Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 46.2

Chapter 19: Qingqing is a Rich Woman

Fu Sishen, as he claims to be, is a comic artist by profession.

In fact, he runs an animation production studio. Not doing that kind of children’s animation series but specializing in high-end 3D animation movies.

Because of their excellent special effects skills, they also undertake the special effects production of some movies.

This time, he had to go because a customer of a movie was not satisfied with the special effects made and wanted them to modify it but that part of the special effects was too difficult to modify and all the technicians had no choice but to turn to their boss.

Fu Sishen is the best technician in the studio and he still has sufficient capital to invest in this money-burning industry, otherwise he would not be able to support the operation of the entire studio.

Many of their peers couldn’t survive the huge expenses in the early stage, which led to the breakdown of their capital chain and bankruptcy.

However, anyone who can survive it will end up earning a lot of money in the end.

For example, Fu Sishen himself.

He is actually still in the entrepreneurial period but the financial situation of the studio has changed from a persistent red to a profitable green.

It is expected that he will be able to repay the capital by the end of this year and the rest will be pure profit.

“Xiao Shen is so amazing! ”

Listening to Fu Sishen’s bragging introduction of his career, Qingqing clapped her hands in cooperation and applauded him.

“Do you really think I’m amazing? ”

His mother used to think that he was doing these things which are money-wasting and not profitable.

“Hmm. ” Qingqing nodded again and again, her eyes shining with adoring stars.

She really thinks that her son who can do cartoons is amazing!

“In fact, it’s just average. ”

If the corners of Fu Sishen’s mouth were not raised so high this might be more credible.

During the conversation they arrived at Fu Sishen’s studio.

His studio is located on the top floor of a high-end office building in the city’s Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park. The place is not rented but the entire building belongs to Fu Sishen’s personal property, including the land under the office building.

In other words, he is the landlord of all the companies in the building.

The annual rent income alone is a lot of money, not to mention that he has more than this kind of property.

“Don’t be envious, you have more property under your old name. ”

Not to mention anything else, the Gu family shares owned by his mother are more than ten times than the total assets of the two brothers combined.

Not to mention the assets of the Fu family.

As far as Fu Sishen knows, his father and mother didn’t seem to have done prenuptial property contract before they got married, so once the two divorced.……

His mother can immediately be on the global rich list and she has to be the top one.

Suddenly a little envious.

The bodyguard drove the car into the underground parking garage.

As soon as it stopped Fu Sishen got out of the car with his long legs, put on sunglasses with a graceful posture, and then picked Qingqing out of the car.

Fu Sishen felt that even if he was a dad with a baby, he was also the most handsome dad in the crowd.

“Second master, you didn’t take your bag. ”

The bodyguard kindly handed over the bulging nanny bag and the baby bottle was still packed in a mesh bag on the outside, which was particularly conspicuous.

The blue veins on Fu Sishen’s forehead jumped, gritted his teeth, and said, “… Can’t you take this thing for me? ”

“Sorry, this is not within our scope of responsibility. ” The bodyguard coldly and ruthlessly refused to do two jobs with one salary.

“Xiao Shen, hurry up! Qingqing is going up to play. ”

Qingqing waited impatiently, patting Fu Sishen on the shoulder with her small hand, urging him not to waste time.

“It hurts, little ancestor. ” Fu Sishen bared his teeth in pain.

The child’s hands are not light or heavy but it really hurts when it hit someone.

“I’m sorry. ”

Qingqing subconsciously retracted her hand and puffed her small cheeks with guilt to blow Fu Sishen’s shoulders: “Qingqing will blow, hoo hoo, fly away pain. ”

The little guy confessed her mistake too quickly so that no one could blame her.

In the end, Fu Sishen could only rub her little head in revenge then took the nanny bag from the bodyguard’s hand and strode to the elevator.

The elevator goes all the way to the top floor.

I knew that the boss, who had always been like the Shenlong’s head and tail– hard to meet, was coming. So many people were waiting at the door expectantly. 

With a ’ding dong’, the elevator door slowly opened to both sides, revealing the people inside.

The first to bear the brunt was Fu Sishen, who was holding a little cutie, followed by two tall bodyguards.

Not the same as they expected.

Holding Qingqing and carrying an out-of-place nanny bag, not only did it not damage Fu Sishen’s handsome appearance, but it also added a touch of personal charm.

Many female staff have exploded in group chats in private, also including some male staff.

[Bald Polytechnic Girl: Ah ah ah ah… Today’s boss is as handsome as ever, I’m going to faint! ]

[Fried Chicken Aoyi : Who is the little cutie in the boss’s arms? I want all her information in three minutes! It’s so cute, I want to steal it. ]

[Milk tea Zhenli: Don’t leave alone upstairs, let’s group together to steal the baby. ]

[Kick over this bowl of dog food: Get your permit on the second floor and the third floor! ]

[Boss Licking Dog No. 1: Everyone on the crooked floor, aren’t we here to discuss the appearance of the male god boss? ]

[Boss Licking Dog No. 2: I’m sorry I climbed the wall but I suddenly felt that the little cutie in the boss’s arms looked better. What should I do? ]

[No. 3: Me too…]

[Four: +1]

[5: + ID number. ]


[ Little Cute Yandou No. 1: What’s the matter with you guys? How can you betray the boss? It’s too much! Does anyone know the name of the little cutie? ]

[ Passerby A: It’s really a group of loyal Yan dogs. Push the glasses. jpg ]

[ See through the truth: Brother Cheng, if you can stay away from your boss, we will trust you that you are not a flirtatious bitch who approaches the little cutie under the banner of work. ]

[ Passerby: I’m sorry, I’m just. ]

“Boss, this is the special effects information of the crew of ‘Shenqi’. Take a look. ”

Lu Renjia handed Fu Sishen a tablet with data files overlaid on it and took advantage of the situation to talk to Qingqing in his arms.

“Hello, little sister, how old are you this year? My name is Lu Renjia, and I am the boss’s college roommate and partner, and I am also an employee here. The second most powerful technician in the studio. ”

Lu Renjia with a gentle appearance that is not aggressive. Makes it easy to attract the favor of women and children.

Qingqing likes him very much.

She introduced herself politely and stretched out her small hand for Lu Renjia to shake, “My name is Qingqing and I am three and a half years old this year. ”

Lu Renjia immediately felt like he had a nosebleed, stretched out his hand with a look of infatuation, wanting to shake Qingqing’s chubby hand back.

As a result, before he touched it he was glared by Fu Sishen with a black face: “So bold, dare to covet my family’s Qingqing. If you want a sister, go home and ask your mother to give you another one.”

“Boss, please forgive me. If my mother is willing to give birth to a second child, I will not be jealous of other people’s soft and cute sister everywhere. ”

Lu Renjia have always wanted a lovely sister since he was a child but it is a pity that he is the only child in the family.

“Then get out of here too.” Fu Sishen hurriedly get rid of people mercilessly.

“Tsk, it’s ruthless. ”

Lu Renjia glanced at Qingqing regretfully and rolled away before Fu Sishen was about to blow up his temper.

Even the second-in-command of the studio did not succeed, so everyone did not dare to approach Qingqing easily.

Moreover, there are two bodyguards who look very difficult to provoke. The two big brothers are guarding the little cutie sternly. Their group of weak chickens who are a bit weedy are a little too cowardly to try.

Fu Sishen was talking about business with people in the conference room and Qingqing was placed in a semi-open reception area to play by herself.

The employees who come and go can always see the little cutie that is staying there obediently. They can’t help but take a peek. If they don’t see enough, they pretend to come back to get something, pass by again and take another peek.

I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of people wandering back and forth in front of me and everyone looked at them a little too hotly.

Qingqing couldn’t help but tilted her head in confusion, and asked milkily, “Why do you keep looking at me?” ”

In an instant the entire studio staff exploded again.

[ Pineapple dipping sauce oil: Ah Ah Ah Ah…… The legendary Crooked the head to kill, and a small milky tone baby voice. No! No! Someone send this aunt a napkin, my auntie is bleeding out!]

[ Glasses man: There are still male compatriots in the group, pay attention to the influence. ]

[ Pineapple Dipping sauce: Ahhhhh! If you have guts, don’t buy me a meshy one next time. How many times have I said to buy the soft ones, but you always buy the wrong ones! ]
[ Qingxiang Wang: That’s enough, what’s going on in this world? Do single dogs deserve to be propped up to death? ]

[ Married man: Look away, brother. ]

[ Qingxiang Wang: Fuck off, looking at your ID, I was not comforted. ]

Accidentally saw the group chat message.

Fu Sishen: “…”

Maybe those who engage in technology are over active on the Internet?

He thought of that, as if he was not the same person who played games all night yesterday and was excited because of his teammeate Tai Cai is online.

Not daring to leave Qingqing alone for too long, Fu Sishen neatly finalized the revised plan with the customer and promised to deliver the finished product within half a month before quickly sending these difficult guests away.

After getting up and tidying his hair a few times, Fu Sishen strolled out.

As a result, as soon as I opened the door of the reception room I saw a group of people surrounded Qingqing and asked questions.

A female staff member on the left handed out fruits and a female staff member on the right fed snacks. Just add two masseurs in front of them, umbrellas and fans then it would the same scene of a monarch just like in the TV series.

“What are you doing? ” He asked speechlessly.

“Boss! ” As soon as everyone saw Fu Sishen, they were like elementary school students that saw the head teacher. They immediately stood in rows, lowered their heads and waited for training.

We’re finished. I was caught obsessing at cute things during work. I’m dead this time.

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