Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 51

Chapter 24: Qingqing is very cruel

-Mother-in-law Ding’s house, the hall-

Mother-in-law Ding was sitting at the old fashioned table, opposite Gu Lan.

Qingqing was hugged and sat on Mother-in-Law Ding’s lap, her soft little body still trembling, looking pitiful.

“Good girl, good girl, good girl, don’t cry, good child is the best…”

Mother-in-law Ding hugged Qingqing with a kind face. Her wrinkled old palm gently patted and coaxed Qingqing on her small back, calming her down.

After coaxing for a while, Qingqing finally stopped sobbing but her eyes turned red like a rabbit and her little fleshy hands rubbed her eyes drowsily.

She was tired of crying and wanted to sleep.

“Second master, wait a moment. ”

With an apologetic smile at Gu Lan, Mother-in-law Ding hugged Qingqing into the back room but did not put her directly on the bed. She only took out a freshly washed quilt from the closet with one hand, wrapped Qingqing carefully and took the child back to the hall to sit.

At this time, what children need is not a comfortable sleeping position but a safe environment.

“Aunt Ding, won’t you ask why my sister became like this? ”

Gu Lan rarely call Qingqing his sister in front of outsiders, so he was a little stunned after speaking.

“Ask what? ” Mother-in-Law Ding lowered her head and stared tenderly at Qingqing’s still tear-stained sleeping face with a soft voice: “Miss has been wronged again. How can I still bear to ask if the eldest lady is unhappy, won’t this old lady’s hurt heart too?”

She is not only the nanny of the Gu family, but also Qingqing’s nursing mother.

After giving birth, the wife refused to breastfeed in order to regain her figure as soon as possible, so Qingqing drank powdered milk but it doesn’t have enough nutrition. At that time, the little one was as thin as a monkey and cry everyday painfully.

It also happened that Mother-in-law Ding happened to give birth to a young son that year.

As soon as the child had a full moon, she was forced to make a living and had to come out to be a nanny. Seeing that the eldest lady was crying pitifully, she couldn’t help but secretly feed them together.

After this was discovered by the wife, Mother-in-Law Ding thought she would be unhappy. She didn’t expect that people would just give her an extra salary, so Qingqing continued to drink her breast milk by default.

It can be said that Qingqing was brought up by Mother-in-law Ding.

After so many years, she had already completely loved this child as her own daughter.

Took care of her diet, taught her to read and be sensible, and the truth of being a human being; almost comparable to her biological parents.

If it hadn’t been for the wife who didn’t like the eldest lady to be too close to her and dismissed her later, maybe the eldest lady wouldn’t suffer so many grievances later.

At least let her know that there are still people around who feel sorry for her.

It seems to be the words that Mother-in-Law Ding wants to convey.

After stimulating a lot of memories, Gu Lan was silent for a long time before whispering, “I’m sorry. ”

He felt that he should apologize because he did not protect his sister well.

In front of this elder who loves both of them with all her heart, Gu Lan felt at lost at this long lost feeling of familial affection as well as guilt.

“The second young master doesn’t need to apologize. If you want an apology, it’s the eldest lady that should apologize to you. Her previous attitude towards you… It’s not that as if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

Qingqing is not very good to her brother, this is a fact that all the helpers know.

“She doesn’t like me, I already know it. ”

Gu Lan’s face was a little stiff but it was not that he couldn’t understand his sister’s mood.

Originally, when there was only one child in the family, the parents would still more or less pay attention to her. After all, Gu Qingqing was the only child in her family.

But later, there was a younger brother like him who had come to divide her parents love and attention that’s not much to begin with. Of course, this matter was going to blow up at everyone eventually.

Although that little love and attention for Gu Lan, is not uncommon.

But he can sensibly say that if his mother hadn’t gotten pregnant now but ten or twenty years earlier, he might have done more extreme things than Gu Qingqing— not just because she’s[1]referring to the unborn baby not pleasing to the eye.

“Who told you that the eldest lady doesn’t like you? ”

Unexpectedly, Mother-in-law Ding who heard Gu Lan’s words was a little surprised.

“Doesn’t she?” Gu Lan raised his eyebrows.

“Of course not, how could the eldest lady who was brought up by this old lady herself, not understand her? Although your arrival was an accident for the eldest lady, she never hated you. ”

Mother-in-law Ding still remembers that when she was young, the eldest lady once begged her parents to not have a second child. At that time the wife was in charge of a huge Gu group by herself, naturally she didn’t have the strength to have children, so she accepted the eldest lady’s wish.

Unexpectedly, the eldest lady had just graduated from elementary school and was notified that she was about to have a younger brother.

At that time, Mother-in-law Ding still remembered very well. Although the eldest lady was a little disappointed, she also told her in private that she was looking forward to the arrival of her younger brother.

“The eldest lady’s disappointment is only aimed at the lady’s failure to keep her promise, not at the second young master. Before you were born, the eldest lady thought about how to be a good sister in the future and make up for the love that the lady and the others did not give to her. All the love. ”

“…” Gu Lan didn’t know what expression he should put on.

He knew that Aunt Ding was of upright character and never lied, that was why he felt even more ridiculous.

How could it be?

“How could Gu Qingqing like me? Doesn’t she hate me the most, wishing I had never been born? ”

Maybe the impact was so great that Gu Lan unknowingly told all the emotional words that had been suppressed for a long time.

“There is no hate. ”

The childish little milk voice suddenly sounded, attracting the attention of the two adults present.

It turned out that Qingqing had woken up.

She was wrapped in a quilt and at this time she was struggling to stretch out her small hand, trying to reach Gu Lan’s big hand.

Gu Lan looked at the small hand that was constantly working hard in silence, tentatively stretched out his big hand forward, immediately afterward his two fingers was tightly held by the small hand.

“Qingqing didn’t hate her brother. ”

For fear that Gu Lan would not believe it, Qingqing repeated anxiously: “Qingqing likes her younger brother the most. In the future… When Qingqing grows up, she will take her younger brother to the amusement park, buy sweets for her younger brother, and more…”

Qingqing still had a lot to say but because she was nervous, she forgot all about it.

She looked at Gu Lan’s face blankly, whimpered, and wanted to cry again.

“What’s wrong? I didn’t say that I blamed you, Xiao kubao[2]little crying bag. ”

With a long arm, he hugged Qingqing across the table. Gu Lan said that he was disgusted but he still wiped her tears with the cuffs of his expensive shirt.

After wiping it three or two times, he habitually took out a candy from his pocket and stuffed it into Qingqing’s hand, keeping her from peeling the candy paper teasingly.

“Candy, candy! ” Sure enough, children are easy to coax.

Qingqing, who got the candy, happily lowered her head to peel the candy. Forgetting what she was crying before.

Fortunately, the candy given by Gu Lan was not the kind with sealed packaging. It was simply wrapped in a layer of sugar paper. Qingqing slowly fiddled with it for a long time and after a lot of hard work, she finally rescued the candy from the sugar paper.

Then it was eaten.

“Second young master, there is actually one thing that the old lady has never told you. ”

While Qingqing was indulging in the delicacy of candy and couldn’t extricate herself, Mother-in-law Ding said to Gu Lan hesitantly.

“Aunt Ding has something to say. ”

Gu Lan thought that he had been overthrown many of the previous false impressions of his sister and now that there’s still some wrong notions that’s going to be upended, it was nothing to him.

“Do you know why the Gu family no longer associate with those relatives on the sidebranch? ”

“Because my cousins have bullied me before. ”

When it came to this matter, Gu Lan still had some impressions.

When he was young, he was not seen with his parents and sisters at home, so many outsiders mistakenly thought that he was not favored and was bullied.

Among them are two cousins from his mother’s family.

The two cousins were coddled and spoiled by the family, habitually dictated others and had to be favored by everyone around them. Still everyone let them act that way.

Gu Lan doesn’t have a good temper since he was a child. When he meets them, it is inevitable that there will be conflicts between the two sides.

Gu Lan didn’t remember how he got into a dispute. But he remembered that he was pushed into the swimming pool at home when he was only eight years old and he was framed saying that he fell while playing by himself.

Afterwards, not only did he have a high fever but he was also scolded by his parents.

At this point, Gu Lan was completely disappointed in his parents and no longer expected to get any love from them.

However, later, those relatives of the Gu family inexplicably did not contact their family.

At the beginning, Gu Lan didn’t think deeply about the reason, only vaguely knew that it should be related to the fact that he was bullied by his cousins.

Now that I heard Mother-in-Law Ding mentioned it, I realized that there might be other hidden things in this.

Mother-in-Law Ding didn’t answer immediately. She looked at Qingqing in Gu Lan’s arms and the smile on her face suddenly became hearty and proud.

“Hahaha… Don’t you know that the eldest lady was a tiger back then? After knowing that you were bullied, she went directly to the school of the two young cousins, dragged them from the classroom to the toilet, turned on the faucet, and let them took a bath, saying that since they were not awake, she would help them wake up. ”

“…” Gu Lan.

He always knew that his sister was very cruel but he didn’t expect her to be so cruel.

“Not only that time, but later, anyone who dared to say a bad word or a half about you was cleaned up by the eldest lady in private. After a long time, don’t those people have to avoid you? ”

After all, bullying people makes them very happy but their dog life is still important, isn’t it?

This time Gu Lan’s expression was really too complicated to describe. He looked down at Qingqing in his arms.

The little guy had bulging cheeks and was still eating candy. She was holding his two big hands, bored, with both hands and playing with them. She counted with ten fingers, one, two, three, four, five, six, but she would always miss seven, and in the end she couldn’t understand how to count.

So stupid……

He has been protected by such a stupid person for so many years without knowing it. In fact, he is the one who is more stupid, right?

“Second master…”

It wasn’t until Mother-in-Law Ding’s cautious voice sounded that Gu Lan became aware of the dampness on his face.

“My brother cried! ” Qingqing also noticed, “And you’re still laughing?” ”

Tilting her head inexplicably, Qingqing didn’t quite understand why Gu Lan was crying and laughing.

But this did not affect her comforting gestures: “Brother, don’t cry, it’s ugly to cry. ”

She wiped her small hand on Gu Lan’s face, trying to wipe away his tears. She awkwardly wiped more and more and finally Qingqing couldn’t help but turned to Mother-in-Law Ding for help in a panic.

“Aunt Ding, my brother is crying, hurry up and coax him. ”

This sentence is like a deja vu. It seems that a long, long time ago, whenever Gu Lan was crying, Qingqing would beg Mother-in-law Ding to help coax people.

But this time, Mother-in-Law Ding just shook her head gently and said, “It’s okay, Miss, the second young master is just so happy. ”

“Why do you cry when you are happy? ”

This problem is obviously not within the scope of children’s knowledge reserve.

“This… Qingqing will understand when she grows up. ”

Qingqing muttered, opened her arms and gestured to Mother-in-Law Ding: “Qingqing is already a big child, and she has grown very big. ”

Mother-in-law Ding couldn’t help but chuckled lovingly by Qingqing: “That’s still a long time in the future.”


1 referring to the unborn baby
2 little crying bag

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