Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 49

Chapter 22: Qingqing meets her parents

Today is the big day for Qingqing to remove the plaster on her leg.

The Fu father and sons, as well as Gu Lan took time out to accompany Qingqing to the hospital.

The doctor’s hands and feet were very agile. In less than half an hour, the plaster on Qingqing’s leg was successfully removed, revealing the little fat leg that was a little whiter than the other.

The old doctor, who looked very kind, smiled and said “The child is recovering well. It is expected that after another week of cultivation, she can slowly start physical therapy[1]physical rehabilitation.”

“Thank you doctor, sorry for troubling you these days.”

Fu Heng immediately thanked him with joy, and Gu Lan and others on the side couldn’t help but smile when they heard the good news.

There is a saying that a bone injury won’t heal for a hundred days. It is quite surprising that Qingqing can recover so quickly within a month from this bone fracture.

Among them, in addition to the reason that children themselves have a stronger healing ability than adults, it is also inseparable from the superb medical skills of the attending physician.

Therefore Fu Heng and others who were very grateful to the old doctor, turned their heads to donate a lot of urgently needed medical equipment and medical supplies to the hospital.

There are four donations in total, one for each person.

Sure enough, when the top overlords in the world are in good mood, they fall in a routine of throwing money.

Since removing the plaster, Fu Heng has stopped restraining Qingqing from going out.

However, every time she goes out, she must be accompanied by a family member and bring at least two bodyguards.

In order to better protect Qingqing, even the security system of the Fu family has been completely replaced and upgraded in all directions.

The same is true of the Gu family. Although she has become smaller, Qingqing has not returned to her mother’s house once.

“Brother, are Mom and Dad back yet? ”

Recently, every time she saw Gu Lan, Qingqing was asking these words.

No matter how busy Mom and Dad used to be, there were at least a few days a month when Qingqing could see them.

But now that almost two months have passed, Qingqing hasn’t even seen a ghost of a shadow, let alone a phone call or something. She can’t help but start to miss them.

No matter how disappointed she was, she still had admiration for her parents after all.

Gu Lan knew that his sister had always had hope for their parents, but in fact, he never had such hope.

So he can’t cut off the contact between the two sides selfishly.

Therefore, after Qingqing urged many times.

One day, Gu Lan suddenly said, “You go to bed early tonight, and I will take you to visit your parents tomorrow morning.”

At that time, Qingqing was in the process of physical therapy. She was taken aback when she heard the words; she was inattentive under her feet and almost fell. Fortunately, Gu Lan held her firmly with quick eyes and hands.

“Be careful and concentrate on the therapy. If you don’t complete the task assigned by the doctor today, I won’t take you tomorrow. ”

He scolded Qingqing with a cold face, but the heart that was still pounding exposed Gu Lan’s fear.

I should’ve told Qingqing about this when the theraphy was finisehd.

“Going to go! Qingqing is good, my younger brother wants to take Qingqing to her parents. ”

Hearing that Gu Lan was going to take her to find her parents, Qingqing was nervous before she had time to be happy.

There was obvious panic on her face and her little hand grasped Gu Lan’s sleeve, for fear that he would regret it and not take her.

“Then you practice walking obediently. ”

Gu Lan helped Qingqing back to the rehabilitation equipment and watched her step forward bit by bit under the guidance of a professional nurse.

It was very hard and her face turned pale with pain every step of the way.

But in order to see her parents tomorrow, Qingqing still gritted her teeth and insisted. She would no longer cry and cheat like she used to.

Seeing her like this, Gu Lan’s mood was a bit complicated.

He really regrets promising Qingqing to meet those two people now. After discovering the truth, can she bear it?

It’s a pity that no matter what he thinks, the itinerary that has been arranged will not change.

On the morning of the second day as soon as it was dawn, Qingqing got up happily and made Fu Heng get up to wash, change clothes and tie her braids.

“It’s still early…” Don’t worry so much.

Fu Heng rolled over, so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes.

“Get up, get up! ”

Qingqing grabbed Fu Heng’s quilt on the guardrail of her small bed and forbade him to sleep anymore.

Being so noisy that he couldn’t endure it, Fu Heng could only accept his fate and got up to serve the little ancestor.

He suddenly understood the irritability of his wife who had been woken up by him who had gone home in the middle of the night, or when he was about to go out in the morning.

No wonder she always liked to quarrel with him at that time.

He wanted to find someone to have a fight now but with a pair of cute little eyes looking, he couldn’t afford to be angry.

Forget it, who told you to be cute?

I went into the bathroom with my little cutie in my arms.

Half an hour later, Qingqing sat on the dining table dressed up, holding her face with her feet stretched out; waiting for Fu Heng to make breakfast for her.

Today, she not only wore a cute little lotus pink dress, but also had two small buns on her head. She tied a beautiful bow with a red hairband on both sides, which is a bit similar from a certain popular cartoon character. [2]

She looks too lovely.

Fu Sishen, who woke up and went downstairs, was bombarded with cuteness that he couldn’t help holding his heart, “Suddenly I want to have a daughter.”

“Wake up, you don’t even have a girlfriend” said Fu Sijin who passed by.

He poured a pot of cold water on his younger brother mercilessly.

“…No one treats you as mute if you don’t speak. ”

“Even if you can speak, you might as well be dumb. ”

“Mom, my brother ridiculed me and said that I was not as good as a dumb guy! ”

He is a good man who can bow and sumbit. Fu Sishen, a good man, turned his head and went to his three-year-old mother to complain.

He threw himself in Qingqing’s arms and pretended that he was heartbroken by his brother, aggrieved like a two-hundred-pound child.

If it weren’t for the big difference in the body types of the two, Fu Sishen would hug Qingqing like a Pug hugging a little milk cat, which would be quite like the same thing.

“Good boy, don’t be sad, don’t be sad, Qingqing will help you beat him. ”

Qingqing subconsciously hugged Fu Sishen’s dog’s head to comfort him, and really stretched out her hand to pat Fu Sijin twice, but the strength… was similar to tickling.

It seems that Qingqing still favors him.

Fu Sijin curled the corners of his lips and took a seat beside Qingqing gracefully, so as not to lower his level to a general acquaintance with a certain Erha[3]stupid husky.

No one watched the act so Fu Sishen quickly felt bored, curled his lips and got up and moved back into his seat.

Fu Heng quickly made Qingqing’s breakfast.

A small bowl of stewed thick and sweet white porridge with an omelette and a few pickled side dishes, as well as a small portion of cut fruit, which is rich in nutrients and balanced.

“Dad, where’s my share? ”

Seeing that his father only prepared breakfast for Qingqing, Fu Sishen couldn’t help but look aggrieved.

“There is still in the pot, go and serve it by yourself. ”

After living to such an old age, do you still want this old father to bring them breakfast?

It’s pretty beautiful to think about it.

Seeing Fu Sishen running to the kitchen shabbily, Qingqing couldn’t help laughing, thinking it was interesting.

“Don’t laugh, eat obediently.” Fu Heng cut the omelette into bits and mixed it into Qingqing’s bowl, urging her to eat quickly.

Earlier in the morning people who quarreled and noisy are now dawdling and milling around.

“Oh.” Qingqing obediently lowered her head to eat the porridge, and unsurprisingly, she ate messily and got it all over the place.

Fortunately, Fu Heng gave her a bib beforehand; otherwise her beautiful skirt would have to be replaced.

Gu Lan came over after they had finished their breakfast. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Qingqing sitting in the living room, looking forward to him.

Seeing his figure, the little one’s eyes lit up, and she immediately wanted to get off the sofa and run to him.

However, Gu Lan moved one step faster. He rushed to Qingqing with quick big step to stabilize her.

“What’s the matter, you don’t want your legs anymore? If it hurts, you have to go to the hospital for an injection. Be careful or I will ask the doctor to give you a few more injections! ”

Gu Lan scolded Qingqing with a blank face, so frightened that she quickly grabbed Gu Lan’s sleeves, raised her small face to please: “No injections, Qingqing does not need injections, her feet do not hurt.”

She also tilted her little feet to show Gu Lan, her little skirt was slightly raised, and a centipede-like suture mark was particularly obvious on her white and tender knees.

As if being stabbed in the eye, Gu Lan turned his head very quickly and stretched out his hand to pull Qingqing’s skirt down.

Fu Sishen, who was passing by, glanced at him and couldn’t help frowning: “Aren’t those stitch taken out? Why is it so ugly? ”

“Qingqing is not ugly.” Qingqing heard it with sharp ears, and immediately retorted angrily.

No matter how young a woman is, she is not allowed to be called ugly by others!

After slapping his unobstructed younger brother with his elbow, Fu Sijin hurriedly coaxed Qingqing: “It’s not ugly, it’s just that the wound hasn’t healed yet. It will look good in a few days. ”

“Really?” Qingqing was doubtful.

“He is your eldest son, and he can’t lie to you. ”

Gu Lan picked up the backpack packed by the nanny in one hand, picked up Qingqing in the other, and after saying hello to Fu Heng, he took her out in stride.

He drove a flamboyant red supercar today and he was dressed beautifully. It could be seen that he was obviously well-dressed, just like a fighter who was wearing a robe and preparing to go to the battlefield, he was full of an invisible high-spirited aura.

Influenced by him, Qingqing also unconsciously straightened her small chest, squeezed her small fists, and almost shout twice to cheer herself up.

I was finally able to see my parents. In addition to being happy, Qingqing still felt a little uneasy in her heart.

She was worried that after not seeing her for so long, her parents would dislike her.

The car had been driving for a long time and it was obvious that it is not the way to the Gu’s house. Instead, they are quickly out of the city and are in the city’s boundary.

It took Qingqing nearly three hours from the initial nervousness and excitement to boredom and confusion.

“Brother. ”

“Hmm? ”

“Where are we going?”

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday, I will take you to your Mom and Dad that you keep thinking about.”

“But…it’s so far away…”

Qingqing’s face wrinkled, she wanted to ask Gu Lan if he had gone the wrong way but she was afraid that he would become angry so she’s reluctant to ask.

Gu Lan’s voice was slightly cold: “The two of them moved a long time ago.”

As their child, he only learned the news a few days ago.

“Moving?” Qingqing’s little head tilted, and a small question mark appeared on the top of her head: “Why?”

Do you have to move when the house is so big?

Aren’t you too tired?

“In order to get rid of us, two oil lamp, and create a paradise for two people.”

With a sneer, Gu Lan’s eyes were thick with emotion. The ridicule in his eyes can’t be missed.
After about half an hour, the car finally stopped slowly in front of a seaside villa.

They are close to the sea and mainly focus on tourism. Therefore, many seaside villas and seaside residential areas have been built along the coast but this exquisite villa is privately owned and the owner is Gu Qingqing’s parents.

Because he had already said hello, and Gu Lan’s car was too extravagant, the doorman barely checked as he let them in.

In front of the villa stood a well-maintained man who looked only forty or fifty years old.

He looks handsome, but his momentum is not very strong. His whole body reveals a gentle literary and artistic atmosphere. He seems to be an artist engaged in literature and art.

But in fact he is actually in his 60s and close to 70 years old, and he is about to be the father of three.


1 physical rehabilitation
3 stupid husky

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