Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 47

Chapter 20: Qingqing’s Surprise Delivery

Seeing that the atmosphere gradually became solemn, Qingqing’s angelic voice sounded in time.

“Qingqing’s feet hurt, so the kind sister gave medicine to rub on my feet. ”

“Your feet hurt?” Could it be that the injury has relapsed?

Fu Sishen’s face tightened worriedly and immediately went to Qingqing hurriedly. He squatted down, lifting her two little fat legs to check carefully.

He didn’t see anything abnormal in the foot with a cracked kneecap.

On the contrary, the calf of the other foot was red and swollen. There were a few scattered red spots, which were particularly obvious on the white and tender skin of the child.

“How did this happen?”

Fu Sishen didn’t know why Qingqing suddenly have these things. He almost immediately rushed to the hospital with Qingqing in his arms due to nervousness. Fortunately, the female staff member who hadn’t left gave an explanation in time.

“It should be an allergy, boss. Don’t worry, I just gave her some allergy medicine so it will go away in a while.”


Fu Sishen, who never knew what allergies were, was obviously a little confused.

A female staff with parenting experience also shared an explanation.

“Children have delicate skin and weaker resistance. They’re usually at home where it is clean. So it is easy to encounter some invisible bacteria or dirt when they go out then allergies occasionally occurs. ”

“Yes, Qingqing’s situation is not serious. Just buy some allergy medicine and put it on yourself. I just happen to have it, so I rubbed some for Qingqing. But if you are really worried, you can also take Qingqing to the hospital to check for an allergen. Just pay more attention in the future. ”

The female staff member who delivered the medicine to Qingqing was allergic herself and suffered from allergies all year round, so she also knew more about these.

“Thank you, let’s go back to work first. ”

They left their posts to help Qingqing wipe the medicine, so Fu Sishen couldn’t blame them for this, he could only let them go lightly.

“Okay boss, thank you boss, this little one will say goodbye now. ”

After escaping, several female staff members were like prisoners who had received amnesty orders, and one by one they couldn’t wait to turn around and disappeared.

Of course, before leaving, they did not forget to give Qingqing a look of gratitude.

Thank you, little cutie, for your kindness.

Although it was true they gave Qingqing medicine, their purpose was very simple at the beginning, just to take a few glance of the cute things.

For this reason, these bold people still mustered up their courage and went forward even with the terrifying aura of the bodyguard.

But this kind of thing, there is no need to be too frank.

You know, the motives are different, and the boss’s handling is also different.

So they slipped away.

“Does Qingqing still hurt?”

After glancing at the subordinates who had left, Fu Sishen turned his attention back to Qingqing, looking at the allergic part of her leg anxiously. Still wanted to take her to the hospital to have a look.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, the kind sister gave the medicine, it’s cool now. ” Qingqing moved her feet and replied obediently.

She didn’t lie. The medicine given by the kind sister was indeed effective. Thinking back, their allergies might have the same symptoms that’s why the medicine worked.

Sure enough, within half an hour, the redness and swelling on Qingqing’s feet had obviously faded a lot, leaving only a few red spots still lying tenaciously on her.

The rash that grows from this allergy cannot be scratched, nor can it touch hot water. It needs to be rubbed with medicine every two hours, and it will be completely healed by tomorrow.

The female staff member who administered the medicine specifically explained it when the ointment was also handed over directly to Fu Sishen and asked him to administer the medicine to the child by himself.

After waiting for a while, seeing that the allergy on Qingqing’s feet was really subsiding, Fu Sishen dispelled the idea of taking her to the hospital.

But he didn’t want to let Qingqing stay outside anymore.

“Qingqing, shall we go home?” He said in a negotiating tone.

“Ah…are you going back now?” Qingqing is obviously unhappy.

She felt that she had to go back without playing with anything when she came out, which was a loss.

Seeing that Qingqing was a bit reluctant, Fu Sishen could only change his countermeasures.

“Is that okay? It’s almost dinner time now. Let’s go to Dad’s company to pick up Dad and brother then go home for dinner together? ”

“Good! ”

As soon as she heard that she was going to Fu Heng’s company to pick up someone, Qingqing nodded and agreed.

The silly child didn’t know that although the process was different, she still had to be sent back after all.

Now that they had decided, the two immediately packed up and set off.

Fu Heng’s company headquarters is not far from Fu Sishen’s studio, about a ten-minute drive away.

Although the distance is close, the existence of the two can be described as one in heaven and one in earth.

Compared with the huge Fu clan, Fu Sishen’s studio can only be regarded as a small workshop at best.

“Wow–! ”

Qingqing was pushed to the entrance of the Fu Group in a wheelchair, and looked up at the skyscraper in front of her in amazement.

The unique twin-story structure is connected by a circular sky garden glass passage every two floors in the middle.

Stacked layer by layer, it is like a garland blooming between two buildings. It has the characteristics of modern architecture and is also cleverly integrated with nature.

Watching Qingqing being shocked, that her small mouth that couldn’t close, Fu Sishen’s eyes turned and he suddenly had a ‘good’ idea.

“Qingqing, elder brother has been working very hard these days. Today is also a coincidence. We might as well give elder brother a surprise. ”

“What surprise?” Qingqing has many small question marks on her head.

“You come with me. ”

Fu Sishen pushed Qingqing’s wheelchair, not allowing her to refuse and took her away.

The two bodyguards glanced at each other and quickly followed.

It seems that the second young master is going to be a demon again.

About half an hour later, a soft little yellow duck[1]This is what I imagined what Qingqing was wearing but with the wings , holding two exquisite lunch boxes sat in a wheelchair and was pushed into the door of the Fu Group.

When the front desk lady saw someone coming in, she immediately raised a standard professional smile.

I wanted to ask if the other party had made an appointment but after seeing the familiar handsome face, she immediately changed to a more perfect and gentle smile.

“Hello, Mr. Fu Xiao.”

“Hello, you guys. ”

Fu Sishen nodded politely, ignoring the unknown gaze of the front desk lady who seemed to fall on him endlessly. He kept pushing the wheelchair and walked straight to the elevator.

As soon as he entered the elevator door and pressed the target floor, he immediately leaned in Qingqing’s ear and whispered.

“After a while, when you see eldest brother, remember to shout louder. You have to let everyone know that you are calling him. Then you have to ask the eldest brother to taste this delicious snack. Remember? ”

“Remember! ”

Qingqing clenched the small fist with the little yellow duck’s wings tightly, and gripped the soft tips of the wings into a tender yellow ball.

“Qingqing is the most sensible child, right?” Fu Sishen hurriedly took the time to orient her before the war.

“Correct!” Qingqing is in a high morale.

“What does Qingqing want to give to eldest brother? ”

“Surprise! ”

Bodyguard: “…”

I think second young master, you are giving yourself a funeral ceremony.

At this time, the elevator slowly stopped and reached the target floor.

Seeing the elevator door slowly open, Fu Sishen hurriedly said, “Come on, Qingqing, follow me and say: Chongya![2]

“Chongya–! ”

The crisp sound of the child’s voice filled the entire floor. Everyone turned their heads subconsciously, looking for the source of the sound.

I saw a little yellow duck in a wheelchair being pushed out at an extremely slow speed, moved a little bit to the door of the new general manager’s office to stop and then knocked on the door.

Some people wanted to say something and stop him, as if they wanted to remind them of something, but they were not as fast as Fu Sishen and the others.

It didn’t take long for the closed office door to be opened from the inside.

Immediately after, the familiar child’s voice that had been heard before shouted once again.

The message spread to everyone’s ears.

“Great nephew! Aunt Qingqing is here to deliver you a meal! ”


Silence, deathly silence.

The dark cold eyes drooped slightly, facing Qingqing’s clear peach blossom eyes.

The two looked at each other for a moment, and the depths of their cold eyes gradually became more and more tender, and even the low voice that made a sound was full of unspeakable indulgence: “Qingqing will deliver food to Ahjin. Don’t you have my share? ”

Fu Sijin stood behind Fu Heng and watched this scene silently, and gave Fu Sishen a cold look of ‘you wait for me’.

Fu Sishen: “…”

Don’t wait, I am dead now.

Bodyguard: You can’t do evil by yourself. Look, retribution is coming so soon.

Not noticing that the adults were secretly frowning, Qingqing laboriously raised the lunch box in her hand and handed it to Fu Heng.

“Yes, Qingqing specially asked Xiaoshen to buy two copies! This is a surprise! Is uncle happy to see Qingqing? ”

“Of course I’m happy, Qingqing is so good. ”

Fu Heng squatted down and rubbed Qingqing’s small head with a little yellow duck hat. While taking the lunch box she handed over, even if there was an indescribable smell slowly spilling out of it, his face did not change color.


With her little wings holding her little face, Qingqing smiled shyly.

There are still many people outside who are secretly glancing at them. They don’t have the hobby of being looked at like carnival monkeys, so Fu Heng got up and took over Qingqing’s wheelchair and pushed her into Fu Sijin’s general manager’s office.

The open door of the room was closed mercilessly. Since there’s no more excitement to watch, they couldn’t help but talk in private.

Mainly because they were curious about Qingqing’s identity, since she could actually make the chairman treat her so tenderly.

“Come on, what reason did you bring her for? ”

After sitting in the wheelchair for a long time and feeling uncomfortable, Fu Heng carefully hugged Qingqing on the sofa and sat down.

The sofa was soft, and Qingqing sank into it as soon as she sat down.

With her little yellow duck suit, it really looks like a soft and cute duck dumpling.

Compared with Qingqing, who was comfortably immersed in the soft sofa, Fu Sishen, who was opposite her, was a little fidgety.

It’s the same as being pierced by a needle.

“Just… Qingqing misses you. She’s been making trouble at home. I can’t beat her… I can only take her out. Our uncle knows that we went out. If you don’t believe me, you can call and ask. Qingqing wanted to surprise you and she chose the gift. You can’t really blame me. ”

Fu Sishen dumped all the pots on Qingqing without conscience.

Mom don’t blame me, it’s okay if you get into trouble. If I get into trouble, I have to be beaten to death by the father and son duo. Maybe next year will the anniversary of my death.

“I didn’t, you are talking nonsense! ”

Qingqing was stunned by Fu Sishen’s shamelessness.

“Obviously you’re the one who said that you wanted to surprise Ahjin, so you took Qingqing to buy gifts! ”

She was so angry that Qingqing couldn’t even speak.

“Didn’t you choose the surprise?” Fu Sishen retorted confidently.

“You paid for it!” Qingqing will not accept being wronged.

Seeing the two bear children clamoring into a fight, Fu Sijin shook his head helplessly and reached out to open the lunch box.

He was actually a little curious about what was inside.

As soon as the lunch box was opened, an indescribable smell overflowed, occupying every corner of the office forcefully.

“You call this thing a surprise? ”

Fu Sijin’s complexion changed in an instant and his complexion darkened.


1 This is what I imagined what Qingqing was wearing but with the wings

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