Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 45.1

Chapter 18: Qingqing is hospitalized

-At the Hospital-

The Fu brothers and Gu Lan who had received the news, came immediately.



Fu Heng sat outside the door of the emergency room as if an invisible black mist was covering his whole body, isolating him from the outside world.

After yelling a few times without a response Gu Lan frowned irritably and raised his voice and shouted loudly: “Fu Heng! ”

As if suddenly waking up Fu Heng slowly raised his head.

The elegant and handsome face which has always been calm and indifferent is now filled with unwarranted panic and fear.

Like a child who is about to lose the most important treasure in his life, he is obviously suffering, but he is at a loss on how to recover it.

Seeing Fu Heng’s appearance, Gu Lan’s heart sank. “How is Qingqing?”

As soon as he spoke, he was surprised by the hoarseness of his voice.

It turned out that he was also afraid of hearing bad news.

“Still rescuing.”

After a pause, Fu Heng added in a low voice: “She has a high fever of 40 degrees, multiple soft tissue bruises all over her body, superficial skin trauma accompanied by irregular bleeding, cracked kneecap, sprained ankle… There are other examination reports that have not yet come out. I don’t know if there are any internal injuries. ”

This is a serious injury for adults and falling on a child who is only three and a half years old , it makes people suck in a cold breath.

Gu Lan trembled slightly, his face instantly became gloomy: “Those human traffickers did it? ”

As long as Fu Heng said yes, he would immediately rush to the police station to beat up those groups of bastards.

Unexpectedly, Fu Heng shook his head. “It wasn’t the human traffickers.”

“According to the account of another child who escaped with Qingqing, most of the injuries on Qingqing’s body were caused while they were fleeing and when the two were pushed off the cliff by the traffickers.”

On the other hand, Qingqing’s cracked kneecap was most likely caused by her fall when she was thrown away by the trafficker but only she knew that.

It’s a pity that she is still in emergency room and can’t tell the truth.

“They were pushed off a cliff… and you say it wasn’t the traffickers?!”

Gu Lan was very irritated and wanted to curse, but unfortunately, his good upbringing did not allow it.

He was like an anxious lion, walking back and forth irritably in the same place, but in the end he couldn’t bear it and hurriedly told the Fu brothers to keep watch and left quickly.

“ Uncle! ” Fu Sijin ran after him, worriedly trying to stop the leaving man, but his chase was cut short by Gu Lan who expected it long ago.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do stupid things like rushing to beat up people, but the Gu family’s legal team hasn’t moved for a long time. It’s time for them to come out and exercise their mouths. ”

Since those animals don’t care about being human, let them stay in prison forever and learn how to be a proper human being.

Gu Lan left leaving the father and sons alone, silent.

In fact, only Fu Heng and Fu Sijin are at odds with each other while Fu Sishen is just an implicated innocent bystander.

He carefully looked at his father and then at his brother. He wanted to persuade them to make peace. His mother was still lying in the emergency room. It was really not suitable for them to be at odd witch each other. But in the end, he still wisely chose to shut up.

Let’s make it up to Mom when she comes out.

His father and brother have already made her so sad, so they should not make her sad anymore.

As for An Ran, I will think of another way.

I don’t know how long it took, Fu Sijin suddenly took the initiative to break the silence: “Where’s Grandma and Grandpa? ”

“I haven’t contacted them yet.” Fu Heng said.

“No way. ” Fu Sishen was a little dissatisfied: “How long has it been, no matter how unreliable they are…”

Before he finished complaining, he was stopped by Fu Sijin: “Shut up, is that what you’re supposed to say to your elders?”

“What did I say? Laozi[1]Saying ‘I your father’ arrogantly in a joking manner didn’t say anything okay.”

Fu Sishen suddenly felt that his brother looked a little vexing, why is he so annoying?

While the brothers were arguing, the lights in the emergency room suddenly went out and then a doctor in a surgical gown came out from inside.

Fu Heng immediately rushed up with one huge step, blocked the doctor and asked eagerly: “Doctor, my wife—… how is the child? ”

Realizing that he had said the wrong thing, he quickly changed his words bluntly. Fortunately, the doctor seemed to be a little tired from the operation just now and he did not hear Fu Heng’s mistake clearly.

“The fever had subsided and the other injuries are not serious. The examination results show that the child has no internal injuries. She only needs to stay in the hospital for a few more days to be discharged. ”

This is good news.

The Fu family breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this, and Fu Heng’s eyes became even more red.[2]when the eyes become red when you want to cry


Qingqing didn’t wake up until the next day.

As soon as she was conscious, she murmured that she was hungry.

Before her eyes were fully opened, a baby bottle was stuffed into her mouth.

Qingqing took it subconsciously and the sweet milk with the right temperature flowed into her mouth, sliding down her throat and stomach, hydrating her thirsty body.

She was also very hungry, holding the baby bottle and taking a big gulp. She looked very fierce, similar to a cub protecting its food.

It wasn’t until she drank a whole bottle of milk that Qingqing sighed contentedly and opened her eyes.

As soon as she opened her eyes, four familiar heads appeared in front of her.

Qingqing was not frightened but instead she subconsciously smiled sweetly and said softly: “Good morning, uncle, younger brother, Ahjin, and son. ”

She called them one by one, without leaving anyone behind.

Obviously it was a very normal morning greeting, but seeing Qingqing’s pitiful appearance wrapped in gauze, it made people feel sore for no reason.

Fu Sishen had already burst into tears: “Wuuu… Mom, it’s good that you’re okay. ”

He threw himself on the bedside, buried his head in Qingqing’s palm with his tears dripping on it, rubbed his face lightly against it and felt the soft warm touch. Only then did he felt that his mother was really there, alive and okay.

“Good boy, good boy. ”

Qingqing subconsciously touched Fu Sishen’s head like a dog, the furry feeling resembled the Samoyed raised by her neighbor next door.

“Qingqing. ” Fu Heng trembled and wanted to touch her face but he retracted his hand with restraint.

Only halfway through, he was held by a small hand wrapped in bandages with a cute and bright smile: “Uncle found me, Qingqing remembers it. ”

At that time, she had a high fever in the ambulance and did not completely lose consciousness. She clearly saw Fu Heng worrying about herself.

The heart is warm but I feel a little distressed.

“How can you be so good? ” Gu Lan covered his eyes to hide the moisture at the bottom of his eyes.

His parents, what did they do to his sister so that she would become like that when she grew up?

Everyone surrounded Qingqing and asked questions, only Fu Sijin was left alone on the sidelines.

He was like a stranger, standing in the corner of the ward and out of place with everyone.

He thought about leaving simply so as not to disturb the family reunion, but Qingqing suddenly turned her head, and when she saw his figure, her eyes lit up and she said with excitement: “Ahjin! ”

There was a little cheer in the end.

“Are you so happy to see him? ”

Gu Lan raised his brows, a little sour.

This little heartless guy was not so happy to see her just now. Fortunately, he had been looking for her everywhere day and night before, and for her… Forget it. If the verdict hasn’t come down, don’t mention it in advance.

In fact, not only Gu Lan but also Fu Heng and Fu Sishen still feel a little complicated.

Fu Sijin was the culprit who lost Qingqing. Why did Qingqing still like him so much?

“Ahjin! ” Qingqing tried to get up with her small hands.

Fu Sijin hurriedly took a few steps forward and helped her back: “Lie down and don’t get up. ”

The little hand firmly grasped Fu Sijin’s sleeve, as if for fear that he would run away again, Qingqing grabbed the opportunity and apologized hurriedly: “Qingqing was wrong, Ahjin, don’t get angry again, okay? ”


Fu Sijin felt as if there was a lump in his throat; he didn’t expect that the first thing Qingqing would say to him was this. He went completely stiff and didn’t know how to respond.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Qingqing, who was worried that Fu Sijin would not forgive her, quickly shook his arm slightly and coquettishly.

“I’m sorry, Qingqing really knows that she was wrong. Is Ahjin angry that Qingqing took so long to find you? But… but Qingqing didn’t know the way, so she was taken away by the bad guys while walking. Qingqing…Qingqing will give you half of the candies in the future, Ahjin, don’t get angry again…”

“Stop talking, stop talking, please stop talking… I’m sorry, the one who’s in the wrong. I’m sorry, mom, I’m sorry. ”

Fu Sijin finally collapsed. He hugged Qingqing’s small body tightly, trembling uncontrollably, with tears streaming from his eyes and nose, looking embarrassed.

He was in a daze and for a while he couldn’t tell whether he was apologizing to his former mother or apologizing to his current mother.

Maybe both?

In fact, he understood that his resentment towards his mother came for no reason. His mother had never done anything wrong.

Just… just… fear of that person……

The sudden surge of severe pain forcibly terminated his thoughts and Fu Sijin suddenly felt suffocated.

He gasped uncontrollably, trying to get the slightest fresh breath, but his state was very wrong.

Everyone thought that he was just under too much guilt and emotion. Only Qingqing, who had a keen sense of perception, was vaguely aware of something.

Ahjin’s appearance… is the same as the day he abandoned her.

Afraid that Fu Siijin would leave her and run away again, Qingqing quickly stretched out her small hand to hold him tightly, closing her eyes and wailing in her throat.

“Woohoo… Ahjin, Ahjin, don’t leave Qingqing, Qingqing will be obedient. Qingqing will never steal snacks again, nor will I scribble on your book, wipe my hands with uncle’s clean clothes, and deliberately spray my son with water gun, scolding my younger brother for being fat…”

The stupid child kept recounting all the great achievements she had done and didn’t notice the people on the side whose faces were getting darker and darker.

Even Fu Sijin, who was almost out of control, was forced to restore some sanity when he felt the gaze of several people behind him.

If he doesn’t return to his senses, he is afraid that the little ass of the bear child in his arms will not be protected.

“Qingqing is still a child. ”

“Heh…at the age of three and a half, she have learned to badmouth in private. ”

Dared to call him fat? Gu Lan sneered.

He has long legs and a thin waist and his eight-pack abs are lying endlessly on the abdomen, where is he fat?

“She was just having fun. ”

“Why didn’t you say it when she made my head soak at that time?” Fu Sishen said quietly.

His new hairstyle that day was completely ruined.

“Isn’t it easy for children to be greedy? ” Fu Sijin’s defense is getting weaker and weaker.

“Is this why she steals food? ” Fu Heng asked calmly.

After eating too many snacks, tooth decay or stomach troubles, isn’t she the one who will feel uncomfortable?


In the end, Fu Sijin could only sacrifice a big move: “Qingqing is still hurt, do you really have the heart to scold her? Hit her? ”

At the same time the three of them looked at Qingqing, who realized that she was in trouble, and quickly pretended to be weak, pitiful and innocent.

Well, I really can’t bear it.

“I’ll let you go this time, but next time…”

He glanced threateningly at Qingqing’s small palms, Qingqing quickly hid her hands behind her back, and shook her little head like a rattle: “No more, no more, no next time, my younger brother is not fat at all, my younger brother is the thinnest, thinner than Qingqing. ”

“Come on, you are the fattest in the whole family. ”

Rolling his eyes, Gu Lan turned and left angrily.

The nutritious meal for children he ordered is almost here. The little guy has suffered such a crime, so he has to make up for it.

So to speak, these bunch of people are two-faced and do not know what side they’re really on.


1 Saying ‘I your father’ arrogantly in a joking manner
2 when the eyes become red when you want to cry

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