Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 42

Chapter 15: Qingqing was Abducted

The floor was cold and hard, and the surroundings were extremely wobbly and bumpy. Qingqing was awakened due to discomfort.

She opened her eyes, but couldn’t see anything.

It was pitch dark that she couldn’t even see her own fingers, but she seemed to be locked in a large vehicle, with an unpleasant smell of gasoline at the tip of her nose, and an indescribable stench.

It’s like a pile of wet rags and rotten vegetables mixed together, and then fermented for a few months. The smell is very disgusting that Qingqing almost vomited.

Covering her nose tightly, her small face wrinkled, Qingqing didn’t dare to squeak, but she had already guessed her situation in her heart.

She may have been kidnapped, or she was not well behaved and was taken away by the big bad wolf.

Her mother said that it is very dangerous outside. There are many bad guys who will come to catch rich children like her, threaten their parents to give money, and “tear up the ticket”[1]to kill the hostage if they didn’t give the money, so her parents never allowed her to go out.

Qingqing didn’t understand what it meant to “tear up the ticket”, but it’s definitely not a good thing if it’s used by adults to scare children.

Just like the nanny aunt said, bad children will be taken away and eaten by the big bad wolf.

But no matter what the situation is; Qingqing is very scared.

Her little body couldn’t help but curled up in the corner and shiver, her tears flowed, silently crying.

She didn’t want her parents to be threatened, let alone be eaten by the big bad wolf.

I’m so scared, won’t anyone come to save me?

Uncle…Younger brother… Ahjin… son……

As Qingqing was silently crying, she seems to hear whimpers and crying sound around her. For a moment, Qingqing was taken aback, she didn’t cry out.

After listening carefully, she found that there was more than one voice of crying.

It turned out that in addition to her, there were other children in the vehicle.

“Were you also caught by the big bad wolf?” She asked in a low voice.

It may be that the existence of her peers gave her a sense of security. So Qingqing was a little more courageous than before and dared to speak.

There was a moment of silence all around, and after waiting for a while, another voice responded to her: “It’s not the big bad wolf, we were abducted by kidnappers.”

“What is a kidnapper?” This is a new term for Qingqing.

“…” The other party didn’t seem to expect Qingqing to be so stupid. Didn’t even know what a kidnapper was.

But thinking how her voice seemed very tender, he was a little forgiving and asked : “How old are you this year?”

“Three and a half years old.” It’s mid-June, and Qingqing was born at the beginning of the month.

She is naturally sensitive to numbers, so she remembers her specific age firmly.

“No wonder.” Someone seemed to mutter not far away, but immediately turned quiet.

On the contrary, the little boy who replied to Qingqing at the beginning talked to her again: “My name is Nian Gao[2]meaning Rice Cake, so cuteeee >.<, and I am five years old this year. ”

“Brother Nian Gao. ” Qingqing called politely, and added: “My name is Qingqing.”

“Sister Qingqing. ”

The sky outside gradually lit up, and sunlight penetrated through the gaps in the vehicle and shone into the dark inside.

With this slight light, everyone finally regained a little bit of vision.

“She is not tied up.” Someone exclaimed in a low voice.

Following the reminder of this voice, everyone also saw that Qingqing was not tied up like them.

This is not surprising.

When Qingqing was taken away, the trafficker was drunk, and seeing that she was too young, he expected that she would not be able to run even if she was not tied up, so he just took her lazily and threw the person into the vehicle.

But for Nian Gao and others, this is no different from a glimmer of hope that suddenly appeared in the midst of despair.

“Sister Qingqing. ”

After swallowing his saliva nervously, Nian Gao’s heart was pounding, but he did not dare shout loudly, but lowered his voice even more, almost whisphering lowly: “Can you help us untie the rope?” ”

“Rope?” Qingqing took a look around and found that except for her, the other children were all firmly tied with ropes, and they are lying on the ground in a twisted position and couldn’t move.

It’s very uncomfortable to look at.

All the people she had seen became nervous subconsciously; for fear that she would not be willing to untie them.

But against from what they expected, Qingqing readily agreed: “Okay. ”

She didn’t delay time, crawled to Nian Gao with both hands and feet, and stretched out her hand to grab the rope behind him.

The traffickers used thick burlap ropes and tied them tightly.

Qingqing worked hard for most of the day, not only did she not untie the rope, but her little hand was also worn out.

“It hurts…” She cried bitterly.

“Qingqing can’t get rid of it.”

There was some commotion among the others, they were hopeful yet desperate. Even adults could not accept this kind of thing, let alone this group of children.

Nian Gao was the only one that’s relatively calm, and he patiently comforted Qingqing: “Don’t worry, untie it a little bit, I believe Qingqing can do it.”
Qingqing pursed her lips, simply went behind Nian Gao, reached out and grabbed the knot in his hand and bit it.

Facts have proven that the power of baby teeth is very powerful!

The knot that could not be moved was finally loosened a little bit, until it could be untied directly by hand, before being pulled off by Qingqing.

“Qingqing is awesome!” His hands were free, and the Nian Gao immediately bowed and untied the rope on his feet.

Breaking free, he went to rescue the other children as soon as possible.

Next, there was nothing that Qingqing could help with. In order to untie the rope of Brother Nian Gao, her teeth hurt so she had to rest.

Nian Gao is two years older than Qingqing, and his mobility is many times stronger than her.

After a while, all the children in the car were unbound.

The children who were free couldn’t help but get up and move their hands and feet, but they were still careful not to make too loud noises.

They have been abducted for a while, and they have long known that if they are too noisy and attract the attention of human traffickers, they will be scolded for a while, and they may be severely beaten if the kidnappers are mad.

If you are afraid of being beaten, you will naturally learn to be obedient.

“We have to find a way to escape.”

Nian Gao discussed with the others in a low voice.

Obviously, his age is not the oldest among the abducted children, but inexplicably, the crowd is led by him and listens to him in everything he does.

“How can we escape?” Someone asked: “They are adults, so much taller than us, and there are cars, we can’t escape.”

“We can, as long as you do as I say!” Nian Gao said firmly.

He was actually very scared, but he knew better, if they didn’t escape now they would never see their parents again.

“Don’t you want to go home? Don’t want to go back to your mom and dad? ”

Many children couldn’t help sobbing when they thought of their parents and their original warm and happy home, even Qingqing was no exception.

She missed her uncle and younger brother, as well as her sons.

Encouraged by going home, everyone immediately became very cooperative.

They leaned against each other, took turns to sleep and rest, and tried to regain their strength.

The child that was assigned as a lookout followed Nian Gao’s instructions and kept a vigilant eye outside and that if the vehicle they were on stopped, he should immediately alert everyone.

So that everyone will tie the rope back to themselves as soon as possible, pretending to be still tied up.

But in fact, they would re-tie the rope in a slipknot which can be untied with a single pull of the hand without the help of others.

“Qingqing, you don’t have a rope, so you pretend to sleep when the car stops. Bear with it and don’t move, do you understand?”


After driving for several hours, the truck loaded with the abducted children finally stopped in a remote abandoned factory.

The human trafficker who was driving got out of the car and opened the back, his cold and sharp eyes swept among the children.

Seeing that all the children were cowering to avoid his sight, their hands and feet still tightly bound, and no matter how they struggled, they could only wriggle on the ground like a caterpillar.

He thought they’re like a pile of moving money.

The trafficker smiled, deliberately made his face look terrifying, and said in a rough voice: “All of you behave for me! Otherwise you won’t get anything to eat tonight!”

In order to ensure that these abducted children do not have the strength to escape, they are only given one meal a day, and cannot eat enough to fill their stomachs.

At most, they can be kept alive.

The taste of hunger; these children have all experienced it, and they have long learned a lesson.

Everyone was too timid to resist, and obediently allowed themselves to be carried by several traffickers and thrown into the abandoned factory like sandbags.

There are more abducted children here.

Their mental and physical states are obviously worse than that of Qingqing and others. They don’t know how long these group have suffered and kept here.

“Hmm? Why is there one here that hasn’t been tied up?”

The trafficker who moved Qingqing was surprised to find that there was no rope on her body.

“Oh, I got that one back last night. Seeing that she was still young and couldn’t run a few steps, I didn’t tie her.”

The trafficker who took Qingqing explained casually.

“Find a rope.”

To be on the safe side, all the children still have to be tied up.

They are in a business that makes money by doing bad and letting go of their conscience. If they are careless, they can only go die in jail.

“Forget it, I drank too much yesterday, and it seems that I accidentally gave this child too much medicine. You see, people haven’t woken up yet, so just leave it like this. ”

It was not that the trafficker had discovered his conscience, but that he was afraid that Qingqing is too young and would be too weak.

She was drugged in the beginning, and if she was still tied up and thrown on the ground, she might get sick and die without making a noise.

This kid is good-looking; he can definitely get a good price no matter where he sells it. He doesn’t want to unexpectedly lose the money.

When the trafficker’s companion explained, it was precisely this reason.

And there are more than a dozen of them here, can’t they still watch a three-year-old child?

So he didn’t tie Qingqing up again, and even threw her into the pile full of dilapidated cardboard in the workshop, and didn’t let her lie directly on the ground.

But no matter where it’s all the same; still dirty.

Qingqing and the others when combined are about two dozen abducted children and are from all over the world, as there are even a few foreign faces.

It is conceivable how huge this gang of human traffickers is.

However, these are not the things that Qingqing and the others should worry about now. The urgent thing that should not be delayed is to find a way to escape, and then find someone to ask for help.

The plan of Nian Gao is very simple. If they can’t run in the car, they can only pretend to be caught first and follow the traffickers back to their lair.

After eating in the evening, when they have something in their stomach, and their physical strength is slightly restored.

They continue to wait until the dead of night.

At that time, the traffickers should all be asleep, and they can take this opportunity to escape quietly.

The other abducted children in the workshop were an unexpected surprise for Nian Gao.

He immediately changed his plan and prepared to let everyone go.

If everyone spreads out and runs together then the chance of being able to escape is even greater.

No matter how many people can run out in the end, as long as one person finds an adult and calls the police, then they have hope of being rescued.

“But…how do we tell adults where other people are being held? ”

A slightly older child asked a question.

When they were transported, they were all detained in pitch-black trucks, unable to see the outside, and they had no way of knowing where they had been sent.

“Qingqing knows.”

Qingqing actively raised her hand to speak, and when everyone heard the sound, they all turned to look at her.

“Didn’t you fall asleep?” They don’t know that Qingqing is the other child who pretended to be dizzy and asleep.

“I was awake.”

Awkwardly climbing down the pile of debris, Qingqing trotted to Nian Gao and squatted down, wanting to participate in everyone’s escape plan discussion.

“How does Sister Qingqing know where this place is?” Nian Gao said curiously.

“The house number is posted at the gate.” Qingqing pointed her little finger at the door of the factory outside.

She has lived in the villa area since she was a child, and every building in it looks very similar.

It is inevitable that children will not recognize their own house after playing in the community. So the parents of each household will teach them to recognize the house number.

Therefore, it is not unusual for Qingqing to know how to watch and remember house numbers.

“Xiaoning? 338. There is another word Qingqing doesn’t recognize.”


1 to kill the hostage
2 meaning Rice Cake, so cuteeee >.<

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