Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 144

Chapter 117: The Essence of the Play

If you want to ask Wang Shuzhi, do they really don’t know who Qingqing is?

That’s not necessarily true.

After all, one of them is a star and the other is a lawyer. Both of them are tumbling in the pile of information.

Even if Gu Lan didn’t specifically mention it, they would be able to know Gu Qingqing’s name by reading more news and gossip every day.

This is the daughter of the Gu family and the mistress of the Fu family.

These loud reputations make it difficult for anyone not to know.

However, Wang Shuzhi thought that these had nothing to do with them. Even if they had heard of the sibling discord between Gu Lan and Gu Qingqing before, after they really met, he behaved very normally.

Just a loyal Yan dog[1]Yan means face; Yan dog = face-con.

If it weren’t for getting up close and personal with all kinds of handsome men and women, Wang Shuzhi would not have entered the entertainment industry.

However, even through that, he is still very clean and honest. His love for beauty is limited to the level of appreciation.

It was precisely knowing this that Gu Lan dared to bring Qingqing out to see them with confidence.

He doesn’t need those friends who embarrass his sister under the banner of standing up for him.

Only this kind of person who knows to respect his friends and family is his true brother.

I don’t know what he thought of, but Gu Lan’s face was a little gloomy.

Suddenly there was an extra piece of grilled wings in the bowl. Gu Lan subconsciously followed the pair of left chopsticks and looked up. He saw Ou Qing with a cold face add another piece of chicken thigh meat for Qingqing.

“Eat.” The simple and shocking word fully expressed his meaning.

Eat and drink happily, don’t think so much.

“No sauce.” Qingqing frowned and looked at the meat in the bowl.

These meats have not been marinated, they are all tasteless, and they have to be dipped in the store’s special garlic sauce to be tasty.

Ou Qing silently stretched out his chopsticks to pick the meat in Qingqing’s bowl, dipped it in the sauce and put it back.

“Thank you brother.” Qingqing pulled the meat steak into her mouth with a spoon, raised her head and smiled sweetly at Ou Qing.

“Hmm.” Ou Qingming responded calmly, only those who are familiar with him will find that this person’s calm eyes lit up slightly.

This is a manifestation of his happy mood.

“Unfair!” Wang Shuzhi shouted angrily, “Why does my sister call him brother and me uncle? Am I so old?”

He said and didn’t know where but he took out a small mirror and looked at himself left and right.

Perfect, still so handsome!

“But uncle, you look like an uncle, many years older than Qingqing.” Qingqing unknowingly made another stab at Wang Shuzhi’s heart.

Wang Shuzhi, “……”

He stared fixedly at Qingqing, his expression a little serious.

Just when the two bodyguards thought Wang Shuzhi was about to get angry, he suddenly drew a tissue, pretended to embroider a handkerchief, and pretended to wipe his tears while singing a big show.

“Yingyingying[2]fake cry… I thought that back then, I was also the brightest star in the whole street, and was favored by all the fans. I didn’t expect that one day, he will be called an uncle by a little sister, and he can no longer live in this world without a face!”

Gu Lan, “……”

Ou Qing, “……”

The two bodyguards, “……”

We just watched you go crazy quietly.

Only Qingqing was coaxed by Wang Shuzhi’s pompous performance.

She grasped her palm at a loss, and cautiously tentatively said, “You…don’t be sad, I have already called your brother, okay? Brother?”

“Yes!” Wang Shuzhi changed his face in a second, answered with a smile, picked up his chopsticks and diligently picked vegetables for Qingqing: “Sister Qing, what do you want to eat, brother will pick it for you.”

“Don’t you think your seniority is messed up in these words?” Gu Lan almost laughed at this guy.

Not to mention his uncle’s seniority, now he wants to be his brother again.

The face is so big.

Seeing Gu Lan’s speechless threat, Wang Shuzhi, who had an intuition of danger, immediately smiled, “The miscellaneous family’s seniority is not to entertain relatives, let our sister be happy.”

Yes, this is a father-in-law again.

The two bodyguards stopped talking.

Is this what celebrities look like in private?

Exercising acting skills at all times?

Today’s celebrities still don’t know that their wind reviews have been seriously harmed.

There is an active atmosphere with the humanoid sand sculpture of Wang Shuzhi, and everyone has a great time eating this meal.

Not only are the things delicious, but even the process is very happy. Qingqing basically didn’t eat for the second half of the time, so she played with others.

Her escort is mainly Ou Qing.

Don’t look at people as cheerless, like an iceberg and are not easy to approach. In fact, Ou Qing was unexpectedly a little natural as a playmate.

He likes to stay with Qingqing very much. The two of them can be very happy squatting in the corner and counting ants together. If it weren’t for the shell of an adult, Gu Lan almost thought that there were actually two children in their box.

It was noisy until two o’clock in the morning before everyone finally dispersed.

Gu Lan took Qingqing, who was already asleep, back to the hotel. Wang Shuzhi had another scene tomorrow morning and had to rush back overnight.

The hotel arranged by the crew for him and Ou Qing’s temporary residence were on the way, and Wang Shuzhi simply drove Ou Qing back.

Originally, they were together when they came.

In the car, Ou Qing sat in the passenger seat and stared silently at the street lights that kept retreating outside the car. Wang Shuzhi focused on driving and suddenly asked, “Did you find out? Boss, his sister…”

“People are very nice.” Ou Qing’s three words blocked Wang Shuzhi’s unspoken words.

He paused for a while, still suppressing the desire for gossip in his heart.

Also, no matter what Gu Qingqing does, that is not what they should ask as Gu Lan’s friends.

No, it should be said that they can simply express their concern, but there is no need to delve into anything.

Everyone’s life is different, and everyone has a different family.

Maybe that person will have all kinds of complaints about his family, but these are not things that they, as outsiders, can talk about without authorization.

This is not only disrespect for friends and family, but also disrespect for their friendship.

After this topic was revealed, Wang Shuzhi quickly talked to Ou Qing about something else.

Although Ou Qing’s reply was pitiful, Wang Shuzhi, who had already become accustomed to it, didn’t care at all, and was very happy by himself.

It feels like there are a hundred ducks in the car.

Ou Qing looked out the car window and thought to himself.

Qingqing played in the barbecue restaurant until she fell asleep, but woke up after being brought back to the hotel.

She slept for a long time during the day, and now she is so energetic that she can’t sleep at all.

Gu Lan didn’t happen to be ready to go to bed early, so he simply let Qingqing stay on his side. He picked up the remote control and showed her a movie casually, while he sat next to her with a notebook and computer to focus on his work.

As he was writing, he suddenly found that the sound effect of the movie was not right.

As soon as Gu Lan turned his head, he saw a terrifying face suddenly appear on the ultra-clear big screen!

His pupils shrank in shock, and a chill instantly rose on his back.

When he looked closely again, he was amused to find that the movie he casually showed to Qingqing was a ghost movie.

Is this a pit for yourself?

Picking up the remote control and pressing it off, he immediately attracted the dissatisfaction of Qingqing, who was fascinated, “I haven’t finished watching it yet!”

“You don’t look at this, it’s not good-looking, let’s look at something else.” Gu Lan’s mouth comforted, and his hands moved very quickly, so he immediately changed Qingqing to a comedy.

As a result, the little guy laughed so loudly that Gu Lan couldn’t work at all.

He turned off the computer, sighed helplessly, and simply moved his nest, ran to the sofa to squeeze with Qingqing, and watched with her.

Soon, two laughter came from the room one after another.

A man and a woman, both with uncontrollable joy, if it weren’t for the soundproofing of the hotel, it would be a bit scary in the middle of the night.


The next day, the two got up late unsurprisingly.

Slept directly until twelve o’clock noon.

Gu Lan is awakened by the sudden ringing of the mobile phone, he answers the phone in a daze, and hears a lively and hearty voice from the opposite side, “Hey brother, I’m on holiday today, so I can go out with you.”

It was Wang Shuzhi.

“Forget it, I don’t need you to accompany me.”

Hanging up the phone mercilessly, Gu Lan continued to sleep.

Wang Shuzhi, “Don’t, buddy, your little brother has nowhere to go today, please take me in!”

He said it pitifully, and almost performed a storming cry on the spot.

“Aren’t you going to film?” Gu Lan was completely awakened, and all the sleepiness faded away, so he could only get up and accept his fate.

“The crew had an accident, so they notified us that today is a holiday and they will work again tomorrow. Isn’t it that I don’t have any acquaintances nearby, so I can only look for you?”

Dare to love him, he is still a spare tire.

Pumping the corner of his mouth, Gu Lan said unceremoniously, “I remember that you, the confidant of the Sea King[3]slang used for having a big heart and being friendly , have friends everywhere. There is no problem of having no acquaintances, right?”

As a top Yan dog, Wang Shuzhi’s beauty friends must be all over the world.

Moreover, this person is very familiar with himself, has a good personality, and it is easy to mingle with people.

Gu Lan really didn’t believe it when he said that he didn’t have friends to play with him.

Regardless of what Gu Lan said, he didn’t give face, and Wang Shuzhi could only tell the real reason with a twist.

“It’s not that I just met our sister yesterday. I just thought that as a younger brother, I have to go out with our sister to have fun, so as not to see my sister next time and she will not know us.”

After saying so much, don’t you think you haven’t appreciated Qingqing’s prosperous beauty enough? Do you still want to come and suck your face up close today?

Gu Lan, who knew Wang Shuzhi’s nature in particular, saw through him at a glance.

“Fuck off, and Gu Qingqing is my sister, not your sister.”

Hanging up the phone with a snap, Gu Lan walked into the bathroom in a bad mood.

It was a little closer to twelve o’clock at noon, Gu Lan looked helplessly at Wang Shuzhi, who was chatting with Qingqing on the opposite side, and Ou Qing, who was sitting silently next to him, silently emitting cold air.

So why did Wang Shuzhi still come, and it’s still buy one to get one free.

Noticing Gu Lan’s gaze, Ou Qing turned his head and said coldly, “Class is temporarily suspended.”

He didn’t come to G City for a case, but was sent by the firm to participate in a training class.

It is said that the training course is actually more like an exchange meeting between lawyers in the industry. The main purpose is not what you can learn from it, but how many peer contacts you have made through it.

There was originally an afternoon class today, but the school suddenly notified a holiday, and Ou Qing naturally had nothing to do.

As it happened, Wang Shuzhi called him, and the two hit it off immediately, so they simply came to Gu Lan to play together.

The people who came to play were mainly Wang Shuzhi. Ou Qing just had nothing to do and didn’t want to get moldy in the hotel. He wanted to find a place to stay and pass the time by so he tagged along with Wang Shuzhi.


1 Yan means face; Yan dog = face-con
2 fake cry
3 slang used for having a big heart and being friendly

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