Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 48

Chapter 21: Qingqing meets the White Moonlight

In the lunch box, two small pieces of beautifully packaged cakes are neatly placed.

——Durian thousand layer cake.

“What’s the matter? Durian is so delicious! It’s the king of fruits! ”

Durian lovers swear to defend the dignity of durian!

“Yeah, it’s delicious. ”

Qingqing followed with a little nod of her head.

She is also obviously a master who likes durians but Fu Heng and Fu Shijin hate durians very much.

Facing Durian, the father and son looked at each other with disgust but because Qingqing was present, they only hinted at it with their glance and didn’t express it explicitly.

Seizing this point, Fu Sishen was about to make trouble but with a cold glance from Fu Heng’s eyes he instantly wilted.

It’s okay to mess with his brother but he doesn’t dare to challenge his father’s majesty.

In the end, these two boxes of durian thousand layer cakes belonged to Fu Sishen. Qingqing wanted to eat them but Fu Heng didn’t allow it.

Durian is indeed high in nutritional value but it is easy to get an upset stomach if you eat too much.

Now that it was nearly time to get off work, Fu Heng simply asked his eldest son to go home early with him.

It is rare for a family to get together neatly and go home in the same car, driven by Fu Sishen, who is “guilty and meritorious”, while the bodyguards are arranged in another car.

The car slowly drove out of the Fu Group but it was not going in the direction of the Fu family. With a rare opportunity, they decided to go out for dinner together and go home after eating.

“Huh? It’s Brother Nian Gao! ”

Qingqing suddenly pointed out the window and shouted excitedly. She kept waving to the familiar figure outside: “Brother Nian Gao… Brother Nian Gao…”

It’s a pity that their car was driving on the road but Nian Gao was walking on the sidewalk holding the hand of a stranger aunt.

There was a long distance between the two sides and the traffic and cars are too noisy, so Nian Gao couldn’t hear Qingqing’s call at all.

“Ah…they’re gone…”

Qingqing face leaned against the window, regretfully watching the figure of Nian Gao gradually disappear.

Fu Heng who was sitting beside her, raised his eyes and looked out the window, his heart moved slightly, and suddenly said, “Does Qingqing want to go to school?” ”

They just happened to pass by a kindergarten and this kindergarten happened to be the school of Nian Gao.

It’s already after school, so it’s not too surprising that she will see Nian Gao at the entrance of the kindergarten.

The sudden crisis left Qingqing’s small back frozen. She immediately shook her small head like a rattle and refused with a firm attitude.

“No, no, no… Qingqing, doen’t want to go to school! ”

“You can go to kindergarten at the age of three and a half?” Fu Sishen who has no knowledge on childrens’ education said in surprise.

He thought that a three-year-old child only needed to eat, drink and have fun at home.

“You were only twenty-seven months old when you were in kindergarten.” That is, it’s just a little bit in the early two years of age.

“But now the policy has changed, stipulating that children need to be at least 37 months old before they can be sent to kindergarten.” It’s about three years old.

“Dad, how do you know so much?”

Fu Sishen was stunned by this sudden increase in knowledge.

“I have you, two sons, did I raised you two for nothing?” Fu Heng gave his youngest son a rare look.

He was not so busy from the beginning and no matter how busy he was, he was still more or less involved in the growth of his children.

It’s a pity that he ignored his wife.

Thinking of some news that he had recently found, Fu Heng’s expression narrowed slightly and he fell silent again.

Seeing that Fu Heng seemed to have forgotten about sending her to school, Qingqing also cautiously remained silent for fear that Fu Heng’s attention would be brought up to her again.

It wasn’t until the family arrived at the restaurant where they were dining tonight that they didn’t see any more changes in Fu Heng that Qingqing gradually relaxed.

The naive child thought that the adults would just let her go.

As everyone knows, it was only because she was injured now and it was inconvenient for her to go to school that Fu Heng did not persecute her for the time being.

The restaurant they chose is not the kind that is very expensive and high-end but a Cantonese tea restaurant with a very good reputation and very fresh and delicious dishes.

Cantonese-style snacks generally have a light taste, and there are more desserts and sweet soups which are suitable for children’s appetites.

The family booked a small private room and sat together in a circular table. There was a sense of warmth that had been lost for a long time.

“I want to eat a Bao Bao*! ” (She meant Baozi or meat buns)

Qingqing glanced at the Baozi on the menu, clamoring to eat them.

The exquisite and compact Baozi is made into the shape of a small piggy, which is indeed very attractive to children.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you for everything. ”

Fu Sishen simply gave Qingqing the menu and let her order indiscriminately.

Anyway, the amount of Cantonese dim sum is small, no matter how much you order, they can fully eat it with the appetites of the three big men.

Soon, a table full of dishes was served.

As a result, Qingqing disliked that the pig buns were too hot, and turned her head to try the cold and sweet coconut osmanthus cake.

Fu Sishen repeatedly sighed that women just like the new and hate the old, but before he finished speaking, a bun was stuffed in his mouth.

“You talk too much, can’t even stop your mouth from talking even when you’re eating.”

Fu Sijin’s dislike for his younger brother was clear.

Only halfway through the meal, Fu Heng went out to answer a call.

Qingqing pulled Fu Sijin’s sleeves and the expression on her small face was a little strange: “Ahjin, Qingqing is going to pee…”

“Huh?” Fu Sijin was taken aback and immediately looked for his father everywhere but he couldn’t find anyone, so he had to take Qingqing to find the bathroom by himself.

After asking the waiter, they found the door of the bathroom.

However, Fu Sijin couldn’t enter the women’s restroom and it was even more wrong to take Qingqing to the men’s restroom. However, it was inconvenient for her to go alone since she hurt her foot, so they could only find a waitress to help.

“Qingqing, listen to the waiter sister obediently okay?”

“Well, I will. ”

With the guarantee, Fu Heng still doesn’t feel comfortable so he decided to wait outside.

While holding the mobile phone to check the information to pass the time, a hesitant soft voice unexpectedly came from his side: “Fu Sijin?”

Looking up subconsciously, he saw a beautiful woman in a white dress standing in front of him.

“Bai Siya. ” He faintly said the other’s name.

Bai Siya obviously didn’t expect to meet Fu Sijin here. She was a little surprised by the encounter.

Unable to help tucking the hair on the side of her ears, Bai Siya said softly: “Why are you here? ”

It is also a coincidence that the two of them ran into each other so unexpectedly.

“Eating with family.” Fu Sijin’s eyebrows grew colder and colder.

“Family dinner?” She seems to have never seen Ahjin’s family.

“Yes. ”

Realizing that Fu Sijin didn’t seem to want to catch up with her, Bai Siya pursed her slightly pink lips and unconsciously lowered her head and stared at the tip of her shoe.

“Over the years, you have lived well…”

“Ahjin. ”

The call of milky voice of a baby immediately called away the man beside her.

Bai Siya saw Fu Sijin quickly walked up to a little girl in a wheelchair with delicate eyebrows and squatted down, gently asking her what was the matter.

“I can’t reach it”

Qingqing pointed to the sink with an aggrieved expression on her face.

It turned out that she was too short to reach the sink and could not wash her hands.

“Sorry, the little girl’s legs are like this, I don’t dare to carry her up. ” The waitress apologized next to her.

When she just helped Qingqing go to the toilet, it was very difficult. A female customer couldn’t endure it and came over to help. Now she is the only one left, so she doesn’t dare to move Qingqing much.

“It’s okay, thank you. ”

He gave the waiter a little tip as a thank you. After seeing someone leaving, Fu Sijin touched Qingqing’s little head comfortingly.

“Good girl don’t be wronged, I’ll carry you. ”

He picked Qingqing up easily, held her close to the sink, and asked her to wash her hands.

Not bad.

The bathroom sink in this restaurant is set up in the middle of the male and female toilets, which can be regarded as a separate space otherwise it would be a bit difficult for Fu Sijin.

As soon as Qingqing, who had washed her hands, was carefully put back into the wheelchair, Bai Siya leaned over again, “Is this your relative’s child?” ”

After all, the two look very similar, and no one really believes that they are not related by blood.

The reason why she didn’t think Qingqing is Fu Sijin’s daughter is because Bai Siya knows him.

The little girl looked almost two or three years old and when she left two years ago, Ahjin had only one woman by her side, so it was impossible for the little girl to be Ahjin’s child.

Just listening to her address Fu Sijin as Ahjin can also prove that.

“Does it have anything to do with you again? ”

As if annoyed by Bai Siya’s question, Fu Sijin simply frowned and pushed Qingqing back to the private room.

“Ahjin, are you unhappy? ”

Although Fu Sijin was still careful and gentle when pushing the wheelchair, Qingqing was still keenly aware of his emotional abnormality.


“It seem like you are. ”

Adults always like to lie to children.

“But it’s weird..” Qingqing scratched her head suspiciously, attracting Fu Sijin’s gaze: “What’s weird?” ”

“Doesn’t Ahjin like that sister? Why are you upset to see her? ”

The wheelchair stopped suddenly, Fu Sijin’s throat moved slightly, and his gaze wandered on Qingqing.

It’s a pity that Qingqing turned her back to Fu Sijin and didn’t see his expression.

He opened his mouth and vaguely made a “mom” mouth shape, but the last thing he said was: “Who told you that I like her?” ”

“Qingqing can see it by herself! ”

At least that sister looked like she likes Ahjin very much. Although Qingqing had a general impression of Bai Siya, after experiencing what happened last time, she no longer dared to show her preference for other strangers.

Especially when this person may be related to the one she cares about.

He thought too much.

The tight back relaxed and Fu Sijin continued to push Qingqing back to the box.

But before he went back, he still solemnly explained to Qingqing.

“I don’t like her anymore.”

“Did you like her before?” The little guy is quite good at getting the point.

“Yes.” This is something that many people know and there is nothing to say, so Fu Sijin didn’t hide it.

“Oh, Qingqing actually doesn’t like that sister either. ”

After confirming Fu Sijin’s attitude, Qingqing could finally express her thoughts.

“If you don’t like it, don’t contact it. Anyway, there’s no relationship. ”

Fu Sijin said it nonchalantly, but he didn’t see the white figure behind him, covering her mouth and crying silently.

“Why have you been there for so long? ”

Fu Sishen, who was left alone in the box, was full.

“I met someone I knew before and chatted a little bit.” Fu Sijin explained lightly, then lowered his head and asked Qingqing, “Does Qingqing want to eat something more?” ”

“Want to eat those.” Qingqing pointed to the boneless chicken feet in front of her.

The stewed chicken feet are soft and well-cooked. They melt in the mouth, which is suitable for the teeth of children and the elderly.

Fu Sijin picked up the chopsticks and gave Qingqing a chicken feet and then a crystal shrimp dumpling, and asked Qingqing to hold the bowl and eat it by herself.

Fu Heng almost waited until everyone was full before coming back.

He didn’t plan to continue eating, so he paid directly, then took his two sons and pushed Qingqing home.

The car drove slowly into the villa and stopped in front of the gate of the main building.

Fu Heng took the lead in getting out of the car and hugged the soft Qingqing out of the car who was tired and fell asleep in the car halfway.

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