Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 43

Chapter 16: Qingqing’s Escape

“Which Xiaoning is Xiaoning, can Qingqing write it down?” ”

Nian Gao scratched his head, looking confused.

The three-and-half-year-old child’s knowledge reserve is obviously insufficient. In addition, Qingqing speaks in a childish voice, and the pronunciation of some words are not very accurate, so everyone doesn’t understand much.

“It’s just the Xiao, Ning… Ning, I can’t write, but I know that Ning is called Ning that looks like that.”

Qingqing can recognize words thanks to the early education teacher invited by her parents, but that’s all.

She can only recognize but she can’t write, and she can’t recognize all the words that are too complicated.

“What should we do?”

The children looked at each other blankly, and in the end, Nian Gao was more witty, and he came up with an alternative: “Let’s write it in pinyin. ”

He pulled a piece of cardboard, wiped the dust from it with his sleeves, tore off a small piece, then casually picked up a piece of broken red masonry from the ground, and lay down on the cardboard to write.

‘Xiao ning , No. 338.’

The orange-red masonry powder appeared clearly on the cardboard with the vigorous engraving of Nian Gao.

Time was running out. After he finished writing, he quickly asked other children who could write to help, and made dozens of cardboard copies of the same address according to the one he made.

They strive to bring one to every child.

Especially for those who are too young and not very sensible like Qingqing, they must bring one on their body and memorize a sentence.

“If you see adults after you run out, just hold this up and tell them: ‘there are traffickers here’ do you understand?”

Nian Gao held up the cardboard and said with a serious expression.

“Mm-hmm, got it. ”

Qingqing and the other little ones firmly grasped the cardboard in their hands, and with their tense little faces, nodded vigorously.

“Okay, everyone eat now, wait a while, and when the traffickers are asleep, we will run away together.”

During dinner, they secretly left half of the food given by the traffickers, just to fill their stomachs now.

Qingqing has the most food left in her hands.

Not only because she had few snacks, but also because the traffickers saw that she had been in a ‘coma’, worried that she was young and in poor health they gave her an extra bag of bread.

That’s enough to make Qingqing eat very full.

Others only have a small bottle of water and half a piece of bread.

Qingqing sat next to Nian Gao, took out the bag of bread that she still had intact, and tore it out in half and gave it to him, “Brother Nian Gao, I’ll give it to you. ”

“You eat it Qingqing, I’m not hungry.”

Nian Gao looked at the bread and swallowed his saliva but still resisted and rejected her.

“Look, I have it too.” He pretended to show off and shook his ration.

Qingqing looked up at him for a moment, and then muttered in dissatisfaction: “ You are deceiving people, even Qingqing can’t be full with only that much.”

The piece of bread in the hand of Nian Gao is only about one bite. It is not enough to plug the gaps between the teeth, how can it be possible to fill the stomach?

Forcefully she stuffed the larger half of the bread into Nian Gao’s hands.

Qingqing learned from her younger brother’s look when he was disciplining her, said fiercely: “Eat quickly, children will not grow tall if they don’t eat! ”

Nian Gao was taken aback for a moment, then he raised the bread and took a bite.

Sister Qingqing, so cute.

I didn’t know that my fierce little appearance could fool people. Seeing that Nian Gao was finally willing to eat, Qingqing thought she was so majestic.

She couldn’t help but raised her head and smiled triumphantly, feeling that everyone looked at her with worship and admiration in their eyes.

She almost knelt down collectively and shouted three times: “Long live the King. ”

But the next moment, the grunting belly immediately broke the illusion and pulled her back to reality.

Feeling ashamed, Qingqing blushed, and quickly lowered her head to chew the remaining half of the bread.

Pretending that nothing happened.

What does the Qingqing who was embarrassed the moment before, have to do with Qingqing now?

It is estimated that the time is about one or two o’clock in the morning.

The night was deep, and the whole world fell into a peaceful sleep.

Everyone was asleep, and only two night watchmen were still on guard.

The child who was peeking in the crack of the door turned anxiously and asked Nian Gao in a low voice, “What should we do? They are still guarding the door. ”

“Don’t worry.” The rice cake gave the others a calm look, and then motioned for everyone to follow.

“We can’t go out through the gate but we can go out from there.”

He raised his hand and pointed upwards, and everyone looked up. It was a window.

The dilapidated windows had long since lost their glass, and there were only a few lonely anti-theft bars left. The cold wind poured in, blowing into people’s hearts.

“So high, how do we get up? ”

The height of this window is more than one and a half meters from the ground. It is a good height for adults but for children with an average height of not more than one meter, it is like a steep cliff.

But children also have the advantages of children.

As long as they can climb up, the anti-theft bar that is too narrow for adults will be useless to these small children.

“We can take these boards as stepping blocks.” Qingqing pointed beside her where the cardboard piles that she had just slept in are.

No one expected that the first person to propose a solution was Qingqing, the shortest person in the audience.

But they have to say that this proposal is really good.

All the children acted immediately.

Move the cardboard then stack it, then repeat the process.

Soon, all the cardboard in the factory were moved over and placed under the windows, abruptly narrowing the distance of one meter and five by about twenty centimeters.

It is an abandoned factory building, and it is very good to have these cardboard boxes no matter how many there are. Even if they wish that there are more, they’ll only wish in vain.

But they didn’t give up, Nian Gao asked the tallest child to try it first.

He stood on the cardboard and stretched his arms upwards, barely touching the edge of the window, but he couldn’t hold it firmly: “No, I can’t climb up, I have to go higher. ”

“You step on my back.”

Nian Gao immediately rushed on the cardboards, knelt down like a horse, and then motioned to the tallest child to step on him and climb up.

“I’m not going to crush you, will I?”

The child didn’t dare to put up his feet.

“Oh, if you climb faster, it will only take a while. ”

The thin boy who was waiting impatiently rushed out and pushed away the tall boy who was in the way, “Go aside and let me climb.”

His mobility is just like his physique, just like a thin monkey, light and flexible.

Before Nian Gao even felt any weight, the boy had already jumped up three or two times.

Instead of jumping down directly, the boy just steadily occupied the gap in the anti-theft bars at the edge of the window, deliberately letting his body get stuck, and used his strength to sit still.

“Come on up, I’ll pull you. ”

Like a relay race, one child after another stepped on the back of Nian Gao, took the boy’s hand, and drilled out this window of hope.

Outside the window, the tallest child was standing there to meet the other children.

Over time, most of the people escaped, and in the end, only Qingqing and Nian Gao were left.

“Qingqing, hurry up, step on your brother’s back, and the brother above will pull you out. ” Nian Gao was sweating hard, motioning Qingqing to climb up quickly.

He was stepped on by dozens of children one after another. It would be a lie to say that he was okay, but at least he had to hold on until Qingqing escaped.

“Hurry up. ” The boy on the window stretched out his hand tremblingly, motioning to Qingqing to come up.

He is similar to Nian Gao, struggling to pull so many people up. Not only is he physically exhausted, but both arms are sore now.

But Qingqing didn’t move. She looked at Nian Gao with tears in her eyes, shook her head and refused: “No, Brother Nian Gao… Brother Nian Gao has no one to step on. ”

Everyone is gone. If Nian Gao was left alone he will definitely be in danger, Qingqing can’t leave him behind!

“It’s okay, Qingqing, you go up first, and then sit on it and pull me like that brother. If the two of you work hard together, you will definitely be able to pull me up together. ”

Nian Gao gave Qingqing a soothing smile.

“Don’t worry, I have to go back to my parents so I won’t definitely do this stupid thing of giving up running away for others. ”

“Really… really? ”

Qingqing asked suspiciously.

Nian Gao nodded affirmatively: “I won’t lie to you.”

“Okay, Qingqing will definitely bring Brother Nian Gao up. ” Qingqing was persuaded. She clenched her little claws and promised firmly.

With the cooperation of Nian Gao, Qingqing climbed onto his back with both hands and feet, and reached out to reach the boy’s outstretched hand.

Seeing that the hands of the two were about to meet, at this moment, an angry shout suddenly came from outside: “What are you doing? ”

The strong light from the flashlight came over, and the boy on the window jumped out of the window subconsciously in panic, and ran away.

Seeing this scene, what else did the trafficker who had originally just come to solve some personal physical needs not understand?

He immediately howled in his throat, waking up all the traffickers: “Come on, the goods have run away! ”

The entire abandoned factory building is in chaos.

The sound of hurried footsteps came, followed by the opening of the door lock.

“Boom! ” There was a loud noise, and the closed door was rudely pushed open.

Four or five human traffickers stood outside the door, holding flashlights and pointing it inside, and then they were stunned to find that……

“All the children are gone! ! ! ”

“Hurry up, they will definitely not be able to run far!”

No one knows who shouted, reminding everyone.

Everyone seemed to wake up suddenly, and immediately left the factory, driving, running, and rushing to recover the children who had escaped.

After a while, there was only silence in the entire factory.

No one noticed that the messy pile of cardboard in the corner shook slightly a few times, and then half a small head and a pair of big bright eyes were revealed.

Observe secretly. Jpg

“Brother Nian Gao, there is no one outside, let’s run. ”

Finding that there was no one outside, Qingqing was overjoyed, she quickly pushed away the cardboard pile, pulled up Nian Gao, and ran out staggeringly.

Nian Gao had a sore back and ran weakly, but in order not to drag Qingqing down, he gritted his teeth to keep up.

They are very lucky.

Because they were anxious to recover the children who had escaped, the traffickers forgot to close the door when they left, which made it convenient for Qingqing and Nian Gao.

Relying on the night, the two little guys walked out of the room cautiously, holding hands.

Seeing that there was no one around, they didn’t recognize the direction, so they just chose a direction away from the factory and ran wildly.

“Hoo hoo hoo…”

After only running for about six or seven hundred meters, Qingqing began to gasp for breath, obviously too tired.

She lacked physical strength, and she was frightened and hungry before, it was very good that she was able to persist until now.

But… it’s not enough, they have to run until they can find a police uncle.

“Sister Qingqing, are you… okay?” ”

Nian Gao askes, also panting a bit.

Originally, Qingqing ran with Nian Gao, but now it has become Nian Gao who ran with Qingqing.

Feeling that Qingqing’s speed was obviously declining, Nian Gao couldn’t help but worry.

“Persevere…Qingqing can…persevere…”

Qingqing was so tired that her brain turned into a paste. She couldn’t hear the sound of Nian Gao, but she remembered that she had to run and kept running.

They originally thought that the two of them could escape, but they didn’t expect that God seemed to like joking with people very much.

“Little bastard, so you are here. ”

The stern and violent voice suddenly exploded, followed by a beam of strong light, clearly showing the figures of Qingqing and Nian Gao.

They were found by the traffickers!

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