Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 50

Chapter 23: Qingqing is an illegitimate daughter?

“You are here. ”

Seeing Gu Lan carrying a familiar child out of the car, Gu Yanyu only glanced and then kept looking behind Gu Lan.

“Don’t look, Gu Qingqing didn’t come. ”

Gu Lan pressed down Qingqing, who raised her little head when she heard her name.

“Oh. ” There was a look of disappointment that couldn’t be concealed between his eyebrows.

However, Gu Yanyu still cheer up and dealt with the son who make him feel a little timid in front of him.

“Your mother is in the house, let’s go in. ”

He turned and led Gu Lan into the door and he couldn’t help but sweep his gaze from Qingqing again.

This child looked so similar to his eldest daughter that he had to care but because his son’s aura was too intimidating, Gu Yanyu moved his lips a few times but still didn’t dare to ask.

As soon as they entered the house, they saw a beautiful woman sitting lazily on the sofa in the living room.

Unlike the well-maintained husband, years have left stubborn marks on this beautiful woman’s face, but it can still be seen that she was a gorgeous beauty when she was young.

Noticing the visitor at the door, the beautiful woman tilted her head slightly and a pair of peach blossom eyes that were very similar to Qingqing swept faintly.

Obviously there was no unnecessary movement, but Gu Lan and Qingqing both felt a strong pressure and couldn’t help but stiffen.

Fortunately, with just one glance, the beautiful woman calmly retracted her gaze. Her eyes fell on her slightly raised belly, her expression gentle.

“Baby, brother is here, are you happy?”

“No, I don’t have a younger brother or younger sister than my nephews.”

With a sneer, Gu Lan went straight over his father, strode to the sofa opposite his mother and sat down, adjusting to a more comfortable position for Qingqing in his arms.

He also didn’t take the initiative to introduce the two familiar and strange old people in front of Qingqing, who looked confused.

“Where’s your upbringing? ”

Mother Gu’s eyebrows curled slightly, her voice was cold, and she was a little displeased.

“Where did I get that thing? “

He was born with parents but raised as if without one, what ghost of an upbringing is she referring to.
Hearing the implication of Gu Lan’s words, a trace of anger flashed across Gu mother’s face with exquisite makeup and her whole body instantly rushed towards her son mercilessly.

Gu Lan has long been accustomed to her mother’s forceful and oppressive attitude, and his complexion has not changed at all, but where has Qingqing seen this kind of battle, she immediately shook her small body and couldn’t help but let out a whimper of fear.

The childish little whimper of the child successfully attracted Gu mother’s attention.

Her beautiful eyes turned and fell on Qingqing’s face, which was the same as when her eldest daughter was young.

Her expression moved and softened slightly: “What’s your name? ”

“Qing…Qingqing…” Qingqing replied timidly.

Her state at this time is almost the same as facing the unfamiliar Fu family when she was just a child. She seems to be delicate and pitiful, but she is actually full of vigilance.

Like a little hedgehog with sharp thorns all over her body that were raised silently in caution.

“Qingqing? ” Gu Yanyu, who had already taken a seat beside Gu mother, looked at Qingqing in surprise.

So coincidentally, this child has the same name as his eldest daughter?

“It’s easy and light. ” * (remember the meaning of Qingqing is green jade bamboo)

Gu Lan added in irony, successfully dispelling the doubts of Gu’s parents.

“Did you have this kid outside? ”

Stripped from the emotions generated by the slight resemblance of the child to her daughter, a trace of unhappiness flashed in Gu mother’s eyes when she thought of the child’s tarnished and disgraceful identity.

She didn’t specifically hide it, so this emotion was completely caught by Gu Lan and Qingqing on the opposite side.

Qingqing unconsciously grasped Gu Lan’s fingers.

“Why do you care so much? ”

Gu Lan didn’t take the initiative to explain, allowing his mother to misunderstand Qingqing’s identity.

“What are you doing here today? ” The younger son has always been unprofitable and unhelpful, so Mother Gu has to doubt his motives.

The slender hand unconsciously covered her abdomen.

Noticing her movements, Gu Lan sneered, and this time he really sarcastically said: “Don’t stop it. Right, who doesn’t know that you are still pregnant with a child in your 60’s, should we say that my father is really old and strong, that his sword is immortal, or praise you for your old beads which is very powerful to make you pregnant even now?”

The husband and wife face were torn apart by their son in person, and neither look very good.
“Gu Lan, your mother is still pregnant, don’t irritate her. ”

Although he felt a little embarrassed, Gu Yanyu cautiously stood up as a peacemaker.

“Just telling the truth, why? These days, no one is allowed to tell the truth…”

Gu Lan wanted to say something with a poisonous mouth, but felt that his fingers were squeezed tightly by a small hand. It didn’t hurt, but he could feel the subtle sweat in the palm of her small hand.

“Actually, it’s nothing for me to come here, I just want to take Qingqing to see you. ”

He took out the little guy in his arms and motioned to Mr. and Mrs. Gu to take her and hug her.

He felt that Qingqing was eager to be embraced by her parents. Even if he didn’t specifically mention the identities of the two parties, some blood connections were disgusting, but sometimes they were extremely wonderful.

One minute…two minutes…three minutes……

The living room fell into a stalemate for a while.

No one of Gu parents stretched out their hands to hug Qingqing, leaving her to being held awkwardly in the air, her small body gradually stiffened.

Gu Lan’s face also changed over time, gradually turning black like the bottom of the pot.

“Wuuu… I want to go home. I want to find my uncle, Ahjin, Xiao Shen, Woohoo… Qingqing doesn’t want Mom and Dad anymore, I want to go home! ”

The child’s sudden burst of crying broke the silence in the living room, but the atmosphere fell into a more rattling tension.

Gu Lan hugged Qingqing back, stood up abruptly, and stared at his parents angrily.

“I just beg you to hug her, is it that difficult? ”

“Give her a hug? Then admit her identity as the daughter of the Gu family? ”

Mother Gu raised her eyebrows, completely ignoring her son’s anger, and coldly refused: “I will not accept an unidentified child as our family member. ”

She thought Qingqing was Gu Lan’s illegitimate daughter.

“Heh… Gu Family? How noble you say it is, it’s not that rare!”

It’s as bad as if their family has a throne to inherit.

Gu Lan felt that there was no need for them to stay here anymore, so he turned and left with Qingqing.

Before leaving, Mother Gu suddenly said to his back: “Call your sister over next time. ”

The tone of complete command is strong and cannot be rejected.

After a slight pause, Gu Lan slowly turned his head and let out a malicious smile: “She won’t come again, besides…”

His gaze fell on Gu Mu’s belly: “I wish you an early miscarriage.”

“Get out of here! ”

The water cup slammed on the door, the broken glass was scattered all over the place, catching Qingqing’s eyes, forming a fragmented picture.


The little head was buried in Gu Lan’s arms, and Qingqing’s whispering fell into Gu Lan’s ears but it couldn’t stop him from leaving.

In fact, Qingqing didn’t mean to stay.

She sat in the car wearily, looking out the window blankly, tears flowing quietly.

This kind of silent crying is the most distressing.

There was a traffic light in front of him and Gu Lan slowly stopped the car and waited for the red light.

He stared at the road ahead without averting his eyes, his face tightened, trying to ignore the movement behind him.

But the more there’s a dead silence in the car, the more obvious the faint sobbing sound, as if someone was looping an amplifier in his ear, it was a headache.

The red light jumped to the green light, Gu Lan didn’t move for a long time and the horns of the car behind him sounded continuously.

“Hey! In front! Do you want to go or not? Get out of the way!” The driver of the back car who was waiting irritably roared and cursed.

He was suddenly yelled at by someone but because the wrong party was him, he can’t say anything.

Gu Lan flushed and slammed on the gas pedal, the car immediately roared out, but instead of going straight forward, it turned a corner and headed in the other direction.

The luxurious supercar rolled across the dirt of the countryside and slowly drove into a quaint village.

“Where are we going? ”

Noticing that something was wrong with the scenery outside, Qingqing couldn’t help but wonder.

“Find the person you really want to see. ”

During the conversation, Gu Lan had already parked his car firmly outside a rather magnificent farmhouse courtyard.

People in the village rarely see this kind of expensive car. At first glance, they are surrounded by twos and threes, wondering who is in the car.

Soon, the car door opened and an extremely handsome guy walked out from inside.

After he got out of the car, he strode to the courtyard and knocked on the door but after a while, no one answered the door.

“Young man, are you coming for Mother-in-Law Ding? She went to Houshan to pick osmanthus flowers. ” The courageous villagers kindly reminded.

“This eldest sister, when will Mother-in-law Ding be back? ” Gu Lan heard the reminder from the kind-hearted villagers and immediately turned around and asked politely.

His attitude is very friendly and his rebellious look in front of the Gu parents have completely disappeared. Coupled with this good appearance, it is easy to make people feel good about him.

“It’s hard to say. If it’s fast, she should be back at almost this point. If slow, I’m afraid you will have to wait a little longer, but you don’t have to wait until dark. Mother-in-law Ding usually comes back before dark. ”

Before the kind-hearted villagers finished speaking, they were patted on the shoulder by the person next to them: “Hey? Is that Mother-in-Law Ding? ”

Gu Lan turned around subconsciously and saw a thin but sturdy old figure with a bamboo basket in her hand gradually approaching.

Although she is old, she still walks vigorously and extremely quickly.

In a blink of an eye, the distance between the two sides lessened, and Mother-in-law Ding also noticed the excitement in front of her house.

She raised a hearty smile and her loud voice came from afar: “Yo, what’s the excitement of the big guys today, why are they all here in front of this wife’s house for a conference?” ”

“Mother-in-law Ding, there is a handsome young man looking for you. ”

Immediately, an enthusiastic aunt in the crowd shouted.

“Looking for me? ” Mother-in-Law Ding was taken aback, then quickened her steps to cross the crowd, and saw the tall figure that was both familiar and unfamiliar.

“Second master? ” She hesitated in disbelief.

Gu Lan heard the sound and looked at Mother-in-law Ding. Before she spoke, a childish voice in the car was more eager than him: “Aunt Ding! ”

As if reacting instinctively, Mother-in-Law Ding instantly looked at the car in front of the door.

I saw a very familiar little figure pulling at the window of the car and her old eyes were instantly moistened.

“Big… Miss! ”

“Aunt Ding, Aunt Ding…”

Qingqing eagerly stretched out her hand to Mother-in-Law Ding in the car and raised her two chubby hands out the window together, as if a wronged child outside saw her close family, she couldn’t help but want to hug and comfort.

“My eldest lady! ”

Mother-in-law Ding rushed to the door with one arrow step, opened the car door, carefully hugged Qingqing in the car into her arms, and deliberately avoided her gauze-wrapped foot.

“Why are you… why are you… you have been wronged. ”

Looking up and down at Qingqing in her arms, Mother-in-law Ding couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Her eldest lady, how much suffering and grievances have she suffered, how could she become like this?

“Auntie Ding, wuuu…”

Qingqing hugged Mother-in-Law Ding’s neck and cried loudly.


The author has something to say: Parents are unreliable, so it is impossible for the younger brother to tell their parents the truth easily.

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