Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 44.1

Chapter 17: Qingqing was Rescued title is a spoiler

-At Fu Family-

Fu Heng dragged his tired body home, and his eldest son asked with guilt: “Dad, is there any news about Qingqing? ”

He paused slightly and slowly raised his blood-stained red eyes.

And suddenly slapped Fu Sijin.

“Boom! ” The clear slap made even Fu Sishen tremble behind him, which showed how much force his father used.

He shrank his shoulders and didn’t dare to help his older brother plead. His father looked a bit scary when angry and it was his brother who made the mistake. If they can’t get back his mother… If he will not be able to get her back.……

In fact, even he wanted to beat his brother.

“Why did you lose her? ”

Fu Heng asked in a deep voice, his eyes were so cold that they felt unfamiliar.

“She is your mother. She was pregnant in October and even suffered to give birth to you. She is not a child of strangers, and even if she’s a child who has nothing to do with you, you can’t leave people alone so casually. How can you be responsible if something happens? Fu Sijin, where is your conscience? Were they all eaten by dogs? ”

“When your mother was bleeding heavily to give birth to you, she almost couldn’t be rescued. Even after these years, her health was not very good. Now you can actually be angry with her for a woman and leave her alone in the company… you…”

Trembling and pointing to Fu Sijin’s head, Fu Heng was so angry that he could not speak.

“Get out, don’t come back in the future. ”


Bearing his father’s continuous questioning and shame, Fu Sijin lowered his head to cover his face, not daring to look directly into his father’s eyes.

In fact, the real reason is not because of Yu Yu, she is at most a factor; instead Fu Sijin doesn’t dare to confess his condition to the family.

So he can only apologize weakly: “I’m sorry. ”

“ Is apologizing useful? Can it bring your mother back?”

Unfortunately, Fu Heng didn’t accept his apology. He looked at his eldest son with an extremely unfamiliar look, and his cold and tyrannical aura pressed directly on him, almost bending his back.

Just as the atmosphere in Fu’s house dropped to freezing point, a sarcastic voice suddenly came from the door and broke the silence.

“Now that I know I’m here to watch a majestic display of might to your son, why did I even try and went here early. ”

Everyone turned their heads subconsciously and unsurprisingly saw Gu Lan appear outside the door.

In order to find Qingqing, everyone has not slept for a day and night. Their image is more or less a bit worse.

However, Gu Lan’s appearance at this time was particularly embarrassed, as if he had sneaked out of a refugee camp. It’s a far cry from the carefully dressed like a peacock persona he had normally.

He is usually a bit of a neat freak.

But at this time the large amount of dust on his body was mixed with sweat, forming dirty traces and sticking to his body, but he didn’t bother to take care of it.

Only the small pink bunny bag in his hand was carefully wrapped in a white silk scarf.

“That’s Qingqing’s bag. ”

Fu Sishen recognized who the owner of this bag was at a glance.

He had seen it on Qingqing before.

The green flower hairpin on the rabbit’s ears is impressively ugly. As a comic artist who pursues beauty, Fu Sishen’s eyes have obviously etched that in his memory.

When they heard the key word “Qingqing’s bag”, all the men of the Fu family surrounded Gu Lan urgently.

“Where did you find the bag? ” Fu Heng asked urgently.

“Did you find Qingqing? ” Fu Sijin’s eyes lit up, as if a desperate person suddenly gained hope.

“Not found. ”

Gu Lan shattered the hopes of the father and son with a single sentence, but the next moment, he brought another piece of news and he can’t decide whether it’s something good or bad.

“I found this bag on a street in the old town. According to city surveillance, Qingqing went all the way south after leaving Sijin’s company. She accidentally walked into the old town and disappeared inside. Just now, there was news from the police that five other children in that urban area had disappeared at the same time and were suspected of being abducted and sold.”


Everyone’s hearts felt like it was slammed with a heavy hammer.

They couldn’t imagine what Qingqing would face if she was really abducted.

Obviously they don’t want to think about it, but they have inadvertently seen how all kinds of abducted children were abused by traffickers, cut off their hands and feet and forced to beg, or sold into dirty places to work as child labor. They’re all miserable news, but still unwittingly keep spinning in their mind.

Fu Sijin fell to the ground in vain; clutching his hair with both hands, already collapsed and was having a melt-down.


Fu Sishen spoke in a dumb voice, his palms clenched and then loosened, loosened and clenched, repeated several times, but he still didn’t know how to react.

Should he hate his brother?

But now his elder brother is already in pain, how can he still accuse him.

But if he doesn’t hate it, he… will be a child without a mother in the future.

Compared with the two children, Fu Heng and Gu Lan are obviously much calmer.

For the first time, Fu Heng picked up his mobile phone and called a mysterious person, “Hey, it’s me, I have something to ask for your help…”

The call was quickly connected and the person on the opposite side complained about something in a low voice, then he quietly listened to Fu Heng’s request.

But he was only halfway through hearing it and he was frightened.

Surprised and said: “Find out all the vehicles that entered and left the old town yesterday? How to check such a large amount of traffic? You are crazy! ”

“You don’t need to check everything, you just need to investigate the traffic information from 8 o’clock yesterday afternoon to the next morning. ”

It was during this period of time that Qingqing disappeared under surveillance.

The entry and exit monitoring of personnel in the old city has the help of the police to investigate, so there is no need for Fu Heng and the others to worry about it.

So they simply turned their heads to check the traffic information.

The goal of abducting six children is too obvious.

If they walk directly on the road with the children, it is easy for the police to find out.

But the police have not found a similar target yet, which means that the children are most likely to be hidden in a car.

It is even more likely that it is no longer in this city.

So they must track the vehicle as soon as possible to find Qingqing.

“Wait a moment.” The phone was not hung up. There was a crackling sound of keyboard tapping and within ten minutes, there was a reply.

“I found it. You are very lucky. There were not many cars that went in and out of the old town that night. There were only seventeen, three trucks, one van, and the others were all small cars.”

“Send me the data.”

“Yes, remember the remuneration is in place. ”

“I won’t treat you badly. ”

When the message came from the mailbox Fu Heng lowered his head and glanced, then picked up the coat he had just taken off and turned to go out.

Seeing this, Gu Lan hurriedly followed.

“Where are you going?”

“Traffic Police Bureau.”

It is illegal to investigate the private information of car owners without authorization and where can private means be faster and more efficient than the state’s competent department?

Many people in the police station sniffed that this was probably a big case. All the criminal police in charge of this case paid 120% attention to it and no one dared to take it lightly.

The active cooperation of the Fu family and the Gu family has obviously effectively increased the progress of the case.

Soon, the police locked on the three most suspected vehicles and activated satellite monitoring systems to track their whereabouts.

One of them was ruled out of suspicion halfway and only the last two were left, the van and a medium-sized truck.

“Split up! ”

Since neither of them can rule out the suspicion, then simply arrest them all first.

If it involves human trafficking, if they were a little later, it is likely to cause irreparable losses.

The police moved in two groups, Fu Heng and Gu Lan glanced at each other, and followed tacitly.

Fu Heng chose to follow the team tracking the truck, while Gu Lan followed the van.

The two of them sat in the police car and followed the police.

When they got up and set off, they all clenched their palms together, praying that Qingqing would be safe.


Qingqing gasped violently, being pulled by Nian Gao and kept running forward.

The chaotic beams of light behind them continued to scan around them, bringing an invisible sense of oppression.

Not to mention the tall figure full of malice, Qingqing who couldn’t see the face clearly in the middle of the night, in a trance, she had the illusion that she was being chased by monsters.

“Little bastard, stop for Lao Tzu, don’t run! ”

Unexpectedly, the two dead kids were able to run like this that the traffickers were panting after them.

He kept cursing angrily, but he accelerated his speed without delay.

After all, if you are an adult, you are taller and have longer legs and better physical strength than a child.

The distance between the two sides gradually narrowed……

Grasping the time, the trafficker suddenly stretched out his hand to catch it, just in time to catch Qingqing who fell at the end!

“Ah–! Let me go! Brother Nian Gao, help…”

Qingqing only felt the back of her collar tighten and then the whole person was vigorously lifted up, her feet dangling in the air, which frightened her into constant struggling and cried for help.

“Sister Qingqing! ” Nian Gao found that Qingqing had been caught and quickly came back to save people.

He rushed up bravely and bit the trafficker’s arm holding Qingqing fiercely, causing the trafficker to let go with a scream of pain.

After being free, Qingqing fell to the ground, her knees ached violently, and she was pulled up by Nian Gao.

The two wanted to run again, but they didn’t expect that the trafficker, who was stimulated by the pain, suddenly went crazy, and with a wave of his long arm, swept the two children away together.

——There is a cliff down there! ! !

No one expected that the abandoned factory used by human traffickers was built halfway up the mountain.

The only roads leading from the factory to the outside world are the long winding mountain road, which looks like a coiled dragon, and another trail that has been banned.

This trail could have been opened to traffic but because of the unreasonable design, not only did it have many sharp turns with dangerous angles but also did not strengthen the guardrail, which led to frequent accidents every year– was finally banned by the local government.

Qingqing and the Nian Gao just chose this path to escape, but they didn’t expect that while entangled with the traffickers, they were both swept off the road and fell off a cliff.

Obviously, the trafficker didn’t expect that he had killed two children on impulse.

His face turned pale and his legs trembled, and his eyes stared blankly at the bottom of the mountain, which was empty, leaving the mountain wind whistling and wailing alone.

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