour later like a refreshing little fairy.

She was wearing a long light yellow floral dress with a thin down jacket on the outside, and she trotted to the next door to find Gu Lan with excitement.

There were bodyguards, and the door of Gu Lan’s room was unlocked.

Qingqing pushed the door and looked in, the living room was quiet, so the person was either in the bedroom or in the study.

The study room was more likely. Qingqing rushed straight to the study room with a clear goal. Sure enough, she saw Gu Lan sitting in front of the computer in the semi-open door.

The man stared intently at the computer screen. The room was not lit up, and it looked a little dim. The faint blue light hit his face, sketching the delicate and sharp facial features.

The slender index finger rubbed slowly on the sexy thin lips intentionally or unintentionally, as if contemplating why it was difficult.

Thinking so intently that even the movement of Qingqing running in was ignored.


1 in this one, black hole refers with being unlucky or unskilled with something

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