Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 52

Chapter 25: Qingqing went to be a guest

It was already too late in the day, so Mother-in-Law Ding simply asked Qingqing and Gu Lan to stay.

The old lady lives alone in this huge yard and is actually quite happy to have someone to accompany her.

“Where is Aunt Ding’s family? ” Gu Lan couldn’t help frowning when he heard that Mother-in-Law Ding was the only one in the house.

For a while, many thoughts of unfilial piety of children and not supporting the elderly passed through his mind.

Even Qingqing was affected and her worried eyes kept falling on Mother-in-law Ding.

Seeing that the two children were worried, Mother-in-Law Ding smiled indifferently.

“They are all working in the city. They are all busy on weekdays and have no time to come back. But my grandchildren and granddaughters will come to accompany me when they are on vacation. There are also neighbors in the neighborhood who I can chat wit. So my days are very interesting. ”

Mother-in-law Ding’s children used to pick her up and live with them in the past but Mother-in-law Ding didn’t like living in that deserted home.

Her sons and daughters have to go to work every day and her grandchildren have to go to school. All the neighbors don’t say hello when they meet, they are complete strangers.

Within a few days of that she couldn’t stand it and made trouble to go back to the village.
Unable to persuade the old lady, Mother-in-Law Ding’s children could only reluctantly follow her wish, only allowing the children at home to spend more time with their Grandma during the holidays.

So things are really not as complicated as Gu Lan thought.

Realizing that he had misunderstood, Gu Lan was a little bit speechless for a while.

The main reason is that there are too many bad things in his family which makes it easy to think about some not-so-good scenarios.

Fortunately, Mother-in-law Ding understands his emotions and didn’t say anything. So she got up and went to cook dinner, leaving him to take care of Qingqing.

“Brother is very happy?”

Children’s emotional perception of adults is generally very keen. Qingqing can naturally feel that Gu Lan’s emotions are a bit on the high side now.

“Hmm.” Without denying it, Gu Lan hugged Qingqing and massaged her injured leg: “In the future, we can come and see Aunt Ding more when we have time.” ”

“OK! ” Qingqing liked this proposal that she couldn’t help nodding with joy.

Gu Lan wanted Qingqing to get close to Mother-in-law Ding. Apart from the relationship when she was a child and the fact that Mother-in-law Ding was indeed a kind old lady, there was another consideration.

Qingqing became small overnight. The reason is unknown and it is uncertain whether she can change back in the future. Therefore, as her younger brother, Gu Lan must consider the future of his young sister.

What if she can’t change back in the future?

Or she can only grow up and live again at this age.

Or at worst, Qingqing can only be frozen at three years old forever, so what will she do in the future?

What will they do in the future?

It’s not that Gu Lan doesn’t trust the character of his brother-in-law and nephews, but for that long of a time, everyone has to live their own lives.

Not to mention brother-in-law, just the two nephews will marry wives and have children in the future. After they have their own families, can they take care of Qingqing?

So not only do they need to change but Qingqing also needs to grow.

Gu Lan knew that his brother-in-law had almost the same idea as himself, otherwise he would not have started to find a kindergarten for Qingqing and planned to send her to school.

As an unfortunate member of the family, Gu Lan thought a little more.

He felt that Qingqing lacked the teaching and love of a female elder.

Her parents were constantly absent in her life. Perhaps now the role of father can be reluctantly filled by him and his brother-in-law, but the role of a ‘mother’ is a problem.

Just in time, Aunt Ding’s appearance made up for this problem.

She knows Qingqing’s secret and she really loves her as her own daughter, so who else is more suitable than her.

It’s a pity that Mother-in-law Ding is now old and unwilling to go to the city to live again; otherwise Gu Lan would actually be happy to take her home.

“Dinner is served. ”

It is rare to have guests tonight and they are also such special guests. Mother-in-law Ding’s dinner was exceptionally sumptuous.

Minced eggplant, chicken stew with mushrooms, egg custard, fish head tofu soup… There is also a plate of osmanthus crisp, which are relatively soft and waxy dishes suitable for children.

Clearly, the heart is biased.

Pretending that there was something specially made for him, Gu Lan stretched out his chopsticks without hesitation.

To say what was his deepest impression of Mother-in-Law Ding in his childhood?

That is definitely her excellent cooking skills. Obviously, they are all the same ingredients and the same spices but Mother-in-law Ding can make dishes that are more delicious than others.

No one has this same taste.

So after many years without it and now tasting it again, Gu Lan could actually feel a taste of home.

I miss it very much.

“The eldest lady needs to eat more, so that she can grow tall when she is full. ”


Not only Gu Lan but Qingqing also ate happily.

Mother-in-law Ding couldn’t even care about eating by herself, she kept picking vegetables for Qingqing. Qingqing’s little head was almost buried in the bowl and her little cheeks were stuffed like bulging pockets comparable to hamsters. She couldn’t match the speed at which Mother-in-law Ding was picking vegetables.

Fortunately, Mother-in-law Ding, who has extensive parenting experience, knows that enough is enough.

After estimating that the things in Qingqing’s bowl were enough for her to eat, she stopped clamping them.

As a result, Qingqing ate by herself.

After that, she didn’t think it was enough to want it again.

“Qingqing is not full, she still wants meat. ”

There is no situation where carnivorous animals take the initiative to ask for vegetables.

Mother-in-Law Ding glanced at Qingqing’s round belly and only took a small piece of osmanthus crisp to her: “Good lady, you are not allowed to eat this anymore. ”

“OK. ” Knowing that every time Mother-in-Law Ding said that she was not allowed to eat again, she really wouldn’t give it, Qingqing could only pitifully accept the only piece of osmanthus crisp that she could eat.

Holding a small bite and gnawing, for fear that if you eat too fast, it will be gone all at once.

Seeing her so pitiful, Gu Lan not only didn’t feel distressed but also deliberately pulled the whole plate of osmanthus crisp in front of him, taking one bite at a time while facing the crying children on the opposite side.

Qingqing: “? ? ? ”

She really cried.

“Woohoo… Aunt Ding, Aunt Ding, look at him, brother is bad! ”

Her little fat finger pointed at Gu Lan and complained to Mother-in-Law Ding, she’s so angry that the osmanthus crisp in her mouth didn’t even taste good anymore.

“Haha…cough, good girl, good girl, the two of us will go out to play and ignore the second young master. ”

Mother-in-law Ding held back her smile and directly hugged Qingqing. She got up and went out for a stroll, not letting her watch this greedy scene again.

The countryside development here is very well done. Outside the courtyard is a clean and tidy cement street. Walking along this road to the left, you can gradually see large expanses of golden and green farmland.

Now that the sun is setting, the setting dusk is reflected on the wheat fields, adding a layer of brilliance to the already brilliant golden color, which is so beautiful that makes people fascinated.

“It’s so beautiful…”

Qingqing’s small mouth opened into an O shape in admiration, and her eyes were full of amazement.

“Isn’t it beautiful? ” Mother-in-Law Ding pointed with some pride to the large area in front of Qingqing.

“These are all the food that this old wife has grown. They always say that this old lady doesn’t have the life to go to the city to enjoy her blessings, but this person, as long as she live in this world for one day, she can’t leave the grains alone, and she will have to return to her duty as a human being. ”

Qingqing didn’t seem to understand, but she nodded her head enthusiastically, and patted her small hand: “You have to do your duty, you have to do your duty! ”

“Hahahaha… the lady understands and now went on to blindly boast” I was so amused by Qingqing that I laughed straightforwardly. Mother-in-law Ding felt that she hadn’t been so happy for a long time.

Sure enough, the eldest lady of her family has always been such a likable and good child. Those people treat her badly. It must be that lard that blinded her heart and blinded her eyes.

At night, Mother-in-law Ding took Qingqing to sleep with her, while Gu Lan slept in the room next door.

Qingqing layed sprawled on the bed, her small belly lying down with regular breathing and almost close to snoring.

Mother-in-law Ding was half lying next to her, holding a Pu fan to fan her, with gentle eyebrows.

“Choo Choo…”

A little sparrow landed on the window sill and looked in with its head probing; its small black bean-like eyes look particularly intelligent.

“She’s fine. ” Mother-in-Law Ding suddenly spoke to the empty house.

“Don’t always hold back some things; others can’t hear your heart. If you have done a good thing, you should let others know, otherwise who knows that you are a good person? If people misunderstand you, explain if you can explain it. If you can’t explain it, just stay away. If you can be happy, it is the happiest thing in my life my eldest lady, so… take care of yourself. ”


Silently, no one answered.

The little sparrow on the window sill had long since disappeared, and there was only a small purr in the room.

It seems that the little guy is really tired today, and she slept so heavily that she snored.

Smiling silently, Mother-in-law Ding put down the Pu fan and fell asleep with her.

On the second day, Gu Lan didn’t take Qingqing to say goodbye to the old lady until they had lunch with Mother-in-law Ding and prepared to drive back.

They spent the night outside without telling the others. His brother-in-law made several phone calls in a row and even the two nephews couldn’t rest assured. One of them called to ask what was going on.

In fact, they just can’t rest assured that Qingqing cares more about him.

Heh, man.

Sending Qingqing back to Fu’s house, the two unexpectedly received an unprecedented grand welcome.

It was only after four o’clock in the afternoon, the three busy people in the Fu family did not say that they were all busy in the company but they all stayed at home waiting for Qingqing to come back.

“Don’t you have to go to work? ” Gu Lan asked strangely.

Be careful that the company goes bankrupt if you slow down work so suddenly.

“I have something to discuss with you. ”

After giving his sons a look, Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen immediately understood and quickly got up to take Qingqing from Gu Lan’s arms and coaxed her upstairs to play.

“Qingqing, did you think about us? ”

“Thought about it. ”

“How much do you miss us? ”

“This- how much I miss! ”

As this naive conversation went away, only Gu Lan and Fu Heng were left in the living room for a while.

“Let’s talk about it, what on earth do you have tell me that Qingqing can’t hear about? ”

Gu Lan took a seat opposite Fu Heng and crossed his legs comfortably.

“Reconciled with your sister? ”

Hearing Gu Lan’s intimacy with Qingqing in his words, Fu Heng asked unexpectedly.

“Ah, I’ve come to know something and I resolved the previous misunderstanding with her. ”

There is nothing to hide, Gu Lan’s attitude is very calm and open.

“Just let the misunderstanding be resolved. It will be easy for you to get along with her in the future. It has not been easy for her over the years. ”

The purpose of today is not to conduct a seminar on the relationship between the brother-in-law and his wife’s sibling, so Fu Heng only gave a simple instruction and went straight to the topic.

“Take a look at these. ”

Handing a few stacks of documents to Gu Lan, Fu Heng motioned him to take a closer look.

“What is this? ”

After receiving the documents, Gu Lan opened one of them, the purpose was a private kindergarten advertising poster.

“Oh, no wonder you have to excuse Qingqing, so she won’t cry if she sees it. ”

If the gloating smile on Gu Lan’s face was not so obvious, Fu Heng would really believe that he was worried that Qingqing was about to be sent to school.

“These are kindergartens with good conditions after my investigation. Take a look and help Qingqing choose one. ”

Qingqing has almost recovered and the doctor said that she will be able to fully recover in half a month.

It happened that next month would be August and she would be able to register her name at the end of the month, then she would officially go to school with the children in early September.

“Now there is still a trial stage for children to go to kindergarten. They can go to each kindergarten for a trial period of three days. If they feel that it is not appropriate, they can choose another one. If it is appropriate, they can make a decision. ”

“Do you think Qingqing is happy to try it one by one? ” The one who knows young Qingqing best is her brother.

Not to mention the trial, it takes a lot of effort to get her into the first kindergarten.

At the beginning, I didn’t know how Aunt Ding fooled her into it.

“That’s why I have to ask you to find a way. It’s impossible for Qingqing to stay at home and not go to school for the rest of her life. ”

“What if she can change back? ”

Gu Lan raised his head and looked directly into Fu Heng’s eyes with sharp eyes.

Fu Heng looked back indifferently: “Then wait until she changes back. ”

As Gu Lan thought before, they had to prepare for the worst that Qingqing might not be able to change back.

“You should know that my sister and I have resolved our misunderstandings. ” Looking away and focusing on a few documents again, Gu Lan spoke seemingly inadvertently.

“What do you want to imply? ”

The atmosphere between the two people gradually tightened.

“I am her younger brother, and she is my only relative now. From now on…” The slender knuckles tapped lightly on the edge of the file: “I will not let her suffer any more grievances. ”

“I am her husband, do you think I will treat her badly? ”

Fu Heng chuckled lightly, as if he thought Gu Lan’s warning was funny.

“Who knows? No one really knows about your old debts before? ”

Shrugging, Gu Lan was noncommittal about Fu Heng’s rhetorical question.

He didn’t bother to listen to Fu Heng’s explanation anymore, so he took out a document and decided: “Just this one. The little boy who was abducted with her before is also studying in this kindergarten. It is better to have an acquaintance than to be all strangers.”

“Yes. ”

The kindergarten that Gu Lan likes is also one of the best aristocratic kindergartens in the city.

Not only is it very close to Fu and Gu family, but the teachers are very good. They also teach in multiple languages, which is conducive to cultivating children’s foreign language skills and social skills.

It can be said that in addition to the price, this kindergarten is very good in all aspects.

However, that issue is not a problem in front of the two big group leaders.

When the matter was settled, Gu Lan got up and left when he saw that there was nothing else to do.

Before leaving, Fu Heng suddenly stopped him: “I have found some things recently, but I haven’t fully confirmed it yet. I will talk to you in detail after a while. ”

“Is it related to Qingqing? ”

“It has something to do with your sister. ”

“Okay, let me know if you need help. ”

Taking his jacket, Gu Lan really left this time.

Qingqing, who didn’t know that her school start date had been set, was still thinking about choosing a date to visit Nian Gao’s home.

Saturday and Sunday are undoubtedly the best choice. At that time, Nian Gao is on holiday and there is time to play with Qingqing.

However, both Fu Heng and Fu Sijin had to work overtime in the company this weekend, so they had no time to accompany her.

Fu Sishen didn’t need to go to work but he already had an appointment with a friend.

Gu Lan will go on a business trip abroad directly and couldn’t make it back in a short time.

When Qingqing was obviously unhappy next week, everyone fell into a stalemate for a while.

“What should I do? ”

Seeing Qingqing’s excitement and expectation from the beginning to the present, the adults looked at each other and were all taken aback.

“Why don’t you call the kids over there to come over? ”

Fu Sishen tentatively suggested: “Don’t they just want to get together and play together? It’s actually the same when they go out by themselves and when the other party comes to the door. ”

Others thought carefully and thought this proposal was good.

As soon as he said that, Fu Sijin as the parent of Qingqing, immediately called and contacted the parents of Nian Gao.

It’s a pity that when he put down the phone, his expression was not optimistic.

“What’s the matter? Parents disagree? ”

Fu Sishen asked cautiously, for fear of hearing a bad answer.

“No, it’s because the children have homework on weekends and need to stay at home to do it. However, the parents said that they will not go to work on weekends. If we are busy, we can leave Qingqing with them and take care of her for us. ”

Anyway, one sheep to take care of or two sheep to take care, all are the same.

Fu Sijin, who inexplicably heard this meaning from the other party’s parents, was in a complicated mood.

Ashamed to say, none of the four shepherds in their family could handle a little sheep.

He couldn’t bear Qingqing’s noise, so in the end Fu Heng could only agree to let Qingqing go to her friend’s house to play but the bodyguards still have to go with her.

As for the itinerary for the day, let Fu Sishen take Qingqing to Nian Gao’s house before going to his appointment and then wait for whoever is less busy first in the evening to pick up Qingqing.

Early that morning, Fu Sishen drove to Nian Gao’s house in a car.

On the way, he whispered to Qingqing like an old mother to her son: “You must be polite in other people’s homes, listen to adults, don’t be naughty, don’t touch other people’s things, don’t… do you understand? ”

“Hmm… Qingqing knows. ”

No matter what Fu Sishen said, Qingqing just nodded.

She was well-behaved on her face but her small heart had already floated into the distance and landed at the home of Nian Gao that was about to be visited.

I even started to look forward to today’s happy trip and the whole dumpling exudes a pleasant aura.

If it weren’t for the bad leg injury, Qingqing might have to jump on the spot a few times to show her excitement.

Nian Gao’s family lives in a high-end residential area in the city center. Coincidentally, Gu Lan also lives here.

If it weren’t for him that needs to go on a business trip, it would actually be more convenient for him to pick up Qingqing today, and he could even take care of her nearby.

However, the two parties do not live in the same building. In fact, in addition to commercial buildings, there are also single-family villas in this community.

Nian Gao’s house is in the villa area, occupying the villa with the best geographical location.

Not only does it sit facing north to south, facing the artificial lake, surrounded by superior greenery and exquisite scenery but it is also near the express delivery point in the community, which is very convenient to receive express delivery.


The author’s note: Kindergarten trials are usually one week but is changed to three days for the plot.

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