Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 45.2

Chapter 18: Qingqing is hospitalized

Qingqing’s stay in the hospital was quite nourishing.

There are people to feed her when eating and there are people to accompany when playing. Even some of her more impulsive small requirements can be met as much as possible, all for the sake of her injuries.

She was so happy that she wanted to live in the hospital forever and not go out. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

“Ah, one more bite. ”

The salty and soft chicken wormgrass mushroom congee was fed to Qingqing’s mouth, and she swallowed it in one mouthful, her small cheeks bulging.

If you want to say what Qingqing’s greatest growth has been after experiencing this tribulation, it is definitely that she has learned to cherish food.

The feeling of hunger was so uncomfortable that Qingqing cherished it every time she ate and she no longer refused to eat or taste the food and is not picky about food again.

After eating and drinking, Fu Sijin carefully wiped her mouth with a tissue and casually mentioned.

“The doctor said that you can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. ”

Qingqing: “…”


She suddenly felt that the meal she had just eaten was not good.

“Why are you upset? ”

Fu Sijin, who has become very concerned about Qingqing now discovered that she was, strangely, a little down for the first time.

“After being discharged from the hospital, Ahjin, won’t you love Qingqing like you do now?” Qingqing asked aggrieved.

Now Fu Sijin was the one stunned.

There was a deep pain in his heart and then he laughed helplessly.

“How is it possible? Qingqing is so cute and sensible. It’s not enough for us to love you twice as much as we love you. How can we not love you anymore? ”

Qingqing raised her head and looked into Fu Sijin’s eyes, she clearly saw the tenderness and affection for her from the inside making her uneasy heart finally calmed down.

“I want to watch cartoons and big dinosaurs. ”

Without worrying, Qingqing became lively again.

She excitedly instructed Fu Sijin to turn on the TV for her and switch to the children’s channel.

At this point in time, there happened to be a cartoon about dinosaur science being broadcast.

Qingqing was mesmerized by watching cartoons, while Fu Sijin sat quietly and used a laptop to handle company affairs remotely.

After Qingqing’s injury improved, Fu Sishen didn’t know where to go again. His uncle seemed to have finally found his grandparents and was rushing over to pick them up, while his father went to the company to handle some difficult tasks.

Fu Heng had been delayed for several days for Qingqing and the backlog of work forced the board of directors to almost come together to cry and beg for help.

There was no choice so Fu Heng could only temporarily tell his eldest son to keep an eye on Qingqing and then hurriedly left.

Of course, before leaving, he did not forget to leave two reliable bodyguards outside the ward.

Fu Sijin had no response to this.

Of course he knew that his father was not at ease to leave Qingqing to him alone.

However, after experiencing the regret of losing people he actually lost trust in himself.

It’s good to have two bodyguards guarding Qingqing.

The police have not arrested all the traffickers in this group. Who knows if the frenzied outlaws will come back to retaliate.

Just like… that person.

Lowering his gaze to hide the gloom that flashed under his eyes, Fu Sijin continued to work intently.

In the afternoon, two special visitors came to Qingqing’s ward.

It’s Bai Qiyu and Nian Gao.

“Brother Nian Gao! ” Seeing Nian Gao, Qingqing was obviously very happy.

“Sister Qingqing. ” Nian Gao is also very happy to meet Qingqing again.

He let go of his uncle’s hand, ran to Qingqing’s hospital bed with his short legs and looked at her worriedly, pulling the edge of the bed: “Is Sister Qingqing’s illness not well yet?” ”

He didn’t know that Qingqing was still injured but he remembered that when she was separated from him, she had a high fever and her whole body was very hot.

“Well, I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. You see, it’s not hot. ”

Qingqing leaned her little head close and wanted Nian Gao to touch it.

When Nian Gao was about to touch Qingqing, an outstretched palm covered her forehead and pushed her back.

“Be careful, don’t pull the needle. ”

Fu Sijin pressed Qingqing back to lie down with seemingly gentle concern.

“Sister Qingqing, be careful, don’t get up again. ”

Naive children don’t know the complicated minds of adults at all and they are still worried about their friends.

“They all said that Qingqing is okay. ”

Qingqing pursed her lips, she sat up just now when she was eating but she didn’t see Ahjin warning her about it.

However, as soon as she lay down her gaze changed and Qingqing also noticed the person behind the rice cake.

She tilted her little head, her clear peach blossom eyes met a pair of introverted cold eyes and both of them saw their own reflections in each other’s eyes.

In the next moment, Qingqing, who finally remembered who the person was from her vague memory, smiled in surprise: “It’s you, kind uncle. ”

She still remembered who rescued her and Nian Gao from the deep mountains and forests.

“This is…” Fu Sijin didn’t know Bai Qiyu.

“Ahjin, it was this kind uncle who saved Qingqing and Brother Nian Gao. ” Qingqing pointed Bai Qiyu to Fu Sijin.

“Thank you for saving Qingqing. ”

As soon as he heard that this was Qingqing’s savior, Fu Sijin quickly stood up and thanked Bai Qiyu solemnly.

“We don’t know how to thank you. If you need help with anything in the future, please be sure to let us know. As long as it is within our ability, the Fu family will never refuse! ”

This thank you that sounds a lot like a scripted sprrch is actually what Fu Sijin really thought in his heart.

His awareness is not low, he can naturally see that this man is not simple. He’s afraid that ordinary thank-yous will not be appreciated by others, so he simply promises favor.

The favor of the Fu family is not so average.

Bai Qiyu tugged at the corners of his mouth and did not speak.

I am afraid that Fu Heng may not be willing to owe himself this favor, of course, it’s not unusual.

“Is your name Qingqing? ”

Squatting down slightly, keeping his gaze level with Qingqing, Bai Qiyu showed a fairly gentle smile.

Although he’s still a bit cold and scary to look at, Qingqing seems to be born with the ability to perceive the kindness of others to herself, she can easily judge that Bai Qiyu is a good person.

She has a feeling that this person will never hurt her.

“My name is Gu Qingqing, uncle, what’s your name? ”

With a little nod of her head, Qingqing asked Bai Qiyu curiously.

Gu Qingqing?

Bai Qiyu suppressed a strange feeling in his heart and solemnly introduced himself with an inexplicable solemnity: “Bai Qiyu, the Bai for cypress and pine, the Qiyu for cold jade. ”

His words fell, and he stared at Qingqing’s face tightly, trying to find any strange look in it.

But no, there was only a sigh of amazement at his name on that childish familiar face: “Wow, uncle, your name sounds amazing. ”

Whereas with her because her mother likes the cyan color of bamboo, her father named her Qingqing perfunctorily.

Bai Qiyu was a little disappointed, and secretly laughed at himself for thinking too much.

It’s just a name, maybe this child is actually Gu Lan’s daughter.

After all, they are siblings, it is not an accident that nieces and nephews look like aunts.

As his thoughts flowed, Bai Qiyu didn’t even notice that his nephew had already made an appointment with Qingqing to visit each other next time.

“Sister Qingqing, you have to remember to come to my house to play. ”

“Hmm, remember, remember, Brother Nian Gao must also remember the big dinosaur you promised me. ”

“OK. ” Nian Gao readily agreed.

He has many toys in his family, it is nothing to give Qingqing a dinosaur doll.

Perhaps feeling that it is not good to take other people’s things for no reason, Qingqing patted her small chest and promised, “I will also prepare gifts for Brother Nian Gao. ”

It just so happens that my son bought a lot of toys and piled them up at home before, so just choose one to give to Brother Nian Gao

My mother said that gifts have to be received and also given so that people will be willing to be friends with her.

Qingqing was still in the hospital after all and the uncle and nephew of the Bai family doesn’t want to disturb for too long, so they quickly got up and left.

The ward became quiet again, and Qingqing lay back bored, staring at the snow-white ceiling.

After a while, she suddenly wailed: “Qingqing wants to go out of the hospital, the hospital is not fun. ”

Fu Sijin: “…”

You said a few hours ago that you didn’t want to be discharged from the hospital. The child’s thoughts are really fickle and changing easily.

On the day Qingqing was discharged from the hospital, no matter how busy they are, everyone came to pick Qingqing up.

Even Gu Lan came.

As soon as she saw him, Qingqing glanced behind him expectantly, but there was nothing.

A little disappointed, Qingqing couldn’t help asking, “Where are Mom and Dad? ”

She remembered that her younger brother had said that he was going to pick up their parents.

“They can’t come. ”

Gu Lan’s expression was a bit strange, not ugly, but obviously not a good expression.

“Don’t be angry okay, forget it, it’s okay if they don’t come. It’s not good to be angry.”

Qingqing, who is familiar with her parents’ personalities, was not surprised by this result but seeing that her younger brother seemed to be angry she couldn’t help but coax him worriedly.

She is most afraid of others getting angry now.

“It’s okay, I won’t be angry even for eight hundred years. ”

What makes Gu Lan angry is not about this but that kind of thing is not easy to tell it to Qingqing.

If he really had to be angry every time he was stood up by those unreliable parents, he would have been anger into becoming a puffer fish a long time ago. The roundest one in the ocean.

“Qingqing wants to go swimming! I don’t want be at home, I want to go to a water park with slides. ”

As soon as she was discharged from the hospital, Qingqing couldn’t bear not to go out and play.

She had tasted the sweetness in the previous few trips when she went out to play but now she said that she didn’t want to continue to be a good baby that stay at home.

“No way. ”

It’s a pity that Qingqing’s little wish was ruthlessly broken by Fu Heng: “Your knee injury is not healed yet, so you can’t touch the water. ”

The plaster on Qingqing’s chubby leg hasn’t been removed yet and she still wants to go to the water park to play? Still dreaming.

“Humph! ” Qingqing turned her head angrily, letting Fu Heng face the back of her head.

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