Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 44.2

Chapter 17: Qingqing was Rescued title is a spoiler

They fell at extreme speed, and the gale blew in her ears. Qingqing’s brain was blank with fright, and many pictures and figures seemed to flash in chaos in front of her.

There were Fu Heng, Gu Lan, Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen, and finally a young kid with some familiarity appeared.

It’s a very young girl, full of vitality, bright and cute.

She was smiling at her sweetly and calling her affectionately.


“Boom! ”

Before her body hit the ground, she seemed to be hooked by something for a moment, slowing down her fall.

Qingqing felt dizzy, and there seemed to be many little stars and little birds circling around her head in front of her.

After lying on the ground stupidly for a while, she slowly sat up by herself.

The action is a bit difficult.

It was not because of how badly Qingqing was injured, but because the layer of leaves under her body was too thick.

Qingqing’s two short legs sinked deeply into it and it’s hard to get them back up.


There was a loud struggling sound from the side, Qingqing subconsciously turned her head and looked over but saw nothing.

There is no way to clearly see, it is still night, and the moonlight is tightly blocked by the surrounding trees. There is no light, so it is normal not to see anything.

As soon as this thought passed through her mind, a beam of light suddenly flashed in front of her.

The familiar flashlight light scared Qingqing’s heart suddenly, and then countless leaves were shoved out from the bottom, and an embarrassed little head suddenly appeared.

“Huh… it’s suffocating me. ”

“! ! ! ” The scream that hadn’t been let out was forcibly swallowed back by Qingqing.

After recognizing who the other was, she hurriedly crawled over with her hands and feet, helping Nian Gao to get off the leaves piled on top of him.

It was also at this time that Qingqing discovered that the leaves under the mountain were far thicker than she had imagined.

It almost reached the point where it could drown all the children.

Fortunately, Qingqing was relatively light, and she didn’t completely fall into it when she fell, otherwise it might be difficult to save herself.

The two children worked together, and finally rescued Nian Gao from the fallen leaves.

“Where is this place? ”

Nian Gao pointed the flashlight in their surroundings. It was either a big tree or a medium sized tree that he could see, he couldn’t tell the direction at all.

Qingqing’s focus is somewhat different.

Her big curious eyes kept spinning on the flashlight, and she didn’t hold back her hand and touched it carefully. Her hands touched the cold steel, she was so scared that she immediately retracted her hands again.

“Brother Nian Gao has this thing like this?”

“This one?” The rice cake raised his flashlight, and he was a little confused: “I don’t know, I just caught it while digging in the leaves.” ”

It should have been when the trafficker pushed them just now, and it was accidentally thrown down together with them.

“What shall we do now? ”

After being curious, Qingqing also returned to the real problem.

Lost in the mountains and forests, this is more dangerous for the two children than being taken away by human traffickers.

“Stay here first. ” Nian Gao took Qingqing to nest together in the pit of leaves that they had dug out. “It’s too dangerous outside. We won’t go out until dawn.” ”

“Ok. ” Qingqing didn’t have a better idea, so she just obediently listened to Nian Gao.

The night was silent, and the two extremely tired little children snuggled up to each other, leaning their heads together and gradually fell asleep.

Time passed slowly until it was dawn.

Nian Gao was the first to open his eyes and was awakened by hunger.

He rubbed his stomach uncomfortably, and looking at the already bright sky, he turned his head to wake up Qingqing: “Sister Qingqing, get up. ”

“…” No one answered.

Nian Gao, who intuitively felt that something was wrong, quickly turned around to check Qingqing’s situation to find out that her temperature was hot.

“It’s so hot! ”

Qingqing has a fever.

After suffering one after another, no matter how good her body is, she can’t hold on, not to mention that Qingqing is just a delicate three-year-old child.

“Somebody, help! Somebody… help…”

Holding Qingqing tightly, Nian Gao, which had been very calm even after being abducted, finally couldn’t help crying.

He was afraid that Qingqing would die, but he was helpless.

The unprecedented panic and fear made his hands and feet cold. He could only cry helplessly while crying out for help in despair.

Qingqing seemed to be awakened by the cry of Nian Gao. She frowned, slowly opened her eyes, and said weakly. “Bird…”

“What? Sister Qingqing, you are awake! ” Hearing the sound, Nian Gao hurriedly lowered his head and was surprised to find that Qingqing had awakened.

“Little bird…” Qingqing is still repeating this sentence: “Follow the little bird…”

“Little bird? ” Nian Gao looked around: “There are no birds here.” ”

Not to mention birds, he didn’t even see a bug.

“Over there.” Raising her arm laboriously, Qingqing pointed to a direction.

Nian Gao looked along and still found nothing, but he resolutely decided to follow Qingqing’s instructions.

He bends over and lifted Qingqing on his back, stepped on the pile of leaves with one foot in the deep and one foot in the shallow part, and went away from the area.

The two of them made the right choice to leave because after a while, a beast slowly stepped over, sniffing around, as if looking for something.

Unfortunately in the end it couldn’t find anything, so it had to leave with regret.

“Sister Qingqing, where are we going next? ”

“Over there. ”

“Then what? ”

“This way. ”

Under Qingqing’s seemingly nonsensical command, Nian Gao and Qingqing really moved away from the mountains and forests a little bit and gradually approached the direction where smoke is coming from.[1]Smoke from the village houses when cooking

As he walked, a slender and sturdy figure faintly appeared in front of him.

Nian Gao’s eyes lit up, and he quickly shouted for help: “Help…help…”

From a distance, the man seemed to hear Nian Gao’s cry for help.

He paused, then quickened his pace, like a cheetah attacking, he rushed to Nian Gao and Qingqing.

When he got closer, Nian Gao could finally clearly see what this person looked like.

He was tall and upright with a cold face, and his whole body was filled with a bloody steely aura like a sharp sword.

It’s just that when those cold, trembling eyes fell on Nian Gao, a trace of softness flashed and there was a faint feeling of relief.

Nian Gao opened his mouth blankly, a little skeptical, but the tears fell down with a bang, and he burst into tears without warning.

“Wow… Uncle, why are you here?! ”


Before the word “apology” was finished, Nian Gao suddenly stopped crying, and his small body fell upright with Qingqing on his back, but was then firmly caught by a pair of powerful hands.

After nervously checking his nephew’s condition, Bai Qiyu breathed a sigh of relief when he found that he was only too tired and fainted.

In comparison, the situation of the strange little girl with a high fever is a little more dangerous.

Picking up the two children together with one hand, Bai Qiyu turned around and walked back, while taking out his mobile phone to make a call.

“The person has been found. Two children, one of whom is suffering from a high fever, hurry up and notify everyone and call the ambulance to come over. The location will be sent to you now.”

The double siren of police cars and ambulances broke the calm of this small mountain village located at the foot of the mountain.

Many villagers stuck out their heads curiously, looked at the noisy scene outside, took a bite of the cold and sweet watermelon, and shrank back.

After a while, someone went out again, took pictures with their mobile phones and posted them to their circle of friends.

“What’s going on outside? ”

The wife who hadn’t gone out to see, asked her husband who had just returned from the balcony curiously.

“Catching human traffickers, you know. It turns out that there are a lot of human traffickers hidden in the village above us. If it weren’t for a lot of abducted children running out of it today, I’m afraid the big guys wouldn’t even know that there are such a group of bastards living around them. ”

“Human trafficker! ”

People who heard the news couldn’t help exclaim: “It’s impossible, I haven’t heard of anyone in our village who has lost a child. ”

“You are stupid; rabbits don’t even eat the grass around the nest. If those bastards dare to steal the children in our territory, believe it or not, Lao Tzu will take someone to lift their lair? ”

“Oh come on, you’re just pretending to be brave. If you really encountered them see if you’ll do it by yourself.”

The conversation between the husband and wife is obviously not an exception, and many locals have gradually become aware of this important event.

And with the posting of someone on Weibo and reblogging it, public opinion on the Internat has gradually set off in a torrent.

The local police came faster than the people notified by Bai Qiyu.

Because the children in front of them were lucky enough to run out and successfully called the police with the help of well-wishers.

According to the address written on the cardboard taken out by the children, the police immediately went to the targeted location.

‘Xiaoning Village, No. 338’ is a cardboard processing plant that has been abandoned for many years.

Without waiting for time, the police immediately assembled their manpower to send out the police.

On the way, they also received a connection from a police station in other places, saying that it was found that there were abducted children being taken by human traffickers to escape in their direction.

There are not so many coincidences in the world. As soon as the two sides combined, they immediately determined that they were hunting the same group of people.

What else to say now?

Hunt with all your strength!

So there was the scene in the village at the foot of the mountain.

“Qingqing! ”

Fu Heng, who arrived a little later, happened to run into the scene where Qingqing was taken into the ambulance.

His face turned pale, and he hurriedly rushed forward, but was stopped by the nurse in the car: “Idle people and others can’t approach at will. ”

“I am her husband… Senior, this is a child of my family! ”

As soon as he heard that this was the child’s parent, the nurse who stopped the person immediately retracted his hand and motioned to Fu Heng to get in the car with him.

“The child is suffering from a high fever, which has reached 40 degrees. She was given a fever-reducing injection just now, but she has other traumatic injuries on her body. The situation is not optimistic. We have to go back to the hospital to give her first aid. ”

“Okay… okay, thank you doctor. ”

In fact, Fu Heng didn’t pay much attention to what the doctor was saying. At this time, all his mental energy was attracted by Qingqing on the stretcher.

Holding Qingqing’s hot little hands tightly in both of his hands, unprecedented fear enveloped his mind.

He didn’t realize that he was trembling slightly.

“Sir, are you okay? ”

The nurse on the opposite side found that Fu Heng was in an abnormal state, and immediately asked with concern.

“…” Fu Heng couldn’t answer, he felt like he has to do something.

He wished that the person lying on the stretcher is him instead of his young wife.


If something happens to Qingqing, what should he do?


With a gentle call, there was no longer the coldness of the past, but it was a pity that Qingqing could not hear it now.

No, even if she heard it, she might not feel anything.

After all, she was not the original Gu Qingqing who loved Fu Heng deeply.

In the corner, Bai Qiyu, who was holding his nephew, glanced at Fu Heng’s familiar face then lowered his head and said nothing.

He wants to come to the other party but don’t have time to greet him, an “old friend”.

But is that child actually named Qingqing?

It looks like her, is it her little daughter?


1 Smoke from the village houses when cooking

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