Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 41

Chapter 14 : Qingqing Ran Away from Home


The strange look in Fu Sijin’s eyes made Qingqing feel instinctively uneasy.

Subconsciously, she tried to grab Fu Sijin’s hand but he pulled back and took a few steps back, trying to stay away from her.

“Ahjin…” After being rejected so bluntly, Qingqing was a little hurt, and her voice was already stained with grievance.

The child’s keen intuition told her that she was hated.

But she didn’t understand why Fu Sijin was angry.

“Qingqing has always been obedient, Qingqing has not done anything bad.” Qingqing murmured helplessly, tears had accumulated in her eyes.

She spread her little hands upward, anxiously wanting Fu Sijin to hug her.

As long as Ahjin hugged Qingqing, Qingqing would forgive him.

However, at this time, Fu Sijin behaved extremely indifferent and cold.

“Even if you turned smaller, you are still exactly the same as her.” The cold tone was a bit resentful and even mixed with a little disappointment.

Not wanting to see the childish version of Qingqing’s familiar face, Fu Sijin simply turned around walked away.

“Ahjin, Ahjin —! ! ! ”

The hoarse call of a young child came from behind, which gradually turned into a jarring scream.

Like a small animal about to be abandoned its mournful cry revealed unbelievable despair.

“Qingqing is wrong, don’t go, wuu–! ”

The messy footsteps gradually approached as Qingqing ran after Fu Sijin’s back.

But with a muffled sound, she fell down.

When the pain came, Qingqing was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly lay down on the ground and cried loudly.

Tears fell down in large pieces, leaving a delicate and cute little face in a mess, but no one is there to feel distressed for it.

The elevator slowly closed behind Fu Sijin, blocking Qingqing’s small figure.

Therefore, Fu Sijin did not see the scene of Qingqing’s fall, let alone hear her sad cry.

His mind is in a state of confusion and of intense pain, the cold expression of his adult mother, the aggrieved appearance of her toddler version, and messy images that should have been locked away in the depths of his memory floated in his mind.

The images keep swirling in his mind, dragging him down gradually to the slow death and numbness of his heart.

It’s a suffocating pain.

The elevator reaches the ground floor and the door automatically opens.

The people waiting outside the door were shocked when they saw the person inside, and then they looked worried: “President, are you okay? ”

His face is so unsightly, was he sick?

Fu Sijin walked out of the elevator without saying a word, went to his car and drove straight away.

Everyone who saw him thought he was angry. They were so scared that they didn’t dare to breathe, let alone come up and wade in the troubled waters.[1]inquire or ask about what happen

In fact, only Fu Sijin knew that he was… fleeing.

As the car drove onto the avenue, Fu Sijin put on his Bluetooth headset, reached out and pressed the dial button.

“Sijin?” There was a warm male voice from the opposite side.

“I’m going to your place now. ”

The low voice was mixed with a little abnormal hoarseness.

“You are sick. ” When the owner of the warm male voice heard it, he immediately knew that Fu Sijin’s current state was not right.

As Fu Sijin’s attending doctor, no one knows Fu Sijin’s condition better than him.

“…” Fu Shijin didn’t speak, but the voice on the other end of the phone became anxious.

“Isn’t your previous state gradually improving? How did you suddenly become ill? Wait… I heard the horn, are you driving? Do you want to die? How can you drive in this state, hurry up and find a place to stop, and send me your location. I will pick you up now. ”

“…” Fu Sijin remained silent, but unexpectedly obediently followed the other party’s instructions.

The car was parked in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center.

Ten minutes later, another car drove by and picked up Fu Sijin who was waiting in his car.

“Help me make a call.”

Sitting in the back seat, watching the scene passing by quickly outside the car window, Fu Sijin, who was gradually calming down, suddenly spoke.

“Hmm? Who do you want to call? ”

The man driving the car asked without looking back.

“Secretary Zhang, let him go and see Qingqing. ”

The reason why he left in a hurry just now, in addition to his extremely unstable emotional state, he was also afraid that he would hurt Qingqing if he got out of control.

Now Qingqing is still left alone in the company. He doesn’t know how wronged she felt at the moment. He hopes that Secretary Zhang can coax her.

“I’ll call later, I’m driving.”

Zuo Ze is a man who abides by traffic regulations. He wanted to make the call for Fu Sijin when he returned to the hospital. Unexpectedly, when he was halfway there, Fu Sijin’s mobile phone rang in a hurry.

Looking at the name on the display, Fu Sijin frowned slightly, but still picked up the phone: “Secretary Zhang…”

“President, it’s not good, Qingqing is gone!”

Halfway through, the car suddenly slammed on the brakes, turned a corner and changed lanes, and then drove away amidst the sound of other people cursing and swearing.

But this time, he was heading for the road where he came from.

Qingqing was lying on her stomach in front of the office and crying loudly, which quickly attracted many people.

They surrounded Qingqing, distressed, they wanted to pick her up from the ground, but was repelled and avoided.

It’s not Ahjin, she won’t let them hold her.

“Why is Qingqing lying here crying, did she fall down?” ”

“Where is the president? ”

“I seemed to have seen him go out just now, and his face didn’t look too good.”

“Her crying is so pitiful, it also makes me hurt”


Some staff members standing behind whispered. Qingqing with her sharp ears caught some key words from them.

Ahjin is out?

Qingqing is going to apologize to Ahjin.

Aunt Ding said that if you do something wrong, you have to apologize, regardless if you’re an adult or a child.

As long as Qingqing apologized obediently, Ahjin would not be angry at her again.

Qingqing, who didn’t know when she stopped crying, got up on her own, and once again avoided the hands of the kind-hearted staff that stretched out to help. Her short legs stumbled quickly. Before everyone could react, she ran back to the president’s office and closed the door tightly.

After a “boom”, the room was silent.

The protagonists were gone, so the staff would not stay here to get in the way of others, so they dispersed in groups of twos and threes.

But no one knew that after they left, a gap suddenly opened in the closed office door, and a vigilant little head poked out.

Look around, there is no one.

Qingqing carried her small pink rabbit bag, slipped out of the office on tiptoe, and entered the elevator alone.

She is very smart, knowing that it is impossible to sneak away under the noses of so many people, she has been patiently waiting until everyone were gone before acting, and even added some rations to her small bag.

With the height of Qingqing’s three year old body, it is only enough to press the button at the bottom of the elevator.

Maybe it was God’s will. Because of this, she arrived at the underground parking garage with relatively few people by mistake.

So until she walked out of Fu Sijin’s company alone, no one found her.

The outside world is completely unfamiliar to Qingqing.

Her only few travel experiences have been accompanied by adults, and there are also cars to travel to and fro.

It was the first time that she really walked on the street like this.

Unsurprisingly, Qingqing got lost.

She didn’t know where Fu Sijin had gone, and she was looking for someone aimlessly. Under such circumstances, it was normal for a kid to lose her way.

“Where is Ahjin? ”

Qingqing looked at the strange buildings around her in confusion, standing in the middle of the sidewalk by herself, pitiful like a homeless kitten.

“Hey, the little friend over there…”

The traffic police on duty noticed the little kid alone on the sidewalk.

Qingqing, in her childish intuition, felt like she was noticed doing something wrong. So she quickly turned around and ran away in fright.

“Wuwu… Qingqing is not a bad baby. Uncle police, don’t catch me! ”

Qingqing was horrified, and almost used all the strength in her young body and ran away.

She didn’t understand the traffic rules, so she hurriedly got off the sidewalk and ran into the road. The passing vehicles are so surprised at the running child that they quickly turned their car to avoid her.

For a while, the entire road was in a mess, and the sound of loud honking sounded one after another.

“Stop! ”

An unexpected accident stopped the traffic police, and when he finally squeezed out of the chaotic traffic with difficulty, where could he still find the chance see Qingqing’s little figure?

“Why is there a traffic jam ahead? ”

Fu Sijin and others happened to drive nearby, but they ran into a traffic jam.

Zuo Ze looked forward for a while, and saw that the road was tightly blocked, and the cars rushing from behind also blocked their retreat. He couldn’t help but say helplessly: “We can only wait for a while. ”

“Time waits for no one.” Fu Sijin calmly opened the door and got out of the car directly. Zuo Ze quickly looked out of the window and shouted, “Where are you going?” ”

Does this person remember that he is still a patient?

“Company. ”

In fact, it is not too far from Fu Sijin’s company, only about a 20-minute walk away.

If you run, it should be able to shorten the time by a few more minutes.

Therefore, instead of being trapped in the same place, he might as well act faster by himself.

Fu Sijin, who was rushing to the company, didn’t see a familiar little figure flashed past him and ran away in a very different direction from him.

But wonderfully, similar thoughts flashed through the hearts of these two people running back to back at the same time.

Qingqing / Ahjin, where are you?

At night, in a dilapidated old town under the dim street lights, a small stumbling shadow was stretched long.

She don’t remember how long she walked and where she came from.

Her legs were numb, and the rations in her bunny bag had already been eaten long ago. Qingqing was tired and hungry now, but she still couldn’t find the person she was looking for.

The lonely wind at night blew, bringing gusts of cold.

Although it is summer now, Qingqing was wearing less article of clothing, so she feels cold at this time.

She couldn’t help hugging herself tightly, her little body trembling.

“Well… it’s so cold… Ahjin, where are you?” She inhaled through her nose and holds back her tears.

Qingqing, who knew that no one loves her, was still unexpectedly strong.

But she was too tired and couldn’t walk again; after all she already reached the limit of her physical strength.

Qingqing accidentally ran to the old town. Unlike the core business district where Fu Sijin’s company is located, which are all high-rise buildings. There are more low-rise houses here, with entrances built in front of every gate, as if distinguishing between superiority and inferiority of social status.

As it happened, it was convenient for her to find an entrance of a nearby house to take a seat.

But the entrance was not enough to ward off the wind, so Qingqing was blown cold all over.

It was so cold that she could only take off the bunny bag on her back, hold it in front of her, and use the furry bunny to keep warm.

While sitting, her eyelids gradually became heavy, and her drowsiness surged.

At the same time it seems that someone has come over.

That message from her perception was passed along in her sleepy mind in a confused sense.

Without waiting for the sluggish brain to react, a thick towel suddenly covered Qingqing’s mouth and nose.

She subconsciously struggled, but how could that tiny strength compete with a sturdy adult?

The pungent smell came, and she became dizzy.

“Lao Tzu’s luck is too good today, right? I can meet such an iconic doll when I go out for a drink. If I take her back, I can definitely fetch a good price for her!”


1 inquire or ask about what happen

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