Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 145

Chapter 118: The Woman by His Side

“Where are we going today?”

They ordered shredded sweet potatoes, and the sweet potatoes wrapped in syrup were covered with slender sugar shreds. Under Wang Shuzhi’s boredom, he used chopsticks to pick caramel-colored sugar shreds and dangled them in front of Qingqing.

Just like a cat that sees a stick, Qingqing’s attention is immediately attracted to it.

Her head moved up and down with the swing of the sugar strand, and almost completed a full circle.

Not used to Wang Shuzhi making fun of his sister, Gu Lan blushed and swatted Wang Shuzhi’s hand away with one hand.

Unprepared, the chopsticks fell off the table, and clanged on the dishes, attracting the attention of the guests at the next table.

“Sorry, the child is ignorant.”

Ou Qing nodded and apologized to the guests at the next table with a cold face. Seeing that cold face that looked like he was not easy to provoke, they didn’t dare to say anything and could only smile stiffly and turned their head as if nothing had happened.

The line of sight is shifted away, but if you listen carefully, the conversation at the next table can still be heard

“Who do you say is the child?” An angry young man’s voice said.

“Come on, what you did is more naive than Qingqing!” Another slightly arrogant sarcastic voice answered.

“Qingqing is good, be polite when eating, you can’t play with food like this uncle and throw chopsticks.” It’s hard for the cold baritone voice to say a lot.

“Hmm.” There is an indescribable childishness in the tone of the delicate woman, it should be a very young girl.

Hearing this, they felt that the customers at the next table were not completely rude, so they withdrew their attention in time.

If they eavesdrop again, it will be them who are impolite.

Therefore, these people did not hear the second half of Qingqing’s words.

“I’m eight years old, so I’m not as naive as Uncle Wang.”

Wang Shuzhi, who was besieged one after another, “…”

Why did he suddenly become a public enemy of the people?

Seeing Qingqing’s big innocent eyes on the opposite side, Wang Shuzhi touched his nose guiltily.

Well, it’s all his fault for teaching children badly.

Wang Shuzhi and Ou Qing, who had long guessed what was going on with Qingqing, did not show any strange expressions, only Gu Lan heard some differences from Qingqing’s words.

Eight years old… Qingqing’s memory has grown by two years.

Following this momentum, maybe it won’t be long before his real sister will be back.

Gu Lan actually didn’t quite understand what Qingqing’s memory was like.

She has all the memories after she became smaller, and at the same time, with the recovery of the memory of her age, the old and new memories are mixed and intersected. This should have been a very chaotic thing, but Qingqing strangely didn’t show any struggle at all.

She seems to accept all this well.

However, Qingqing’s ability to complete this memory transition comfortably was also a good thing for her, so Gu Lan did not intervene specifically, but continued to observe her silently.

As long as Qingqing feels unwell, he will take her to the hospital as soon as possible.

They all say that children nowadays are very smart, and some of them know more than adults.

Qingqing, the child of the “old days”, seems to be not much better.

This is manifested vividly in today’s trip.

The most obvious thing is that Qingqing no longer blindly follows the arrangements of adults, and stupidly follows wherever they goes. Instead she has her own opinions.

Originally, Wang Shuzhi wanted to take them to check in the ancient food street. The food street was an ancient town attraction in the past, just in time to feel the influence of classical culture.

Qingqing has no objection to this destination, but she has a slight word about the way of travel.

For no other reason, Wang Shuzhi wanted to go out in his high-profile luxury car, while Qingqing simply wanted to take the scenic route through the scenic car ride.

She was tired of sitting in a luxury car, so she wanted to try this novel ride.

The two had different opinions and they were of the same psychological age. No one would let anyone win. In the end, they could only turn around and call Gu Lan and Ou Qing, and everyone voted together.

“I just brought Qingqing out to play this time. She can do whatever she wants, and I will listen to her.”

Gu Lan didn’t even hear the reason clearly, so he stood in line with Qingqing directly.

After getting a vote, Qingqing raised her chin proudly.

She is sure to win!

“Don’t be happy too early, Ou Qing, how about it, how do you want to play?”

Wang Shuzhi put his arms around Ou Qing’s shoulders, and there was no shortage of threats in his tone.

“I agree.”

As a result, this person directly chose to abstain.

Two to one, Wang Shuzhi lost.

A few people came out of the hotel restaurant and went straight to the door to view the car. Since this hotel is in the scenic area, it will naturally provide some necessary services.

The scenic area’s internal light viewing car is one of them.

A car can be used for six to eight people, and you can directly charter a car for a little more money.

Gu Lan and the others simply paid double the price to get out of the car and asked the driver to take them for a ride.

It was a real joyride. The car was driving slowly on the road, and the small wind was blowing head-on, bringing a refreshing coolness.

Qingqing was sitting close to the edge, Gu Lan was next to her, and Wang Shuzhi and Ou Qing were in front of her.

Wang Shuzhi had just had a dispute with Qingqing, and now he got together amicably with her to discuss going to the United States later.

Which famous shop is going to check in at the food street?

When they talked about eating, the two of them were almost the same at first sight, and the atmosphere in full swing was not at all like the noise in the hotel restaurant just now.

Gu Lan sighed wearily, feeling like he was in a hurry to take his two children out.

That’s why he didn’t agree with Wang Shuzhi to follow in the morning. As a result, he still couldn’t bear the person being too aggressive. The people ran over by themselves, and it was hard to drive him away.

“What are you looking at?” Halfway through the conversation, Wang Shuzhi, who found Ou Qingzheng staring at his phone and didn’t know what he was doing, asked curiously.

“Some people said that they felt a faint vibration in the morning.” Ou Qing raised his mobile phone to show Wang Shuzhi.

The above is a post by a local in G City, saying that he woke up in the morning and lay in bed and felt the ground shaking, worried about whether there was an earthquake or something.

Many people followed the posts below, and most of them said they didn’t feel it. They guessed that it might be someone next door to the landlord who was decorating, or it was his illusion.

A small number of people feel that the landlord is alarmist, and the words are not without irony. Some strange people rushed in and cursed indiscriminately. They didn’t even know to read the content first before commenting. Of course, they were ridiculed by the anti-group.

As a result, a small-scale scolding battle was triggered.

Only a few people said they also felt a faint vibration, but it felt too small, so they couldn’t be sure.

The comments of these people were like a few small drops of water in the vast ocean. They fell down, and even a small wave could not be caused, so they were submerged and disappeared.

Wang Shuzhi glanced at it in a daze, and naturally did not see the comments. He also felt that this might be the illusion of the landlord.

Patting Ou Qing on the shoulder, he smiled carelessly and said, “Don’t worry, if there is an earthquake, how could it not be announced?”

“Hmm.” Ou Qing’s cold gaze stared straight at the lake outside.

The calm lake surface is clear of jasper, the water waves are rippling slightly, everything is still so quiet, maybe he thinks too much.

Who would believe anything at will because of a few words on the Internet?

“Little bird.” Qingqing was originally looking at the scenery, but her gaze was suddenly attracted by a familiar little figure.

She smiled and waved to the outside, greeting it kindly.

Gu Lan turned his head when he heard the sound, mainly because the word “little bird” caught his attention.

But after seeing the treetops with flocks of birds and birds outside, he looked away without interest.

After visiting the food street, they went to the ancient town again.

It was still early after they came out, and Wang Shuzhi enthusiastically proposed to visit the famous ancient temple in the area.

City G retains many ancient buildings. It has an extremely rich history and culture, and even some historical monuments have been entered into textbooks and become test centers for students in a certain grade.

Wang Shuzhi filmed a costume drama this time, and the crew specially set the filming location in G City just to come here for filming.

Before leaving, his agent gave the script and itinerary, and at the same time, he also gave a travel guide.

The agents also want this overly lively master to hurry up and go out to play. But instead of letting him run around, it’s better to plan for him first.

In this way, at least if the person is gone, he can still look for it purposefully.

That’s why Wang Shuzhi seems to be so familiar with G City. Where there is delicious and fun, he will know as soon as he asks.

The ancient temple is halfway up a mountain, not very high.

Take a car to the bottom of the mountain and climb up for more than 20 minutes, and there are activities on the mountain. They can take the hillside slide and slide down directly without having to work hard to walk.

This hillside slide is just a relatively long slide. The difference from ordinary slides is that it is built on a mountain and it is relatively fresh to play.

Qingqing was not interested in the ancient temple, but she was successfully attracted by the slide.

So the second person who agreed to go to the ancient temple was her. She agreed. Gu Lan naturally wouldn’t disagree. Ou Qing didn’t bother to think about it, so he also agreed.

It is equivalent to a unanimous vote.

The four of them set off, and Qingqing also made a video call with Fu Heng on the way.

“Fu Heng. “Qingqing happily waved at Fu Heng, who was dressed in a high-end western suit and was obviously sitting in a high-end restaurant on the opposite side.

“Is Qingqing having fun?”When he saw Qingqing, the expression in Fu Heng’s eyes softened a lot.

“Yeah, I’m so happy!” Nodding constantly, Qingqing chatted with Fu Heng with interest about the trip of these two days.

It was all piecemeal trivial things, but Fu Heng listened with relish and didn’t feel impatient at all.

The two of them were chatting happily, and a lazy low voice interrupted them, “I understand that Chairman Fu is eager to see his wife, but should you talk to me about our affairs first?”

Qingqing was taken aback. Although the man’s voice was uniquely hoarse, he could still tell that it was a woman.

Is Fu Heng having dinner with a woman?

Two people alone?

She felt a little uncomfortable inexplicably, as if she had been robbed of some beloved toy.

Qingqing bulged her cheeks and stared, “Who are you eating with?”

He knew she was upset when he heard her tone.

“I……Zi Zi Zi……”

Fu Heng’s words disappeared and the screen had lagged.

Qingqing shook her phone strangely, but found that there was still no response.

She was a little confused, so she could only ask the owner of the phone for help, “Brother, it’s broken.”

“Broken?” Gu Lan took the mobile phone in Qingqing’s hand and checked it. “It’s okay, but there is no signal. Maybe the signal on the mountain is not good.”

This is a very normal thing.

“But I haven’t finished talking to Fu Heng yet.”

Qingqing still remembered the woman’s voice she had just heard.

She didn’t understand why she cared so much about it, but it instinctively aroused her vigilance.

It’s like a dragon guarding a treasure, worried that someone will steal her treasure and everyone looks like a suspect.

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