Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 46.1

Chapter 19: Qingqing is a Rich Woman

Today’s climate is hot and stuffy but with the air conditioner on, it is not difficult. It’s just quite boring.

Qingqing was lying on the side of the inflatable swimming pool that her son bought while grabbing the little yellow duck inside with her small hands. The whole dumpling was about to melt in disgust due to the heat.

The plaster on her chubby leg will have to be removed in a few days.

The family was worried so she was not allowed to go out, so Qingqing, who had been bored at home for nearly a month, felt that a large cluster of mushrooms had grown on her head. It’s even the colorful kind. Poisonous.

Fu Heng re-arranged Qingqing’s identity, one with a registered residence.

The indentity of Gu Qingqing now is a little cousin of Gu Lan and her residence registration is under his name. The reasoning for that is that the child’s parents died and she was an orphan. No other immediate family members could support her, so she could only be raised by her cousin Gu Lan.

But Gu Lan was too busy, so he could only leave her to his sister’s family to take care of it.

The reason for the death of both parents was suggested by Gu Lan. At that time, the Fu family who heard this didn’t know what to say about him.

Although they knew that this person had a lot of resentment towards his parents, they didn’t expect it to be so big.

However, regarding Qingqing’s hospitalization and the fact that Gu grandparents did not come, in fact, Fu family also had little complaints.

So they also chose this default setting.

In this way, the dust of Qingqing’s identity settled and staying at Fu’s house was justified.

Therefore, Fu Heng took advantage of the situation and recruited two nannies and several bodyguards to take care of and protect Qingqing.

The former servants were too familiar with Gu Qingqing, it would be difficult to guarantee that they would not see anything strange and familiar from Qingqing if they were recruited back.

To be cautious, Fu Heng chose new recruits again.

He can no longer let anything go wrong with Qingqing even the slightest thing is not allowed, it is absolutely right to be more careful.

Moreover, every day they try to arrange for someone, among them, to take care of Qingqing.

They’re more at ease to take care of the child in person.

The one who stayed at home today was Fu Sishen.

Everyone has been very busy recently, especially his brother.

His father seemed to intend to hand over a bit of the family business to his eldest brother, so his poor eldest brother was pulled to the company to be a strong businessman without accompanying Qingqing for a few days.

He wakes up earlier than a chicken every day, go to bed later than a dog, eat takeaway, and live in the company. He really did what his father told him a fit of rage.

‘You don’t have to come back in the future. ’

At least his brother really couldn’t come back until he took over the company completely.

In fact, Fu Heng originally wanted to take his youngest son with him to help.

It’s just that Fu Sishen was quick-witted, when he saw that something was wrong, he immediately stuck to Qingqing every day coaxing her to play with him every time, which made Fu Heng have a difficult time to go and pull people to help.

Choose between managing the company and taking children.

The youngest son chose to take care of the child by himself, so Fu Heng could only let him go helplessly.

When he came down from the upper floor beautifully dressed and handsome, Fu Sishen saw Qingqing look like she was about to melt with the water in the swimming pool, he couldn’t help but tease her.

“Yo, where did this little cutie come from? ”

Qingqing glanced up at Fu Sishen, then went back on her stomach and ignored him.

“What’s the matter? ”

Seeing that her state was really wrong, Fu Sishen was a little worried and swallowed the explanation he had just wanted to say.

He’ll call his uncle to come here and he himself will play with Qingqing for another day?

But things are very urgent at the studio, those people may not be able to handle it if he doesn’t go.

“I want to go out and play. ”

If no one cared, Qingqing could still hold it on her own but now that she was asked such a question she immediately said aggrievedly, her small eyes were red.

It can be seen that she’s really bored at home.

“Go out and play…”

Fu Sishen was a little embarrassed but looking at Qingqing’s pitiful little face, he was a little reluctant to refuse.

Seeing that Fu Sishen’s attitude was shaken, Qingqing, who was intuitive and playful, immediately launched a coquettish offensive.

“Please~ Qingqing, just want to go and play for a while, then come back early…”

She put her chubby hands together and then pinched her fingertips and gestured to Fu Sishen in a “little bit” posture, indicating that she would come back obediently after playing for a while.

“This…” Fu Sishen is in even more dilemma.

After hesitating for a long time, he tentatively said “Why don’t I call and ask my uncle, if he agrees, I will take you out to play. But if he don’t agree, you can’t go. ”

A warning still needs to be given.

Fu Sishen didn’t have the courage to call his father but his uncle might not agree to let Qingqing go out, so he had to prepare Qingqing for rejection.

“Okay, okay! ”

Qingqing nodded her little head excitedly again and again and almost jumped up to cheer.

She didn’t care if her brother would agree.

Anyway, as long as Fu Sishen’s attitude loosened, it seemed to her that he was willing to take her out to play.

In front of Qingqing, Fu Sishen called Gu Lan and explained in this way. He even exaggerated Qingqing’s pitiful appearance in an attempt to win his uncle’s sympathy.

As a result, before he finished speaking, he readily agreed.

“Go if you want to play, just pay attention to safety. That guy has been the master of Gu family since she was a child, it is difficult to hold her back for so long. ”

With permission, Fu Sishen looked happier than Qingqing.

He hurriedly ran upstairs to pack a small travel bag for Qingqing then came down and put her in a wheelchair, grinned and pushed people to go out.

Fortunately, he was stopped by the nanny in time.

“Second young master, you will bring these thing with Miss Qingqing? ”

Although they said it very politely, Fu Sishen still heard the implication.

They’re implying that he didn’t prepare enough to go out.

“Is it not enough to have these? ”

Fu Sishen opened Qingqing’s small bag to show it to the nanny. It was full of snacks and toys and was packed to the brimmed. There was even a large pile of bright red cash in the corner, which must be enough for Qingqing.

Nanny: “……”

I have a lot to say but I don’t know if I should say it or not.

Seeing the unspeakable disapproval and desire on the nanny’s face, Fu Sishen said simply: “Then you go and pack up some things that Qingqing needs to use when she goes out. ”

“You wait a moment. ”

The relieved nanny hurriedly went upstairs to pack Qingqing’s things.

The other nanny firmly blocked the front of the door, for fear that Fu Sishen in a blink of an eye would slip away with Qingqing.

It almost made Fu Sishen smile angrily.

No matter how unreliable he is, he understands that professional matters have to be advised by professionals. Why are they being so defensive for?

“Go out, go out, go out, go out…”

Obviously, before she went out, Qingqing had already begun to sit in a wheelchair and patted her hands happily, her whole body swayed from side to side like a flower, too happy.

“Still silly and happy, you are the most troublesome. ”

Fu Sishen nodded at her in disgust, Qingqing tilted to the left, and then swayed back like a spring.
Thinking it was fun, Fu Sishen ordered her to repeat it again.

Sway to the left again, come back again, order again……

The bodyguards and nannies watched and they feel their eyes twitch at what they’re seeing.

In fact, it’s no wonder that they worry about the second young master taking the baby. It’s because he is really unreliable. People usually take the baby to take care of the baby. But he…. He just take the baby and treat it as a humanoid toy.

Or is it a playmate?

After being stared at by the onlookers, like a master he retorted confidently: “It will be meaningless to have a children if you don’t play with them.”

It’s as if Miss Qingqing was born by you.

Of course, the result of this unlucky child talking too much was that he was deducted one month’s pocket money.

Fortunately, Fu Sishen has his own source of income and he doesn’t care about the money given by his father.

“Hahahaha… again, Qingqing is still playing, hahaha…”

Unlike the adults who are surrounded by endless words, Qingqing herself thinks this game is very fun.

It was discovered that Fu Sishen didn’t order her anymore and had to hold his hand, swaying it cutely, to continue. For a while, the entire living room was full of children’s giggling laughter, which gave this huge home a bit of warmth.

The nanny who went upstairs was very quick with her hands and feet, and she packed up the nanny bag to bring with Qingqing in less than five minutes.

There is a complete set of clothes for Qingqing to change. After all, children are playful and can make themselves dirty during playtime, so it is very necessary to bring more sets of clothes with them.

In addition, there are diapers, thermos flasks filled with hot water, baby bottles, sachets of packaged milk powder, baby wet wipes and other random but useful things.

Together, these are put in a big bag and it is a bit heavy to hand over to Fu Sishen.

“Need to bring so much? ”

Fu Sishen’s expression widened.

“Yes, these will be useful to Miss Qingqing. ”

The nanny maintained a professional smile but her attitude was very tough, not allowing Fu Sishen to refuse.

“Oh, sure enough, you are just a little troublesome spirit. ”

With a sigh of acceptance, Fu Sishen hung the entire heavy backpack on his shoulders and pushed Qingqing out.

He is going to the studio, it is not suitable for the nanny to follow but he can bring two bodyguards.

After all, Qingqing’s basic safety still has to be guaranteed.

With many people following now, Fu Sishen had to change his car from a sports car to a sedan. The only advantage was that he didn’t have to drive by himself.

Finally going out again, Qingqing was just like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden, looking at everything with wonder.

She was sitting in a child safety seat, turning her little head to look at the outside world and took out a pack of fruit gummy candy from her pocket, handing it to Fu Sishen naturally.

“Open it for me. ”

Fu Sishen easily opened the candy for Qingqing but did not give it to her: “What do you have to call me when we go out? ”

“Son! ” Qingqing replied loudly.

“No, you can’t call me this, people will misunderstand.” Fu Sishen vetoed.

“What’s should I call you? ” Qingqing’s gaze moved up and down with the sweets in Fu Sishen’s hand, completely fascinated.

“Call me brother. ”

“No, uncle said it would mess with seniority. ” This time it was Qingqing’s turn to refuse.

Fu Sishen: “…”

It’s as if you calling my dad ‘uncle’ doesn’t mess with seniority.

Qingqing’s attitude persisted and Fu Sishen couldn’t force her to change her words, so he could only settle for the next best thing: “Then just like with the eldest brother. Like, if you call my name, just call Ahshen. ”

“Xiao Shen! ” Qingqing obediently called someone.

But Fu Sishen was not satisfied: “It’s ‘Ah’, not ‘Xiao’! ”

“What’s wrong? You are Ahjin’s younger brother, younger than Ahjiin, so you have to be called Xiao Shen. ”

The children’s crooked reasoning is set.

“Forget it, do whatever you want.” Fu Sishen, who couldn’t say any comeback to Qingqing, chose to give up.

But in order to retaliate, this naive guy actually ate her candy in front of Qingqing.

After eating, he sighed pretentiously: “Ah~ this candy is so sweet and delicious. ”

The bodyguard driving in front: “…”

We may be just two simple people, but young master, you are a real dog.

Qingqing was taken aback, and blankly stretched out her hand to take the pack of gummies that Fu Sishen handed back.

Just when Fu Sishen thought she would cry, she lowered her head and took out one from the inside and ate it herself, then gave the remaining package to Fu Sishen.

“Ne, Xiao Shen you eat the sugar candy. ”

“Don’t you want it? ”

My conscience suddenly hurts.

Qingqing smiled sweetly, revealing two cute dimples: “Xiao Shen likes to eat, he likes it more than Qingqing. ”

Because I like it more than you do, can you give me your beloved candy?

Fu Sishen covered his heart silently.

What should I do if my conscience hurts even more?

“Qingqing you eat it. I’m an adult, I can’t eat . ”

Returning the candy to Qingqing solemnly, Fu Sishen suddenly had a sense of mission that he should grow up.

Qingqing, who didn’t know what Fu Sishen was doing as soon as she heard him say no, she immediately hugged the candy and retracted her hand.

“…” Fu Sishen was expressionless for an instant.

It turns out that you don’t really want to give me the candy.

Oh, women.

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